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Chapter 2
Trip's Spring Garden '13 (Spring 2013)

Chapter Description: In its time, the Spring Garden was the longest single AR literature project ever undertaken. Its stories comprise an anthology of 50,000 words spanning 26 tales. It spawned classics such as "Dilemma," "Lavatory," "Quickening," "Unrelenting," and "Xenaen." Now, I'm offering 25% off every order placed; this discount is permanent. See instructions for details.

When it debuted in April 2013, Trip’s Spring Garden ’13 ranked as the largest independent undertaking in the history of AR literature. Comprising 26 individual stories and spanning over 50,000 words, the anthology actualized the fantasies of 16 clients, satisfied the desires of 60 customers, and grossed nearly $1,500... and it continues to bring new readers to the fold even today. The tales, though brief, are widely varied, covering kinks and cultures from homo to hetero, transgender to furry, disposable to cloth, and everything in between.

The stories themselves, half of which were co-written with my fiance, nico, were originally commissioned for a mind-boggling $5 apiece and then subsequently resold at even lower prices, permitting the shopper to indulge as little or as much edgeplay as he or she desired. I am proud to continue to offer these fun and twisted tales at an all-new low price: 25% off the original cost. Simply calculate your purchase price and multiply it by 0.75 to find out what you have to pay this year. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you can order your copies (in file formats of your choosing) by following the directions below and sending your PayPal funds to littletrip at live dot com. Be sure also to send an e-mail to that address letting me know what you’ve ordered and to which address you’d like the stories sent.

---===== THE FARMER’S MARKET =====---

1. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THIS ENTIRE CATALOG BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. I believe I’ve answered every conceivable question that could arise. You’ll want to place your order according to the established procedure to make sure you get your swag sooner.

2. I keep track of all orders, including the stories you chose to purchase, via an encrypted spreadsheet. It’s like working with a real store-- and if you should want to re-up and buy more stories, you’re entitled to the discounts offered by my package deals.

3. Please allow 12-24 hours for delivery of all stories. This is only because I am filling them by hand, and I have a day job!

4. The Farmer’s Market is open forever, or until further notice. There’s no rush to scrape your cash together... I’ll be here, and I intend on staying alive as best I can!

5. In 2014, I’m offering these stories at a 25% discount. Just multiply your purchase price by 0.75 to find out your actual cost, and send that to me, instead.

6. Questions? Concerns? E-mail me at littletrip at live dot com!

7. The most important things to me here with the Spring Garden are sense of community and customer satisfaction. If for any reason you feel you have been cheated or deprived of what you have rightfully paid for in any way, you get your money back. PERIOD! Exclamation point! New paragraph. What the hell am I saying?

PS: Please, please, please do not distribute these stories. I beg you. I’ve worked so hard on them, and charged so little for them, that the only possible way this project is going to make back its sunk cost in time I took away from my day job is if people pay for their stories. Thank you so, so much.

---===== HOW TO ORDER =====---

1. Read the descriptions below and pick out the story or stories you want.

2. PayPal the required amount of money to littletrip at live dot com. PayPal only, US funds only... y’all know how it works. You don’t need me.

3. E-mail littletrip at live dot com describing exactly what you want. For example, "I want ’Jock,’" "I want three stories, and they are ’Kaleidoscope,’ ’Unrelenting,’ and ’Xenaen,’" or "I want all 26 stories."

4. Please allow 12-24 hours for delivery. Delivery is not automatic; they are all handled by me, and I am away from the computer for a variety of reasons at any given time, including work, sleep, and routine coup d’etat planning.

Prices are non-negotiable. The fact that they are non-negotiable is non-negotiable. I have made available plenty of buying options to accommodate people of all buying stripes. If you send an insufficient amount of money to cover the order you describe, your money will be refunded and the order will not be filled. Thank you for your cooperation.

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, please allow me the chance to make it right. If I am unable to do so, I will happily refund your money at the earliest available opportunity.

---===== THE BUYING OPTIONS =====---

1 story = $5 = ($5.00/story)

You can select one or two of any of the below-listed stories for $5 apiece.

3 stories = $12.50 = ($4.17/story)

If you want to pick out three stories, they all become a little bit cheaper.

6 stories = $20.00 = ($3.33/story)

If you want to nab a six-pack, the stories are cheaper still.

13 stories = $35.00 = ($2.69/story)

You can pick up half of the set for $30 less than it would cost to buy the stories a la carte.

26 stories = $50.00 = ($1.92/story)

If you want the entire Spring Garden set, you’ll be paying less than one-tenth of a cent for each word!

All stories/packages are being offered at 25% off. Just multiply your purchase price by 0.75 to find out what you actually have to pay.

---===== THE CONTENT CODES =====---

Every entry in the catalog has a section marked "CONTENT." Next to that is a 12-character code that tells you exactly what’s in the story without giving any major plot elements away. If you have any questions about what a story contains, please ask me privately via e-mail.

If you order the complete package and, for whatever reason, do not want me to include one or more stories in the shipment, please let me know. It will not reduce the cost of the product, but it will make everything go a lot more smoothly.


G = General audiences. Very little objectionable material, if any.

P = Partial audiences. Some objectionable material.

R = Restricted audiences. A good amount of objectionable material.

X = Mature audiences. Pornographic material.


M = Male AR.

F = Female AR.

B = Both male and female AR.


P = Primarily physical AR.

M = Primarily mental AR.

E = Primarily emotional AR.

X = Multiple types of AR.

4TH POSITION: Sexual Orientation

0 = Purely heterosexual content.

1 = ...

2 = Bisexual content (if the story is rated R or X); nonsexual content (if the story is rated G or P).

3 = ...

4 = Purely homosexual content.

5TH POSITION: Bodily Functions

N = No bodily functions.

U = Urination is the most explicit bodily function.

D = Defecation is the most explicit bodily function.


N = No orgasms.

M = Male orgasm and/or ejaculation.

F = Female orgasm and/or ejaculation.

X = Various orgasms.


N = No diapers.

D = Disposable diapers.

C = Cloth diapers.

B = Both kinds of diapers.

8TH POSITION: TG/TV (Transgender/Transvestite)

N = Non-transgender/transvestite.

T = Transgender/transvestite.


N = Non-furry.

F = Furry.

10TH POSITION: Violence

0 = No violence.

1 = Incidental violence or corporal punishment (spanking, etc.)

2 = Violence.

11TH POSITION: Humiliation

0 = No cruelty, humiliation, and/or darkness.

1 = ...

2 = Moderate cruelty, humiliation, and/or darkness.

3 = ...

4 = High cruelty, humiliation, and/or darkness.

12TH POSITION: Perspective

1 = Written primarily in the first person (I did this.)

2 = Written primarily in the second person (You did this.)

3 = Written primarily in the third person (He did this.)

---===== THE STORIES =====---


A chipmunk agrees to wear Pull-Ups to be a role model to his wolfy cousin, but he ends up a little too into character.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,250

Content - PMM2DNDNF013


Drug-free bodybuilding has bought Tucker this hot hetero encounter, but one transgression will cost him everything.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,100

Content - XMP0NNNNN013


An arrogant teenage boy tries to conduct an orgy but is robbed of his masculinity by a vengeful younger sister.

Author - little trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 1,850

Content - XBP0NNNNN131


A boyfriend’s campaign for sex results in public humiliation when, every time he orgasms, he regresses three years.

Author - little trip

Idea - Coodie

Words - 2,150

Content - XMP0DMDNN033


A mother’s dying message to her war veteran son explains the machine that saved his life by regressing him to health.

Author - little trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,000

Content - PMP2DNDNN002


Hell hath no fury like a group of witches attending a wedding and in possession of an amulet with magickal properties.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - Oni

Words - 2,300

Content - PFP2NNDNN123


A chipmunk is surprised, though not altogether unpleasantly, that he’s the babysat in this infantile public outing.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,300

Content - PMM2DNDNF023


A rage-afflicted employee is sent to therapy for hypnosis that renders him mentally regressed and very, very horny.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - babiedboi+anonymous

Words - 2,150

Content - XMM4NMNNN021


A bear and a chipmunk find a relic deep in the forest that sends them back to a much more carefree, and crinkly, time.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 1,900

Content - PMX2DNDNF003


An abusive jock is shrunken and babied by his nerdy victim and is hypersexualized and humiliated in every way.

Author - little trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,400

Content - XME4NMCNN133


Extremely sexual tale wherein a proper male, aroused by his own infantile behavior, orgasms himself into mental AR.

Author - little trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 1,950

Content - XMM1NMNNN021


A man’s stream of consciousness as he’s physically and mentally regressed when trying to join the Mile High Club.

Author - little trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,300

Content - XMX0DNDNN011


Told from two perspectives. A man coerces sex from a woman who turns the tables and regresses him quite decisively.

Author - little trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 1,800

Content - XMP0NMNNN031


A cold and violent millionaire gets more than he bargained for when he assaults his timid housekeeper.

WARNING: Sexual violence.

Author - little trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 1,900

Content - XMP0NMNTN243


A chipmunk goes full incontinent in front of the whole office in this endless parade of good-natured humiliation.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,100

Content - RMM2DNDNF033


A hugely successful businesswoman suffers a clothing swap at the most inopportune time. Humiliation overload.

Author - little trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 1,700

Content - PFE2NNNNN043


A father who regresses for fun is caught and seduced by his rabidly sexual daughter.

WARNING: Incest.

Author - little trip

Idea - Coodie

Words - 2,300

Content - XMX2DXNNN023


A male chipmunk is turned into a total helpless sissy and made to exhibit his incontinence to the world at large.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,200

Content - PMM2DNDTF033


A chipmunk is all about the open call for models, but is ill-prepared for the mental AR that comes with the clothes.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,200

Content - PMM2DNDNF023


The wrong hypnosis tape leads a chipmunk into a nightmare where every verbalization is an accident waiting to happen.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,200

Content - PME2DNDNF033


In the fastest-paced and most absurdly sexual trip tale ever, the piss and jizz fly in a gay AR orgy fit for Sodom.

Author - little trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,100

Content - XMX4UMNNN043


It’s the pre-school you can check out of but you can never leave when a bear and a chipmunk get caught in its trap.

Author - nico+trip

Idea - anonymous

Words - 2,100

Content - PBX2DNDNF023


The daughter of a scientist hides so that she can bring her mother and a co-worker down to a much more manageable level.

Author - little trip

Idea - Oni

Words - 2,200

Content - RFP2UNNNN021


A high school student releases a genie who, you guessed it, deliberately misinterprets wishes for shits and giggles.

Author - little trip

Idea - little trip

Words - 2,100

Content - XME2DMDNN033


On the day of his Bar Mitzvah, a teen baby vows to give himself some quality dipee time before crossing into adulthood.

WARNING: This story features a sexually mature character under the age of sixteen.

Author - nico

Idea - nico

Words - 2,100

Content - XME2DMDNN003


nico brings one of trip’s cruellest ideas to life when bullies hijack an outcast group’s attempt at vengeance.

Author - nico

Idea - little trip

Words - 2,150

Content - RMP2NNDNN043


thank you for reading...

...thank you for everything...

...and STAY YOUNG!

(C)2013-4 little trip

orders, comments, just to chat

littletrip at live dot com

IRC: littletrip on SorceryNet



End Chapter 2

Trip's Sticky Kidz: Premium Explicit Content

by: little trip | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 18, 2014


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