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Chapter 6
Part 6

Chapter Description: The new Jonathan

Part 6:


A voice was calling to him from beyond the twilight zone of semi-consciousness. The sound was familiar, but more prominent was the rhythmic sensation of his own heartbeat in his ears.

“Jonathan? Jonathan?”

The voice was closer now. Or perhaps it was just clearer. He put his effort into shaking the dull throbbing sensation off and come to.

He shook his head, and in the split second which his eyes opened lights popped like camera bulb flashes. He wrenched his eyes tightly shut again and allowed his eyes to grow accustomed to the light around him.

“He’s coming to,” said the voice, now much more sharply rapping against his eardrums.

“Jonathan? Jonathan, look at me.”

Slowly his eyes parted. The lights burning into his retinas felt like razorblades, but he forced his eyes to open, and slowly his eyes relaxed and took in the scene around him.

Ms. Henderson was looking down at him. His eyes lazily drifted up to meet hers. Jonathan couldn’t do much. His body felt weak and alien. The only real things in the world were Ms. Henderson’s massive face beaming down at him, the warmth of her body against his, and the unbelievably intense rhythmic sensations flooding his jaw and mouth. Unfocused, his eyes drifted shut again…

Every pulse rocketed waves of warmth and serenity across his mind. Every wave brought forth an explosion of taste and tactile sensations to his tongue, lips, and throat. He couldn’t stop. Something was very wrong.

He was on auto-pilot. He could barely feel anything except for his jaw and mouth working on their own accord. He knew he should stop but he simply couldn’t. He tried to make sense of things, to understand his predicament. What had just happened? The experience he had just had felt distant and distorted. His mind worked over what had just happened like a disconnected dream. His reality seemed plastic.

He was just sitting in a chair terrified for his life. Then he was a baby. A baby girl.

suck… suck… suck…

And Ms. Henderson was there. And that weird scientist lady. What was her name?

suck… suck… suck…

He couldn’t clear his head. The continuous rhythm of the sucking and swallowing felt like a pinwheel orgasm, over-encompassing and utterly distracting… if he could just think, put his head together…

suck… suck… suck… suck…

Then quite suddenly he felt the fog around his mind being lifted like a curtain. His consciousness rushed up and breached the surface of the ocean of sensations barraging him. His eyes fluttered open.

He saw Ms. Henderson, still there, still massive, her face just above his. She was still smiling at him.

He felt something part way from his head, like a warm hat being slipped off, exposing his ears and scalp to a warm breeze. He saw a small metal helmet, like the one he had been wearing not long (or forever) ago slide into his view held aloft by Ms. Henderson’s free hand.

As this happened, Jonathan felt his body become real. It was as if a moment ago he was a nebulous mass of senses. Smell and taste and sight and sound and touch all free-floating and molding like a semi-gas, semi-liquid cloud of consciousness. As the helmet parted ways from his head, he felt those senses all solidify into their proper place, like waking up from a dream.

Ms. Henderson’s smile widened as she saw Jonathan’s now crystal blue eyes begin to dart around with more purpose.

His body… felt. His mind was now communicating to tissue and muscle, and Jonathan was aware of his physical presence in this reality.

He had fallen out of his own body and awoke, whole and complete, into a strange and new one. With every slight jerk he now made and every twitch of every nerve, it was his. It felt real.

This realization dawned on him slowly with every new effort he made, and Ms. Henderson seemed to know it. “Awww, Jonathan… sweetheart,” she said as she saw the panic begin to well up in his eyes, “Are you in there? Don’t worry. Mommy’s here.” She began to bounce lightly up and down as she cradled him in her arm. This did nothing to stem the panic boiling in Jonathan’s brain.

It was then that Jonathan realized for the first time what was actually happening…

Ms. Henderson was breastfeeding him. And Jonathan was, until now, complying. He couldn’t help it. It felt amazing.

He groaned a weak, infantile groan as he put forth his best effort to pull his mouth from her exposed nipple. With some force, he succeeded. He was so unfathomably weak and helpless, even more so as the discomfort of not having Ms. Henderson’s nipple wedged between his toothless gums dawned on him. His lips parted way with her flesh and he immediately felt an instinctual need to undo this error.

“NO!” he thought, “this can’t be happening.! I’m a man! I’m not a baby! Help!” He tried to vocalize his distress, but all that escaped from his mouth was an incoherent, “Gaaacaabeehabaageeeee – gaabaaamaaa – naaabaaaaaabeeeee.”

He barely finished his attempt when the shock and horror of not being able to speak in anything except in perfectly babyish babble overtook him and he found himself bawling his eyes out. The sound of his own cries only amplified his distress, and he wailed harder.

“Awwww…. Shhhhh” cooed Ms. Henderson sweetly. “Hush now little Jonathan, let me tell you what’s happening. Would you like that?” The sugar in her motherly tone made Jonathan sick. He continued to cry, and still Ms. Henderson sweetly tried to quiet him. After a few moments, Jonathan controlled himself into quiet sobbing. He stared up with terrified eyes. Ms. Henderson put her finger to her ear and spoke in a professional voice. “Subject contained. Proceeding to next phase. Make preparations for disposal.”

A voice from a speaker overhead confirmed. “Affirmative.” Ms. Henderson turned back to Jonathan and adopted her slightly motherly tone once more.

“OK, Johnny boy. I know you’re scared right now. But it’s alright. I’m here. I’m going to explain everything.” She continued to bounce him gently in her arm as she spoke. “See this little do-hickey?” She held up the small chrome helmet. “This is what’s called a Transneural Remapping Interface. It allows us to effectively copy and imprint a person’s neural activity from one subject to another. It’s an amazing breakthrough. This facility has discovered a way to literally map out a person’s consciousness and store it, transfer it, and re-integrate it again. You’re our first human test subject and from the readouts this little treasure just gave us, it was a stunning success. Your mind is fully intact, healthy, and operational, except now you’re a completely new you! Speaking of which, would you want to see how pretty you look?”

Jonathan wanted nothing more than to get away from this monster. He had to find a way back. This couldn’t be happening. It couldn’t be. But before he could utter one sound of protest, he was being carried away. The room whipped around him with unnatural speed, unfamiliar to him and his new point of view. Then he was being dangled by his armpits and softly lowered onto his cushioned backside.

“Say hello to the new you!” Ms. Henderson said with sickeningly adoring motherly pride.

Jonathan couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

He was sitting on what looked like a large table lined with a soft cotton blanket. Directly in front of him was a mirror, inches from where he sat. The person looking back at him could not be him…

To be continued…



End Chapter 6


by: magicgirldiapers | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 27, 2015


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