Unconditional Love

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: April's awakening.

I have finally created my second chapter! Jeez I am lazy...

Any who, in this chapter I have slowed down the diaper content to a halt and focused more on the descriptions of April’s surroundings and her own appearance as I got a lot of feedback informing me that my last chapter lacked description.

Sorry for those who were hoping for more of diapers but I am trying to slowly turn the progression of my story from a diaper story into a story about diapers. What I mean is that my whole story won’t be solely based around diapers.

I want to try to establish April’s life and how she deals with all the new things that arise in it.

I know it may be a little over-wordy but all feedback is welcome and dearly needed.

Thanks for reading~!


April awoke for what felt like the second time that day, or had it been the first? The sunlight of the early morning sun perched through the seal of the curtains and flickered across her face. As her mind reeled from the sleepy fog that had succumbed her, the memories of recent events flooded the fore-front of her brain.

“What the hell happened!?” Confusion was clearly etched into her facial expression. Last night she was suffering with the depression of loneliness and when she awoke, she was being coddled and breastfed by her own mother! It all seemed so surreal, like a dream.

Was it all just a dream? Had it all been a creation of her sub-conscious trying to tell her something? Many a thought similar to these flew through her head like a tornado in a matter of seconds and then went quite. The contact of cashmere pajama bottoms against the palm of her hand had reassured any doubt that it was anything more than a dream.

“It felt so, so real… But why of all things did I have to dream of that.” Her questioning was unsure and without reason, as if she was not sure if it was either a good or bad thing.

“Diapers…” The word, in most situations was not uncommon, seemed to echo off the cream painted walls and bounce back into her face like a bucket of cold water. “… I dreamt of wearing my sister’s diaper…” Again the words felt like a slap in the face as her thoughts were vocalized. “And finally, I was breastfed by my own mother a-an and I…” Her voice got caught in her throat and she was unsure if she would be able to admit to herself the last piece of the puzzle.

“And I liked it.”

All at once, like the calm before the storm, April’s mind once again span into a rapid tornado of thoughts and just as quickly as it started, it stopped. As soon as the tornado left, April’s demeanor also changed. She became calm and relaxed with herself like nothing had ever happened. She hadn’t felt this content in a long time.

“I am weird aren’t I?”

A smile broke out on her face and she couldn’t help but smile, her pearly white’s flashing elegantly. A sigh emitted her lips as she lay back once again upon her bed and stared intently at the cracks that lined the ceiling above while her brain scoured over what her dream may have meant.

“Why did my subconscious give in so easily to wearing diapers? In any normal situation I would have torn off the diaper straight away and have been done with it. But then again, I guess this doesn’t fit the terms of a ‘normal’ situation though. And I know wearing a diaper is weird enough but breast milk? That’s just plain weird! I think it would just be easier to forget I ever dreamt it and just got on with my life.”

“Besides” April said to herself. “I have enough to worry about. It’s Sunday and I have to finish my English essay by tomorrow or else I’ll be in BIG trouble.” April exclaimed.

April swung her legs out of the bed and placed her feet upon the lush carpet beneath her. Growing up, April loved the feeling of the soft carpeting between her toes and now was no exception. The carpet squished between her toes as she walked out of her room and into the bathroom across the hall.

“Eeeeehhhh!” was the sharp reply that came after April’s barefoot made contact with the tiled bathroom floor. “That’s cold! Why couldn’t we have carpet all throughout the house.” “Except for the shower, that would be weird but I AM a weird girl!” April giggled as she quickly hopped across the cold bathroom floor towards the awaiting bath mat in front of the mirror.

Looking into the mirror, a girl with hawk-like eyes stared back with a passion. Her green eyes hovered along the details of the face staring back at her. Her dark brown hair draped past her shoulders in a tangled mess. Her fringe was parted in the middle and sat just below her cheek bones. The girl in the mirror who April knew as herself appeared to have an Asian heritage or sorts, Japanese perhaps yet still related other characteristics. Her button nose was tiny in contrast to her pierced ears that always seemed to peek out from the confines of her hair.

After concluding her thorough search, the girl in the mirror shot back a game wining smile announcing that she was finished.

“My hair’s a little messy but I’ll comb it after I have a nice long and relaxing bath to take my mind off of things. Once that’s done it’s straight into my homework. No Distractions!” April promised to the girl in the mirror.

The faux-serious expression was comical on the cute girl’s face as she took on her oath.

“Ooooohhhh, bubbles!”

That is until she found the bubble bath…



End Chapter 2

Unconditional Love

by: Mizuma | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2012


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