The Town

by: edwardeddie | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 4, 2011

Four Girls enter a town for party but as news unravels, is it a trick or treat?

Chapter 1
The Party Begins

A 2011 Ford Taurus drives up the road. Its 3:42 PM. Halloween. Four girls are heading to a party. Red-headed and DD bra sized Sam, the tall brunette and flat-chested Nikki, blonde and cheery Mary, and Katie, a little chubby but cool headed Katie. Mary got invited to a party in the town of Young, nearby Chicago. Mary brought along the rest of girls. The party started at 6 PM so they had to get there. A two hour drive, they had to entertain themselves. “Well, there’s nothing on the radio would anyone like to entertain the bored and bored shitless?” questioned Sam. “How about we play slug bug, slug bug, blue!” shouted Katie as she punched Mary. “Ow! You whore, why not I Spy?” Mary wanted. “Oh fuck it! Let’s just hear the radio!” shouted Nikki. Nikki turned on the radio but it contained nothing but static until the song “Forever Young” suddenly played. “Oh god, not Rod Stewart! Anyone but Rod!” pleaded Mary.

“How much more we got! I have to pee!” Katie said. “We got 7 miles to go. Hold it in, besides, we have to change into our costumes anyways.” ordered Sam. The girls waited as Sam kept driving for several more minutes. They saw the sign welcoming them to Young, Pennsylvania. They stop at a nearby rest stop where Katie bolts out of the car to go to the restroom while the other girls follow suit. The girls took off their clothes and into their costumes. “I had to make this custom fitted; I hope the extra cash was worth it” wondered Sam as she fitted into her costume, a custom made Power Girl, as she finished putting on the leotard. “I doubt Power Girl was a redhead.” claimed Mary. “Shut up, besides, what kind of getup you have there?” Sam asked back. “I’m a school girl!” Mary giggled. “School girl, isn’t that…cliché?” Mary just pouted and walked off. Kate showed off her look which was a Galaxy Girl costume. “This costume fills me out, does it?” Katie questioned. “Oh yes, the curves help you out there, if not, that’s because the guys are douches.” Sam helped out. “Thanks, what about you, Nick?” “I’m ready!” Nikki said as she showed herself, she donned a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume. “I’m clearly lacking the DDD department but I like this.” “Nikki, you’re looking great, even without the twins.” Sam reassured her. “Okay gals! Let’s roll out!” Sam leaded.

The now costumed girls left the rest stop and went back to the car. They slowly drove as they looked at the phones to get directions to the party but oddly, the phone couldn’t track it and worse, the cell signal was almost non-existent. “I can’t get shit here, it’s just one bar.” Katie said as she moved the phone around, trying to get a signal. “You think that’s odd. Every house looks the same, just the paintjobs different.” Nikki told the gang. The girls drove around what almost seemed like suburbia. The houses looked the same, everything looked clean cut. Obviously, it was a lot different than Philadelphia. “We need to stop for directions, at this rate; it’ll be Thanksgiving driving around to find this house!” Nikki told Sam. “But who? All I see…are kids.” Sam told Nikki. “Kids…who’ happen to be walking alone, you sure about this?” Sam told Nikki as Nikki nodded to confirm. The car pulled up to four kids. “Hey guys, do you know where Blueberry Street is?” Sam questioned the kids. “Yeah, go straight until you hit Rockford than turn left then go straight and it’ll be right there.” The girl dressed as a blue princess costume confirmed. “Thanks but where are your parents?” Sam asked back to the kids. “My Parents? My dad is in Florida.” The little girl smiled. “Besides, are headed to the party too?” “Yeah actually, how did you know?” “We’re going there too!” The girl smiled as the kids walked off. “That’s not creepy at all!” Katie sarcastically said. “But we now know where we are going.” Sam said the she hit the gas.

The girls drove near the house to park and got off. “We’re here finally!” Katie shouted. The girls went in the house and it was a riot. It was like a club inside the two storied home. The people danced and nodded to the songs. They were making out. Party games were played. It was crazy. The girls were suddenly hit on by the guys. It was like was a club banger but something was off. As Sam went to find something to drink, she told numerous people if there was any alcohol, which of them said no and there wasn’t any. Sam was dumbfounded and decided to gather the up the girls. Katie and Mary were accustomed for but Nikki was nowhere to be found.

Nikki was in the second floor, waiting in the bathroom line. “It’s packed is it?” a mysterious male voice talked to her. Nikki turned around to see a man dressed up as WWII-era Captain America. “Yeah or that people are making out in there, either way, there had better hurry up!” Nikki responded back. “Well then…are you having a good time?” ”Well if driving five hours and going hundreds of miles to go to a party with no alcohol, almost everyone fucking, and I’m bored of my ass is having a god time, then I’m having the blast!” Nikki sarcastically said. “Well, I’m sorry you’re bored. I drove from Pittsburgh and I could be somewhere better but maybe you’ll change your tune in the next couple of hours. ” Captain America said. “I hope so. The kids are having a better time than us. That’s messed up.” Nikki talked back. “Don’t worry. May you have a good time?” Captain America cheered. Nikki was impressed and smiled back, both raising their cups of Pepsi in the air. “Nikki! Nikki! Where the fuck are you?” a voice shouted at her. It was Sam and the girls looking for her. Nikki heard that the calls were coming from downstairs. As she headed down, she looked back at the line but the man as Captain America was gone. “I should’ve made a move.” She whispered.

Nikki regrouped with the girls and went outside.

“This party was a bust, Mary. You owe us something big! This party was a waste of time! No booze, no boys, no shit!” Katie yelled at her. “Katie, it’s not my fault, the letter that was sent to me promised a good time.” “You know what else a good time is? Not driving five hours to nothing!” Katie kept yelling at her. “Guys, I’m sorry, I didn’t know I just hoped…” “Hoped we would have fun at a party which is just an adults celebrating a party meant for teenagers!” Nikki talked back. Nikki and Katie were giving her stares while Sam tried to console her. “Girls, girls, you guys are overreacting. Maybe this party will get better in due time, we just tough it out and where it lead us.” San said as she handled the situation. Nikki and Katie looked and wondered if staying is a good idea. “This better not be a shitty night!” Katie said to Mary as Nikki added, “We still got the night, maybe the adults don’t want the kids to see them crazy and as the moon comes out, maybe the freaks will come out.” Nikki smiled as she hugged Mary. Katie gave in and followed suit and Sam completed the group hug. “Okay, now that the gang hasn’t split up, let’s go back inside.” “Wait Sam, what time is it?” Mary stopped Sam. Sam checked her watch. “It’s about to be 7.” “Well why not we walked around the block and see what’s up?” Mary mumbled. “Walk around, I thought the party will get better, you want us to walk? Okay, something’s up here.” Katie snapped back. “It’s a long story but it has something to do why I got the invitation and why I dragged you guys here.” “Wait Mary, you planned on this? What’s going on here? Why are suddenly acting…odd?” Sam said to Mary as Mary wandered out to the sidewalk. “Come with me.” Mary asked. “Argh, this girl can’t make up her mind!” Nikki said. Katie shrugged and followed with Sam joining in with caution. What was with Mary’s sudden mood shift? Why the town did looked and felt weird? Sam looked around as Halloween took a strange turn.

The four girls walked the streets as the kids went trick or treating and the neighborhood celebrating in the festivities.

The girls kept walking till Mary stopped in front of a blue two storied house. “Here, here is where I lived.” Mary described. “Wait! You lived here?” Sam answered. “Why didn’t tell us?” Katie added. “I never told you about my life because I wanted to make it in the city. I wanted to make my family proud. They never left here. I’d drive here for the holidays. We live memories to last for years and we’ve spent time with not a care in the world, not have life hit us with a road block. ”Mary described as she opened the picket fence and the girls followed. “I moved to Philly about three years ago. I worked for the paper and then, see we it takes me. That’s when I met you Sam. And Sam led me to you Katie and you two led me to Nikki.” Mary smiled at the girls. “I only come here when times are tough and there’s no one to help. Its holidays like these where all my troubles will wash away. Where my life outside doesn’t matter…” Mary talked as she saw the chairs with the jack-o-lantern candy pails on them. She picked them and gave one each to the girls. “…where I can cross between adulthood and childhood.” “Mary, what’s going on? You’re freaking me out!” Katie was freaked out. “Mary, are you okay? You’re strangely being…strange.” Sam said as the situation even had her uneven. “I’m okay Sam. It’s just…I want to be better again. I want to be one with myself…my true self. In about three minutes, I will no longer be the person you know me to be…and neither will you.” Mary calmly said. “That’s it! You’re staying here, I’m fucking outta here! This has jumped the crazy train!” Nikki shouted as she walked away from the girls. “Wait Nikki! Mary, this has got to stop right now! What are you doing? You’re scaring us! This joke sucks!” Sam told Mary. “This is no joke. I’m not doing anything, the town is…”

*DING DONG* the noise coming from the clock tower rang out in the middle of the town.

“It has begun.” Mary said.



End Chapter 1

The Town

by: edwardeddie | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 4, 2011


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