Weird Sisters (by CLH)

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Chapter 2
Part 2

"Weird Sisters"

Part 2


I felt leaves and pinestraw beneath my bare feet. I looked down to take stock of myself. My body looked the same, or at least, the same as it did a few minutes ago, before Vicki’s wish. I was relieved that I hadn’t gotten any younger than I was already, that I hadn’t literally turned into a baby, but I was horrified at the thought that I’d shrunk even further than before. I must have been less than two feet tall. I had a scant thought that, opposed to simply being young, this was something I couldn’t grow out of. Eventually I’d get older, but I’d still be a midget.

But others problems were more immediate. With no clothes and no size to speak of, what could I do? I was no taller than one of the tires of my car, and as the girls had pointed out, I couldn’t possibly drive it. My apartment was much to far away for me to make it there on foot. And what if the girls caught up to me? Bizarrely, I had a feeling of deja vu, like I was living one of those nightmares where you’re naked at school, or being chased by unknown assailants. This was like the worst of those dreams, only it was really happening.

I heard the door open and Daphne say, "You stay in the house, Vicki. If he comes back in, catch him and then call us."

The older girls closed the door and strode across the garage. I remained utterly still, like prey seeing predators. They came to a stop next to the shrub in which I was hidden, and I saw with dismay that my whole body was smaller than either of their legs.

"Where do you suppose he got to?" Audrey wondered. I couldn’t see her face, but her voice was coming from far above my head.

"Oh, he’ll turn up soon enough," Daphne said. "Why don’t you look in the back yard and I’ll look in the front."

Motionless, I watched as Audrey’s legs took giant steps in one direction, while Daphne went in the other. Their height frightened me -- there’d be nothing I could do if they found me. I had to get away, perhaps to find help.

I slipped out of the shrub and, crouching low (not that I wasn’t already low), crept along a row of monkey grass that ran parallel to the driveway. The sun had set, but it was still early enough in September that there was enough twilight to see by. I took a chance and stood up, trying to get my bearings. I couldn’t see either of my pursuers. The rolling pastures of Helena’s yard was on one side of me, her neighbor’s on the other. Perhaps I should try the neighbors house? But what would I say, even if I could get one of them to answer my knock?

I heard a snapping sound and ducked down again -- from my vantage point, I could see into the backyard, where Audrey was searching for me. I’d hate it if she found me. I looked around more, and saw a figure, down the street, moving in the direction of Helena’s house. Maybe someone could help me! I hurried down to the end of the driveway and, standing beneath the mailbox, which towered twice my height, I waved frantically, jumping up and down.

As the person approached, I felt an urge to run in the opposite direction. She was a young woman out jogging, her curly red hair tied back in a pony tail, her body shown off by a black sports bra and black lycra pants. The closer she became, the bigger -- and bigger. She was gigantic! As she grew near, I realized that I was barely taller than her knee. I stopped waving my arms, and found myself speechless, but she saw me anyway, jogging over and stopped.

"Boy! You’re an itty-bitty one, aren’t you? What are you doing outside this time of night?" She boomed. I could only gape up at her, struck dumb not only by her awesome size, but by her physique. Breathing heavily, she leaned down on her haunches to see me better, and I saw that her breasts were each easily the size of my head.

"I -- I’m not really this small," I stammered inanely.

"Did you find my baby brother," I heard a voice call. I looked around and saw Daphne striding towards us. "You know, we were just about to give him his bath, and he got away from us."

"Well bless his little heart," the giant jogging woman laughed. "When I was this small and it was bath-time, sometimes I’d run around with no clothes on, too."

Daphne reached down for me and I tried to hide behind the woman’s legs. "She’s not my sister! She did this to me!" I tried to explain, unable to find the words to account for what had happened to me. Even I wouldn’t believe it, except that I had no choice but believe it.

"You know, he’s always making up wild stories and running away," Daphne told the huge woman, who smiled. The young woman pressed a big hand against my naked bottom and pushed me away from her side, into the girl’s awaiting grip. Daphne effortlessly lifted me into the air and fit me in the crook of her arm. "Thanks for catching him.

"Don’t leave me with her! Take me with you!" I cried, squirming in Daphne’s grasp.

"Awwwww -- he’s so cute! Tell you what," she told me, bring her big face in close, "you look me up when you get bigger, and maybe you can be my boyfriend." Astonishingly, then she kissed the top of my head with her large, lush lips and turned to go. "Have a nice night, you two!"

"Wait! Come back!" I yelled, pressed against Daphne’s chest. I watched the giantess jog away, seeing the perfect contours of her buttocks in her lycra shorts. I couldn’t get over how alluring the young woman had been, although I couldn’t do anything about it -- for just about every possible reason.

"Thanks!" Daphne called, and turned toward the house. "Now you shouldn’t run outside like that. You could catch cold, running around with no clothes on, and someone as little as you could get hurt."

"She should’ve known something was wrong," I said. "She should’ve realized how much smaller I was than normal. You must have done something to her."

Daphne shrugged. "I may have helped her believe what I was saying to her, but she would have anyway."

"Why are you doing this to me!" It came out like a sob, surprising me. "I thought you liked me!"

Daphne looked down into my eyes. "Why, I do like you! We all do. That’s the reason -- because you’re so much fun."

Audrey met us in the garage. "There he is!" She brought her big, wrathful face in close to mine. "You’re in so much trouble."

We went into the house, where an animated Vicki met us. "I saw you all talking to that pretty lady through the window," she said.

"Here’s your baby brother!" Daphne announced, placing me on the floor between them. For a moment, there was a pause; the girls had me, but they didn’t seem to quite know what to do with me. It was cool in the house -- one of the girls must have turned the A/C up too high -- and I felt chilly, goosepimples forming all over my naked skin.

"Can I -- Can I have some clothes please?" I asked meekly, my hands cupped my over my boyish privates.

"What’s the matter? You were running around naked indoors and out just a minute ago," said Audrey.

"He’s bashful," said Vicki, who suddenly laughed. "That’s right!" She caught my chin and brought my face up, so I had to meet her eyes. "You can be Bashful of the Seven Dwarfs!"

"We’ll get you something to wear soon," Daphne told me. "But you won’t need anything where you’re going now."

"What do you mean?" I asked, raising my head to see her.

"Just look at how dirty you got outside." It was true -- there were streaks of dirt on my arms and legs, especially on my knees.

"Bath-time!" announced Vicki. She caught me by the wrist and began leading me down the hall to the bathroom. Using my free hand to cover my modesty, I tried to resist, but couldn’t match her strength. I recalled that earlier in the evening, it had been me pulling Vicki to the bathroom, but now I was even smaller to her than she’d been to me. It seemed unreal to imagine that I’d ever been that tall, that I’d ever again be even as tall as Vicki.

She brought me in the bathroom and I rushed into a corner, standing behind a waste-basket that came as high as my waist. The other girls followed behind her. "Now you put your night gown on, Vicki," Daphne told her.

"But I want to help give him a bath!" she whined.

"You can, but first why don’t you put your bed-clothes on, while the tub fills up."

As Daphne turned the tap on the tub and the tumbling noise of the bathwater echoed against the tile room, Audrey leaned in close to me, and I flinched. "What’s the matter? Are you scared of me?"

Her huge face was so close that it filled my field of vision. I couldn’t seem to escape her gaze. "Sort of," I said.

"Why is that? Is it because I’m so much bigger and stronger than you now?" She brought her arm close to me and pretended to flex her muscle. "Is that it?"

With her big, clenched fist so close to my head, I flinched in the other direction. "I don’t know. Maybe." What did she want from me?

"Just remember that no matter how small or weak you are, if you’re a good baby boy, if you do what I say and behave yourself, I won’t have to punish you. We should get along fine. You’re a lot more fun than any babysitter we ever had."

Daphne squirted some bubblebath into the bathwater and tested the temperature with her fingers. "It’s just about ready. Come on," she said to me, coaxingly. She reached over with both hands and began encircling my chest with her big fingers.

"Wait!" I said, pushing at her huge hands. "I can get in a bathtub myself! I don’t need to be carried anywhere!"

She chuckled. "Well, move along then. We haven’t got all night." I hustled to the side of the tub, still trying to keep myself covered, front and back, with my hands. But the tub was as high as my chest -- I couldn’t just step into it. "You’re positive you don’t need a lift?" Daphne asked.

I didn’t want to be picked up any more, so I looked around and saw the footstool I’d used earlier to look into the mirror over the sink. I was much too short to see over the edge of the sink, now, but I could use the stool in another way. I grabbed it by the sides and though it was heavy, it slid fairly easily across the tile floor, past the legs of the giant girls. "He’s pretty clever for someone so small," Audrey remarked.

I pushed the stool against the side of the bathtub, climbed atop it, and could now pull myself into a sitting position on the edge of the tub. I was swinging my legs around and about to lower myself in the water when I heard Audrey say "Oops!" and felt a big hand push me. I tumbled over the side of the tub and into the warm, frothy water.

Fully soaked, I stood up in the tub and sputtered. "Don’t get so mad, it was just a little joke," Audrey said, laughing. The water was up to my hips and the bubbles from the bubblebath covered my torso, so I felt concealed for the first time since I’d become this height.

"What did I miss? Did I miss anything?" Vicki wanted to know, now wearing a long white nightgown.

"He fell in the tub is all."

"He’s little enough that we shoulda bathed him in the sink."

The next minutes were a loud, wet, splashing blur. As Daphne leaned against the sink and looked on, a Mona Lisa smile on her face, Audrey and Vicki tried to bathe me, their huge heads and arms bobbing and swooping over my head. One roughly rubbed me with a damp washcloth while the other tried to lather me up. I made an attempt to soap up myself, and kept telling them that I could wash myself, trying to avoid their touch. Having them wash my neck, shoulders, back and chest was tolerable, but as their big, slippery fingers began going further south, I began protesting more and wading backwards.

"Cut it out!" I said. "I’ve been bathing myself for 20 years! I don’t need any help!" Vicki and Audrey laughed.

"We need to make sure you’re good and clean! Time to rinse off!" Audrey said, dunking me down into the water up to my head. I kicked away, stood back up and spat sudsy water out of my mouth, trying to wipe my face.

"Just leave me alone, you fucking bitch!" I yelled, splashing water at Audrey. It hit her square in the eyes.

"Ow! That’s soapy -- it stings! Ow!" She brought her hands to her face.

"Oooh! He said bad words." Vicki stared at me in surprise.

Daphne handed Audrey a terrycloth towel and she wiped her eyes. She blinked furiously, looked around, then focused on me. "You little brat! It’s time you learned your lesson!" In a blur of motion, Audrey yanked me out of the water, spun me around and sat on the side of the tub. With the bathtowel over her lap, she violently pushed me across her legs, so I was staring face down at the tile floor. I couldn’t see the other girls. I felt utterly exposed and vulnerable. "You’ve been asking for this all night!" she told me as her wide hand came down hard across my naked bottom.

The night kept surprising me. Whenever I was convinced that I couldn’t lose any more dignity, or be any more humiliated, something happened to prove me wrong. Being made into a boy again, being shrunk, losing my clothes, being bathed -- nothing was as shameful as being spanked by Audrey. I kicked my legs and she snapped "Lie still!" punctuating her order with a smack. I tried to squirm out of her grip but she held the nape of my neck tight with her left hand as she rained blows down, her hand making a painful, stinging impact against both of my bare buttocks with each strike.

"What do you have to say for yourself now?" Audrey demanded.

"I’m sorry! I didn’t mean you to get hit in the eye!" I started crying -- and not just quietly tearing up, either. I wept openly and uncontrollably, making sobbing noises that sounded unlike any I’d ever made before. "I’m so sorry, Audrey!" It hurt like hell, but it wasn’t the pain so much as the feeling of sheer helplessness and confusion that made me cry.

"You’d better be!" she snapped, and continued to administer her spanking. "In fact, you’ve been so disobedient that you know what?" SWAT!

"Wh-what?" I managed to say between labored breaths.

"I think you owe me a wish. I’m not going to stop until I get one." SMACK! She laid into me extra hard, causing a jolt that seemed to go through my entire, diminutive body.

"No Audrey, please! No more!" I couldn’t face any more of the girls’ wishes.

"It’s up to you. Either one more wish, or a lot more of this." SLAP! I was in a state of utter panic, held fast across the nine-year-old’s lap. I couldn’t free myself , my ass felt afire, and my sobbing made me feel like a crazy person, totally out of control. "Isn’t it awful to get a spanking like this? Don’t you want it to stop?" Audrey asked.

"Yes! Please stop!" I cried.

She stopped, her punishing hand in check. "Then give me your hand." Slowly I raised my hand away from my body, and Audrey stopped bringing her open palm down on my tender skin and took my hand in hers. Carefully she pumped my little hand three times like her sisters before her, one, two three. She released her hold my neck, and shook her spanking hand. "Boy, that starts to smart a little after awhile."

With my bottom burning, and full of fear at what was to come, I kept crying. "Let me take care of him," Daphne said, swaddling me in the terrycloth towel and picking me up from Audrey’s lap. I caught a glimpse of Vicki nearby, who sniffed -- seeing me cry like that seemed to make her sad, too. "There, there, little one," Daphne said, patting my small head, enfolding me in her arms and holding me close. I buried my face against her chest and wept more, but more slowly. I could hear the plug pulled from the bathtub, and tears ran out of me as water ran out of the tub. She rocked me in her arms for a few minutes.

When my sobbing subsided, Daphne held me out so she could look me in the face. "Is that better?" she asked, dabbing at my eyes with a corner of the towel. I nodded slowly. "Good." She placed me on the wet floor, letting the towel hang heavily over my shoulders. Audrey stood before me, Vicki at her side.

"I’ve been thinking about what I should do with my wish," Audrey announced. "Daphne and Vicki’s wishes were good, but they don’t seem to have done enough -- you still haven’t learned your lesson. I think you need to go a little bit further, and that I should wish for you to be the size of one of Vicki’s dolls."

Oh shit. "No, Audrey, I don’t want that!" I protested as I stared up at her.

"Yay!" Vicki exclaimed. "Great!"

"Why don’t we put it to a vote. How many here want him to be as big as a doll?" Audrey raised her own hand.

"I do I do!" Vicki yelled, waving her arm dramatically.

I looked at Daphne, the biggest sister of all. "Please, Daphne. If there’s a tie vote, I won’t have to shrink anymore. I don’t want to be any smaller. Make her wish me back to normal." I took the hem of her dress in my hand and looked up at her, entreatingly. "Please?"

Daphne looked down at me pensively. "We probably shouldn’t make him any smaller than he is already," she said, and my heart rejoiced. "But I’m kinda curious to see what he’d be like if we did. I vote yes." And I watched with horror as she raised her hand.

"Three against one. You know what that means," Audrey said, and she raised her right hand, pointing her index finger at me. "I wish--"

I didn’t linger to watch or hear she said. I whirled and shrugged off the towel, stepped out of its folds, and ran in the opposite direction of Audrey. Daphne was standing in my way, but she wasn’t expecting me to run and I was able to slide between her knees.

"He’s getting away!" I heard Vicki say as I went through the door.

"Don’t worry, he’s not going to get very far," Daphne answered.

I ran down the hall and felt the now-familiar lurching sensation. I kept up my pace and kept my balance, but it felt as though I was sprinting down an escalator on the descent. I made it to the living room and the furniture was getting higher and further away from me. Everything was getting so big, the armchair and table as big as cottages! That pale mist billowed around me again, and I could hear thudding footsteps coming from down the hall. What was I going to do?

It felt as if the spell were subsiding, so I ran as fast as I could toward the sofa, which seemed many yards away. When I finally reached it I dove through the hanging flap of fabric and hid underneath. I barely had to crouch -- there was easily four feet in height of space beneath the sofa. Dust, like a thin coating of snow, was everywhere.

"Where did he get to?" I heard Audrey ask, her voice frighteningly loud.

"I thought I saw something move under the sofa," Daphne said, and I felt tremors as footsteps grew closer.

Now what? I looked around frantically, and noticed some threads hanging down from the sofa’s underside. There was a gash in the fabric above that was wide enough for me to stand up in, so I wriggled up into the innards of the sofa, and pulled myself up by a huge spring. Clinging to the spring, I lifted my bare legs up into my hiding place, just as a flash of light illuminated the space.

One of them must be holding up the flap, I thought, looking down, and saw a shockingly huge hand reach in. The hand looked to be the size of the hood of a car, and the log-sized fingers felt around all over, trying to find me, the massive wrist only inches from my feet. "I can’t find him down here. He must be somewhere else." The hand moved away, exploring other sections beneath the couch.

The air was thick and musty inside the sofa. As I held onto the spring, I wondered what I could do. My burning bottom notwithstanding, I don’t think the girls really wanted to hurt me. But I was so tiny now that if they found me, they could kill me by accident, just by playing too rough with me. But they could injure me, or even kill me, just by looking for me if I wasn’t careful.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are! Olly olly oxen free!" I heard one of them call, her voice as loud as an intercom.

Then an odd, stray thought came to mind: what would Helena say when she came home? She’d be horrified! Then I remembered Helena’s beeper number. If I could get to the telephone and call it, she’d know something was wrong and could save me. But how could I get to it, as small as I was, especially with three gigantic girls searching for me?

"Fee, fie, fo, fum!" I heard one of them say in a mock-deep voice.

"I smell the blood of a little one!" another answered, and all three giggled.

I noticed a round object rock slightly on the floor. I carefully lowered myself down and tip-toed over to inspect it. I could hear chairs being moved at another part of the room, and I didn’t think the girls would look in the same place twice -- at least, not before they’d eliminated the other possibilities. On closer inspection, the object was a multicolored ball made of a lattice of hard plastic -- to my scale, slightly larger than a basketball. I looked at it carefully and saw it had a small bell rolling around inside. A cat toy, I guessed, that had disappeared under the sofa and been forgotten. It gave me an idea.

Fighting the urge to return to my hiding place, I peeked out beneath the sofa. The girls seemed to be moving their search into the kitchen. Careful not to let the ball rattle or ring, I held it close to my chest and crept away from the sofa. I dashed to the ottoman, crawled underneath it, and then ran out the other side and under the table, staying close to its legs, which loomed like lamposts over my head. I caught my breath and ran into the hall and made it to the basement door, which still stood open a crack. I could hear the girls coming out of the kitchen, so I hurled the ball into the darkness and ducked under one of the bookcases.

The ball rattled as it bounced down the basement stairs, the bell clanking with each impact until it hit bottom. "What was that?" I heard one of the girls asked, and they trampled closer. "I think it came from the basement," Daphne said, and one of them pulled the basement door wide. From my vantage, I could only see their enormous white feet and ankles. I could tell I stood no higher than their shins!

"You should come out!" Vicki called. "We don’t want to accidentally step on you." I shivered at the thought -- even the smallest foot, I could see, was almost as big as my entire body, with toes bigger than my hands.

Someone switched on the basement light, which made a sharp report. "You shouldn’t be down here -- it could be dangerous for you!" Audrey said, and I saw the feet step away, and heard the trampling sound as the moved down in the basement.

Success! I stood up from my hiding place, brushing off the dust and cobwebs, and for an instant considered the possibility of shutting the basement door behind them. But it was so huge, like the side of a building, that I wasn’t even sure I could budge it. Besides, when they heard the door shut they’d know my whereabouts, and if the door didn’t lock behind them, they could catch me. And even if I did lock them in the basement, a stunt like that could make it much worse for me in the long run. Instead I jogged into the kitchen.

I crossed the carpet plain, reached the linoleum and stared far, far up at the formica counter. Obviously there was no way I could reach it -- and I didn’t expect to, not directly. But one of the wicker swivel chairs stood at the counter, and the wicker weave was thick enough at the back that it provided me with a kind of ladder. There was plenty of room between the wicker strands for me to put my fingers and toes, and I was quickly scaling the back of the Brobdingnagian chair. I shook off a feeling of acrophobia -- my nudity wasn’t helping matters -- and eventually inched as high as one of the armrests, which was almost at a level with the countertop. I pulled myself on top of it, and although it was more than wide enough for me to walk across, instead I crawled along it, not trusting the distance to the floor below. Reaching the curved end of the armrest, I slowly got to my feet, stood and caught the edge, and pulled myself onto the formica plateau.

Looking back down the dizzying height to the floor below; I couldn’t believe I made it. Now where was the beeper? I marveled at the oversize objects that stood on the counter with me: an ashtray full of pennies that looked as big as breakfast waffles; the twisted, coat-sized wrappers and hatrack-length sticks from the girl’s popsicles; a cookie jar bigger than a water heater; a note book the size of a futon and a stack of post-it notes like a bundle of newspapers; a pencil like a lance; and, standing before me like an obelisk, the cordless telephone.

Fortunately for me, the phone was designed to stand on-end, so the number console was facing me: it was far too big for me to move. I stepped over to it and saw that the POWER button was about as high as my forehead. I pressed it but couldn’t push it in far enough, so I smashed it with my fist as hard as I could. It depressed, a green light came out, and I could hear a dial tone. Helena’s beeper number was written on a post-it next to the phone, so I punched the number keys in sequence, hearing a beep each time. When I finished, I heard the number dialing, and the click of a connection. It was done. The beeper would I.D. Helena’s number, but how long would it take her to get here? Would she call first?

I backed away from the telephone and considered my next move -- I supposed I’d have to find a hiding place on the counter, or make my way back to the floor. I found a short stack of cocktail napkins that had a retro-style martini glass design and cursive letters reading Bottoms Up! I took one of the napkins and wrapped it around my waist like a towel. I was thinking how heartily sick I was of running and hiding when I saw something move on the other side of the room.

To be so small and to actually see a giant, is a shock that’s difficult to describe -- the words just don’t seem big enough, even with the creative use of capital letters. I can write DAPHNE’S FACE WAS AS BIG AS A BILLBOARD, but that doesn’t adequately convey the enormity of the situation. Comparing her to a body on a huge movie screen doesn’t work either -- someone’s face on a television doesn’t compare to seeing them in person. It’s not just that a person is as tall as a tree with proportions to scale, bigger than any land animal you ever could have seen in your life. It’s that they -- or in this case, she -- is still a person, someone who blinks and brushes her hair away from her face and wets her lips before she talks and idly scratches itchy places on her arm -- but at 10 times the scale. The instinct to hide yourself is overwhelming, but I felt rooted to my spot.

Almost 50 feet high, Daphne had stepped into the kitchen and opened a drawer at the opposite end of the counter. She removed a flashlight and seemed about to rush out of the room when she happened to glance in my direction. Her saucer-sized eyes alighted on me, and she smiled. To meet the gaze of a giant person, even one who’s friendly to you, is to feel the impact of your size difference, to feel overwhelmed, to feel owned. It must be like the sensation a mouse feels when it sees the great horned owl that’s watching it, preparing to snap it up. As Daphne looked at me through her glasses, I knew the futility of any resistance or flight. She was gargantuan, and she had me.

So instead, I walked towards her, holding my napkin shut with one hand. "You found me," I managed to say to her, still unable to take in the scale of her.

She smiled. "You must’ve caused a distraction to send us down there. That was very clever of you."

I stood at the end of the counter, and she leaned against the formica with one tree-trunk arm. The top of my head was still far below her chin, and her chest was as big as the side of a truck. She placed the flashlight next to me on the counter. "How did you get all the way up here, anyway?"

"I climbed up the wicker chair."

"Really? That must have been quite a feat," she smiled down at me. "I’m going to pick you up now, okay?"

I gulped. "Okay. Just don’t hurt me."

"Of course not! We won’t hurt you, especially now that you’re like this." It was a struggle to keep my composure and stand my ground when she reached for me with her mammoth hand, but I remained still as her fingers gently wrapped around my body and she lifted me off the counter. As my feet lifted off, I thought, That’s it. I belong to her now. Again, it’s hard to describe. I could say that it’s like being on an amusement park ride or an electric line-man’s cherry picker, that her fingers felt like four legs wrapped around me, but that doesn’t really cover it. Being held in a giant’s hand is being held in a giant’s hand.

The air seemed to whoosh past my ears as she raised me closer to her face. "Cover your ears," she told me, and I obeyed immediately, without even asking why. She lowered me closer to the level of her stomach and then bellowed "I FOUND HIM! WE’RE IN THE KITCHEN!" Even with my ears covered, it was near-deafening -- I could swear I could feel the vocal chord-vibrations from inside her chest.

Then rapid, stampeding noises grew louder, and Audrey and Vicki behind her burst into the kitchen. They weren’t as tall as their older sister, but they were still giantesses, too, as tall as dinosaurs. Their hugeness was as frightening and disorienting to me as Daphne’s.

"Awwww, he’s so cute!" Vicki exclaimed. "Boy, he’s really tiny! He’s great!"

"You got him! Good for you!" Audrey told Daphne, looking at me with a cat-that-ate-the-canary expression.

"I wanna hold him! Can I hold him?" Vicki’s hand reached for me and I cringed, but Daphne held me up high. I quailed at my height above the linoleum floor.

"Now don’t be grabby," she told her younger sister. "Yes, you both can take turns holding him, but you have to be very careful," Daphne explained. "Remember that he’s more fragile than a doll, so you can’t play rough with him. See how I’m holding him?" Daphne had her fingers around my chest, below my shoulders so my arms were free. (Not that they could do anything to make any difference -- she had more strength in one finger than I had in my whole body.) "Don’t squeeze him directly, but press your thumb against your finger, so you’re making a circle with your hand. That way you can hold him secure without crushing him. But you can’t hold him too loosely, either, because it’s up to you to make sure he doesn’t fall to the floor."

"I wanna try!" Vicki said. My legs dangled helplessly as Daphne’s hand held me out, and Vicki’s hand reached forward. I held my breath, my life and safety being literally placed in the palm of a six-year-old girl’s hand. Vicki’s littler fingers slowly encircled me as Daphne’s bigger ones released, and soon I was held secure in the younger girl’s grip.

Vicki brought me up to her huge innocent face, turning me around and examining me from different angles. "Lookit, look how tiny his little eyes are," she’d say, and hold me out for her sisters to see. Then she’d bring me back closer and look some more and say "Lookit, look how tiny his little fingers are," and hold me out for her sisters’ confirmation. I was feeling motion sickness as she brought me back to her big face, scrutinized me some more and announced. "Lookit, look how tiny his little feet are." The floor seemed several stories below me.

"We get the idea, Vicki. Now it’s my turn!" Audrey boomed as she reached for me. She cupped her hand underneath Vicki’s and caught me quickly as Vicki released. She held me tight, but not painfully so. "Just look at you now," she said, bringing me up to her own face. "You just keep getting helplesser and helplesser. Think of all the things we could do with you!" She moved around the kitchen, and I held onto the knuckle of her great thumb to feel secure. "We could pop you in the microwave," she told me, holding me up to the garage-sized oven -- I could see my tiny, boyish body enfolded in her black-nailed fingers reflected in the oven’s glass. "Or we could put you in the freezer and leave you there." She opened the freezer door and the ice machine roared at me -- I could feel its Arctic blast and see the ice cream packages. "We could even drop you down the garbage disposal." She switched her grip so that just her thumb and forefinger were under my armpits, and dangled over the maw of the sink.

"Audrey! Don’t!" Vicki cried. "I like him!"

"Oh Vicki, don’t be such a baby. I’m just teasing him." She tickled me under the chin with a giant fingernail. "I like him too. I wonder how small he is now, exactly?"

She carried me into another room, the hall rushing past me, and I could hear her sisters following behind. She set me down on a drafting table, adjusting the angle so it stood flat. I recognized the huge paintbrushes and marquee-sized easel as belonging in Audrey’s room. Audrey brought a plank-sized ruler over to me. The other girls gathered round the drafting table, leaning in close, their huge faces practically walling me in. Audrey stood the ruler on end and told me "Now stand with your back against it. Put your heels against it, too. Shoulders back! Stand up straight!" I did as I was told and felt Audrey’s fingernail press against the top of my skull, marking my height. "You can look now."

Stepping away, I saw that I stood exactly seven-and-a-quarter inches high, give or take a sixteenth. Though I’d obviously been small for some time, I’d been on the run and put through so much that I’d scarcely had a chance to stop and think. Seeing the inarguable numbers and notches on the giant ruler hit me hard. I felt like crying again. "How has this happened? How is it possible that I’m so small?" I said aloud.

"Duh! You don’t know? He doesn’t know," said Audrey, shaking her head.

"Why, we’re witches, of course," Daphne said. "Or at least, witches-to-be."

"But why did you do this to me?" I had trouble getting used to talking to such big, wide faces. You’re accustomed to talking to someone and being able to take in their facial expressions all at once. With a giant, the eyes are feet, not inches, away from the set of the mouth -- if they’re close, you can’t see the eyes and mouth at the same time. It took some getting used to, especially since there were three of them.

"Because we could. We don’t get to do things like this very often," Audrey told me.

Vicki grinned. "And we always wanted a baby brother!"

They were close enough that I could feel their warm breath on me as each of them spoke. They all smelled different, but each had a faint odor of milk and sugary products.

"Like we said, we like you. We want you to be our little doll-boy, who we can play with whenever we want," said Daphne.

"But I’m not a doll, I’m not a toy that you can just play with!"

"Oh no?" asked Vicki, poking me lightly in the tummy with her huge index finger. And, in a parody of impatience, Audrey drummed her fingers on the tabletop next to me, her massive fingertips loudly rapping. She was playing with me, trying to intimidate me -- and was succeeding. It wasn’t just that I felt powerless -- I felt completely in the power of the sisters. In fact, I wondered if I hadn’t been in their power ever since their mother left the house.

I took a breath. "I may be this tiny, and I may not be an adult anymore, but I’m still a person. You shouldn’t treat me like a puppet or be mean to me. It isn’t right."

"He sure is squeaky this way. Maybe we should make him sing for us!" Vicki looked at her older sisters.

"Look on the bright side," Audrey said. "Think of how good you can be at hide and seek! At least the hiding part."

"He’s right, though," Daphne said. Her younger sisters looked at her. "We should be nice to him, since he’s so little now."

"Okay." Audrey abruptly scooped me into her palm. The furniture and the girls’ tree-trunk legs rushes by me in a blur, and suddenly I was on the floor. I stood upright and saw that I was standing before Audrey’s giant feet, looking straight at her columnar shins. I looked up, craning my head back, further and further, until I could see the girl’s face, framed by her raven hair, staring down far at me. "Well?" she demanded, her hands on her hips, shifting her incredible weight from one massive foot to the next. I didn’t know what she wanted. Did she want me to grovel, to kiss her giant toes? Vicki and Daphne were similarly looming close by, and being so far beneath them made me feel more minuscule than ever.

"What would you like us to do for you?" she asked, astounding me.

"Is there anything you want? What can make things easier for you?" Daphne asked.

Was this some kind of trick? "Well, something proper to wear would be a relief," I finally said.

"You’ll have to speak up a bit," Audrey called.

"I said I’d like to have some clothes, if there is anything!" I shouted.

"I can get you some doll clothes that are all fine!" Vicki told me, excited. She turned on her huge heel and moved away as Daphne and Audrey leaned down toward me like a pair of avalanches.

"Yes, I think we can do better than this," Daphne said, catching a corner of the cocktail napkin between thumb and forefinger. "Bottoms up!" she said, and started to tug on it.

Suddenly I heard Vicki’s skipping gait stop short, and a familiar voice call my name. Then it said "Victoria? What are you doing out of bed at this hour?"

Before I knew it I was in Daphne’s grip and yanked dizzingly into the air. I had an impression of Audrey and Daphne shifting around, but the perspective was all wrong. It took me a minute to realize that I was being held upside down, close to the small of Daphne’s enormous back. Everything was even more topsy-turvy than before.

The voice was loud and close, and I could feel another presence in the room. "And you two! You’re not even ready for bed yet? What’s going on here! And what have you got there? Show me."

Slowly Daphne’s arm moved, swinging me away from her and out over the carpet. I could see Daphne and Audrey’s feet now below me, and further away, a pair of shiny, gigantic black pumps. Then I was turned, the world swam, and I could see Helena’s face looking down from above. "What have you girls done now? Who is that?" She looked closer and her eyes widened.

Helena’s height was awesome, much, much bigger than her daughter’s. I was so struck by my relief at seeing her -- and the sight of her magnified beauty -- that I could only gape at her. She was like some kind of goddess, Aphrodite or the Statue of Liberty come to life, come to my rescue.

"Oh, hell." She sighed, recognizing me despite my transformations. "Give him to me, young lady," she said, holding out a palm. Daphne emptied me into her mother’s hand. "Now I want all three of you girls to get ready for bed this instant! You’re in more trouble now that you’ve ever been!" And I was bourne away by her as she left.

She was holding me so I was facing her body, held almost within arm’s reach (one of my tiny arms) of her prodigious bosom. Helena was an amply endowed woman, and now her pillowy breasts each looked bigger than my entire body. She wore a black dress that showed off her creamy cleavage to full effect, and I raised my eyes, taking in the dip of her collarbone and her graceful throat.

"Are you all right?" she asked me, bearing me through one room I didn’t recognize into another. From the bottles of creams, shampoos, moisturizers and perfumes on the sink below me, I assumed it was Helena’s own bathroom.

"Now that you’re here, I guess I am. Apart from the obvious," I answered.

Helena ran the water in the sink and took some glass vials out of the cabinet with her free hand. "Well, I can’t say I’m not disappointed in you."

"WHAT? In me?" I asked, incredulously.

"No, really," she brought me close and I could see a formidable, severe expression on her lovely face. "The girls are up way past their bedtimes, the garage door was unlocked, I saw the popsicle sticks and wrappers on the kitchen counter -- this place is a mess. And the state of you! I expected better of you."

She was making everything sound like it was my fault! "But, but what could I do? I mean, just look at what happened to me. I couldn’t stop them."

"I am. I know. I’m sorry about that. I suppose I higher hopes for you, but you weren’t prepared for this." She was pouring dashes and drops of fragrant fluids into the sink as she spoke.

"How could I be prepared for this? How could I stop them? I mean, they know magic!"

Helena turned off the tap in the sink. "You could have prevented this from happening by not letting them get advantage of you in the first place. They’re bright and gifted, but they’re still very young. Even Daphne is a novice. They could only perform magic on you if you gave them permission to do so: they don’t have the discipline to do things against people’s wills. Now tell the truth: you allowed them to do the things they did to you, right?"

"Of course not!" I protested. "I did everything I could to stop them. But they were so much bigger than me!"

She cocked an eyebrow. "But did you tell them that they could put spells on you, or play games with you?"

"No!" I considered what she said. "Yes. You’re right. I let them make wishes on me."

She lowered me into the sink, which was about half full and felt like a scented hot tub to me. "Now you soak in there for a little bit. I’d better check on the girls, and get their stories out of them." She dazzled me with the white vastness of her smile. "Everything’s going to be okay." She turned, lit a vanilla-scented candle, and moved out of my field of vision, her immense, firm ass cheeks pressing against the seat of her dress.

I settled into the water and breathed easy. The water felt a little oily, and a little bit bubbly -- I wasn’t sure what she’d put in it, but it smelled of pepper and jasmine and spices I couldn’t identify. The temperature wasn’t too hot for comfort, and I felt as if all the kinks were working their way out of my bones, my muscles unknotting. Even my aching ass, and the residual pains in my knuckles from the game of Mercy, seemed to dissipate. I don’t know how long I was laying there, stretched out in the sink, when I noticed a part of me poking above the water level.

Could it be? I raised my hips, and saw my erection rise out of the water. I looked at my arms and chest and realized that my skin had the marks and blemishes and dark hairs of my adult body. Could it be that I wasn’t a child any more? I flopped over and pulled myself out of the sink and onto the counter. A make-up mirror stood nearby, and as I stood there, dripping wet, I saw that it was true. My hair was brown, not blonde any more. I was still tiny, but in another sense I was fully grown again -- and I had a robust hard-on to prove it. I felt like dancing.

"How are things in here?" I heard Helena ask. I turned and saw her immense body approach me. As I grinned up at her, she smiled in reply. "It looks like somebody’s glad to see me."

"You have no idea!" I called to her.

"May I?" She brought her hand under my backside and scooped me up. I sat up, beaming in her palm as she raised me to her face. "I always had a suspicion that you had something nice down there," she said, drawing the pinky finger of her free hand across my lap. "I can’t say I ever expected to see it under circumstances like this."

Her free thumb was close to my head, and without thinking, I took it in my arms and kissed it. "You know, I’ve dreamed of touching you, and being touched by you. But I never dreamed of anything like this," I told her, looking far up into the loveliness of her eyes.

She brought me even closer, and nuzzled my face, chest and shoulders with a strong nose that was as big as my head. My knees brushed her chin. "Mmmmmm, you smell so good," she breathed, a whisper that rumbled. It surprised me a little that I wasn’t a bit afraid of her, despite her impossible proportions. I felt safe and protected and very, very aroused.

I kissed the tip of her nose. "So do you," I said. Her skin, her perfume, her hair, her dress, all seemed to combine to create a heavenly, womanly scent that surrounded and intoxicated me. I leaned down and kissed her lips, or at least, the middle of her upper lip. She kissed my chest, and ran a tongue the size of a towel down my stomach and then up to my neck. Her warm breath was like being touched.

"Yummy," she said. Then she lowered me a few feet. "Would you like to play in the hills for a bit?" She tilted her hand, allowing me to slide down into the valley between the swells of her breasts. Between their soft curves and the expanse of her chest between them, I seemed to feel her skin touching every part of my skin, and everywhere she touched felt electric. I moved my arms over her curves -- I couldn’t feel enough of her. As small as I was, as big as she was, I wanted to explore every part of her.

She plucked me out of her cleavage and brought me back to her face, where she kissed me more, on my thighs, on my belly and on my penis, which seemed to leap and react so strongly I thought I’d come already. Helena gently took my erection into her mouth, massaging it between her two massive lips, moist with saliva. I could only moan and press the flats of my palms to her cheekbones -- it felt like nothing I’d ever experienced before. She tenderly moved me to and fro, side to side, and my groin rode her mouth like a tide. And my orgasm hit me with such force that I thought I’d pass out.

She let me fall back into her cupped hands, and kissed me once more on the top of my head. "That was very nice," she said, wrapping me in a dry washcloth.

"Nice doesn’t begin to cover it," I managed to say, feeling as though I were trying to get over an out-of-body experience.

"You deserve it, after what you’ve been through tonight. The girls told me everything. And," she said, bringing me into the exterior room and sitting in a plush armchair, "you should be relaxed for what I have to tell you."

Uh-oh. "What? Is something wrong? You can make me back to normal, can’t you?"

An apologetic look crossed Helena’s face. "Well, the thing is..."

"What?" I tried to rise collect myself, but couldn’t get out my reclining position in her hands. "You’ve already made me my right age again. Just return me to my normal size. Surely you can do it!"

She spoke with an infuriating patience. "It’s not so simple as that. Yes, you’re your normal age again, but you aren’t any bigger than you were before, are you?" It was true: I was older, but I hadn’t gotten any bigger. "Magic, alchemy, whatever you want to call it, is all about taking short cuts around natural laws. But we can’t circumvent them altogether. When we make something smaller, the original mass has to go somewhere. Tell me, when they cast their spells on you -- sorry, made their wishes -- did you see a pale mist?"

"Yes, I saw it each time. What was it?" I was getting frightened again.

"It was you, or part of you. It was the material of your body. It’s like when you boil water, and the water vapor rises off. You can’t make the pan fill with water again just by turning off the heat."

"So? Make it come back!"

"We can’t. It’s part of the atmosphere, part of the ether now. We can make you grow again, don’t get me wrong, but at a much more gradual rate. To use another water analogy, if you melt an ice sculpture in bowl, you can’t get it back to its original shape by simply putting the bowl in the freezer. You have to restore it more systematically. And a human body is much more complicated than an ice sculpture. If you were an inanimate object, it’d be much easier."

"So what are you saying? How long is this going to take?"

"To get you to your original size? Two or three inches a day."

My jaw dropped. "A day! But that could take weeks -- months!"

She smiled sadly. "I know, and I’m sorry about that. But to force it more quickly could damage and distort your body in horrible ways. I can’t think of anything else."

Strangely, I didn’t feel like screaming or crying -- perhaps her tender mercies from earlier had soothed me more than I realized. "So what am I going to do for all that time?"

"You can stay here, of course. I mean, you don’t have to, you can go and do whatever you want. But given your options, I think I’m better equipped here to take care of you than friends or family could. And I could clear it with the English Department so you can take the time off without getting in trouble."

What choice did I have? It seemed as if I was going to spend a long time at a diminutive stature. "Well, okay. I guess there’s no other way." I smiled up at her. "If we can do more of what we did just now, that might could make it up to me," I said.

She gave me a saucy leer. "’Graze on my lips, and if those hills be dry / Stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie.’" She stood up. "I want to tell the girls now. And they have something to tell you."

The girls were sitting in a huge row along the edge of the sofa in the living room. Vicki still had on her nightgown, Audrey just wore black T-shirt (a different one than before), and Daphne wore a green pajama-top, and had her glasses off. They looked more chastened, more young and vulnerable, than I’d ever seen them. If I were any other person, I’d feel sorry for him.

"He’s old again," Vicki said when she saw me.

"Hush," Helena said. "Now what do young ladies have to say?"

"I apologize for tricking you and making you into a little boy," said Daphne.

"I’m sorry I wished you to be as big as a baby," said Vicki.

"I’m sorry I spanked you so hard, and shrunk you to the size of a doll," said Audrey. And they all sounded completely sincere.

"And why are you sorry for doing those things?" Helena asked.

"Because we were wicked," the girls answered in unison, their eyes downcast.

"Now you girls have a lot to make up for, and you’re going to plenty of opportunity to do it," Helena said. They looked up, quizzically. "We’ve decided that he’s going to live with us until he gets back to normal, and that’s going to take some time. While he’s here, you’re to make things easy for him, and help him with what he asks you to do. If it’s okay with him, he might let you play with him." She paused. "And you’ll have to take care of him when I’m gone."

And, looking at me in Helena’s hands, three pairs of young eyes lit up, and grew large.

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End Chapter 2

Weird Sisters (by CLH)

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