Mad Science

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Chapter 3
Middle School MILFs

The next morning Hannah was scouring the internet for anything about an aging sex curse and coming up with nothing. She had sent Conner to the library to see if he could find anything, to which he whined: “Going to the library is pointless! Anything you can find in there you can find through google!”

But Hannah insisted he go anyway. If for no other reason than having him out of the house would help her concentrate and see if she could figure out what was going on. She attempted to question Brianna and Tiffany but their memories and grasp on reality were sketchy at best at the moment. They spent most of the conversation reminiscing about times that hadn’t happened yet.

Hannah had all but exhausted her search when she came across an interesting term - ‘age ray’. She was about to click on it when the doorbell rang. “Shit!” She thought. “Who could that be?” She walked to go answer it and realized that it was her tutoring students. Hannah tutored students on the weekend for some extra cash and today she had two 7th grade girls – Hailey and Paige whom she had completely forgotten about. She quickly looked over at the old ladies sitting on the couch and realized that Brianna was still half naked. A day before any straight man alive would have paid their life savings to get a chance to see her beautiful bare breasts. But now those formerly gorgeous mammaries stretched sadly down to her wrinkled belly button. The brown shriveled nipples pointing to her crooked toes.

Hannah grabbed a robe and put it on the old woman and tied it tightly to her. She looked over at Tiffany who was wearing some of Hannah’s clothes on her withered body that, though oversized, were still showing an inappropriate amount of skin for a woman over 90. Hannah sighed and shrugged not sure what else she could do at this point. She opened the door and was greeted by two fresh faced bubbly tweens.

Hailey, a spunky looking red head and Paige, a prissy girl with short curly blonde hair, bopped into the house with the pure whimsy and energy of two 13 year olds. They made their way to the dining room table staring in confusion at the two oddly dressed old women sitting together on the couch in the living room. Hannah saw their quizzical stares and came over quickly.

“Oh heh, hey girls! This is just my great aunt and her friend. They’re staying with us for the week. Sooo don’t mind them!” She chuckled uncomfortably.

The two middle school girls shrugged and took their books out.

“I saw Devin at the mall yesterday! He died his hair blue!” Hailey excitedly told Paige as soon as they sat down.

“Oh my god really? He’s the coolest! Did he say hi to you?” Paige asked giddily.

Hailey pouted “No! He was too busy drooling over stupid high school girls!” The redheaded girl complained.

Hannah walked over with her tutoring materials wanting to get this session over as quickly as possible so she could get back to trying to figure out Tiffany and Brianna’s problem.

“Hannah do you have a boyfriend?” Paige asked her.

Hannah looked a little flustered. “Oh uh no.”

The two younger girls looked at each other and grinned.

“But you liiiike somebody.” Hailey coaxed. Hannah’s pale cheeks flushed red.

“Oooooo you like somebody!” The girls chanted, giggling and looking expectantly at Hannah.

“All right, all right. There’s this guy I have some classes with…” Hannah relented.

“Ooooooo, what’s his name?” the teens giggled, enthralled.

“Ryan.” Hannah said shyly.

“Do you know if he likes you? That’s the first step in getting a guy – finding out if he likes you. Like, like likes you.” Paige told Hannah with absolute seriousness.

Hannah couldn’t believe she was getting dating advice from a thirteen year old.

“Um I think he likes me.” She said not making eye contact with either of them.

“I hung out with that kid Ryan a few times.” A creeky voice called from the couch. All the girls turned to see Tiffany had been ease dropping on their conversation.

“He wouldn’t stop talking about you. He’s totally into you. You should definitely screw his brains out.” The small frail woman said and then looked around, dazed, as if she wasn’t quite sure where she was.

Hannah’s eyes grew wide. “Uhhh looks like aunty is having a senior moment.” She said quickly to her students. The girls looked at one another and shrugged.

“She’s right though. If this guy Ryan is into you, you should totally make the first move. Don’t wait for him to ask you out. Guys are stupid. Like all the guys in our class are too busy chasing after high school girls with huge boobs that are totally uninterested when they could be making out with me and Paige. Guys are so immature!” Hailey ranted.

Paige looked down at the tiny bumps of her chest covered by her bright green shirt. “God, I can’t wait until I get big boobs. It’s like the only thing guys care about.”

Brianna perked up at this comments and turned to them “For realz. When I was young I could just walk into any place and show these puppies off and I’d get any guy I wanted. I was so beautiful back then… so beautiful…” The fat granny said hefting up her massive blob-like boobs under the robe and squeezing them together showing off a great deal of wrinkles and veins in her cleavage.

Hannah and the tweens looked a little sea-sick at the sight.

“Hannah your aunt and her friend are kind of weird.” Hailey finally said.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Hannah responded praying that her elderly guests wouldn’t say anything else incriminating.

“Okay girls how about we get to work, is that cool?” Hannah asked really wanting to stop talking about picking up guys and wanting to get back to figuring out what aged her classmates.

“Sure but can we get some water first?” Paige asked.

“Oh yeah. You know where the sink is.” Hannah told them and the two girls went into the kitchen and poured themselves glasses of water. Hannah could hear them whispering to each other and was sure they were talking about the strange old women in the living room.

At that moment a strange beam of light came through the kitchen window and engulfed the two girls. Hannah rushed into the room.

“Are you girls all right? What was that?” She asked looking from the window to the girls. The teens seemed a little startled but played it off.

“It was nothing. Someone took a picture outside or something.” Paige said and the girls went back to their seats at the table.” Hannah looked around out the window and didn’t see anything. She calmed herself down and went back to the table to tutor the girls.

Hailey and Paige wiggled in their seat uncomfortably, feeling as if their clothing was digging into their bodies as Hannah went through the lesson. Finally Hailey said “Uh Hannah, what are you doing? This is, like, stuff we learned in middle school.”

“Yeah we need to start prepping for the S.A.T.s” Paige chimed in.

Hannah turned to them confused and was startled at how much older they looked. The two cute 13 year old girls she had been sitting with now looked like High School sophomores. Their faces lost that cherubic look and their curves were starting to blossom on their bodies. This, of course, in addition to some growth spurts had caused the shirts and pants they were wearing to stretch tighter and tighter across their maturing bodies.

“Girls…” Hannah looked at them in awe as she was literally watching them grow into adulthood.

“Yeah Hannah? Come on, let’s stop screwing around. I need to get a decent grade in this class or I’m not going to get into the college I want.” Hailey explained.

“But… but…” Hannah couldn’t bring herself to tell them that they hadn’t gotten into high school yet but was distracted by the ballooning of Paige’s chest and Hailey’s womanly hips flaring out ripping the waist band of her jeans.

The two barely-teen girls were now barely-legal women and beautiful ones at that. Hailey’s long gorgeous bright red hair cascaded past her sexy face with it’s equally red pouty lips and down her shapely back. Her freckles had all but vanished as the girls entered adulthood. She had a great hourglass figure. Her perfect ass was practically busting out of her jeans, which now had a popped button in front and rode up to her calves like capris.

Paige’s curly blonde hair framed her still angelic looking features. Her breasts had grown out quite a bit going from mosquito bites to little missiles to perfectly shaped round orbs that were pushing her top out as far as it would go and causing the seems to rip all over. Her half dollar sized nipples were visible under the fabric as she hadn’t needed a bra when she came over earlier that day.

Hailey was trying to get her shoes off of her larger feet and finally pried them both off wiggling her toes that were painted bright girly colors.

“God this is kind of embarrassing guys… I think… I think I put my little sisters clothes on today for some reason.” Hailey said laughing at her perceived stupidity.

“Oh my god! Me too!” Paige yelled feeling better about not being the only one embarrassed. Every movement provided a new sound of tearing as their little girl clothes stretched and ripped under the pressure of their sexy toned adult bodies.

“Hannah do you have an extra change of clothes we could borrow?” Hailey asked.

Hannah had been too stunned the past few minutes to say or do anything finally got up. “Uh yes. Yes! I’ll uh… I’ll be right back with… grown up… clothing…” and she told them and quickly ran to her room. She grabbed a couple of tank tops and skirts and ran back into the other room to witness the girls approach her own age.

“Oh thanks so much Han” Paige said nonchalantly despite sitting in the tattered remains of her jr. high outfit. “Hey do you know what Professor McGinnley is going to test us on, on Monday?” She looked at Hannah who was freaked out and approaching the girls very slowly.

“God, that guy is the worst right? He needs to get laid soooo badly!” Hailey joked and the girls laughed. Hannah smiled a humoring smile as she handed them her clothes.

The two former tweens stood up and took the clothes. As they did so Paige’s shirt finally burst completely spilling out her gravity defying D-cup breasts. She squealed and covered them up with her arm and looked at Hailey who suffered an even more embarrassing wardrobe malfunction as her jeans had forced themselves down past her shapely hips and fell to her ankles and her extremely girly pink panties were unable to handle her new bubble butt and ripped completely in half revealing a full bush of flaming red hair between her thighs that mere minutes ago had been very sparse indeed. Her hand shot down to cover her exposed crotch and both girls looked at each other flush with embarrassment and ran into the other room to change.

A minute or so later Hailey and Paige came back into the living room now a full ten years older than their normal ages.

“God, that was embarrassing.” Paige said now laughing about it.

“Yeah good thing your brother wasn’t home to see that.” Hailey added. “Hey where is he this afternoon? I was hoping we’d cross paths so that we could maybe make some plans to hang out.” Hailey said with a wry smile.

“Oh he’s, you know, he’s at work I think.” Hannah said actually wishing her brother was home right now to help deal with this situation.

Hailey was writing down her number on the back of one of the worksheets she had brought over as a 7th grader. She ripped it out and folded it and gave it to Hannah.

“Here give this to your brother. I know he usually goes for that sorority girl crowd but I think he could use the touch of a woman with a bit more maturity.” Hailey said feeling as if she was in heat.

“Oh don’t worry he seems to be getting plenty of that lately.” Hannah mumbled.

“So what do you girls want to do? Want to have a girls night out? Go to some clubs? Pick up some hot guys…” Paige suggested feeling equally horny and full of life.

“Uh I don’t think that’s a great idea.” Hannah said quickly.

“Oh that’s right Hannah’s not 21 yet.” Hailey pointed out.

“Oh my god you’re just a baby!” Paige laughed and hugged Hannah with a patronizing tone in her voice.

“Believe me Hannah, when you get to be our age you’ll want every excuse to go out and have a good time. I mean thirty comes at you out of nowhere!” Hailey told Hannah and Hannah could see that for Hailey and Paige these words were not far from the truth. The two very sexy women were now in their late twenties and beginning to show small laugh lines around their eyes and mouth.

“Thirty wasn’t so bad Hailey, it’s 40 I’m dreading!” Paige told her aging friend as their laugh lines deepened and their hair and skin lost a bit of its luster.

Hailey’s bright red hair was beginning to turn a brownish red and Paige was putting on a little weight. She sported a slight double chin. They were both very attractive women, just mature looking attractive women.

Hannah wasn’t sure what to say to her former charges as they now appeared to be over ten years older than herself. Their impressive curves were no long defying gravity as they had moments before and their arms and stomachs looked noticeably softer and less smooth.

“I can’t believe both of us have gone this far without finding husbands!” Paige told her friend jovially.

“Well all the guys our age want younger girls. Like hot 18 year olds. Guys can be so immature.” Hailey ranted again, missing the irony of the fact that a mere hour ago she was complaining about the opposite.

Looking at these two attractive women wearing her own skimpy clothing and quickly approaching 40 years of age, Hannah had the thought that the middle school boy that Hailey and Paige had been crushing on earlier that day would have loved to make out with one of them now and get a chance to fondle Paige’s huge melons or Hailey’s shapely ass in fact they would probably want nothing to do with him.

“Hannah dear what bars do the guys at your school hang out at now a days? Hailey and I are looking to be a couple of cougars tonight.” Paige said in a deeper more mature voice as the girls entered their 40s, not aware of the fact that they had been ‘kittens’ earlier that day.

“Ummm” Hannah was trying to stall as she watched the girls firmly enter middle age. They both had gained a little bit of extra weight around their bellies and upper arms. Paige’s chin and cheeks were beginning to droop as well as her big breasts that Hannah’s youthful bra wasn’t designed to support.

“Oh god I could really use a little boy toy tonight. It’s been forever since I got laid!” The 40-something Hailey said as her red hair dulled more and forehead wrinkles and crows feet deepened on her face. Her finger nails had little gel hearts and diamonds adhered to them, something Hailey had done herself yesterday in math class. They now looked out of place on hands that resembled her mother’s – veiny and worn. As did the bright rainbow colored toe nails on her rougher, leatherier middle aged feet.

“Thanks so much Hannah for letting us borrow your clothes, these young styles are sure to make us look hot and grab ourselves a couple of young studs.” Paige winked at her former tutor who was now less than half her age.

Hannah tried to hold her tongue as she saw the women’s stomach flab begin to pouch out and the exposed skin look a lot less smooth and appealing on their bodies. Both ladies were wearing short skirts showing off their cottage cheese thighs and when they bent over you could get a firm view of their increasingly lumpy dimpled asses. Hailey was beginning to grey along her temples and Paige had the first signs of a turkey waddle. Their matronly bodies were now straining the change of clothes they had put on to replace the last pair they out grew.

“Umm Fire and Ice.” Hannah finally said.

“What?” Hailey asked confused. Her voice was a bit raspy, no longer young sounding.

“That’s a club all the college kids go to.” Hannah said reluctantly trying to think of an excuse to keep the girls at her house until she could find a way to get them back to normal.

The two fifty year olds chuckled a husky laugh. There was absolutely no remnants in their face, body or voices of the perky 13 year olds that had shown up earlier that afternoon. These were now full grown menopausal women.

“Oh dear. We’re a little too old to be going to clubs don’t you think?” Paige smirked at Hannah and put her worn hand on her pudgy waste. There was plenty of irony in this statement considering what Paige was wearing, the bright rubber wrist bands on her arms and the glittery lip gloss adorning her wrinkling lips.

“Yes I think we may just have a nice quite evening just the two of us. You know we’ve been best friends since we were school girls together? Never been married, never had children. Just each other.” Hailey said hugging her best friend.

“Oh that’s nice. You could um… stay here…” Hannah said noticing that they seemed to have stopped growing any older.

“Oh no no no young lady. It’s getting late. We should get out of your hair. Thanks for showing us… those…” Paige stopped unsure about what she was doing over at Hannah’s house.

“Fashion tips.” Hannah suggested.

“Right. The fashion tips. Heh kids nowadays! Why just yesterday I saw some young boys at the mall with bright blue hair!” Hailey said and she and Paige began to shuffle out the door.

“Now don’t forget to give your brother my number.” Hailey told Hannah with a knowing look. Hannah was shocked, was Hailey still looking to hook up with Conner even though she was old enough to be his mother now?

“I need his advice on those financial investments I was thinking about making.” Hailey clarified. Hannah mouthed ‘Oooh’ and nodded. Then as she watched the aged women leave she had a frightening thought. What if they tried to go back to their own homes. They were both older then their own parents. They wouldn’t be mistaken for crazy people. And thrown in jail or an insane asylum or, or,

“Wait!” Hannah yelled after them. The two 53 year olds turned around startled.

“Your uh, house ummm flooded! Remember? You’re staying with me until it can be repaired.” Hannah told them through some quick-thinking.

“What? Our house?” Paige asked concerned trying to figure out why she had forgotten.

“Well thank you Hannah dear.” Hailey said as they continued to shuffle out the door.

“Wait where are you going?” Hannah demanded.

“We’re just going to get dinner at a nice restaurant. We’ll be back later tonight.” Hailey explained.

Hannah had nothing else up her sleeve and reluctantly let the aged tweens leave. The moment they shut the door Hannah ran to her computer and clicked on the ‘age ray link’. It was an article about a woman who presented a strange device at a science conference this past year but had been laughed out of the auditorium because she wanted to use it to get revenge on the mean girls she had gone to college with.

The phone rang, it was Conner.

“Hey sis how’s it going?” He asked.

“Well I have some good news and some bad news.” Hannah replied feeling exhausted.

“The good news is that I don’t think that your having sex with those girls caused them to age.” She told her brother.

“Seriously!? That’s great news! And that leads into what I was calling about. I’m going to be staying over this girl Jessica’s house tonight.” He told her sounding excited.

“You were going to sleep with another girl even before I told you that you weren’t causing the aging?” Hannah asked perturbed.

“Well yeah, I was going to do it at her place though. That way if she did suddenly get all old and gross I could just slip out of there and we wouldn’t have to worry about it.” He explained.

“God Conner. I mean sometimes…” Hannah began but decided a lecture would be wasted on her brother.

“Anyway the bad news is that those two little girls I tutor aged as well.” Hannah told him.

“Aww really? How old did they get?” Conner asked.

“Like 40 years older.” Hannah said feeling really weird about the whole ordeal.

“Ah man. Did you get to see them at all when they went through their 20s? Were they hot?” Conner inquired.

“I… yeah. Yeah they were hot.” Hannah answered baffled by her brother’s one-track mind.

“Awesome. Sooooo what do you think is happening?” Conner asked trying to sound concerned.

“I don’t know – I’m still trying to figure it out…” Hannah’s eye caught a piece of paper stuck to the refrigerator. The information from the woman who crashed into Conner the other day. Dr. Generva Gerasco.

“Hey, I’ll call you back okay?” Hannah told her brother while taking the paper off the fridge. She hung up the phone and quickly looked up the address on the internet. Her eyes widened as she saw the woman’s house pointed out on the map and slowly brought her gaze out the window to the large creepy house on the hill over looking their town. The mad scientist’s house.

Hannah quickly went around shutting the blinds in all the windows of the house and packed up her purse. She called her brother but got his voice mail.

“Hey you’ve reached Conner’s cellphone. If you’re calling to make me some money or get me some booty leave a message. If not then you probably have the wrong number.” BEEEEP.

“Hey it’s your sister. Call me back asap. I think I found out what’s going on. You pissed off the female Dr. Strangelove… I know you’re not going to get that reference but basically I think the crazy lady that lives up on the hill is zapping our house with some sort of age ray and I’m going to go up there and apologize on your behalf and ask her to stop.” Hannah hung up the phone, explained to the two elderly women that she was going out and not to use the stove while she was gone then headed out the door.

The moment stepped outside her front door Hannah was struck by something.



End Chapter 3

Mad Science

by: ChronoEclipse | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 19, 2011


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