A Whole New World

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Chapter 12
Bath Time

Chapter 12

Morning sunlight streamed into the nursery, playing across Rachel’s face, slowly waking her from deep slumber. Even with her eyes still closed she could see the light through her eyelids. She could feel the warmth on her face too. It wasn’t the sun that brought her quickly back to awareness though, it was the smell. Something absolutely reeked. It was five times worse than when she was poopy last night. Her hand instinctively went to the front of her diaper. Sure enough it squelched at the touch and she felt the cool liquid of pee-pee swishing around her loins. But there was no muck on her bum, she hadn’t made poo-poo in her sleep.

Rachel opened her eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the light. Something was looming above her and to the right. Rolling over to see it more clearly Rachel gagged and pulled back to the side of the crib. A large brown-stained bare bottom was presented to her. Meggy was standing at the side of the crib holding onto the railing, her poop-smeared butt uncovered and presented to Rachel. The woman’s messy, reeking diaper was discarded on the mattress of the crib, where she’d apparently yanked it off after waking up messy. Now Meggy was standing there buck naked, smiling and clapping her slightly poopy hands at the window, where she could see birdies flying by.

Rachel’s sudden movement got the big baby’s attention though, and she twisted around, letting go of the railing and so plopping on her back. She sat up, unbothered by her tumble onto the soft mattress, and extended her dirty, disgusting hands towards Rachel, as though expecting a hug. Having no intention of cuddling the messy girl, Rachel dropped the side of the crib and slipped out of it. Her legs folded beneath her as soon as they reached the floor, forcing her to crawl across the room to the other crib.

Rising to her knees Rachel managed to get hold of the other crib’s railing. She pulled herself up to a standing position, her legs quaky but holding, and dropped the side. Danny was awake already too. Her eighteen-year old brother was still dressed in a yellow terry onesie, playing with his feet. He’d apparently become much more limber as a result of the changes to his body caused by the cursed book. He was able to easily pull his legs back so that his feet were on either side of his head. He yanked them back and forth playfully, babbling to himself.

“Oh Danny, I so sowwy,” Rachel apologised to her sadly reduced brother. He had been so bright before, so innovative and thoughtful. Now he had discovered how to get his toes into his own mouth and was beaming with cross-eyed glee as he munched away at his toesies.

Brian too was awake, and he didn’t look anywhere near as happy as the toe-muncher beside him. Brian looked as gravely serious as one dressed in a t-shirt and diaper could.

“We scwewed,” he muttered after a long silence.

Rachel shook her head and gave him a reproachful look. He wasn’t going to abandon her now, she couldn’t carry on alone.

“Don’ say dat! We can fix it!” she insisted.

“I wet,” Brian replied simply.

“Me too,” Rachel admitted. “Don’ mattah. We gonna find da book today.”

Brian shrugged. “’N den what?”

She didn’t have an answer for that of course. So she replied with another question. “So what den? We gib up ‘n be wike him?” she asked, gesturing to the young man still absolutely engrossed with his footsies.

“Or her?” she continued, pointing to the poopy naked woman shaking the set of toy keys about.

“No,” Brian agreed, clearly disgusted by the very thought.

“Wight den. We gonna fix it!” Rachel told him, determined.

The door to the room opened without warning and Rachel twisted around to find Mama and Sara looking over at her, perplexed.

“How did you get loose, silly goose?” Mama asked.

Shrugging, Rachel just replied, “Wanted ta pway.”

Mama put her hands on her hips and shook her head, but the smile told Rachel she wasn’t really in trouble. Amanda was already putting her dirty girl on the change table to clean her up.

“My goodness she’s a mess. I think I’ll have to give her a bath before Gymboree,” Amanda said.

“That sounds like a good idea, let’s give them all a bath,” Joy agreed.

Amanda nodded and a few minutes later Brian and Rachel were standing in the bathroom holding the wall for support while their mamas stripped off their wet diapers and wiped their privates clean. It surprised Rachel how comfortable she was becoming with being naked. She didn’t like it, in fact it still embarrassed her, but nothing like the shame she felt earlier. She’d been stripped so many times now it was becoming routine. She imagined that if this went on much longer she might actually start to lose her adult modesty. Even seeing Brian’s penis dangling there beside her and watching his Mama wipe it clean didn’t shock her anymore.

“There we go, all dry,” Sara announced as she finished wiping the tip of Brian’s pee-pee clean. “Now get those cute little tushies in the tubby,” she directed, leading Brian by the hand.

Rachel crept across the cool tile floor and climbed into the tub after Brian, joining Meggy and Danny already inside. Amanda was washing Sue separately. The teen girl was sat in her baby bath again and like Danny was enjoying a nice morning toe-munching session while her mama washed her tummy and boobies.

The big tub was larger than a normal one, but it was still quite a squeeze with four teens and young adults in it. Danny and Meggy were engrossed in a splashing competition, suds piled on their heads as they slapped their flattened palms on the surface of the bathwater and crowed their delight. Brian, even more than Rachel, was still feeling shame at being naked in a tub with the others. So he sat quietly, covering up his pee-pee as best he could. He had been cringing as his Mama cleaned it right in front of Rachel and now he just wanted a diaper on so he could hide his shame.

After allowing the babies some time for play, and once the floor of the bathroom was sufficiently soaked, the mothers stepped in to bathe the kids. Brian and Rachel tried to be cooperative so that it would be over faster. When Sara told them to lie on their fronts so she could clean their bums, they did as they were told. Only when they saw the flash did they realise she was actually snapping photos of the four young people lined up in the tub with their bare bums pressed hip to hip against each other and presented to the camera.

“Hey!” Brian yelled, wounded.

Sara didn’t seem to notice his disapproval. “What cute little bums!” she said to Joy.

“I know, couldn’t you just eat them up!”

Sara nodded back, giggling.

The bath seemed to go on for an eternity. Finally the water was drained and the wrinkly kids climbed out and let their mothers towel them dry. When their new outfits came out they were just relieved to see some clothing, regardless of how infantile it was.

First came their new diapers, thick but flexible for the budding toddlers. These were simply taped onto them while they lay on the bathroom floor. Then their new clothing was brought out. Rachel found herself being slipped into a pale pink and white romper with stitched on bunnies. The fleecy garment was quite soft and cuddly and it covered her breasts and even her thighs, coming to just above the knee length. It had snaps around the crotch to allow for easy diaper changes.

Brian found himself being placed in a romper of his own, though his was more of a boy’s design. It was yellow and blue striped with a rugby-shirt styled collar. His failed to cover any of his legs though and the lining of his diaper poked out around the leg holes, leaving no doubt he wasn’t potty-trained anymore. Just as with Rachel’s, his romper had snaps around the crotch for quicker changes.

Beside them Meggy was being slipped into a simple baby dress. It was purple and sleeveless at the top with lots of ruffles in the skirt. Danny wore black jean short-alls over a white t-shirt, though they were clearly meant for a baby as the jeans had snaps around the crotch the same as the rompers. Finally Sue was carried back into the room dressed in a pale blue onesie with the word iPood across the front. The mamas all shared a chuckle at the silly outfit while Brian and Rachel tried to figure out what was so funny.

It wasn’t a long car ride to the mall but getting all the babies strapped in took longer than the actual drive. There were no more simple booster seats, they were now all in full baby seats, Sue’s facing backwards. Meggy, Rachel and Brian were all placed in the minivan while the younger babies went in the other car. Sitting strapped in their confining baby seats while Sara turned on inane nursery rhymes to play the whole drive the former college students felt a renewed sense of hopelessness. Of course Meggy was perfectly content to chew on her toy bunny and bang her hands on the window, but the other two simply sulked and tried to tune out the insipid music.

Halfway to the mall Meggy threw her bunny at the seat in front of her, watching it fall to the floor. She leant over as best she could in her restraints and tried to pick it up. Of course anyone with half a brain could see that would be impossible. Meggy soon realised this as well, but she couldn’t undo her restraints to get at it either. Pushing the big red buttons and releasing the belts was simply much too complicated for Meggy’s mushy brain. So, out of frustration, Meggy began to wail. And unlike a little baby her wails were at adult volume, ear-piercingly loud.

While Sara tried in vain to appease the screeching, balling young woman Rachel and Brian covered their ears. Meggy was in full tantrum mode, kicking her bare feet against the back of the passenger seat, pounding her fists on her baby seat. Sara drove with one hand and rifled through the bag she’d packed with the other, glancing away from the road every couple seconds to look for something to calm the girl down. As she did so the bag tipped on its side and spilled out on the floor. Brian’s eyes widened as he looked down at the contents sliding about the floor. Among them was a pink book with bunnies on the cover. Even though he couldn’t actually read the title anymore he knew that was Catcher in the Rye in its new form. If only he could reach it!

“Da book! Da book!” he yelled to Rachel, pointing.

Barely able to hear him over the commotion the girl next to her was making Rachel tried to see what he was pointing at. When she understood what she was looking at Rachel let out a gasp. The book was right there in the back seat with them, only inches away. It was well out of Brian’s reach, but she could get to it, not with her hands of course, but with her feet. For once she was happy Mama was taking her out to a public place in bare feet, because now she was able to use her toes to grasp at the book. Unfortunately it was harder than she thought. Her fingers had become less coordinated and her toes were even worse. She finally succeeded in pulling it away from the rest of the bag’s contents, placing it right beneath her feet.

“Leabe it dere,” Brian told her.

“I awmost got it,” she insisted.

“Don’ push it, we get it after,” he told her.

So she stopped trying and left it on the floor. She could have gotten her belt off and picked it up, but not without Sara noticing. Meanwhile Meggy had finally calmed down, her wailing trailing off to quiet sobbing and hiccups. Rachel decided that as soon as Brian’s Mama freed her from the seat, she’d grab the book.



End Chapter 12

A Whole New World

by: Bfboy | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 2, 2011


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