The Naked Bond

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 3, 2010

This is a very short and stupid story.

Chapter 1
The Naked Bond

Chapter Description: My girlfriend asks me to get a job or she'll kick me out of her apartment. I get a job as a secret spy but she asks me to accomplish my mission under an embarrasing condition.

I’ve been living with my fat girlfriend. She’s fat, but as I told you, she has the right to ask me to do my best: she’s beautiful, younger than me, very intelligent and hard-working. By my side, I’m a bum that spends all day on the sofa watching TV or playing video games.

Last week, when she arrived from work, she gave me an ultimatum: "Get your ass off of that couch and get a job this week, or I’m going to kick you out of my apartment".

I started looking for a job on internet, and I fortunately found one that would give her a great surprise.

This Friday she arrived from working at 8 p.m. and told me, after one week of not saying anything to me: "So, you have a job now?"

I got up from the sofa, walked to her and embraced her waist: "Of course, and one that’ll surely impress you", then I gave her a kiss.

She seemed incredulous, cleaned her glasses and asked: "Yeah? What job is it?"

I went to the foyer and took a box out of it.

"Look at this: I’m going to be a secret agent".

Still sceptic, she looked inside the box, where she found a black tuxedo, shoes and some spy gadgets.


I look at her in the eyes, smiling, and told her about the plan: "Yes, I’ve been contracted to infiltrate in a criminal base. And fortunately it is on the next building!"

"Oh, yeah", she told, uninterested, "I know you always look for the nearest option".

I finished putting my secret agent costume on, and introduced myself to her.

"You see? Now I’m ready, I even have a gun".

My girlfriend, who was stepping on front of the window that looked to the other building, stayed crossed on arms.

"Well", I told, moving her apart. "I’m going to accomplish my mission. Wish me some luck!".

My girlfriend laughed at me, refusing to move apart.

"Ha ha, Are you serious?", asked, giggling

"Yes!", I told, "I’m leaving right now!", I said, opening the window.

"OK", she told, "But no fancy clothes for you, Mr. Agent".

And quickly, she stripped me off of my clothes, leaving me naked.

"Now go, honey!", she told, slapping my bare butt.

Knowing it was impossible to object something, I remember my agent training (by mail) and took the hook gun out. I aimed to the window of the other building and pulled the trigger with ease. The hook grappled to the window frame right, and I hurled naked in the night, climbing by the rope.

Quickly I kicked the windowpane with my bare feet, shattering it in glasses. The alarms sounded and the traps activated. I run across the corridor, tumbling nude, and evading lasers, when four ninjas came to my side. I shot one of them down and evaded the air-ripping shurikens they threw me. With a quick movement, I hurled myself with the butt, knocking the next ninja out when I hit his face.

The other two ninjas left were martial art experts, and I fought them face to face. One of them tripped me to the floor, but I managed to get up by whirling my legs before the other one crushed my skull with his killing palm. With a powerful roundhouse kick I dispatched the remaining ninjas.

I knew the henchmen would be grouping through the apartment floor, so I procceeded with caution. I peeked to the main hall, that was complete luxurious, with Roman statues and an inner pool. My scrotum shrought when a bullet crossed whistling to my side. There were, for sure, gangster on the hall, so I activated the holographic pen and projected an image of myself naked, running to the front. The gangsters shoot to my nude doppelganger until they ran out of bullets. Then, the real me came into the room shooting the bad guys down. Unfortunately, as there were more than 12 gangsters in the room, I ran out of ammo and had to escape. Quickly I dived into the pool, where they wouldn’t be able to follow me.

As my bosses told me, the pool would lead me to a secret entrance to the Big Bad Boss room. With my balls bouncing, I swam as quick as I could, but then I realized I was not alone in the waters. A huge blue shark was following me! Holding my breath, I managed to escape from him by tumbling inside the water; he almost bites my bare ass, and I arrived to the Big Boss room full and healthy.

When I arrived to the secret Boss room, he was aiming his gun to me.

"You must be the agent they sent to destroy me", he said. "Well, naked ass, your quest will finish here".

I could do nothing but shiver; I was literally naked on front of him. I had run out of ammo, weapons and gadgets; I was an easy prey for him. I knew had only an exit.

As he was just about pulling the trigger, I kicked his gun away; the pistol slipped under the desk and he ran for it. But I was quicker, and threaded his hand. That evil criminal pleaded for help, but he wouldn’t recieve it from me. I gave him a strong kick in the stomach, disabling him, and punched to the security buttons, what activated the self-destruction.

"Please! Don’t let me die!", He asked, from the floor, "I’ll give you much money".

I went out of the room and pressed a button from the panel, that would leave him trapped in the room as the building exploded.

Now tired, I ran again by the corridor. The red lights were flashing quick and quicker. I could see some of the henchmen running for their lives.

"6... 5... 4...", My only hope was reaching the rope I used to enter by the window. I came to the window frame, stepped on it with one foot, and held the roop. The cold wind from the outside fondled my naked privates.

"3... 2... 1...", the countdown was finishing. I hanged from the rope to escape from the building, trying to return safely to my girlfriend’s apartment.

As the rope started burning, the evil building exploded at my back, the flames almost tanned a little my poor bare buttocks... But performing a naked double somersault, I managed to arrive to my apartment. I was now on the window frame, safe and succesful.

I came into the room, walking to my girlfriend.

"Did you see? I did it!", I exclaimed, triumphant.

But she didn’t seemed impressed. She actually looked a little annoyed.

"You did what?!", she asked.

"I accomplished the mission", I explained. "Now we have 10 million dollars!!"

Furious, my girlfriend held me by my wrist.

"Oh, you again!! You looked for quick money!", she said, embracing my waist. I could do nothing to escape from her grapple.

"It was supposed you get a regular job! I was sick of looking at you sat on the couch everyday ! You ruined everything, silly agent!".

She then spanked my butt once and again with her chubby hand, until my buttocks were red. Then she let me go, and I walked away crying and holding my buttocks, humiliated by that fat beautiful woman.

"Now, Mr. Agent, you’ll go to your room and lie naked in the bed like the stupid boy you have been this night!".




End Chapter 1

The Naked Bond

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 3, 2010


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