Just A Suggestion

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Chapter 2
Chapter Two

Russell was making the most of his Saturday - after a hectic week spent balancing books and baseball he was more than happy to just lounge by the pool in his backyard, soaking in some rays as he laid side-by-side and hand-in-hand with his girlfriend Ashley. He was moments away from drifting off to a peaceful mid-day nap when he caught sight of Michael and Brandon letting themselves in through the fence door. Russell groaned, pulled himself into a sitting position, and looked up into the smiling faces of his burnout neighbors.

“Look, I told you guys that I don’t want you around here.” He said as he jutted the sunglasses in their direction. “Get lost before I call the cops.”

Michael chuckled and shook his head.

“Always gotta be the big man, dontcha Russell?” He asked. “Always acting like you were so much better than the rest of us.”

Russell’s face sharpened as he rose to his feet. Ashley sighed and flipped up her sunglasses.

“Don’t waste your time with them, sweetie.” She said. “Just call the cops like you said.”

“That’s better than these guys deserve.” He growled. “It’s time they got the beating they so badly need.”

Russell began to advance on them and was nearly within striking range when Michael smirked and brought the receiver to his lips.


The star athlete suddenly stiffened in mid-stride, his eyes widening in confusion as his girlfriend frowned and tugged at her hand.

“Babe?” She asked, the distinct timber of fear creeping into her voice. “What are you doing?”

“I’ve gotta admit, for as long as we’ve known you, it always seemed like you were so much more mature than the rest of us.” Michael shrugged. “But I’m sure that wasn’t always the case. From now on you will act like you did when you were a toddler...”

He looked up at Ashley and grinned.

“...and believe that your girlfriend is your babysitter.”

Russell’s look of panic was visible for only a moment before softening into the curious, unfocused gaze of a two-year-old. In an instant his thumb was in his mouth while his other hand began to pull at his swim trunks. The expression on Ashley’s face was one of profound bewilderment and horror - not that it fazed baby Russell one bit.

“Ashwey.” He said as he turned to his former girlfriend turned babysitter, mumbling around his thumb. “Wan’ be nakie.”

“What are you talking about, Russell?” Ashley murmured as she stood from her patio chair and backed away from her boyfriend. “What’s happened to you?”

“Wan’ be nakie!” Russell whined, his tugging growing more desperate. After one particularly strong pull the overgrown tot managed to yank his trunks off his groin, exposing the proud penis that had been hidden underneath. The boy shrieked in glee as he plopped his bottom on the grass and kicked off the swimsuit, leaving him completely bare. For a few moments, he seemed content to just sit and suck his thumb...until his free hand began toying with his manhood in the innocent exploration young boys often partake in.

“Gotta big pee-pee.” Russell giggled as he squirmed from the pleasure he was receiving from his hand’s awkward manipulations. As his penis ballooned to its full length, his thumb-sucking grew more rapid and intense, his face screwing up in comical concentration while his body rushed towards something his infantile mind couldn’t possibly understand. Short little whines of pleasure gave way to a long, ragged moan as he suddenly erupted, coating his chest and stomach with the inevitable release. When the boy came down from his orgasm he curiously ran his fingers through the by-product of his climax, then - as Michael and Brandon howled with laughter and Ashley choked out a low sob - plucked his thumb out long enough to stick them in his mouth.

“’S icky.” Russell frowned as he smacked his lips and looked up at Ashley, whose eyes were brimming with tears. “Don’ like it.”

Unimpressed with its usage as a snack Russell instead set about turning it into a finger paint of sorts, smearing it all over his muscled form as he popped his thumb back into his mouth. Before long he grew bored with that and returned to poking at his deflating manhood. Brandon’s laughter began anew as a triumphant smirk crept across Michael’s face - with a few words Mister High and Mighty had been reduced to an overgrown toddler that couldn’t stop playing with himself. He turned his attention to Ashley, who, despite her obvious fear and revulsion, seemed unable to tear her eyes from the sight.

“Whattaya say, Ashley?” He said. “You guys are such a cute couple. Just say the word and I can return you two to the days of ?I’ll show you yours if you show me mine’.”

The girl cried out in horror, backing away from Michael as he advanced on her. With slow, purposeful movements, he brought the receiver to his lips and...


...was suddenly struck from behind with a blow strong enough to bring him to his knees and send the device flying from his hand. Suddenly sober, Brandon looked up to see Jill standing over him, baseball bat in hand, just waiting for an excuse to bring it down upon his head.

“Hey.” Brandon held his hands up and offered the girl a weak smile. “Can’t you take a joke?”

Jill’s expression sharpened and she appeared a moment away from using the weapon...when she was distracted by the sight of Michael stirring beneath her. Realizing that certain things took priority over others, Jill stepped over to the device and snatched it off the ground, pointing it at her brother just as he was raising his head. When Michael looked up it was to see Jill standing above him, bat in one hand and the device in the other. He hung his head and let out a little laugh.

“I thought you were cleaning.” He muttered.

“I finished.” Jill growled. “You should have made the command more specific.”

Michael snarled and rubbed at the spot where his sister had whacked him.

“How’d you find us, anyway?”

“The second I went outside I saw Nick and Corey wailing in their front yards, wallowing in their own filth. Once I returned them to normal they were all too happy to tell me what direction you morons had headed.”

“Very clever.” Michael chuckled. “Guess I shoulda seen that - ”

In the middle of his thought Michael suddenly sprung to his feet and lunged at his sister...who was more than ready.

“Michael! Brandon!” She shouted as she pressed down on the button. Michael was suspended mid-pounce while Brandon was stuck in his begging position. “Stay absolutely still until I give you another command.”

Michael and Brandon did as they were told, frozen in their poses as Jill turned towards their victim and cringed. The boy had already brought himself to a second erection and had begun to whine in frustration at his inability to make the good feelings happen again.

“Russell.” The girl said as she brought the receiver to her lips. “I want you to ignore Michael’s last command. Return to normal.”

A beat passed before the boy began to blink, the intelligence visibly returning to his eyes. The instant he regained control of his faculties Russell snatched his trunks off the ground, shimmied them up his legs, and used his towel to wipe clean the remnants of his childish exploration. Ashley sobbed in relief as she rushed towards her boyfriend and threw her arms around him - Russell, for his part, made a half-hearted attempt at returning the hug, clearly mortified at what she had seen him do.

“You remember everything, don’t you?” Jill asked in as comforting a voice as she could manage. Russell nodded without meeting her gaze. Jill frowned. It had been the same situation with Nick and Corey and the boys had been nearly inconsolable once returned to normal. Given what he had just gone through, the girl figured that Russell was handling things pretty well.

“I’m very sorry for what happened. I’ve got things under control here...the two of you should probably head inside.”

Russell offered her a feeble smile and did just that, staggering towards his home with his girlfriend still wiping the tears from her eyes. Once they had disappeared inside the house Jill turned back to her subjects with a sharp, unforgiving stare.

“Michael. Brandon.” She said, her voice low. “The two of you are going to go back to my house, sit on the couch and stay absolutely still until I give you another command.”

Though Michael’s eyes flashed with rage he and Brandon did as they were told, heading back to the house with Jill trailing just behind. Once inside, she stood in the center of the living room and watched intently as her captives sat down and awaited their next command. Jill regarded them for a long time before crossing her arms and letting out a long exhale.

“You know Michael, it didn’t have to be like this.” She said, her voice strangely sympathetic. “If you had just let me walk out that door there would have been nothing more you could do to me. Since day one you’ve done everything in your power to make my life miserable - but even so, I would have been able to forgive you. Or, at the very least, I could have left without lashing out, knowing that I would never have to see you ever again.”

The girl turned to Brandon, whose eyes spoke clearly of a very real fear growing within.

“You’re not any better, Brandon. You allow Michael to lead you around by the nose and you sit idly by while he spreads misery and pain. Even though you might not be as cruel as he is, you’re certainly more pathetic.”

She sighed and shook her head.

“Even after everything, I thought there might be something redeemable about you two, some tiny spark of mercy or compassion hiding beneath all the ignorance and malice. But after watching what you did to Russell, and to our neighbors...I know now, without a shadow of a doubt, that both of you are completely irredeemable. The only thing that could possibly set you straight is a punishment worthy of the life of utter callousness the two of you have led.”

For the first time Jill saw fear creep into Michael’s eyes. A small smile played on her lips.

“Michael, though what you did to Russell and our neighbors was unconscionable, it did get me thinking.” She said. “Maybe what you need - what both of you need - is a chance to do it all over again.”

Jill turned the device over in her hands.

“One of the most remarkable elements of suggestion is its ability to affect us physically.” She spoke quietly, as though lecturing her invention. “Studies have shown that, through the power of suggestion, one can be rendered ill or even heal at an expedited rate. The body is controlled by the mind, after all...and by using this device there’s almost no limit to the physical changes one can impart.”

Michael and Brandon shuddered and looked on in horror as Jill smiled and slowly brought the receiver to her lips.

“Michael. Brandon.” Her voice was calm and clear. “I want the two of you to listen to me very carefully. Think about what you did to your victims, how you made them act like babies.”

Jill drew closer to her subjects as their eyes began to dart about in their sockets, as though looking for a means of escape. She knew, without them having to say a word, that their minds were now embroiled in the memories of what they had done to Russell, Nick and Corey earlier in the day.

“Good.” She murmured. “Very good. Now, think about how they were acting. They looked happy, didn’t they? Didn’t they make it seem as though there wasn’t anything more fun in the world than being an itty-bitty baby?

“Don’t you want to have fun like that?” Jill asked in a near-whisper. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the two of you were young again? Try and remember what it was like. Remember what it was like when you were just happy little boys, not having a care in the world, just playing the days away.”

Jill’s words had begun to take effect even before she had finished speaking. Michael’s and Brandon’s minds had gone into overdrive, suddenly convinced that there was something wrong with their bodies, something that needed to be corrected immediately. Jill stood back and marveled at what was taking place before her. The changes were subtle at first, small differences like the softening of facial features and the loss of what little muscle definition they possessed. It wasn’t until a few moments had passed and Michael and Brandon approached their early teens that the full scope of their transformation became apparent. Simultaneously both boys began to shrink, in seconds their eye level meeting and then plunging beneath Jill’s. Already their t-shirts had become ridiculously oversized and as they were dragged through their middle school years both boys’ jeans disengaged themselves from their slimming waists, collecting in a heap at the bottom of their skinny little legs.

“That’s right.” Jill grinned, beside herself with wonder. “That’s absolutely right. Just keep thinking about how wonderful things are going to be once you’re little. You boys are almost there.”

With all traces of puberty having left their bodies Michael and Brandon were now clearly little boys...the only question remaining was how little they would end up. The transformation showed no signs of stopping, in each passing second granting its victims another tenement of boyhood. Noses shrank into little upturned buttons as freckles scattered across cheeks that grew increasingly round and rosy. But those features were just a preview of what was to come. As the boys were dragged out of elementary school their shirts slid off their soft little shoulders, giving Jill an unencumbered view of the final stages of the transformation. Baby fat began to attack their bodies, at first plumping their thighs and tummies before rendering their limbs weak and pudgy. Fingers and toes shrank into tiny pink sausages. Hair softened and lightened into fine little wisps. Suddenly their legs grew too weak to support their weight and both boys ended up plopping bottom-first onto the pile of their former clothing, too young to so much as walk. Finally the process came to a halt and Michael and Brandon finally broke free from their trance...just so they could look down at themselves and see that they had been reduced to a pair of adorable little babies, a year old if that. Almost in unison the boys screwed up their faces and began to wail in despair, seemingly overwhelmed by the realization of what had happened to them.

Jill laughed and began poking at their round little tummies - just as Eileen, her and Michael’s mother, and Judy, Brandon’s mother, strode in through the front door. For a moment, the three of them simply stared at each other - the women frozen where they stood as Jill looked up at them and scrambled to think of an explanation of what they were seeing. It wasn’t long before the boys took notice of them, struggling to get to their feet before giving up and resigning to crawl towards their potential salvation. Upon reaching their respective mothers the naked tots clutched at their dresses and used the leverage to pull themselves onto their wobbly little legs, whining and crying as they stared up at confused women with wide, shimmering eyes.

“Jill...” Eileen said, unable to take her eyes from the distraught little boy that was grabbing at her hem. “Where did these babies come from?”

Jill rose to her feet and bit her lip. Might as well go with the truth.

“Mom. Mrs. Oakley.” She took a deep breath. “These are your sons.”

A beat passed before Judy burst out laughing, holding a hand over her mouth as she pointed at Jill.

“You big kidder.” She chuckled. “You had me going for a second there, Jill. Eileen, you never told me your daughter was so funny.”

Judy turned to her friend, who was still staring down at Michael as though in a trance. The smile ran away from her face.


“I think...” Eileen swallowed. “I think she’s telling the truth.”

Judy paused for a moment before straightening up and rolling her eyes.

“Okay, Eileen.” She said. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice - ”

“Just look at him, Judy.” Eileen said as she plucked her son from the ground, holding the squirming boy at arm’s length. “If you look at him you’ll know.”

Judy stared at her friend for a moment before returning her attention to the baby boy grasping at her dress, who had begun bouncing up and down in an effort to get her attention. With slow, careful movements, she took Brandon under the arms and lifted him into the air. After a few seconds of careful examination her eyes suddenly widened, nearly dropping her son from the sudden shock.

“Oh God.” She murmured. “Brandon...Brandon...how did this happen?”

Jill winced.

“I can explain that.”

Both women turned to Jill as she held up the device and explained its capabilities, letting the mothers know what their sons had done to drive her to this point. Judy and Eileen looked at one another and frowned as they pulled the boys into the crooks of their arms.

“Dear, even after seeing my son as a baby again...” Eileen said with measured words. “That’s still a hard story to believe.”

Jill sighed. I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. A smile crept across the girl’s lips as her eyes slowly widened. That’s it.

“Eileen. Judy.” The girl spoke the mothers’ names into the receiver and both women instantly stiffened. “I want the two of you to think about when your boys were very small - when you were their only source of sustenance. You must have never felt closer to them then when they suckled at your breast.

“It can be that way again.” Jill’s voice lowered. “Just remember the feeling of their lips at your nipples, their tiny hands on your breast, the irreplaceable sense of joy and pride you got from feeding your little boy.”

At first, Jill couldn’t be sure that her suggestion had worked...at least, not until both women’s busts began to bulge. Michael and Brandon stopped crying to watch the transformation take place, looking down in awe as their mothers’ breasts swelled against their bare little bodies. After a few seconds the expansion came to a halt and both women regained control of themselves, blinking rapidly before almost simultaneously looking down at their bosoms and gasping.

“Oh my God, Eileen...” Judy murmured. “I feel just like...just like I did when...”

“When you were breastfeeding?” Eileen completed her friend’s thought as she shook her head and laughed, as though in disbelief of her own words. “I feel the same way. Exactly the same way.”

She looked up at her daughter.

“I’m sorry for not believing you, dear.” She apologized. “But...what are we supposed to do with the boys? Can you return them to normal?”

“Do you really want that?” Jill asked. “Mom...Mrs. Oakley...I know it’s hard to admit, but Michael and Brandon were awful people. They’ve been tormenting me for as long as I can remember and if I hadn’t stepped in they would have ruined three peoples’ lives today. Maybe it’s best if we start from scratch.”

Eileen and Judy looked at one another and then down at the squirming little cherubs they cradled in their arms. For their part, Michael and Brandon were screaming and struggling, doing best they could with their limited vocal skills to voice their disapproval.

“Okay.” Eileen suddenly said as her face broke out in a beaming smile. “Let’s do it.”

She looked over to Judy, who nodded and returned the smile. The boys were sent over the edge. Knowing that their one chance to return to normal had been dashed, they began to howl and flail as their mothers rocked them and offered gentle words of comfort.

“Uh-oh!” Eileen cried in mock concern. “Looks like somebody’s fussy. I know what’ll make you feel better, sweetheart.”

With one hand still cradling her child Eileen reached down and pulled one breast free, guiding the swollen teat to Michael’s lips. Judy followed suit and with the babies’ mouths wide open from wailing, neither woman had any trouble guiding it into their target - and once it was there, both boys’ infantile instincts took over, as they clamped onto the nipples and began sucking away. In a matter of moments all the fight left their bodies and both boys looked as natural as could be, greedily swallowing their mothers’ milk and reveling in the warmth that radiated within them as it filled their bellies. As the feeding wore on both boys seemed to grow drowsy, their eyelids drooping as the mechanical motion of their lips grew slower and slower. Jill stepped close to Michael and put her face right up to his, filling his fogging vision with the sight of her triumphant smile.

“Welcome to your new life, big brother.” She whispered. “Nighty-night.”


Jill stepped out onto the porch, re-adjusted the strap on her backpack, and let out a satisfied sigh. What the girl carried on her back was the last bit of the personal belongings she was bringing to college, having already stuffed her car with the rest. Eileen broke away from the conversation she was having with Judy to give her daughter a smile that brimmed with pride and to pull her into a tight hug.

“Off to college.” She murmured. “My little girl is all grown up.”

“I’m going to miss you, mom.” Jill promised as she pulled away and gave her mother a warm smile. “How are the boys today?”

“Oh, you know, fussy as usual.” Eileen laughed. “But it’s getting better every day. You should say goodbye to them before you go.”

“Of course.” Jill grinned.

She stepped off the porch and walked into the front yard, where Michael and Brandon had been plopped naked on the grass, fiddling with the building blocks and other colorful toys they had been left with seemingly out of sheer boredom. When they saw her approach both boys looked up with a pair of adorable little scowls but neither made any attempt to hide their tiny willies from Jill’s sight. They must realize how many times I’ve already seen them, Jill smirked. Both Michael and Brandon - with their mothers’ help - had become quite the little nudists since returning to babyhood. Whenever they were taken outside, whether it was to the yard, the park or the pool, both boys were almost without exception immediately stripped of their diapers and allowed to wander around in the buff, since - according to their mothers - babies loved to play naked. The boys’ whining and their attempts to cover their shame didn’t dissuade them otherwise - all Eileen and Judy did was join the other mothers and passerby in chuckling at their modesty and at the chubby little bottoms that their tiny hands were unable to cover.

But even more mortifying than that was their return to high school - at Jill’s suggestion, Judy and Eileen had volunteered their boys to be examples for the students that were studying child care in their Home Economics class. Michael and Brandon were brought in so the mothers could demonstrate how to properly change a baby’s diaper - and, to make the demonstration as effective as possible, both Eileen and Judy fed their boys at the appropriate time to make sure they would mess and wet themselves just before class began. Both Michael and Brandon squirmed and howled as they were stripped of their diapers and wiped down before two dozen giggling freshmen, who made no effort to restrain themselves from commenting on their messy bottoms and their comically tiny genitalia.

“It looks like the two of you are having a great time.” She teased. “I hope you won’t give your mothers any trouble once I’m gone. Oh - and when the two of you get old enough to talk, I’d recommend not letting them know that you’re still in there.”

Both boys looked up with wary expressions on their faces. Jill laughed.

“Well, after all, it’d be cruel to break their hearts after they’ve grown so attached to you.” She shrugged. “So if I find out that either of you has so much as even dropped a hint to them that you’ve still got your grown-up minds, I’ll take the next flight home so I can wipe your brains and reduce the two of you to newborns. Sound good?”

Michael and Brandon swallowed and slowly nodded in unison. Jill grinned and ruffled their soft, fine hair.

“Glad to hear it. Be good, now.”

With that, she turned, climbed into the car, turned the ignition and pulled out of the driveway. As she cruised down the street she looked in her rear view mirror to see Michael wobble to his feet and stagger after her, as though he could catch up on his pudgy little legs...before suddenly coming to a halt and looking down to see that his tiny organ was soaking his equally tiny feet with a warm stream of baby pee. The last thing Jill saw before turning the corner was their mother rushing to her son’s side, plucking the distraught boy from the ground and holding him to her breast as he wailed in despair. It put a grin on her face that lasted the whole trip through.



End Chapter 2

Just A Suggestion

by: nico | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 4, 2010


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