Tales from the Paradise

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Actually, it's my favorite actual fantasy, involving me and some of my ex-girlfriends. It's a sensualist story. Not actually infantilist on the first chapter, only the feeling of submission, dependance and vulnerability. I hope you dig it ;)

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: I'm invited by my ex-gf to spend vacations on her beach house

For me, it was the Paradise. Maybe for this story’s readers it can sound stupid, adolescent, or the product of an extra-immature mind, but this is my story, and I don’t repent of nothing.

It was Summer vacations and I was invited to share a Beach House with my two favorite girls: they were my ex-girlfriends, so I didn’t had an idea of how they could have become friends. But of course, I wasn’t going to reject their offer. It was a little, lonely wood cabin, in the middle of a silent beach, a sort of lost island. When I arrived, with my suitcase, I was surprised on how peaceful place it was, encircled by nothing but the distant sound of the waves and the occasional chirp of the gulls.

I walked the three little stairs and knocked the door, peeking curiously through the mail window, but I couldn’t see anything. Memories came to my mind... my favorite girls, yeah, and they were both my ex. I couldn’t be gladder for I was invited to spend vacations with them, and I couldn’t wait a second more to say hello to Caroline’s craziness and Dania’s tenderness.

They both were very special and funny, but so different: Caroline, a naughty tall plump girl with a sarcastic smile under her big glasses, framed by her long and clean brown hair, that descended over her tender back and curvaceous shapes. And Dania, a little, gentle sweet little girl, with her plump and short body and fine hands, with the brightest smile I could ever know. They were two dream girls for me, but I had no idea of how I would be able to act living with them both at the same time, at the same house. My heart was beating excited, when Caroline came to open the door. I was received by a warm hug and a loving kiss on my cheek, and in that moment my heart melted, forgetting all our stupid conflicts in the past. I knew it was going to be a great experience, and maybe we’d be able to, finally, talk the most honestly with the other, as we were in the middle of nothing.

After entering the house (it was a wooden, clean house, painted all in white on the inside) and getting my place on a room, Caro invited me to breakfast. She put her apron on and got into the kitchen to prepare the food; I sat on the little kitchen’s table, talking with her as she cooked. Like always, she received me joking and we talked for long about my travel, and even she was with her back turned on me, I could easily guess her radiant smile and big perfect teeth.

Her voice and conversation were as attractive as her back... I couldn’t stop smiling while looking at her softened back, furrowed by exquisitely spongy love handles, with her brown hair ponytail hanging on front of it... then her wide hips and round and protuberant buttocks contained by her tight jeans and her broad thighs. It was such pleasant view that I think I concentrated even more on her delicious body than in the conversation... but as I have always been somewhat shy, I think she didn’t even notice. She answered me with a gentle smile as she turned round with the food ready, and then we took breakfast quietly in our first meal together.

In the conversation, I learned Dania was going to arrive later, but in that same day, and I hoped we’d be able to take dinner together. After having breakfast and washing our teeth, I understood I’d have plenty of free time to share with Caro and Dania. I had not brought my laptop, and there was only a TV on Caro’s room, there were no books either, so my mind started to deviate... there were no nearby towns? What was the actual reason for my xgfs had brought me there?

I was thinking on that when Caro surprised me by opening the door. I looked at her, surprised, and I found her wearing new clothes: a plain white t-shirt and a bright purple swimsuit bottom, with her legs bare and wearing only pink plastic flip-flops. I was impacted by her legs’ pureness and spongy look, but she recalled my attention with a “Hey!” and I realized she was looking down at me, with her fine and fatty hands on her hips.

“You lazy guy, let’s take a walk by the beach”, she told me, giggling.

I hurried to unpackaged my short pants and put the flip flops and t-shirt on, and then I walked out of the house, where Caro was already waiting for me at the portico. I came to her side, almost exhausted for getting ready that quick; there, she took a look at me, laughing, and then took me by my wrists.

“Don’t be that silly”, she said, raising my arms. “You don’t need this”, she said, pulling my t-shirt up. Without my t-shirt covering my chest, I felt suddenly disarmed, naked, on front of her.

I had gotten a little nervous, and then cold breeze filled made and my nipples got erected, increasing my uncertainty sensation. But then Caro took me by my hand, and walked me out of the portico, with total security. I started to feel safer with her at my side, and I couldn’t blush about her tall height and big complexion compared to me. As I was reflecting on it, I couldn’t enjoy the walk enough, taking more interest in how her plumpy, beautiful feet stepped continuously on the wet sand, than actually appraising the landscape.

After about 40 minutes of walking, Caro proposed coming back to the house; she said we could take another walk when Dania arrived. We turned round, and in that moment Caro took my arm and passed it behind her waist. I felt the warmness of her huge body on my thin arm, and I felt like her love handles were just about collapsing on my arm... a sensual and interesting sensation. When we walked back to the house, I rejoiced feeling the steady swaying of her whole body structure, feeling constantly the pressure and bouncing of the flesh of her voluptuous female body. The sensation was rather hypnotizing, sensual and warm... then I started to think it was a really touching experience, and then I remember in all our couple relationship we had never made love... of course this walk was different, but maybe the most likely sensation comparing it to make love with Carol.

All those thoughts let me a little dizzy, and when we arrived home again, I sat on a sofa, like a zombie, wondering of what else was going to happen on those vacations. Later, Caro came out of the room, now wearing a short blue blouse, extra short shorts and the same flip flops. But her ponytail was undone and she was brushing her long hair with an enchanting demanour. I came to notice her huge and heavy breasts, now even more visible because of the tight blouse, and I couldn’t help to have a pleasant erection... she was driving me crazy, and I had no reason to get away of that sensation. I only wanted to keep on contemplating her beauty.

But she broke my illusion when she suddenly sat down next to me on the sofa. The opposite to me, she looked perfectly relaxed and with no worries at all... of course, she wouldn’t feel nervous being next to me, an unattractive, short and thin guy, as I was not sexy at all. Instead, she smiled me in a naughty way and cross her legs, starting the conversation:

“So, do you like the house?”, she asked.

I had no idea of what to answer... And I was more interested in trying to guess the reason for she was making that question.

“It’s... ok...”, I said, inexpressively. I’ve always been sorta boring, unexciting and timid. But she seemed to react positively.

“Coool...”, she said, smirking like she was making mock of me affectionately. And it work, since she made me smile. But what the hell was she planning...?

The next hour everything was the same: a discussion parade, with no place for me to be able to catch a glimpse of her intentions. She talked nineteen the dozen, just like she always does: she talked about her job, her car, her family, her apartment, her recent purchases... that, for me, more interested in her feelings, was not interesting at all. I had only the intention of taking her by her hands and dancing with her, or something equally ridiculous from her perspective. I only wanted to stop being next to her to be with her, but telling her to shut up and kiss me was harder then breaking an ice cube with a single hand.

And I was still thinking about how to ask her, when she had stepped up from the sofa and gone to her room. When I arrived to her room, she was on the bed, laid down on her front, watching at the t.v. As I entered, I could notice how she was raising a leg up, with the flip flop hanging between her toes, and swaying her butt steady... and that round mound looked particularly spoilt and funny. When I walked to her side, I couldn’t take my sight off of her pretty butt, and I could only think if there was going to be a right occasion for spanking it... but I knew I had to behave, since I was the guest there.

“Wanna join?”, she asked, turning her eyes to me, and then she tapped the surface next to her in order to ask me to lie down.

I felt butterflies on my stomach by the sole idea of lying on the bed next to her... yes, I had never done that with her, not even when we were a couple. But I decided to act naturally; I hopped on the bed in a single move and lay down next to her.

I noticed she giggled slightly and then I had a chill when she wrapped my waist with her arm tightly. With her other hand she covered our bodies with a soft furry blanket. In the TV there was a silly game show, but of course I was not interested at all on it, even Caro seemed to be very attentive to it.

I was more interested in that new experience... it was not only the fact that she was embracing me or thinking in us under the same blankets. Not even the fact I was touching her bulky but sensual thighs with my legs, nor the smell of her fresh shampoo that her long hair was giving off as caressing my shoulders. What I was feeling was something very different... maybe a new sensation of familiarity with her, triggered by her easygoing attitude... I don’t know how to explain it, but I couldn’t do anything but imagine us bonded together that closely, like fusing in the same flesh, being the same persona, even when that had nothing to do with sex at all.

The sensation was so peculiar; it was a tenderness I had never felt before with another woman, not even when she was my girlfriend. Maybe beautiful was the word, and I felt how my chest was filling on happiness as all those sensations mixed together: the warm shelter of the blankets, the soft and fresh touch of her white skin, the fruity scent of her hair and the firmness of her embrace... But as I merged even more in that sensation, my senses were far beyond: it came to me the feel of warm Caro’s heart beating, buried deep far on her monumental flesh. I could even feel the warmness of her breath, and the human depth of her voice.

But what was happening in the actual world? I was maybe going actually crazy, and even Caro didn’t seem to pay a great deal of attention, I was on an ecstasy, rubbing my hair on her neck insistently, curling up against her body. But when she grabbed my chest on her hand, something in my consciousness told me it was time to collapse into her... I abandoned myself on the flow of the sensations she produced on me, and I fell asleep on her arms.




End Chapter 1

Tales from the Paradise

by: malom_shlasters | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 22, 2014


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