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Chapter 4
Part IV: The Night Nursery - Sunday

Chapter Description: The club-cum-nursery's last hurrah... or is it? Concludes our tale with elements of male physical AR, cuckolding, heterosexual sex, male diaper sexuality, male shrinking, and a twist finale. As usual, strong hypersexuality, humiliation, and diapers throughout. Enjoy!

Sorry this story covered a two-week span instead of three days, but I appreciate your patience. Hope you felt this one was worth your time... see you again next month! --littletrip

Part IV: The Night Nursery - Sunday

Sunday, 12:00 AM

Marcus Halberstram pops an aspirin as the clock rolls over to Sunday. He wanders the floor of the night nursery, his hands in his pockets. The right one would frequently clutch Marcus’s throbbing erection and help it deliver a fresh load of cum into the crotch of his jockeys. All in all, the night is going splendidly for him.

The night isn’t going so splendidly for Seth Mason. The 20-year-old-in-mind-only squirms helplessly in his locking crib, sobbing in frustration as his infant body fails to hold back another load of poop. He gums the thumb he’s become rather accustomed to sucking and feels real baby tears welling up in his eyes. But it’s not his newfound habit of crapping in diapers that’s frustrating him at the moment.

Just five feet away from the crib, on a couch positioned parallel to the infantile prison, Seth’s girlfriend, Maria, is making out rather passionately with Tim, Seth’s best friend since second grade. As it were, Maria had not found herself up to the task of having to suddenly take care of an incontinent, drooling, one-year-old boyfriend. She had turned to their closest available mutual contact: Tim, who was only too eager to take on the mantle of Maria’s new boyfriend, helping her raise his longtime friend through a second childhood, as long as he could have the girl he had sought for years.

And, around 12:05 on Sunday morning, Tim finds himself “having” her, all right. Maria’s clothes are tossed into a pile on the floor and she grinds her shaved pussy needfully against the rock-hard tent in Tim’s blue jeans. Seth peers through the bars of his crib, barely able to support his own weight and emotion; the tears flow freely now as he lets out a toothless wail, a line of drool dripping from his lower lip and streaking down the plastic front of his Pampers.

Tim’s pants and boxers are off, now, and he tears open a condom pack, eagerly pulling the lubricated rubber over the shaft of his pulsing, leaking cock. Normally, he would never fuck a friend’s ex-girlfriend (let alone in front of said friend), but as he looks over and watches his buddy Seth empty a bladder full of pee into a loaded diaper, Tim concludes that it’ll be several years before he has to face any possible consequence for his transgressions. He listens to Seth cry the piercing wail of an anguished child as he pushes his cock into Maria’s cunt.

Neither Tim nor Maria have had such great sex in their entire lives. Tim finds himself clutching lustfully at Maria’s perfect breasts as he bucks his hips up and down, sliding in and out of her, filling much of the condom’s reservoir tip with pre-cum. Maria finds herself tightening and relaxing around the rod, leaning down now and then to give Tim another kiss or lift up his shirt to tease his nipples with her tongue.

Baby Seth pounds his little fists on the bars of his crib and shrieks, barely able to see through the slits of his eyelids, his face contorted in an agonized squeal of recognition for what he’s lost and what he’s about to lose. Worse yet, he feels a one-inch erection straining painfully against the soaked materials of his diaper, and all attempts at trying to massage or stroke a load out of it are for naught.

Tim has better luck. He bucks one final time and, just as Maria reaches a mind-blowing climax, her new teenaged boyfriend finds himself shooting a healthy load of hot cum into the reservoir of the condom. He massages Maria’s breast as he unloads the contents of his balls into the quickly-expanding rubber. After a few more spasms, Tim finishes, and he lets his wilting penis slip out of Maria’s pussy.

Sunday, 12:15 AM

Only after the two lovers emerge from afterglow do they finally pay heed to Seth’s enraged squealing. The 20-year-old infant is throwing a genuine temper tantrum.

“Ugh,” Tim moans. “Is there any way you can get that little rugrat to, um, shut the fuck up?”

Maria rolls off of Tim and stands up, naked, between the couch and the crib. “I know what he wants.” She walks over to the locking crib and releases the ceiling catch. Maria picks up the troubled infant and rocks him, cooing sweet nothing down into his twisted face.

“Aww, it’s okay, baby Sethy,” she sing-songs. “Mommy and her new sweetheart are here for you, sweetheart.”

Tim gets off the couch and appears next to Maria, clearly frustrated by Seth’s incessant wailing as the much older boy starts to slip the loaded condom off the shaft of his limp dick.

“Where’s his pacifier?” Tim asks, annoyed. “Could you find it, wherever it’s hiding in his blankie, and hand it to me?” Maria nods, gently setting the squealing Seth back into the crib before rifling through the folds of the little one’s security blanket. She produces Seth’s favorite blue pacifier and passes it off to Tim.

Tim holds the pacifier with one hand and turns his cum-filled condom inside-out with the other. It takes a little bit of work, and Tim would have preferred a third hand to assist him with the task, but soon the used condom, streaked with semen and turned inside-out, is wrapped securely around the nipple of the binky.

The teenager grins, leans down into the crib, and stuffs the condomed nipple into the cavernous gap that is his friend’s toothless, screaming mouth. Instinctively, and coming to the end of his strength, Seth wraps his lips around his paci and starts to suck hungrily.

The baby adult knows instantly the trick that’s been played on him, but he doesn’t care. The binky soothes him and silences him as it had done so often in the recent past. And as his best friend’s salty, substantial load slides down his throat and into his tummy, little Seth resolves not to think too much about it, and not to make quite so much of a fuss when Tim and Maria go for their inevitable second round.

Sunday, 12:40 AM

Unlike many of his peers, 18-year-old Louie isn’t all that torn up about his current situation, which finds him happily mingling on the dance floor dressed in nothing but a white disposable diaper. He got to keep his sharp mind, he figures, and he got to keep his trim, toned body. And he’s always had something of a thing for diapers -- he once attended a gay pride parade with the waistband of one quite visible, poking out the top of his tight blue jeans -- so, when he first realized his punishment for taking adulterated Ecstasy was limited to a permanent compulsion to wear and use nothing other than diapers for the rest of his life, he had concluded that things could have turned out far, far worse.

In fact, as Louie circulates and meets other gay boys (some, formerly straight), he finds himself enjoying a wonderful late night. But he has no idea how wonderful it’s destined to become until he lays eyes on the non-transformed body of Andy Stamper, the homophobic jock who had made Louie’s high school career a living hell. Their eyes lock, Andy breaks out into laughter at Louie’s appearance, and Louie feels his jaw drop a little as Andy starts to transform. Apparently his pill had taken quite a bit longer to kick in.

At first, Louie assumes Andy’s undergoing a physical age regression, as so many other users of the drug had suffered. It isn’t long before the diapered 18-year-old comes to the shocking realization that Andy is keeping both his adult mind and adult body-- but is quite rapidly shrinking in size.

“What the fuck!?” Andy shouts out to no one in particular as the former six-foot-two football player finds himself four feet tall and rapidly drowning in his clothes. His shirt hangs comically off of his quickly dwindling frame, and he struggles in vain to hold up his cargo pants, tripping over their cuffs as he falls flat on his face.

Andy is two feet tall, perfectly retaining his adult proportion and cognition, but losing all the size he had amassed over the years. He crawls, naked, out of the collar of his shirt. He wants to run, to seek help, to demand rescue, but Andy finds himself completely sapped of strength.

An amused Louie looks down at the tiny teenager in front of him. The well-built young athlete is slightly smaller than an infant, losing more inches with every passing second. Andy stares up in horror at a gigantic world, one ballooning up before his very eyes. Louie keeps his eye on the terrified 18-year-old as Andy shrinks inexorably to the height of a basketball, then to that of an orange. Not until the naked jock is three inches tall does the shrinking slow to a stop.

Five seconds later, the tiny teenager finds himself curled up, nude and shaking with fear, in the palm of his diapered victim’s hand. Louie teases his once-antagonist, using the tips of his fingers to gently force Andy out of the fetal position, exposing all three inches of height and two millimeters of cock length.

“Now you know how I felt all throughout high school,” Louie grins. Then, without another word, the wronged young man pulls open the front of his diaper and drops the bully inside.

Sunday, 12:50 AM

Andy finds his naked form falling through darkness. He is relieved when the fall ends softly, with the sensation of cotton and softness greeting his feet and ass. He is less relieved when he realizes he’s in that faggot’s diaper, pressed between dry cotton and a perfectly-shaved crotch. As he manages to get some footing, Andy realizes that his legs are squirming helplessly against a pair of gigantic testicles, and he’s standing face-to-face with the underside of a limp cock, one far taller than he.

Louie’s naked toes curl with pleasure. He bites his lip as his tiny enemy squirms helplessly against his balls and the underside of his dick. It feels like his genitals are being tickled by a vibrator-- a sentient vibrator who had this coming. He closes his eyes a bit and sighs in relief.

Andy can’t say he didn’t expect what happens next... but, as the first rivulets of hot piss shoot up over him, ricochet off the inside of the diaper’s crotch, and fall onto his head, soaking him in warmth and wetness, he feels like screaming. He holds his breath and closes his eyes as tightly as possible as Louie’s cock showers the tiny boy with heat and stink. Andy tries to struggle, but every move he makes only serves to tease a faster stream out of that little faggot’s dick.

The grinning boy in the adult diaper savors the experience as he soaks himself, hearing the frustrated squeaks emanating from his warming crotch, savoring the feeling of Andy Stamper pounding a pair of tiny fists on the glans of his giant penis.

Andy is happy to realize that the diaper does an excellent job of soaking up the hot urine, preventing him from drowning or even having to swim in it when the stream finally tapers off to a few final hot jets cascading over his face. He’s about as happy as any homophobe who’s just received the world’s biggest golden shower from the sick sissy he hates more than anybody in the universe.

He isn’t so happy to discover that his ordeal is far from over. Andy finds himself forced uncomfortably against the saturated diaper front, pushed there by a rapidly-expanding, increasingly-stiff young cock.

“Fucker’s getting a hardon,” Andy squeaks to nobody.

Louie’s penis, hard as a rock and practically crushing Andy between itself and a hot, wet, soft wall, is ultimately more than twice as tall as the disgusted jock.

On the dance floor, Louie stands alone, a vacant look of pleasure in his eyes as he enjoys the solitude of his vengeance. He pushes his thumb between his lips, sucking it in infantile satisfaction.

Andy practically throws up as the first drops of warm pre-cum drip from Louie’s slit, slide down a few inches of throbbing cock, and cover the top half of the tiny boy’s body. But the revulsion comes from the comprehension of what the substance is, not the substance itself. In fact, Andy finds what little that accidentally slips between his lips and across his tongue to be quite sweet-- far more palatable than the piss in which he was so recently bathed. Absentmindedly, but subconsciously crucifying himself for doing so, Andy begins to squirm just enough to reach his arms up to his mouth. He cleans the drops of pre-cum off each appendage with his tongue. His motions reward him with another delivery of sweet fluid, and he lifts his face to the dark sky and receives it with gratitude.

Louie shivers with pleasure inside his diaper. He feels himself leaking his sexual juices into his diaper and he wonders how Andy is enjoying it. Enjoying being doused in the secretions of his perennial victim’s eager genitals.

The athlete is enjoying it. He has both arms wrapped around the mighty sequoia that is Louie’s cock. He eyes shut, Andy wraps his legs around the base of Louie’s shaft and begins grinding his pulsing hard micropenis against the underside. Driven completely by forces and compulsions he doesn’t understand, Andy shoves his face into the flesh of Louie’s cock and makes out with it, dragging his tongue along every square inch he can reach, feeling himself lose a tiny bit of pre-cum as he starts shimmying up the stiff rod as if it were a tree, pulling his tiny tongue and cock up alongside it all the way.

Topside, Louie is acutely aware of the masturbatory sensations of the tiny Andy climbing and slurping away at the boy’s cock, and he lets out a small grunt around his thumb as he goes over the edge.

As Andy feels the torrents of hot, sticky semen squirt from the giant cock and cover every square inch of his naked body, he quivers and shoots a microscopic load of his own, laughing and howling with glee as he catches as much of Louie’s salty liquid in his mouth. He is possessed with lust, possessed by hunger. It is several minutes before he manages to eat his fill of cum and Louie’s penis wilts back to flaccidity.

The jock is still struggling to catch his breath when sunlight at last washes over him. He looks up to find Louie’s gigantic, almost god-like face smiling down at him.

“I need to get my diaper changed,” the satisfied voice booms. “You need anything, ?little’ guy?”

Andy struggles to squeak “Don’t forget to tape me in with you” audibly enough, but he’s unsure as to whether Louie can hear his pleas.

Nonetheless, Andy is thrilled to discover that he’ll be calling Louie’s diaper “home” for the rest of his life, peeing and pooping wherever and whenever he wants, with Louie’s cock as his perpetual roommate and food source. And Louie is thrilled to discover that Andy gives him at least 15 orgasms a day.

Sunday, 1:35 AM

Marcus returns to his plate-glass ceiling office to set in motion the events necessary to shutter and secure the Innocence night nursery until the following Friday evening. Though killing the music, dimming the lights, and ushering his clients outside the club are all very important elements in this process, Mr. Halberstram is soberly aware of his top priority-- securing a tray of his latest Ecstasy analogues. Really twisted, experimental stuff he’s only too eager to debut as soon as his week comes to an end.

Everything’s accounted for, except... shit.

Marcus is missing exactly one pill. He knows he had it at the beginning of the weekend. He took inventory of the tray when he opened Innocence earlier in the evening-- everything had been accounted for. Who had gotten into his stash? Why would they have stolen only one? Why would they have stolen any, considering their foreknowledge of the life-crippling side effects? Most importantly, why is a single, simple aspirin accompanying these hard drugs on the tray, especially since he clearly remembers having taken that aspirin at midnight...

You are SHITTING me.

Fuzziness and euphoria wash over Marcus’s brain, his body. His thoughts are starting to run in a hundred panicked directions. As Marcus realizes he’s not quite as “soberly aware” as he thought he was, he finds it tough to stay on his feet as he runs for the stairs, desperately trying to escape the club and run for his apartment where he’s manufactured some rudimentary antidotes.

Marcus Halberstram is the ultimate victim of his obsession for innovation, potency, and irreversible protection in his manufactured drugs. He falls to his knees in the middle of Innocence’s dance floor, finding his physical strength evaporating from the pores of his skin as if it were sweat. His scream of frustration attracts the attention of every attendee in the club. They begin to gather around him in concentric circles, each vying for a good view of what they correctly believe is a karmic transformation rendered upon their fraudulent drug dealer.

The change is violent and quick. The 25-year-old genius rapidly decreases in size-- regressing in no aspect of physical or mental age; but, by the time he crawls, naked, out from between his oversized shirt and pants, he’s roughly as tall as an unfolded cloth diaper.

This proves prescient. His wails of horror and humiliation are quiet as the cells in his body undergo a total reconfiguration. Marcus Halberstram drops to the ground, silent, immobile, but conscious and with all mental faculties completely intact. Marcus Halberstram is now a cloth diaper.

The crowd, too, is silent, mouths agape in total bemusement. It’s a full 30 seconds before a voice erupts from midway through the audience.

“I ’ve always wanted to try cloth diapers!!” It’s Paul, from earlier in the evening, dragging along his boyfriend Chase by the hand.

They eventually make it to the Marcus-diaper, standing side-by-side, staring down at it in awe. Each of their baby-blue disposables hug their waists, but Paul’s, much less so... he has loaded it up with more piss, shit, and cum than he ever thought possible.

He turned to Chase and smiled, blinking his blue eyes innocently. “Pwease change my dipee?” he giggled, then pushed his thumb into his mouth and nursed on it sexily.

Ten minutes later -- less than a quarter-hour until closing time -- Paul and Chase are once again slow-dancing, this time to Sharon, Lois, and Bram, making out with each other and grinding their diapers together. Chase’s genitals wrapped tightly in his trademark thick disposable, Paul’s crotch wrapped up entirely in Marcus and a pair of waterproof pants.

Marcus has no mouth, and he must scream. He’s trying to forge a new existence for his massive intellect... a way to deal with going from being a successful chemist and entrepreneur to serving as the portable toilet for a hypersexualized diaper-boy in a matter of minutes. Marcus finds his mind is able to attenuate his horror by actively trying to anthropomorphize himself in his own brain. He tries to map himself along Paul’s anatomy as if he were still a man. He imagines his torso is thickly padded between Paul’s thighs; he envisions his legs wrap up behind the boy, covering his butt; he pictures his arms are holding the cloth diaper around at the waist, almost as if he’s hugging Paul’s crotch for dear life.

Unfortunately, these assignments produce the inevitable but unpleasant sensations of mapping Marcus’s face into the crotch, such that it’s shoved against Paul’s stiff, dripping cock. And Marcus’s own cock lines up with Paul’s asshole, forever tempting the genius with sexual need, but never any release. From time to time Marcus tries to re-map himself in a more functional, less homoerotic way. He never does.

It’s 2:00 AM, then it’s 2:30 AM. Eventually, it’s Sunday night. With nobody to close the nursery, nobody ever does. Many patrons are having such a euphoric, sexual actualization, that they give up their outside lives in favor of messing diapers, fucking girls, and blowing loads of hot semen over their boyfriends’ faces.

Paul and Chase leave on occasion, but only to hit the Laundromat so they can wash all the shit and cum out of Marcus. Then they’re back, having the time of their young lives.

Innocence is still open, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, somewhere in the heart of Chicago. Wanting to keep a low profile, and to allay the suspicions of local authorities and a potentially disapproving public, some of the nursery Mommies had taken the initiative to remove all manner of signage and decoration from the building marquee. To the average observer, it’s been an abandoned building for months.

But who knows? Next time you’re in the area, poke around a bit. You might find the night nursery. And, since its patrons have had more than enough time to locate Marcus’s massive stash of transformative Ecstasy analogues, they’re sure to welcome you in with open arms and a complimentary pill of your very own.

Why not take a little trip?


Thanks for reading. -lt

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End Chapter 4


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