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Beware your yearnings

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Beware your yearnings

It was perfect, this would look great on her and likely get quite the looks, maybe she should get two of them. If you’re going to look great, then why not share it?

It was an odd experiment for sure, but it appeared to be giving some interesting results. Her opponent was smarter than she realised.

“Your move” Paula says over to her opponent, her pet cat of six years called Mewso. Mewso looked at the chess board and moved a piece with her paw, then meowed. Anyone watching this would think they were going crazy, a cat playing chess.

Very few people knew of this, since Paula didn’t want attention drawn to her cat, but Mewso appeared to enjoy playing chess. Very unusual, and she was pretty good. Paula tended to wonder if there was something wrong with her since she could never beat her cat at this game.

“That’s another win for you, are you sure you’re a cat and not someone turned into a cat or a cat with a human’s brain implanted in you?” Mewso meows in response, licks her front paws, then hops off the chair and goes through to the kitchen, giving Paula a clear signal that she wanted fed.

“You can play chess, but you still haven’t mastered the tin opener” Paula comments as she enters the kitchen, takes out a tin of Mewso’s favourite Tuna and Chicken, and dishes it out into Mewso’s dish. As soon as she’s done Mewso’s settles down to eat just as the front door opens.

“I’m home, got our outfits for tonight” Her flatmate and oldest friend Chapel, her real name was Nikki, but she preferred being called Chapel after a character from a TV show she enjoyed, calls out while closing the door.

“In the kitchen, feeding her highness” Paula replies, Chapel enters the kitchen and places down two outfits on the small kitchen table.

“She beat you again and now she’s enjoying another victory by pigging out?”

“Yep. I’ll beat her one of these days” Mewso’s tail twitches in response as if to say ?Not likely slave’.

“Beaten at chess by a cat, the glorious human intellect”

“Haha. I could beat my dad at it and he was great, but I can’t beat my cat, she’s a furry mastermind, that I’m sure of ”

“If she were then she would have mastered the tin opener, the buses and the bills. Maybe she’ll make a good prime minister, she’s greedy, selfish, power hungry and regards humans as slaves, she’s perfect for the job, though she can play chess, so that might not go well for her” Mewso’s tail twitches again as she eats, likely saying with her tail ?damn right, slave, I am Queen Sheba and don’t you forget it’.

“Prime Minster Mewso, has a nice ring to it. So what outfits did you get?” Chapel takes one of the outfits from the table and passes it to Paula.

“Go and have a look, both outfits are the same and I thought they would look quite striking” Paula looks at the wrapped outfit in her hands.

“Striking? I’m not going as a hooker again”

“It’s not that kind of outfit. Go and have a look, I don’t want to spoil it for you. Oh, and I got something else to go with it, so don’t put it on yet” Curious, Paula wonders what the outfit is and heads to her bedroom, the flat has two bedrooms, not exactly a big flat, but big enough for two people and their chess playing cat.

Paula removes the outfit from it’s wrapping and lays it on the bed, it was definitely different from last year. The outfit looked like a dress made for a very young child, it was a soft pink with white and yellow ruffles, a teddy bear on the front and a slight bib incline around the front and back.

It looked cute.

She can’t be serious” Paula thought as she ran her fingers along the fabric, the fabric felt very soft, almost like silk, but also with a quality to it that she couldn’t identify, if anything the dress seemed almost like it was breathing.

“So what’s the verdict?” Chapel asks in the doorway, her own dress in her arms.

“You’re having a joke, it’s too cute. We’re a bit old for cute”

“Never too cute for cute, and I think we’ll look cute and sexy. The party isn’t for another few hours so let’s not wear them yet”

“Oh come on, this can’t be real, this has to be some sort of joke”

“No joke, that’s our outfits for this year. I couldn’t resist them” Paula looks down at her dress and tries to picture what people will think when they see her wearing it.

“We’ll be laughed at”

“I doubt it. I’ll show you the added addition that will go great with the dress shortly, I’m starving and want to eat first”

“Yeah, I guess. I’ll make something in a minute. You have very strange tastes for Halloween costumes”

“It’s Halloween, may as well make the most of it” Chapel heads to her bedroom leaving Paula visualising how people will react to seeing the two of them dressed in these dresses.

Supper hadn’t been anything special, just something to satisfy hungry stomachs. Chapel was having a shower and Paula was sitting in the living room teasing Mewso with a piece of wool.

“If you’re so good at chess, then let’s see how you are with draughts” Paula comments to her cat, Mewso continues to bat at the piece of wool. Paula gets up and gets the draughts board, setting out the pieces and sitting her cat down in front of her.

“Okay, it’s like chess, but not as heavily rule based as chess, let’s see how you do” Mewso meows.

Ten minutes later Paula shakes her head as Mewso wins.

“I hate you” She grumbles to her cat.

After clearing away the draughts board and curling up with Mewso on her lap, Chapel enters the living room wearing only a towel, still wet from her shower.

“You look annoyed, what happened?” Paula told her. “Face it, it’s a lost cause. Going to have a shower before we get ready?”

“Aye, just waiting till the water’s hot again”

“That will be in an hour, the party’s in about three”

“Plenty of time. What do you think everyone’s going to be wearing?” Chapel shrugs as she gives Mewso a little tickle behind the ears.

“No idea, we won’t know till we’re there. The invite was a bit odd, it’s what inspired the outfits”


“Aye, the invite said ’Be cute?. So I found us two cute outfits”

“So that’s why. They might have been pulling your leg”

“Maybe, but if they have then at least we’ll make an impression”

“An impression that will make us red from embarrassment and probably make us a laughing stock” Chapel smiles and heads for her bedroom, just after saying:

“Then we’ll make a very cute impression”

After her shower and drying off, Paula stood naked in her bedroom and looked at the dress laid out on her bed. It looked too cute, so insidiously cute. It looked like the kind of thing she had worn when she been a baby.

“Okay now these will add extra cuteness to the dress, and we’ll need to wear them if we want to make the dresses look as intended” Chapel handed Paula a thick, bulky item and Paula looked down at it in shock.

“Now I know you’re kidding”

“I’m not kidding. I’ve got spares, more than enough and if you want to make it a little thicker, just add a second one” In her hand was a well folded, very thick adult sized nappy that looked almost exactly like the kind worn by young children, but with a coloured stripe and clearly made for an adult frame.

“No, I’m not wearing this, I can dig out an old costume, but I’m not wearing this”

“The invite said to be cute and this will be cute, it’s not like you’re being asked to use it, just wear it”

“And what if people see us? This isn’t exactly the normal idea of clothing and you know how people are”

“It’s Halloween, there’s a lot of unusual outfits”

“But this is beyond unusual, it’s weird!”

“Honestly I would think you were a baby with the way you’re acting, just wear the nappy and the dress and don’t make such a big fuss. It’s one night, that’s all”

“One night that could make us both look like freaks”

“We won’t look like freaks, I’m going to get into my dress, you best do the same” Chapel leaves the bedroom, leaving Paula with a folded nappy in her hand and a couple more on the bed next to the dress, as well as a bottle of baby powder.

This is going to be a long night” Knowing she couldn’t get out of it, Paula lays the nappy down on the bed, opening it up in full, and sits down on it. She was surprised at how soft it felt on her bare skin. Grabbing the baby powder she sprinkles on just enough, front and back, rubbing it in softly before bringing up the front of the nappy up between her legs, holding it and securing it in place before attaching the tabs which were quite strong.

Once done she lies there on her bed and realises that it didn’t feel so bad after all, if anything it felt wonderful. Looking over to the other nappies, she sits up and grabs another one and repeats the process, minus the powder, and sits on her bed feeling comfort unlike anything she had felt in a very long time.


Chapel pats down her dress, smiling softly as her nappy crinkles and rubs against her sensitive skin. Something about wearing a nappy felt right to her, as if she should always wear one and the dress felt wonderful.

She gave a slight twirl in her mirror and loved what she saw, a very cute, very sexy outfit that made her look and feel happy. It was more than she had even considered.

Going through to her friend’s room and smelling the gentle scent of baby powder, she enters to find Paula just in a bra and what looked like a double thick nappy getting into the dress. Instead of scowling like she had expected, Paula instead looked happy, there was a big smile on her face as she pulled the dress up, humming contently.

“Good to see that you like it”

“The nappy feels incredible, it’s like being wrapped in comfort. Could you help me with this? I seem to be having some trouble” Chapel helped her friend fully get into the dress and buttons her up.

“There, you look so cute in that, and sexy at the same time. Let’s take some spare nappies with us, just in case”

“In case of what?”

“In case we drink too much and piss ourselves, or for any reason really”

“Okay, sounds good” Paula pats her nappy, giggling slightly, making Chapel keep smiling at the oddly innocent motion of it. It was quite the turnaround from earlier.

With Mewso happily out hunting and whoring for the night, Paula and Chapel locked the door, after making sure all the windows were closed, and headed down to the taxi that was waiting for them.

The night air was cold, but they didn’t feel it much. Children were out with their parents trick or treating, there were some young gangs in the darker parts of the street who were clearly looking to make trouble, one of them, mostly youths of around sixteen or so, called out to Paula and Chapel.

“Looking like freaks there!” Chapel turns to look at the youth, clearly someone looking to ruin people’s fun.

“Why don’t you go home and have your bottle, it’s past your bedtime!”

“Only if you’re with me!” Paula sticks a finger up.

“This is my hand, this is my finger, this is my response, this is my telling you where you can stick your little sausage. End of message!” Chapel does the same, and alternates with two fingers. After getting in the taxi and giving the directions where to go, they set off.

“Disrespectful, immature, badly raised brats. People who have kids like that should have been made sterile. If I had said anything like that to a woman when I was their age my dad would have tanned my backside from here to Doomsday, and an extra two days worth for the sake of it” The taxi driver comments.

“Idiots happen sadly, it tends to be encouraged more than having respect for anyone” Chapel replies, Paula looks out the window as the building pass by.

“It’s disgusting”

“Aye. How do we look?” The taxi driver looks into his rear view mirror briefly.

“You both look fine, unusual outfit, quite cute. But on nights like this I’ve seen all kinds of outfits, saw one before being called out to pick you both up that was very odd, someone dressed as one of those aliens in a movie, big hairy thing” Paula pats her nappy and seems to coo softly. “Is your friend okay?” He asks.

“She’s fine, guess the comfort is a lot more than she was expecting” Chapel replies as she looks over to Paula, who appeared to look a little vacant. “You alright?” Chapel asks.

“Hmm?” Paula looks away from the window, blinking, her bottom lip looking a little shiny.

“You cooed, are you okay?”

“Oh, I’m fine. Guess I was day dreaming, or night dreaming...whatever it was” Paula returns to looking out of the window, Chapel looking at her friend and wondering if there was more to it.

After arriving at their destination and paying the driver, Paula and Chapel entered the house where the party was taking place. They’re greeted by a friend at the door who also appears to be wearing a very cute outfit, it seemed to make her look very young.

“Great outfits! Come in, we’re just chatting” Leaving their coats on a coat peg that wasn’t already covered, they entered the living room to find quite a few people already there. And they were all wearing very young looking outfits, one man in particular who looked near to his thirties was wearing what looked like adult sized dungarees, with a very bulky crotch section. Others were also wearing outfits that wouldn’t look out of place on babies and toddlers, it was like being in an adult sized nursery school.

“I can’t believe my wife patted my nappy when she saw me after I put this on, she’s decided to stay in for the night and catch up on some recorded TV programmes she’s been wanting to see, work kept her busy. I thought she would be freaked out to see the outfit, but she loved it and thought I looked cute. Good thing we don’t have kids” One man was saying, a few other men nodded as well as a few of the women.

“This is definitely a change from the usual kind of Halloween outfits” Paula comments.

“I was reading a book about the roaring twenties and the great depression, I saw something mentioned about speak easies and one kind of speak easy had adults actually dressing up as kids and playing as kids in order to relax, so I thought why not have our Halloween costumes as a young look? Pretty much everyone’s come wearing nappies, only one or two are wearing adult sized training nappies”

“Well you said be cute” One women replies. “So we went for cute and what’s cuter than clothes like these and nappies?”

“Kittens and puppies?” One person remarks.

“They’re cute, but for humans we’re at our cutest when our underwear is very thick and padded like this, and our clothes very cheerful and innocent” Chapel replied, everyone nodded in agreement to that.

“So will we be drinking ourselves to the point of wetting ourselves?” A women asks. The host shakes her head.

“No, I think we should try to keep with the theme. It might be odd though since that would mean drinking from baby bottles, eating foods that young children would eat, playing with toys and so on” A few of the guests look at one another, clearly thinking about doing such things.

“Sounds like a change of pace from the usual, count me in” One person says after a minute, others agree to it as well. Chapel, after agreeing, looks to Paula who looks vacant again.

“Paula? That sound good to you?” Paula doesn’t answer at first, then a slight hissing sound can be heard and a sharp scent.

“I think she just pissed herself” Chapel pulls up Paula’s skirt and sees that it’s true, a growing yellow stain was appearing on Paula’s nappy and Paula didn’t seem bothered at all.

“She’s really getting into the whole theme” Someone jokes, Paula just stands there, then says in an almost toddler like fashion:

“Me pee pee” And smiles, but it wasn’t like a smile of an adult having a laugh, but a more innocent smile. Chapel looks around, worried.

“Is there anywhere she can get cleaned up?” She asks.

“I thought ahead, just as a joke, but I guess they’ll be needed. I’ve got changing mats laid out upstairs and plenty of nappies, I just didn’t think they would be needed” The host, a woman in her early thirties called Janine, replies.

“Thanks, I guess in the case of Paula they’re going to be getting some use. Come on, let’s get you wiped clean and a dry nappy on you” Paula giggles as Chapel leads her upstairs.

“Well that was different” One of the men comments after a moment.

It wasn’t hard to find a changing mat, there were three bedrooms with at least two changing mats each laid out and a lot of nappies, baby powder, lotion and other things that would be required.

Leading her friend over to a changing mat and laying her down, Chapel grabs two clean nappies from her handbag and pulls up Paula’s skirt. Paula didn’t even mind, she seemed to be enjoying herself by sucking on her fingers and looking vacantly at the ceiling.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but you need to snap out of this before you have a messy accident” Chapel remarks as she undoes her friend’s soaked through nappies and begins wiping with baby wipes. Paula continues sucking on her fingers.

“Snap out of it, Paula, this isn’t funny” Placing the soaked nappies to the side, Chapel wipes her friend clean gently before sprinkling powder and applying some baby lotion as a just in case, Paula squirmed a little, her legs twitching slightly. Pulling two very soft, very thick nappies up between her friend’s legs, after sliding them under when prompting Paula to lift her backside, she fastens them securely, tucking the edges in gently, pats the thickly padded bottom and helps her friend up.

While Paula sits there still acting childishly, Chapel cleans up and returns to her friend once done.

“Paula, enough” Shaking her friend gently, Paula brinks and looks up at her.

“What?” She asks.

“You don’t know? You wet yourself, I just changed your nappy. You were acting like a very young child”

“I was?”

“Aye, you were. You’ve been acting strangely since you put your previous nappy on” Helping her friend to stand, and sub-consciously patting her friend’s padded bottom which seemed to make Paula’s eyes twinkle happily. “What’s the last thing you remember?”

“Entering this house, then I must have blanked out. I really peed myself?”

“Really, soaked through at that. It was quite a surprise” Paula blushes as she visualises it.

“Did I say anything stupid?”

“You said you had wet yourself, in the way a very young child would. You didn’t seem bothered at all, you seemed to be proud of it”

“Proud of pissing myself? That doesn’t sound right”

“Well you were, I’m glad you didn’t go more than that. Let’s head back downstairs, we’ll be having a return to childhood with this party, so no alcohol”

“Otay! I mean...okay, wow, I’m really zoning out” Chapel smiles and pats her friend’s thickly padded bottom again, for some reason she found she couldn’t restrain herself from doing that.

“That you are, come on”

After Paula’s wet accident, things pretty much settled down as everyone got into the mood of setting the adult aside and letting their inner child out for some fun. Outside the trick or treating eventually came to a crawl as kids, tired and their bags slightly filled with sweets, fruit and other Halloween treats, went to bed while various parties continued, most revellers too drunk to even notice that they were drunk.

At the ’Be cute’ party however, the drinking was less a case of alcohol than it was of juice. Baby bottles of various juice types were served and despite some reservations at first, everyone was soon suckling away happily, Paula in particular was enjoying her juice as she lay on her back, her legs pulled up with her feet contently kicking against her nappy covered bottom as she held the bottle to her lips and suckled happily.

“She’s really enjoying herself” Janine comments to Chapel.

“I’ve never seen her like this before, it’s like she’s becoming a baby” A few people finish drinking and burp one another.

“At this rate she’ll be messing herself, wanting cuddled and crawling around”

“She started behaving oddly when she put her nappy on when we were getting ready, I’m getting worried about her” Paula finishes drinking and whimpers, Chapel goes over to her and gently rubs her back, causing Paula to give a burp and relax.

“Enough is enough, Paula, I know you’re comfortable but you can’t be like this” Chapel remarks as her friend coos contently. “Are you listening?” Paula looks up at her friend, a look of utter innocence in her eyes.

“Did she bang her head or something?” Janine asks.

“No, not that I know of anyway. Maybe she’s just getting into the part”

“There’s getting into the part and there’s wetting yourself in that part, it’s cute but she’s a bit big to be caring for” Paula sits back, then moves forward a little till she’s on her hands and knees, then begins crawling around, her thickly padded bottom wiggling as she crawls.

“Maybe she’s stressed out, stress can cause the mind to snap”

“She’s been fine for a while, her nervous breakdown was a couple of years ago, but she’s been fine since” Chapel replies as she watches her friend crawl around with a big smile on her face and actually drooling. Then something seems to happen, as her friend crawls she begins to shrink, her breasts receding and her body taking on baby fat, it was like watching a fast moving series of snap pictures.

“Now that is new” One person comments as Paula’s clothes shrink to fit her shrinking frame, within a minute where there was a grown women in adult sized baby clothes crawling was now a baby girl of around a year old, happily crawling and cooing at everyone.

“How the hell did that happen? I’ve never seen anything like that happen before” Janine asks as Paula stops crawling and awkwardly tries to stand, only to fall on her thickly padded bottom and clap her hands with glee.

“That would be me” A voice replies and everyone turns to see a young woman standing in the doorway, she looked like she was dressed in a somewhat colourful robe.

“Who are you?” Chapel asks. The young woman looks down at the babbling baby girl who had just a moment ago been a grown woman.

“Just someone who took a wrong turn, I was trying to head home and for some reason appeared here. I saw your friend crawling around and decided that the best thing to do would be to just give her what she clearly wanted, a return to a simpler time. I could do the same for all of you if you want”

“Who are you?” Chapel asks again. The young woman sighs while Paula crawls over to Chapel and holds her arms out, clearly wanting picked up, which Chapel did.

“If you insist, I’m Fariah Tyis and I have a thing for the elemental side to reality, basically I’m one of many who has the ability to alter reality to our whim. Thing is though I’m a bit of a klutz, which is why I’m here and not back home like I had intended”

“Can you turn her back?”

“I don’t think I should”

“Why?” Paula snuggles up against Chapel’s chest and pops her thumb in her mouth while Chapel sub-consciously cradles her now infantile friend, patting her friend’s nappy and babying her.

“Simple, it’s not what your friend wants. Surely you must have known that, the instant she put that outfit on her longing and yearning to be returned to a time of innocence took over, she wants to be a baby, she always has. That outfit gave her the chance, if I were to turn her back into an adult I would be taking away her life” Her robes twitching a little, Fariah reaches in and takes out a baby’s dummy, walks over to Paula and gently presses it to the former adult’s lips, Paula takes it gladly and seconds later the dummy is being suckled on powerfully.

“She doesn’t want to be an adult, so I’ve made sure she never has to be. I’ve placed a little spell on her that will let her always return to her preferred age whenever she grows back up and she’ll always have someone to care for her, for now you’ll be her new mum” Chapel looks down at her chest as a tingling makes itself noticed, her breasts swell slightly and she feels a slight wetness.

“You can breast feed now. Now as for the rest of you, hmm. Well you’ll enjoy wearing nappies now, some of you will wake up tomorrow as the ages you secretly yearn to be, reality will be changed and all that jazz. The rest of you will remain as adults and take delight in the small slice of innocence you’ve managed to hold onto in a harsh, ignorant society”

“Why are you doing this?” Janine asks, anger in her voice.

“Because if there’s one thing humans have is a yearning for simpler times, and I’ve done that for each of you. It’s something us Elemental Users have to do every Halloween, we grant one yearning and lucky me, I got to grant mine by accidentally appearing here. So my quota is done for the year, and you might want to change her” A sharp, very strong scent fills the air as Paula relaxes after a tiny grunt, the back of her nappy sagging.

“Well have fun and enjoy, you won’t know I was here in the next minute and she’s such a cutie, even with a load” Before anyone can react Fariah disappears leaving everyone looking startled.

“I better clean her up” Chapel remarks, Paula continues sucking on her dummy, not caring that she had made a mess in her nappy. The memories of Fariah disappeared gradually and a minute later no one remembered her, it was like nothing had happened.

The next morning several of the guests, after returning home, woke up in cribs needing tended to, others woke up as adults, but with thick nappies between their legs. Paula woke up with an innocent, happy smile on her face, her nappy full and a new life awaiting her. While Mewso beat the neighbour’s dog at chess.

Reality changed to adapt and no one but the Elemental Users knew of how things had been before.

And Fariah? She got lost again and found herself in Japan.

“Oooo, noodles!”

The outfit can sometimes make the person, just be careful that it doesn’t trigger off any secret yearnings. Mmmm, noodles.



End Chapter 1


by: Reina Watt | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 27, 2009


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