Weird is part of the job

by: Reina Watt | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 23, 2009

How does a Starfleet officer manage when they are becoming younger?

Chapter 1
Weird is part of the job

Chapter Description: A Starfleet discovers she is getting younger after a lucky shot.

*A what if story. What if Reina Beaumont was mortal and born in the 24th century, and was still in Starfleet. This is one take on the idea, another will be done another day. This is an Age Regression version*

29: It has been three hours since she was given the news about the problem. She was still coming to terms with it and had already talked to her parents, who had asked that she return to Earth and they would meet her there if she is unable to meet up with them beforehand after they had spoken to Starfleet Command.

She couldn’t believe that this was happening, it wasn’t fair. Her career was likely going to be on hold, she would have to do all the training again when she was old enough and all the work she had done to this point would be for nothing.

“Computer” A shaky voice, the emotions in control barely. The computer chirps. “Begin recording” The computer chirps again and she takes a breath before speaking.

“Lieutenant Commander Reina Harit Beaumont’s personal log, stardate 59620.7. I make this log with a heavy heart and with a choice that I have no choice but to make. I’ll begin with the details first.

Yesterday I was sent down as head of Security on the ship USS Akira with a few of my Security personnel to aid as security for the First Officer, Chief Medical Officer and several of the ship’s scientists while a First Contact and aid mission was underway.

We were assisting a race who had called for help, a race that is a few years behind us in technology terms, because their world was encountering temporal issues due to an experiment they were conducting that would make their ships move faster without actually moving. Basically they would be able to slow time down and use that time distortion to make it look like they were moving.

But something had gone wrong and the temporal distortions that had been caused by the malfunction were threatening their world. Engineering is still assisting the race and appear to be making headway, despite it’s remarkable concept they have reported that the technology is quite easy to repair.

But here is where I have my own news to report. This morning, while assisting the race’s Security forces in keeping their people from panicking, I was hit with some kind of temporal based energy weapon. I was beamed back to the ship where I was examined and it was found that the weapon has caused something to happen to my cells, something which doesn’t happen to the race who made the weapon since to them it’s like being stunned, but to humans it causes the cells to begin reversing.

According to the doctor I have exactly less than a month before I am reduced to an infant, due to the strength of the blast I was hit with. I am getting younger as I speak, although it isn’t noticeable yet.

Again according to the doctor I will drop a year a day, by the time we return to Earth I will be in my mid teens, so we are looking to meet up with the ships my parents are serving on so that they can come and take me back to Earth. They will be contacting Starfleet Command to request that they be given leave to raise me again, if I am likely to grow back up again.

At this time Medical is doing tests on my blood and the scans they took of me to see if I will be able to grow up again after this regression has ended. They are unsure if the regression will affect my mind at this time.

I have been relieved of duty and I am to report in for a routine check up for the time I am still on the ship, doctor’s orders as well as the captain’s orders.

I have been in Starfleet since I was a teen, ever since my Academy days, I have worked hard to reach the rank and position I have. By the age of 29 I am felt to be a hard worker who has risen through the ranks, now it is all being taken away because of a lucky shot.

Soon I won’t be an officer who’s on the fast track in her career, I will be a helpless infant. Over a decade of constant hard work, of constant effort and it’s all been taken away, reduced to little more than an old personnel profile in the computer. Will they say I’m deceased or inactive when this regression is complete?

But I knew the risks when I applied to be an officer, I accepted them when I joined Security, when I first put on this uniform. I fought in the Dominion War and faced death every day, I watched as friends died and I gave my all to ensure peace.

Now my time comes to an end, but not by death, but by a forced rebirth. Maybe I’ll grow up again, if I do I will reapply to Starfleet and become an officer once again.

Until then I will do what I must to not let this regression get to me, I will be an officer again, I will work hard to do so.

Computer, save log and end recording”

After the computer chirps and ends the log recording, Reina sits down at her desk, breathes a heavy sigh and removes her comm badge. Running her fingers along it’s smooth surface she fights her tears, sets the badge down and gives in to her pent up sorrow.

28: Next day Reina is in sick bay having a check up, she feels off being in civilian clothes and she hates how out of place she feels.

“Well according to the scan you are now twenty eight years old. Your health is in excellent condition, there don’t appear to be any side effects other than your reducing age. How do you feel?” The chief medical officer asks.

“Nothing new really, it’s hard to tell if I am getting younger. My memories are still intact, I haven’t lost any of my training. I do look a little fresher faced and my breasts are a little firmer than they were, but other than that nothing fully noticeable” Reina replies while the doctor scans.

“Have you gotten a reply from your parents?”

“Nothing yet, it will likely take some time. How’s the assistance going?”

“Pretty well, I heard the team should be done by tomorrow”

“That’s great, anyone else been hit by those weapons?”

“Thankfully no, you were the only one”

“Lucky me”

“Very lucky. Are you going to talk to your personnel?”

“I’ll have to, they know what happened, but I need to say goodbye to them. They can’t be led by someone who’s likely going to be returning to the age of peeing herself and needing nap times”

“Have you picked your replacement?”

“Kirl will be my replacement, he’s shown potential in the past four years and come a long way since that raw recruit who had to be practically hand held through his job. The captain asked me to report to her in an hour”

“Did she say why?”

“Likely due to this” The scans complete, the doctor sets the medical tricorder down and pats Reina’s hand.

“Think of it as a second chance”

“I don’t need a second chance, I had a great childhood, I’ve worked my ass off for over a decade”

“But think about it, if you retain all your knowledge from your time in the Fleet, you’ll do even better a second time round”

“What if I don’t grow up? I can’t exactly apply to Starfleet while still in nappies”

“That’s true, but until we know for certain if you’ll grow back up or not, it’s best to keep positive” Reina slides off the bio bed and nods her thanks to the doctor before replying.

“I’m a Starfleet officer in my heart, this is my life. Even my childhood was spent preparing for this”

“If you retain all your memories, you’ll be able to be a child and still be the officer you are for when you’re an adult again”

“I would rather be an officer and resume my duties”

“I wish we could do that for you, but there isn’t any way to counter the effects of that weapon. We’re still going over the data though” Reina sighs and places a hand on her comm. badge, which she wore as part of standard ship operations in guess of emergencies.

“Once more unto the breach I guess”

“I guess you could call it that. Everything will work out in the end, you’ll see”

“I hope so. Thanks doc” Leaving the sickbay, Reina heads for the ship’s lounge to lose herself in a chocolate sundae before going to meet the captain.

27: The day after meeting with the captain and making her goodbyes to her former department, Reina is in one of the ship’s holodecks, holodeck two, talking with the ship’s counsellor.

The counsellor had suggested a program that would help Reina know what to expect while her return to early childhood progressed. The program was made to adjust to differing heights and how the person would see things from a different view point. So far Reina was finding it awkward.

“Computer, adjust view point for an eight year old girl, using Reina Beaumont?s recorded measurements at that age. Adjust surroundings to compensate” The computer chirped and the view changed from what it had been previously, how a nine year old would see things.

“Counsellor, this isn’t helping, I keep telling you that” Reina comments while trying to peer over a cabinet top that was now taller than her.

“As I said, it’s to help you be ready for the changes you will encounter” The ship’s counsellor, a Lieutenant Maria Jirl, replies.

“I know that, but it’s unnerving to see how big things are going to become for me. The doctor’s already told me that I will likely continue to be an adult in mind while also becoming mentally younger to fit my age. This is just making me feel uneasy”

“But is it helping?”

“A little, but it’s more uneasy than helpful”

“Computer, adjust for the height of a seven year old girl, using Reina Beaumont’s recorded measurements at that age. Adjust surroundings to compensate” Again the surroundings changed and Reina gulped as the counter that she could barely peer over became even taller.

“I dread to think what this is going to be like when I’m a toddler”

“I’m sure when you become that young you’ll be having too much fun to care”

“Maybe, or maybe I’ll be fully aware and scared shitless, and probably all that will go into my nappy. I wasn’t potty trained till I was four, my mum said I was somewhat stubborn when I was a toddler”

“You still are as an adult”

“I’m an adult for another nine days, after that I’ll legally and technically be a kid” The computer is asked to adjust again and the surroundings change once again.

“How are your parents taking this?”

“Well my mum’s delighted that she’ll have her baby girl back in full, my dad’s hoping that a way to reverse what’s happening can be found. They’ve notified my brother and sister, they’re delighted to be having a baby sister instead of my being the older sister for a change” The counsellor chuckles.

“What?” Reina asks.

“I’m just imagining you as a toddler and sitting on an admiral’s knee”

“That might end up happening, and knowing me at that age I’ll probably give him or her a wet knee. I’m going to miss being an officer”

“And we’ll miss you, you were a vital part of this ship and highly regarded”

“I’m not anymore”

“You are, even with what’s happening to you, you are still highly regarded and many have expressed their sympathies for what’s happening to you” The surroundings change again.

“What if my parents aren’t able to get here to pick me up? Will I end up returning to my infancy on the ship?”

“The doctor has already considered that and has things ready just in case your parents are delayed and our return to Earth takes longer than estimated”

“Wouldn’t that be a kicker? Toddling onto the bridge in a just a nappy and being hand held by a carer, I’ve always been short, but walking onto the bridge like that will be terrifying and you know how the captain is more liberal, as long as there’s supervision, about kids being on the bridge”

“You could sit on her knee and you could watch everyone working”

“No, we need to either get back to Earth or meet up with my parents before that happens”

“We should be underway to the rendezvous point in the next few hours”

“I hope so” Reina reaches out as the surroundings change again to show things from the view point of a three year old, adjusted to Reina’s measurements at that age. Her hand touches a now large coffee table and she notes how small her hand is in comparison. “I really hope so”

26: “According to the doctor” Reina comments as she packs her bags while making her log entry. “My mental development will return to a younger stage of development. My memories and knowledge will remain, but I will find it harder to access it all due to the brain being too young to fully process all of it. She believes also that from tomorrow my body’s development will begin to suffer from a loss of control.

She had previously believed that such a loss of control wouldn’t surface until I was back in my toddler stage of development, but she noted that my muscles are having issues. According to her the loss of control won’t be too serious, although she has recommended that I wear protection to avoid making a mess.

By the time I am back in my teens however, I will be fully dependent on the protection due to the body’s reaction to the reduced capabilities of my motor control.

While it is known by a few I work with that I do wear nappies when off duty for comfort purposes and to help me keep focused due to how hard I work, the thought of wearing them while being amongst my friends makes me uneasy.

But what choice do I have? I already noted a small loss of control this morning and it is most likely that I will need to be prepared for anything while this regression continues.

The ship is underway to the rendezvous and we should be there in the next five days, barring any incidents.

Computer, save log and end recording”

25: The lounge was peaceful, Alpha shift was finished with Beta shift nearing the end of it’s shift. Reina watches the warp induced stars slipping past the view port and tries not to get too comfortable as her skin reacts to the gentle comfort of her adult sized nappy between her legs as she gently shifts her position in the chair she?s sitting in.

The loss of control was becoming a problem for her, but she endured. She knew it could be worse. As she watches the stars zip by, she hears the lounge’s doors open.

“Commander” A voice says and she turns her eyes from the stars to see one of her former Security officers approaching her.

“Please, I’m no longer on active duty and no longer your commanding officer. I thought you would be sleeping” Reina comments.

“You’ll always be my CO as far as I’m concerned, the same goes for everyone else in Security. We’re sorry that we no longer have you leading us” The officer says as he sits down.

“Risk is part of the job, we’re trained to expect the unexpected”

“Still it’s not easy to accept, you’ve been on this ship since you graduated before the war”

“The Akira and it’s crew are like a home and a family to me, but I can’t remain. Soon I’ll be too young”

“Until that day arrives, you’re still part of this ship”

“No, I’m not. I’m sitting here in a nappy that is a little damp, I’m getting younger by the day and I can feel my mind becoming younger with each year lost. At the age I am now, I was the rank you are. By tomorrow or the day after I’ll be younger than you and the age I was when I was a junior officer. I don’t deserve any respect, I’m no longer an officer”

“You said once that an officer is always an officer, no matter what”

“That was before this happened”

“You’re still an officer, you’re younger, yes, but you’re still an officer”

“That’s nice of you to say so, but soon this former officer will likely be so young that the console she once worked at will look like a shiny toy and the officers she worked with will be like giants to her” Reina takes a small sip of the juice she had been drinking for the past hour and winces as her taste buds react strongly.

“Guess that’s another part of me that’s gotten younger, this tastes a lot sweeter than it used to. You should go get some rest, a tired officer-”

“-Is a clumsy officer, aye ma’am, I know. Sorry”

“It’s okay, I’m no longer an officer, so it’s not like I can reprimand you for interrupting me. Good night”

“Good night, ma’am, and know we’re here for you should you need us”

“Please, just call me Reina. And thank you” The officer nods and leaves. Reina returns to watching the stars pass by.

24: “I can feel my mind changing ever so slightly. It’s minor thankfully, but at small points I feel mentally younger, almost reacted to it earlier. I’ve had another check up and according to the doctor I have the bladder of a three year old, I’m managing to hold onto some light control, but it’s not perfect”

23: “The crew held a farewell party for me last night, it was embarrassing when I pissed myself suddenly. But they understand. It’s beginning to show, I look fresher faced, my breasts are a lot firmer and the scars I had asked to keep from my years in service to the Fleet are gone.

I wonder if I’ll stop at a year old or just over that, the doctor isn’t sure yet just how far this regression will go”

22: “The ships which my parents are serving on were unable to meet up with us due to an ion storm, they’re headed for Earth and will meet us there. The captain ordered for us to head to Earth.

The ion storm almost slowed us down, but the helm officer was able to react quickly by warping up and over the storm. Good piloting skills there to react so quickly”

21: “More loss of control, thankfully still not serious, but awkward. The counsellor felt I would feel better with being cared for by a holographic carer catered to care for an adult. It helped a little, but I felt awkward.

The doctor feels that the blast has caused some parts of my body to return to younger stages of development a lot faster than some, I am inclined to agree with her”

20: The shuttle struggled to respond to the commands being issued by Reina’s efforts, she has been playing this program for the past few hours in order to test her skills.

Her skills are beginning to slip away from her.

“Come on, I can do this” Reina snarls as she tries again to make the shuttle respond to the simulated ion storm.

“Ease on the throttle” The counsellor comments.

“I’m trying, but I’m finding it hard to focus all that well. It’s like I’m some kid who’s attention span is too short”

“You’re doing fine”

“No, I’m not. I’m stumbling a lot, losing my concentration” The shuttle pitched to starboard and the computer ended the program when the shuttle fell into the storm.

“Damn it” Reina growls as the shuttle fades away.

“At least it’s only a holo programme”

“Aye, but it’s still annoying. If I ever meet the person who shot me, I’ll throw him in the brig for turning an officer into a clumsy kid” The counsellor places a hand on Reina’s shoulder, knowing what’s away to happen and just on cue, Reina’s slipping emotional control takes over.

19: “More of my control is slipping away, it’s getting harder to concentrate as an adult. The captain keeps asking for more speed, she doesn’t want to be caught short. I wish she wouldn’t do this, there are more important things to be doing that escorting a former senior officer to Earth, I’m sure I could be sent back on a shuttlecraft with a medic”

18: “The ship has been delayed due to a distress call from a freighter. The captain has ordered for us to give what aid is possible and to resume the return to Earth as soon as possible.

I hope the freighter crew is alright, I’ve offered to assist where I can. I’ll be supervised in case of problems”

17: “The freighter is undergoing repairs, it turned out that their warp core malfunctioned and needed to be shut down due to it’s age, the engine is almost as old as the Federation. I helped where I could, but my concentration slipped a lot.

Thankfully my lack of concentration didn’t cause any problems”

16: “We’re underway again, the repairs didn’t take as long as estimated. I can’t believe I have zits again and these raging hormones are conflicting with my increasing lack of control.

The doctor has assigned a carer to me until we return to Earth”

“Chief Medical Officer’s Medical log: Regarding the case of Lieutenant Commander Reina Beaumont’s age regression -

I am growing increasingly worried about Commander’s Beaumont’s condition. My tests are showing that by the time we reach Earth she will no longer be fully in control of her adult mind.

Her health is still good despite the reduction in age and she has accepted the orders I have given her in terms of her increasing loss of motor control and capabilities to take care of herself.

Farther study of the weapon’s temporal properties show that it uses a chronometric power core and I had found that Commander Beaumont’s body is highly susceptible to chronometric energy, much more so than anyone else on the crew.

This weakness to the energies from the blast may be why her body is returning to various younger stages of development in various ways instead of one total reversion and why no treatment is working. I will continue to find a way to stabilise her continuing regression”

15: “It’s so hard to concentrate. I keep wanting to do other things, I don’t seem to have a good grip over my emotions, I tend to burst into tears or become sulky. I hated my puberty the first time round, going through it backwards is even worse.

I asked the captain why she was placing getting me back to Earth as such a high priority, her reply was that she felt she owed me for all that I had done for the ship and crew over the years. She wanted to make sure I got home safely and the crew supported her choice, I’ve noticed that there does seem to be an air of increasing determination with the crew.

Have I really been such an officer that they feel indebted to me and determined to keep me safe and get me home no matter what? I feel so guilty and horrible to be causing this”

14: “The doctor is amazed at how my body is physically becoming younger. My bones are actually becoming younger, returning to an earlier stage of development, just as my internal organs are.

It doesn’t hurt though, which surprises both me and the doctor, if anything it feels natural. I’m glad it doesn’t hurt”

13: “I can’t believe how small I’m becoming, the doctor fully towers over me now. She used to before when I was an adult, but now she’s becoming like a giant each day in my eyes. It’s unnerving to say the least.

The doctor has contacted the quartermaster to have a nursery ready in case we are unable to get to Earth soon should we be delayed again”

12: “It’s strange to be back in a training bra again, haven’t been in one of these since the first time I was this young. I was an early bloomer when I was this young, my puberty began when I was eleven.

My adult mind tends to slip more often now and I sometimes find myself playing. I should be feeling scared, but I don’t”

11: “Chief Medical Officer’s Medical Log: Another scan has shown that the chances of Commander Beaumont growing up again to be fairly good. Farther tests will be done.

Hopefully we will see the Commander return to Starfleet in eighteen years or so”

10: “It’s so hard to be an adult while like this, my mind sees everyone as grown ups and me as the kid. I even asked where my mum was earlier. My loss of control has increased and my carer is with me constantly, always ready to tend to me.

We’re still far from Earth”

9: “Managed to talk to mummy...I mean mum this morning. Starfleet Command has granted them their leave and they’re getting the house ready, I’m amazed it’s still there.

When I was fingering my comm badge, which I haven’t worn since I returned to my teens, I ended up crying and had to be comforted. I want to be an officer again, I want to be grown up again”

8: “Chief Medical Officer’s Medical Log: As of this morning Commander Beaumont’s adult mind went into remission, she is now a child in mind and body. Tests are showing negative results in finding a way to restore her age.

We are continuing however and intend on finding a cure to the weapon’s energies. Using the transporters was considered and tried, it didn’t work. It was the cause of Reina’s mind returning to innocence in full”

7: “Captain’s Personal Log: It is hard to believe that the young child who I have known since her days as a junior officer is the same Reina Beaumont I once watched take on a group of Klingons after they had insulted her for being short.

I invited the carer to show Reina the bridge and I even sat Reina on my knee.

She was excited to be on the bridge, she didn’t recognise me nor anyone else. I miss my friend”

6: “Chief Medical Officer’s Medical Log: We will reach Earth in three days, barring any more delays. All tests are continuing to prove negative.

The bubbly, curious child who was in here earlier for her daily check up keeps asking where her mother is, it is hard to tell her that her mother is waiting for her back on Earth. Reina is fully innocent and very curious about everything, she enjoyed playing with the other children earlier.

The crew have talked about how they will miss her and how they already miss her, I share in their feelings. It will be hard to imagine this ship without Reina around”

5: “First Officer’s Personal Log: Another attempt was tried to restore Lieutenant Commander Beaumont to her former adult age, it failed.

After the attempt Reina was taken to the ship’s small day care. Reina would say that she is no more important to the crew, that she has only done her job. But the crew have all said that it is hard to see her like this, to see someone they loved and cared for, someone who had protected them with her very life on countless occasions now reduced to a child who needs constant care.

The captain has stated that upon our return to Earth that we will remain in the Sol system for a refit, the crew will be granted shore leave. The loss, even though she is still very much alive, of an officer who is greatly loved has hit hard for everyone, including myself.

I miss the sparring sessions we used to have, I miss the officer who would joke about anything when things were grim, the officer who once had a ship wide alert just to see how quickly people would respond while in their underwear.

She was unorthodox, yet caring and intelligent. She will be and is greatly missed”

4: “Captain’s Personal Log: I talked to Reina’s mother this morning, I asked her if we should consider a form of memorial. She dismissed the gesture saying that it was a bad idea, I came to agree with that assessment. Instead I will be talking to Starfleet Command in person about having Reina’s rank placed on ice until she is one day able to return to active duty. I hope it will be granted, it is the least I can do.

We will arrive at Earth tomorrow afternoon”

3: “Chief Medial Officer’s Personal Log: It was a tearful goodbye. Me, the captain, the First Officer and several of the crew went with Reina to see her parents. Reina had fallen asleep in my arms when I handed her to her mother, she looked so innocent, so content. It was hard to believe that this was the officer who four weeks ago had been in a play that had been organised by several officers, who had played her role in such a way that she brought tears to many due to how strongly she had portrayed the role of a woman who couldn’t die.

After the performance many had said it was like she had always known how it felt to be long lived, maybe she did. Maybe in another reality she has lived a very long life”

2: Sara Beaumont softly kissed her daughter’s forehead, the two year old giggling happily and wrapping her arms around her mother as best as her tiny arms could manage.

It has been so long since her daughter had been this young, a tiny bundle of laughter and innocence.

“All cleaned up, sweetie. Now how about we go and see what daddy’s doing?” Reina smiles as a reply and opens her arms to be picked up.

1: “Captain’s Personal Log: I visited Reina’s parents earlier today and gave them the news, Reina’s rank would be on ice and waiting for her. The doctor also had news for me to give, once Reina is eighteen again her memories and knowledge will return.

As I was talking to Reina’s parents, I bounced Reina on my knee. She was so young, so innocent that it was hard to believe that this tiny life had once been a fully trained, fully capable officer. Should I ever meet her again, I may remind her of my changing her diaper today”

That night Sara Beaumont kissed her baby daughter good night, her daughter coos softly and falls asleep, her thumb slipping into her tiny mouth as she drifts into a sleep of innocence and warmth.

“She’s as beautiful as ever” Sara whispers to her husband who’s behind her

“Aye, she is” He replies. Their arms around one another?s backs, they leave the nursery as Reina sleeps on.

29: Lieutenant Commander Reina Harit Beaumont salutes respectfully to the admiral before her, her former captain from her first adulthood.

“At ease, you don’t need to salute” Reina goes at ease and sits down. “How are you?” The admiral asks.

“Not too bad, sir, what did you wish to see me about?” Reina replies.

“Nothing hugely important, I just wanted to see you again. The last time I saw you, you peed on my lap” The admiral chuckles and Reina blushes.

“I was only a baby at the time, sir”

“Yes, you were, highly adorable at that. It’s good to see you again”

“As it is to see you again, sir”

“Please, call me Tanya”

“I can’t sir, protocol”

“Since when were you such a stickler for protocol?”

“I always have been, sir, I just like to enjoy myself”

“Well I order you to call me Tanya when we’re not on duty or alone”

“Very well, sir, sorry, Tanya” Tanya Richards smiles and proceeds to talk to her old and dear friend about the last twenty nine years.

Weird is part of the job.



End Chapter 1

Weird is part of the job

by: Reina Watt | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 23, 2009


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