The Story of Jacob Marshall

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 29, 2009

Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Summary of the Story of Jacob Marshall

The story starts off in the home of Jacob Marshall, May 1 2008. Jacob Marshall,is now19 years of age, being born April 29, 1989. He has now moved out onto his own, well not really. He decided he would move into the home of his girlfriend Emily Rose.

Emily Rose is the kind of girl that Jacob looks for. Tall, but not too tall. Athletic and funny, and just fun to be around. Jacob is just like that. A little taller than Emily, athletic, loves to tell jokes, and loves to be around Emily.

He left his home with warning, but his parents, mostly his mother did not like it and warned him that it would be the worst thing that he could do. Jacob ignored it however and still went to live with Emily.

His mother decided that she would have some fun. While looking in a mall she had found a store called the ArParadise. It being payday, she bought almost all her weekly paycheck worth of stuff to get her baby, Jacob to come home again.

Her first trick was a little curse that she would put on him. She incited him over for coffee and put it in. A creamy liquidy formula. After Jacob drinks it he gets a curse that he would turn into a little girl for four out of seven days of the week.

After he finds out that drives him away from going home even more. His mother, however, has much more plans for him in store.



End Chapter 2

The Story of Jacob Marshall

by: Destiny | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 29, 2009


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