A Man Called Harrison.

by: Jonny ARed | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 15, 2009

Chapter 3
It's all fun and games....

Chapter Description: The final part.

Sam closed his book. It was interesting, but he couldn’t help but feel guilty. He had sent his classmates to hell. He couldn’t have warned them, as he would have been regressed mentally and physically by Mr. Harrison.

He decided it was time to set things straight, and save everyone before it was too late. He told his parents he was going out for a short while, and left them with his 10 year old sister, Stephie.


"Welcome, my friends," Said Mr. Harrison, "To Hell, on a very small scale." He laughed, almost evilly.

Tom looked down at Emma. She was still playing with her blocks and drooling. He knew it was only a matter of time until one of them became like her.

One of their number, James, suddenly had a panic attack. He dashed for the window, the only unblocked exit in the room. Mr. Harrison simply raised his Biological re-calibrator, and a blue beam shot at him. James fell before he reached the window, now gurgling happily on the floor.

"You, boy, pick him up," Mr. Harrison barked at Tom, "Put him next to Emma." Tom did as he was told, leaving the two mentally regressed teenagers to play happily together.

"Excellent. Now, then, it’s time i explained this to you, thoroughly. 10 years ago, i found this 7-year-old boy, who was called Sam. You know him, as he’s your classmate. He had in his possession a Crystal, which had a power to change any living thing’s mind, body (age, sex, etc.) and structure. I bought it off him, for a fair price, because he said it had changed his family beyond repair. For example, it could only affect people once, so I examined it a bit more, and put it into this," He waved the BR, "And gave it the ability to affect people more than once. I told him yesterday of what i’d done with it, yes, he did know, and warned him not to warn you, or else he’d be turned into a baby. It also gave me the ability to steal another’s intelligence. I wonder just how many lives will be," He held the wine glass, which only a few of 5A knew was Suzanne, and dropped it. "Smashed?" he said cooly as the glass hit the floor and smashed.

Tom was sickened. "Oh, by the way, Tom, your girlfriend is very happy in her current state, as is your friend. Why don’t you join them?"

As he finished speaking, another blue beam shot at Tom. Tom instantly felt his mind fogging, his intelligence drifting away. He tried to stand, but his mind told him he couldn’t, so he fell over. He tried to yell, but all he could hear was babbling. All his mind could remember was one thought; Me.... wuv... Em..ga ga....."

Tom was put into the playpen with the others, and soon got into the gist of block throwing.

"Look at them, eh?" Mr. Harrison addressed the remaining 15 students. "And, you know, they need changing, all those messy Nappies..." Only one person noticed his evil tone.

Before the others did, three yellow beams struck three students. Their skin started to become crinkly, and they began shrinking, and eventually, three nappies lay on the floor where three people were before hand.

"Why’d you do that, you fucking bastard?" Holly interjected. Holly was the swearer of the year.

"Now, now, my girl, no filthy language," Mr. Harrison said, fingering his BR.

"You are a F-U-C-K-I-N-G Idiot!" Holly shouted again.

Soon, Holly was nappied and playing with the others. The other 10 students (another had been transformed for Holly) were very afraid of whatever Mr. Harrison had in store for them.

"You lot, i need 4 of you." No one stepped forward. "None of you? Dear, dear, i’ll have to select them." He zapped four students with orange beams.

All four shrunk, changing colour, and eventually, four pacifiers sat on the floor. They were placed in the "Babies’" mouths.

"Now, you six..." Mr. Harrison reached for the Biological Re-calibrator, as he had put it down so that the babies didn’t suck on that by mistake (the six students were unwilling to put the pacifiers in the "babies’" mouths, in case they were slobbered on!), only to find it gone.

"Mr. Harrison!" Sam shouted from the doorway. "It’s time for you to stop this tyrannism!"

"Sam, i warned you..."

"Yes, but i have the machine! It’s time for you to face your own medication!" A blue beam hit Mr. Harrison, and in a matter of moments, he was lying asleep, with the mind of a newborn.

Sam looked at the sleeping former teacher, then to the six untouched students, then to the "Babies", who were sucking on and wearing their classmates. He knew he had to wipe the memories of this event from the six, but he didn’t know what else to do. He considered leaving them as they were.

In his mind’s eye, he saw himself, standing in front of a burning city, all it’s people mentally regressed of otherwise. He cast himself out of the trance, and made his decision, he would turn them back to normal.

He had been that close to being a potential Mr. Harrison.

The End.



End Chapter 3

A Man Called Harrison.

by: Jonny ARed | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 15, 2009


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