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A little AR/AP chaos for the Sailor Scouts courtesy of Sailor Pluto

Chapter 1
Part 1


Part 1

by AP Scout

Author’s Note: ? 2001 This is my fourth AR/AP story. I hope you’ll like it.

NOTE: All Sailor Scout related characters are copyrighted by DiC, Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and probably some other folks. Elements of this story are not suitable for those under 18.

Christmas Day in Tokyo was cold. Everything was covered in a thick blanket of snow and ice. The sun sat in a cloudless blue sky. The wind from the north was raw and biting.

In the home of the Tsukino family, a little girl of about seven sat on the floor and looking rather disgusted. She had pink hair that was done up in fluffy pigtails and cone-shaped meatballs. The floor of the living room was littered with wrapping paper, boxes, and ribbon. A Christmas tree sat in one corner, its lights winking merrily.

"A coloring book?" Her cousin, fourteen-year-old, Serena Tsukino flinched. "And a toy?!"

"But it’s a majorly big bunny, Rini," Serena said. The stuffed pink toy bunny had to be as tall as the child herself.

"Gee... thanks," the child remarked while tossing the coloring book to the ground.

"Come and try on this sweater, Rini," Irene Tsukino said.

"Do I have to, Auntie? I’m not a boy." The sweater was blue with a yellow double zigzag pattern around the neckline. Her aunt insisted so, she got up from the floor and held her arms up.

"Now that isn’t so bad, is it?" her aunt asked.

"No," the pink-haired child said and started pulling the sweater off but she was stopped.

"You should like show Darien. He’ll like it," Serena suggested. Her father growled darkly but made no further comment.

"Do I have to?" Rini whined again. This was pathetic! Where were all the good gifts? Except for the candy, all of the junk was for babies. She should have gotten a neat watch like Serena had.

Sammy, Serena’s younger brother, was completely oblivious to the ensuing argument as he blasted his way through one of his new video games. Mrs. Tsukino’s ears were saved by the ringing of the doorbell.

"Darien!" Rini cried when she saw the dashing man standing at the front door. She ran over and hugged him.

"Like your sweater," he said, "Is it new?"

"Huh?" the child asked, "This thing?" Her nose wrinkled for a moment. "I got candy, Darien. Want some?"

Darien Shields chuckled slightly and shook his head. "Rini, it’s not even ten yet." He detached the little girl from his leg and walked to meet his girlfriend. Rini pouted and crossed her arms.

"So THIS is the boy..." Mr. Tsukino intoned.

"Hello sir," Darien greeted him.

"Daddy, you majorly promised..." Mr. Tsukino crossed his arms and glowered.

"Hi Muffin," Serena greeted him.

"This is for you."

"Gee thanks, Darien!" Rini declared and snatched the gift out of his hand. Before anyone could stop her, she ripped open the present and whistled. "It’s really cool. What is it?"

"It’s a music box... and Serena’s present."

"Yeah, Spore, so like give it back!" Serena said and made a grab for it.

"No way, this is mine! You got tons of neat stuff already!" The child danced out of her cousin’s grip.

"Rini, give back that right now," Irene said sternly.

Not looking happy, Rini did so. She growled when Serena kissed Darien again, this time for a longer time. Her annoyance grew when she noticed Darien fondling his girlfriend’s left breast just out of her father’s sught. Finally, she tapped him and asked, "Didn’t you get me a present?" She gave him her best hurt puppy-dog look.

"Well, of course, I got you something."

"Really? What?" the pink-haired girl asked.

"Here," Darien said and handed her a medium sized package.

She ripped it open, blinked, and looked at him before looking back at the present. "Crayons?"

"And paints," Darien added.

"Hey, Serena! I’ll trade you?" Darien gave her a hurt look.

"Rini, don’t be rude," her Uncle Ken said, "Why don’t you go and draw something for us. Maybe take your stuff up to your room?"


"Now..." Rini knew that tone well. Sighing, she went to the living room and collected her presents before heading for the stairs.

As she was heading up to the second floor, she heard Serena say, "Don’t feel bad, Muffin. She was up late last night and up early too. She’s just cranky. Maybe a good nap will help."

"I’ll fix you, Serena," Rini muttered as she stomped up the stairs.

Irene walked into the living room and looked around. Sammy was still playing his video game, Ken was dozing in his chair, and Serena and Darien were snuggled on the couch. "Have you seen Rini?"

"Not me, Mom," Serena answered.

"I called her and she like didn’t answer."

"Maybe she’s asleep," Darien offered.

"Or sulking."

"Now Serena..." her mother began but someone banging on the door drew her attention. Wondering whom it could be, she hurried to the front door and opened it. "Yes?" she asked the young man who was standing on her porch.

"You got smoke coming from your backyard."

"What?!?" Irene demanded. Quickly pulling on her shoes, she rushed out of the house and around to the back.

Serena and Darien quickly followed Mrs. Tsukino out of the house to see what the commotion was all about. As soon as they stepped outside into the cold clear weather, they could smell the pungent scent of smoke. The blond sucked in her breath at the sight of the fire and covered her mouth in surprise. Darien rushed to help Serena’s mother who was pushing snow onto the fire that was belching out black smoke.

"Hey!" came a high-pitched voice, "What you go and do that for?!"

Serena turned to look at her pink-haired cousin in surprise. "You did this?"

"I worked really hard for that. I thought we could have a little fire."

"I’ll give you a little fire..." Irene replied, "Were you trying to burn down the house?"

"No, just getting rid of some crap."

The teen sniffled and bit her lower lip. It was the presents that she had gotten Rini that her cousin was calling crap. The blackened remains of the stuffed bunny were clearly visible, along with remnants of the coloring book. The blond drew in a sharp breath when she saw the remains of a blue sweater lying in the ashes as well.

"Rini, don’t say such things!" her aunt scolded sternly while taking her arm.

"Hey! I’ll call it what it is."

"Thank you for telling us about this," the woman said to the young man. "If you’d excuse me." She then headed for the house dragging a protesting Rini behind her.

"Thanks," Serena told the young man, "My cousin could have gotten majorly hurt."

"Not a problem." With a wave of his hand, he left the yard and went on his way.

"You okay, Meatball Head?" Serena sniffled before shivering. "Let’s go in where it’s warm." She let him wrap an arm around her and led her inside.

They came in to find Irene scolding Serena’s pink-haired cousin as her outside clothes were removed. Serena slowly removed her boots and placed them carefully while watching her cousin. The child remained grimly silent until Irene finished by saying, "You will spend the rest of the day in your room and go to bed early!"

"But Auntie..."

"And since you’re interested in fire, I’ll give you one of your own," Irene said. Serena watched sensing that Darien was uncomfortable but afraid to move. Rini knew what was coming and began to cry. Her aunt’s patience had run out. The older woman undid the jeans Rini was wearing before tugging them down along with her underpants. She then lifted the pink-haired girl up over her knee and secured her arms.

"No!" Rini cried. She couldn’t believe Darien was seeing this. Her crying increased as Irene started smacking her tender white buttocks. Soon her white cheeks were growing hot pink.

Serena felt no joy. She had truly wanted Rini to be happy on this great day but could understand her mother being upset. When her mother finished, Irene stood Rini up, pulled up the lowered clothing, and said sternly, "Now get up to your room. I don’t want to see you downstairs for anything!" With a final swat, she let Rini go. The child bawled the entire time as she ran up to her room.

"Serena, come help me please."

"Okay Mom," Serena said and moved away from Darien. This had not been the way she wanted to spend Christmas.

The streetlights blazed in the late twilight. Rini Tsukino’s room was dark. The little girl laid on her bed with Luna Ball clutched in her arms. "You’re my only friend," she said sadly to the cat-shaped ball. "Nobody likes me."

The Sailor Scouts had come that afternoon but no one had come up to see her. Only Mina turned to look sadly up at her window when the pink-haired girl had tapped upon it seeing them leave. Sammy had run off to see what his friends had gotten after dinner. She pushed herself up and looked out to see Darien move across the front lawn. She felt a cold blast of air rush into her room as she pushed the window open. "Darien!" she called but he didn’t turn around. "DARIEN!" she called again but he didn’t even stop.

Blinking back tears, she closed the window and hugged Luna Ball to her chest. "Nobody loves me." She was away from her parents; she couldn’t even go and see any of her friends. What hurt most, though, was that the Sailor Scouts hadn’t said anything, not even in disapproval. She had heard them coming along the hall and going into Serena’s room. Not one had come in to even say hi. "They’re all Serena’s friends." They weren’t hers. When it came to Serena, the girls always stuck up for her ditzy blond-haired cousin.

"I don’t know why ’cuz she’s a stupid meatball."

Her door opened and her aunt walked into the room. "Rini?"

"Yes, Auntie Irene?" the child asked.

"Your uncle and I are going to visit some friends. I don’t want you giving Serena any trouble."

"Okay Auntie."

"I’m glad you behaved yourself today. No trouble tonight or you’ll spend all of Christmas break in your room."

"I promise, Auntie Irene," Rini replied soberly. "Is Serena still mad at me?" Her cousin hadn’t say anything to her all day.

The older woman looked at her for a long time. "Serena is upset."

"Oh..." the little girl said and looked at the ground. She lay back down on the bed when her aunt left the room and stared up at the ceiling.

Sailor Pluto’s brow furrowed as she narrowly glared at a spot in the timestream. "She’s at it again." The Guardian of Time sighed. "Why am I not surprised?" she asked herself. She liked the pink-haired princess but recently, the little girl was becoming a royal pain in the ass.

The Black Moon Family War was supposed to be very quick. Instead, it had dragged on because a certain spoiled little princess stole the Imperium Silver Crystal. That was just the start to Pluto’s miseries. How could anyone expect her to protect the timeline with all this time jumping being allowed?

"I’m gonna put a stop to this," she grumbled out. Enough was enough. "First thing I have to do though is make sure they aren’t interfered with."

Serena waved good-bye to her parents before heading upstairs again. Walking down the hallway, she opened her cousin’s door and entered the bedroom. "Time to have your bath, then it’s right to bed." She walked across the room and flicked on a bedside light as the pink-haired child sat up. Rini blinked and sat up.


"What?" the blond asked.

"I’m... sorry." Serena sighed and sat down on the bed. "Do you wanna spank me?" The older girl shook her head. "How come?"

"’Cause Mom like already did." The blond ran a hand through her hair and asked, "Rini, why did you like destroy all of those way cool things?" When her little cousin didn’t answer, she said, "Come on, Fungus, it’s time for your bath."

Sniffling, the little girl asked, "You don’t like me any more, do you?"

The teen was baffled by this question and sat staring at her cousin. "Who? Don’t like throw a major spaz or nothing. It’s just a bath." Rini gave her an annoyed look. "What?"

"Do you like me?"

"Sure I do," Serena replied, "I’m just a little pissed you like majorly totaled the Christmas gifts you got."

"So you made the other Scouts not come and say hi."

"Hold on!" Serena ordered, "What are you talking about?" When her cousin told her, the blond look even more baffled. "Mom told them that you were like totally grounded in your room. They could see how steamed she was so they didn’t come in to say hi." Deciding to try and cheer up the pink-haired child, she added, "They’re your friends too."

"Nuhuh, the Scouts are just YOUR friends. They always stick up for you." Rini sighed. "I wish I was big. Then I could be friends with them too."

"They ARE your friends. Sometimes, we like... wanna do stuff you can’t. And ’sides, you got Melissa as a friend."

"But Missy’s not a Sailor Scout."

The blond sat for a long time; Rini shifted uncomfortably beside her. The child wished she hadn’t said so much. She didn’t know why she had said all that to Serena. "You feel pretty lonely, don’t you?" Her little cousin looked away. "Being away from your mommy and daddy has to be hard."

"Yeah... I miss Mommy ’n’ Daddy."

"I bet you miss your friends too."

"I... I don’t have any friends there," Rini confessed.

"What a major bummer," Serena said and gave her a one armed hug. "Being a princess is kinda hard, huh?"

"How would you know?" the child challenged.

"Hey I’m..." Serena trailed off.

"What?!" the pink-haired girl demanded.

"I was a princess." The blond gave her cousin a sour look as the child began to giggle. "I’m not kidding!"

"Prove it."

"I’m Sailor Moon, Princess of the Moon, ain’t I? I use the Imperium Silver Crystal. Isn’t there a Sailor Moon in the future?" The child suddenly sobered. The teen sighed in exasperation.

"No way you’re a princess... You eat too much."

"Looks who’s talking!" They stuck their tongues out at each other for a long time.

"I am sorry, Serena," Rini said finally.

"Why’d you do it?"

"All that stuff was for babies."

"You’re only like seven, Rini." Serena stood up and got the child’s bathrobe. "My parents aren’t a king and queen. They don’t make gobs of money or anything. NOW come on and have your bath." The little girl slipped from the bed and started to undress.

As bubbles exploded from underneath her and rolled to the surface of the water, Rini Tsukino blushed deeply. "Rini!" Serena scolded from behind her in the tub. "Get out and use the toilet."

"I can’t help it if I gotta fart," the child replied indignantly.

"Well, be careful or there’ll like be something besides us in here."

"Eeww!" the child declared and gave her cousin a disgusted look. Tossing a washrag over her shoulder, she said, "Wash my back." A smile crept onto her face as the teen grumbled. As the blond began washing her back, Rini closed her eyes and started humming. After a short pause, the child asked, "Serena, did... did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?" When the scrubbing motion stopped, she turned at the waist to face her teenage cousin. "What didn’t you get?"

"What I wish for every single day, that I’m married to Darien."

Rini said sadly, "Darien won’t ever be my boyfriend, will he?"

Serena gave her a sad smile. "Sorry, Spore, he’s mine and has been for a majorly long time. But I bet he’s your friend." The little girl shook her head. Darien wouldn’t be her friend; no body was. "I’ll ask him when I go over tonight."

"You’re going over?" The teen nodded. "I wanna come!"

"No bloody way!" Serena retorted, "You are going to bed EARLY and staying there. When Mom and Dad get home, I’m heading over to Darien’s!"

"Lemme go."


"I’ll crap in your bed."

"Do it, Fungus, and you won’t live to see your birthday."

"Please Serena? I’ll be extra ’specially good. I’ll even sleep on that old couch," the little girl begged. She didn’t feel so alone when Serena was around.

"Like no way, Mom won’t go for it. She like nearly blew a gasket when you torched that stuff." The older girl raised the washrag. "You want me to finish?"

"Don’t change the subject, Meatball Head!"

"What’s the subject?" Serena asked in a puzzled voice. Feeling like she was having a tooth pulled without anesthetic, the pink-haired child said, "I wanna be with you." If her cousin hadn’t been baffled before, she was now.


"I..." She felt tears welling up in her eyes. Her stomach turned as she realized that she was going to cry in front of Serena. She felt the older girl hug her.

"Rini, I’ll be your friend, no matter what you do... Well except for crapping in my bed. I’d have to put you in a diaper then." The child half giggled, half sobbed.

"Please Serena? You ’n’ Darien are the only ones that care ’bout me. I know the Sailor Scouts would protect me but..." She just couldn’t bring herself to say what she felt when she was around Serena.

Serena sighed, "Oh, okay. Maybe we can sneak you out of the house..."

"We’ll use Luna Ball," Rini replied with a smile. Feeling both reluctant and relieved, Rini pushed herself up and got out of the tub.

"Where are you going?" her cousin asked her.

"I need to use the toilet." As she settled herself onto the toilet, Rini had to admit that hugging Serena wasn’t bad either. She’d rather die than admit it to her though.

"I’m really sorry, Muffin," Serena said as she lay snuggled against her boyfriend later that night. "She like... she’s not our Rini." The blond sat up and said, "Maybe she’s from the Negaverse."

"Meatball Head," Darien replied and pulled his girlfriend back down. "It’s cold when you move the covers." Kissing her, he sighed. "Luna Ball musta done some number on your parents if they let her come."

Serena grinned, "I do feel guilty, Muffin... She kinda made them think that Sammy did it." The man winced. "I know, way harsh. I would be majorly POed if she had done that before but I really think she meant it, Darien. She’s majorly lonely."

"Think she’s asleep?"

Serena snuggled closer and kissed him. "She was out when I checked." Serena ran a hand over his muscular chest. "Went right to bed when I told her too." There was a lull in the conversation before she asked, "Darien... did it really make you uneasy watching her get punished? I mean you’ve seen me do it a couple of times, and Rini has to talk to you about it."

Darien laid there in the darkness for a long time before turning to look directly at her. "I don’t like to take sides. Rini is a special little girl. I know sometimes she does bad things but it’s really between her and you guys. I try to keep out of it."

"So if we like have kids, you’re gonna make me be the ogre?"

"Don’t be silly, Meatball Head," Darien chuckled and wrapped an arm around her. His fingers brushed over her supple breast and she giggled a little. "I’d be their dad... but..." he paused for a moment and then asked in a softer tone, "Did your father ever..."

Serena was glad for the darkness as she blushed a little. "Yeah, if I was really bad."

"Really bad?" her boyfriend prodded.

"Oh... say painting on brand new wallpaper." She blushed even more as her boyfriend chuckled.

"I think you were as much of a brat as Rini can be."

"Hey!" the teen protested, "I was never a brat like that pink fungus."

"Shut up and kiss me," Darien demanded and Serena happily complied.

Pluto grinned. "That was unexpected." Well, it solved one of her problems. Now she just had to arrange everything. Just to make sure that a little pink-haired child didn’t foul things up worse than they already were, she bumped her slightly out of sync. "So who’s next?" Mina, she’d care of the easiest one first.

The Guardian of Time slipped into Mina Aino’s bedroom quietly, like a shadow. Artemis never even stirred. The teenager before Pluto slept soundly. She was wearing an orange set of pajamas.

Raising her staff, she started controlling time as it applied to the girl before her. The room’s contents started to shift. The posers of teen idols vanished. The already numerous mound of stuffed toys grew even more so. The bed started to shift and become more childlike.

"Wha?" Mina questioned. The teen rolled to one side and fell off the bed.

"PLUTO!" Artemis cried as he leapt to his feet.

"What are you..." Mina froze.

Her long slender legs began to shorten, thicken slightly. Graceful curves of her once proud B-cup breasts and shapely hips slowly shrunk. Green eyes stared in horror as arms shortened, fingers grew smaller, hair shortened. The teen could feel muscles shifting in her body. It didn’t hurt but she could tell that something very unusual was happening. The room seemed to grow larger around her.

Artemis watched in stunned shock as his charge grew smaller. He felt his mouth turn dry as the signs of teenhood left her and she entered childhood.

Pluto watched as Mina grew younger and younger. The years slipped away, causing the once beautiful teen to be more childlike. When she was finished, the cute five-year-old began to cry. Walking forward, she scooped up the child and settled her back into bed. "Shhh... don’t worry, Mina. Everything’s all right."

"Promise," the child asked sadly.

"Yes, I promise." Pluto held out a stuffed toy which the little blond took. "Now you go to sleep, little one." Slipping a thumb into her mouth, Mina settled back onto the bed and closed her eyes. "Goodnight," Pluto said and tucked the covers around the child.

"What did you do to her?" Artemis hissed.

"Oh go to sleep!" Pluto remarked. Instantly, the white cat went to sleep. The Guardian of Time smiled. "They won’t remember a thing." It was the way it had to be.

Lita Kino stood in front of the full-length mirror that was in her bathroom. Stretching, she watched as her firm muscles flexed. Her smooth stomach elongated; her large supple breasts rose. Long legs joined trim hips and butt. A brown patch of hair nestled between her legs hid her womanhood. The ponytail sat high and long atop her head. The soft brown hair moving with her movements.

Reaching up, she undid the ponytail before shaking her hair out. For a moment longer, she looked at herself and in that moment her appearance changed. Crow’s feet appeared around her eyes. Worry lines traced their way across her forehead as her once soft skin became more weathered. Brown age spots started to appear.

Her once firm bosom grew larger then sagged, hanging lower. A small scar rested upon the top of one nipple where it had not been before. Her flat stomach bulged, stretch marks rippling into existence. Her hips and buttocks thickened.

Her nether regions shifted to show her maturity. Soft brown hair grayed. Once taunt skin sagged and she became slightly stooped as the wait of years pressed down upon her.

Memories flooded her mind, of her family, of children, of her husband. Then the moment was over.

Blinking, Lita yawned and brushed a few strands of gray hair from her face. "Looking good for sixty," she said to herself. She walked slowly from the bathroom. Entering her bedroom, she padded over to the bed and settled down beside her husband.

"The cold don’t like these old bones."

"I like ’em," her husband replied.

"And I like yours too," she answered. Together, they slipped beneath the covers and embraced. "Got a busy day tomorrow, Lita?" he asked.

"I have to meet with the girls but then, I’m free."

"Good, I’ll take you to lunch. Then we can finish the rest of our shopping."

"Yes before the final mad rush of the last minute shoppers."

As the old couple drifted to sleep, Sailor Pluto chuckled softly and slipped form the room. "Two down, four to go."

Fourteen-year-old Amy Anderson rubbed her eyes and yawned as she waited in her mother’s office at the hospital. Flipping a page in her junior high school textbook, she continued reading until her senses said that she wasn’t alone. Jerking her head up, she was startled to see Sailor Pluto standing there.

"Pluto?!" Amy rose and looked around the office. The door was still closed and there was no one else except the two Sailor Scouts. "What are you doing here?"

"I require your assistance."

"Then I should call the..."

"No, I have already seen the others," Pluto said, "You are the logical one of the group so I’ll explain what I need of you." The blue-haired youth wasn’t sure what to respond with so she remained silent. "I need you to grow up."

Amy felt a little indignant. "I’m very mature."

"No, I mean grow up, become an adult."

"I will in time. I have a few years to go yet," she said with a blush.

"That’s not soon enough." Pluto raised her staff. A bolt of energy shot out and struck Amy fully. The blue-haired teen gave a startled gasp and staggered backwards.

Amy sat in bemused wonderment as arms and legs thickened and elongated. Her petite breasts also grew larger. Even more surprising was that her clothes shifted to match her new proportions. She felt her stomach broaden and flatten out. Her hair grew a little longer. Her womanhood enlarged and became more mature.

"Is this what you meant?" Amy asked.

"Yes, but you can not remember me." As she was hit with another bolt of energy, the now blue-haired young woman of twenty-four slumped in the chair fast asleep. "Goodnight, Dr. Anderson," she said to the medical intern. "Say hello to your husband for me."

As Sailor Pluto vanished, Amy’s mother came into the room. "Amy, come on... You should go home."

"Hmm... Mom? Yes, Chad will wonder where I am." Amy smiled at her mother. "I wonder how Raye was tonight?" She laughed as her mother made a slightly sour face.

"Despite what you might think. Interns are allowed to sleep."

"I know but it’s a lot of work." Yawning, Amy hugged her mother and after picking up her purse, headed for the door. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight, dear," the older Dr. Anderson answered.

Raye felt cramped. A sudden urge to go to the bathroom struck her and she jerked away. Much to her surprise, she wasn’t sitting on her bed but was faced with the bars of a crib. In the gloom of a nightlight, she could see her room wasn’t her room. It was a nursery.

"What the hell is going on?" she questioned aloud. Things started to happen as if in slow motion then. She felt her face bloating out, becoming thicker, her flat stomach started to bulge a little. Her long thick hair shortened and the patch between her legs seemed to be growing in reverse. Legs and arms shortened and became fatter. Teeth shrank and shifted as her adult teeth vanished to be replaced with baby teeth.

Fingers thickened and became less nimble. Raye looked around and saw that her surroundings were growing larger. Her clothes changed to a red baby sleeper with a teddy bear on it. Her silk panties thickened and changed to a crunch diaper.

"CHAD!!!!" It was his fault and she’d make him pay for this.

Her now untrained bowels released their contents and her diaper filled with a pungent mess. Warm urine seeped out and made her feel very uncomfortable.

"God damn it, Chad!" Raye shouted, now standing up and shaking the bars of her crib. Her door opened to reveal Chad in a pair of boxers. The new toddler opened her mouth to yell at him for being a pervert but all that came out was a high-pitched wail.

"Whoa, man, like calm down, Little Dudette," the apprentice priest said as he crossed the nursery. Raye was going to tell him that she had a perfect right to be upset but all she did was cry louder. "Raye made a stinky," he observed.

The priestess’ mind raced. Why couldn’t she make him understand? She knew how to talk. "Stinky," she finally sobbed out.

"Don’t worry, Raye. We’ll get you changed in no time."

"I... Chad..." Raye knew the words she wanted to get out but somehow couldn’t.

"Goodness, what’s the matter?"

"Amy!" Raye cried. She started reaching for her friend then stopped. "Amy?" It was Amy but older. "Wha-?"

"Oh poor Raye," Amy said. She moved over and took Raye into her arms. "Let’s get you cleaned up." When she kissed Chad fully on his lips, all Raye could do was wail. "Oh I know but let me say hello to my husband."

Raye couldn’t believe what was happening, even as she was settled onto a change table and stripped. With all the will she could muster, Raye got a hold of herself. She calmed some and was soon sniffling a little.

"There we go now. Raye’s all clean," Amy cooed as she finished wiping Raye with a baby wipe. "Now we just put some nice powder on."

"Powder..." Raye replied, "Raye stinky."

"Well, not any more." When a fresh diaper was on her and she was back in a set of bunny pajamas, Amy held her close and stroked her black hair. "Now go to sleep."

"Amy..." The barely three-year-old tried to argue but soon she dropped off to sleep and was gently placed back into her crib.

Pluto covered her mouth and chuckled, "I should do that more often!" She’d have to remember to come back and watch that again. Turning, she walked towards her final destination. "Well, Princess, it’s time for you." One of the biggest problems was that Rini’s parents spoiled her. "So I plan on making sure they can’t spoil you quite so much." After opening a portal, she stepped into the timestream to another place.




End Chapter 1


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