Discuss: AP and AR elements in the anime "Hunter X Hunter"


AP and AR elements in the anime "Hunter X Hunter"

Tazz ยท Aug 5, 2021

There is anime called "Hunter X Hunter" which is typical anime. Boy with incredible power goes on a journey, makes friends, etc. Im around 78 episodes into the reboot version and it has some ar/ap elements. In season 4 Gon (main character) and Killiua are transported into a "video game" (really its an island with the same rules as one but they are told it is inside a game) where they befriend a young girl named Bisky. Who we find out is much much much older then she appears. In reality she is a very large muscular woman (or man cant really tell). that prefers a petit young form In season 5 they must battle insect/animal/human hybrids called Chimera Ants. They kill humans and recreate them as one of them without memories. When we first see this, a little boy and girl are killed (off screen but we hear them scream a torn pieces of their clothes on the ground later) and they are reincarnated as adult hybrids (he looks just older with some bird features in face and wings while she looks like an ant)

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