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New Issue of AR Comic up!

DrWhoAR · Aug 1, 2021

It's up now, folks, the latest issue of my spanking comic, and it continues the AR theme of the previous episode: Michi and Angie reduced to little girls, and at Benji's mercy! Here's a link: https://www.drivethrucomics.com/product/366325/The-Rebirth-of-Benjamin-Mayhew-Moonstruck-Part-2

RE: New Issue of AR Comic up!

Alec Leamus · Aug 6, 2021

I bought this Moonstruck Part One and Two and also a few other comics from Rose St. Andrews. There is a wonderful style and sense of fun in each one. The dialogue is enjoyable to read without weighing down the story and he gets to the action right away. I really like the stories that employ the BTM. This is a device which allows temporary transfer of ages. This is when things get interesting. The older girls become younger and the man (rejuvenated from a previous time period) grows up. Of course there is lots of spanking. I recommend checking them out. There are previews and descriptions for each comic. You do have to regsiter to view the catalog but it is simple to do. https://www.drivethrucomics.com/browse/pub/14588/Rose-St-Andrews

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