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This month on Sebtomato's Patreon

Sebtomato · Apr 1, 2023

This month on my Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/sebtomato - 3 female / TG tales taking place in my 'Blowing Rock' universe. 1. A Blowing Rock man refuses to regress his feminist wife. Perhaps he will be more agreeable as her baby sister. 2. When a young man tries to warn the single woman next door what's about to happen to her he might just end up her little sister. 3. Cassie doesn't want to be her best friend's Mommy, but in Blowing Rock she'll either change diapers or wear them (I would have replied to last month's thread, but I think the forum has a little spambot problem)

RE: This month on Sebtomato's Patreon

Sebtomato · May 30, 2023

This May on my Patreon, three brand new stories: https://www.patreon.com/sebtomato Female and mental AR - A man finally finds his regressed girlfriend and plays their song to jog her memory, but her new "daddy" catches him... Male mental AR - A new Ngatea teacher doesn't know what he's getting into when a co-worker bets he can't last a day working in the infants room... Male mental AR - His sister-in-law returns the phone he lost at her house, but now parental controls prevent him seeing anything but the most babyish content...

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