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This month on Sebtomato's Patreon

Sebtomato · Feb 28, 2023

Howdy. My website has been eaten by malware, and so I'd like to pop in and let y'all know about February 2023 stories on my Patreon. It was a 'birthday' themed month :) Exclusive tale - Jessica is furious when her cake reads that she's turning 2 instead of 22, but the 'mistakes' don't end there... Flash tale 1 - Robin wonders why a baby's smash cake has been ordered for her 21st birthday. Flash tale 2 - After a lost bet a young man has to dress up for his younger brothers birthday party https://www.patreon.com/sebtomato Thanks for letting me share!

RE: This month on Sebtomato's Patreon

Crystal · Mar 1, 2023

See, this is the proper way to do it, but Sebtomato isn't a clueless jerk.

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