Discuss: I'm looking for good male/ar stories with no mental regression.


I'm looking for good male/ar stories with no mental regression.

trellum · Jul 25, 2022

I'm interested in a story in which a guy ends up in preschool for whatever reason, but no one knows he's not a real kid and he cannot let anyone know the truth. It can be different scenarios too. What I'm most interested about is in the protagonist not going through a mental regression. By which I mean. The type of mental regression in which they end up practically forgetting how to be adults. I've never liked it because is kind of like brainwashing in my opinion. If he ends up liking being a kid, or liked being a kid from the beginning and just embraces it, but is still capable of thinking as an adult, just doesn't choose to, that's a different type of mental regression, and I do like that. Also, I prefer if they just pretend to be kids in order not to make people suspicious. I find tiresome those stories in which the regress individual keeps trying to convince people their not a kid. I also just want to read about them pretending to be a kid and not even knowing if they're doing it right and feel nervous of being found out, and embarrassed for the way they're acting. A story idea I would enjoy reading would be like. There's a missing kid, and the protagonist gets regressed because he looks like that kid. So the protagonist ends up being mistaken for this kid, and the family think he is the kid, and he doesn't want to make the family sad, so he decides to become that kid. But he doesn't even know how to behave like him. Goes through the embarrassment of behaving as a kid with an adult mind. Another story idea I would enjoy. There's crime lord who the authorities are trying to arrest, but they need proof. So they send an expert infiltrator, regressed as a little boy in order to befriend the crime lord's son and get as much info as he can, with the risk of getting caught. Or a guy who stole a lot of money, regresses himself in order to hide from authorities but ends up in foster care and gets adopted by a loving family. He can't go back to his adult self and essentially loses his money. So the story would be about him coming to terms with all that he lost and accepting to be a kid and embrace his new better life as a kid. I would love to be able to write stories. But I have the attention spam of a little kid. I'm in the autism spectrum so what I write never comes out clearly, and I don't know how to put most things into proper words. But I always get this ideas that just sound so awesome in my mind, and try to look for something similar, but rarely get lucky.

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