Discuss: The AR episode of Pokemon Journeys aired today


The AR episode of Pokemon Journeys aired today

Tazz ยท Dec 10, 2021

I had mentioned it when it first was announced. Today was the day. The previous episode (89) had a little of it. Dawn's Piplup was taken by someone who looked like her and went through a portal. Dawn eventually followed to find its an alternate universe. Turns out a strange even had been taking place. Pokemon started forgetting moves and de-evolving (basically ar for pokemon) to a prior state. That universe's Dawn's Piplup was reverted back to an egg (off screen) and so did most of the pokemon (save few that were I guess higher level), flowers arent in bloom. In episode 90 we see much more. We learn alternate universe's Ash's PIkachu was now an egg. Several Pokemon de-evolve including to eggs including Pikachu, Lucario, Dragonite, etc also the main characters into kids All this because Palkia the pokemon god of time was battling Dialga the pokemon god of space You can find the episode in Japanese on youtube. It will eventually be in english dubbed on netflix

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