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AR in new Smurfs cartoon

Tazz · Nov 9, 2021

I havent found a video. Just a single image and description. But in the computer animated reboot (my guess based on the Hidden Village movie). An episode called "Stormy the babysitter". After a freak accident. All the smurfs are turned into babies and Smurfstorm has to babysit them. Only image I have found is of Smurfstone with a bunch of baby smurfs grabbing onto her. The episode has aired in Belgum. The show is currently airing in the us and france but no airdate for the episode yet

RE: AR in new Smurfs cartoon

username · Nov 9, 2021

The Smurfs (2021) 28 "La grande crèche" "Stormy the Babysitter" A freak accident causes the Smurfs to turn into babies. Smurfstorm has to take care of them while also trying to find a cure.

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