Discuss: Upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys appears to have AR


Upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys appears to have AR

Tazz · Nov 5, 2021

The promo for Pokemon Journeys episode 87, 88, 89 and 90 have been released which will be a story arc. Involving Ash, Goh, Chloe and Dawn encountering an alternate universe (only difference we see is them wearing different clothes and team rocket being powerful). We learn this is due to Palkia who is basically the Pokemon god of space. But also Dialga (pokemon god of time) is involved and the two appearing to be fighting. The trailer is short but in one shot we see a Pichu (Pikachu's baby form) near Ash in a group picture. Thought maybe a random Pichu or time displacement (from when Pikachu was one which we did see in first episode) but trailer shows a quick shot of what appears Goh, Dawn and Chloe becoming little kids. Their alternate selves are shown younger (thought past selves till I noticed the main 3 getting younger) Pichu shot around 0:32 and the group becoming kids 0:48 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poeiSZh573A

Update with ar in Pokemon Journeys

Tazz · Dec 3, 2021

its a 2 parter starting with episode 89. no ar in that one but the preview for next week's shows ar. Pikachu into pichu (his baby stage), Cinderace was shown to be de-evolving as well but not seen (the same glow as pikachu) but we do see him as Raboot (previous stage de-evolving to Scorbunny) an alternate universe ash is shown to be holding a Poke-egg. My guess it was his pikachu the human shot is in it (kids into little kids)

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