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Bethany is returning from Hawaii, and everything is going fine until she meets a Hawaiian Witchdoctor.

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Bethany is returning from Hawaii, and everything is going fine until she meets a Hawaiian Witchdoctor.

“Wonderful,” Bethany sighed as she brushed a stand of her long brown hair out of her face, “31 E. How did I ever get to be so lucky”

Bethany had spent the past week in Hawaii soaking up the sun, surfing on the North Shore, and going clubbing with her friends, but now all she has to look forward to is a 12 hour flight in the center seat of center row of the coach cabin. Bethany hates flying not because she is afraid of it, but because she is always cramped in airline seats. Because she is a little over six feet, her knees are shoved uncomfortably into the set in front of her.

Bethany boarded the flight and slowly proceeded to her seat. When she finally made it there a small glimmer of hope filled her heart when she saw only a slim women in the seat next to hers. Her fear of being stuck between two overweight people was assuaged as she sat. The woman next to her looked to be in her early twenties and just as tall as Bethany was. She was dressed in a dark suit and skirt. As Bethany was just getting some minor form of comfort, an old lady dressed in a Hawaiian print dress sat next to her.

“Hello Dears,” she said as she sat down.

“Hi,” said Bethany

“Hi,” said the girl in the suit.

“Did you two enjoy you stay on the island?”

“Absolutely,” Bethany said excitedly,” I spent the entire week relaxing after a hard semester of College.”

“Same her,” the other girl said just as eagerly,” too bad its over.”

“Yeah,” Bethany sighed, “I’m Bethany by the way.”


“And you are,” Bethany asked turning to the woman next to her.

“Wahine,” She smiled.

“Going to visit some family?”

“No. I am actually heading to Louisiana to visit an old friend of mine. We haven’t seen each other in over 30 years.”

“Wow. 30 years. How did you two meet?”

“I guess you can say we met through or work.”

“Really. What did you two do,” asked Christine.

“We are both . . .oh what’s the term now . . . witchdoctors.”

“Witchdoctors” Bethany and Christine exclaimed in disbelief.


“Ladies and Gentlemen. The pilot has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign, meaning you are now free to move around the cabin. You are also now permitted to use all approved electronic devices.”

Bethany was not only stunned by the fact that the person next to her thought she was a witchdoctor, but also by the fact that time had flown by so fast. At that moment the people in front of Bethany and Christine both decided to recline their chairs. Causing their knees to be pushed even more uncomfortably into the chairs. They both winced in pain.

“Oh dear, it must be awful for you two to be stuck in a plane like this.”

“Yeah,” Christine groaned as she tried to find another comfortable position.

“One of the draw backs of being so tall”

“If you would like, I could fix that for you.”

“How with your voodoo magic” Christine said sarcastically.

“Exactly,” said Wahine with a grin, “do you not believe in magic?”

“Of course not,” Bethany and Christine said in unison.

“How about this then, I will try to work my magic. If it doesn’t work, then I will give each of you one hundred dollars, but if it works, you two will have to stay like that until we land in New York”

“Deal,” Christine said as she reached over to shake Wahine’s hand.

“Alright,” said a reluctant Bethany, “as long as if it works, we will be able to turn back.”

“Of course you will,” Wahine said as she smiled. She the closed her eyes and began muttering something under her breath. When she began, a chill ran up Bethany’s spine. She looked down and she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her chest seemed like it was becoming smaller. She reached up to try and confirm it, but when she did she noticed that her fingers had become smaller and chubbier. “What’s happe...“ she stopped halfway through because she was surprised by the sound of her voice. It sounded like the voice of a two year old.

“What’s happening? Is that what you tried to say. Well I’m doing what I told you I would do. I’m making you smaller.”

Bethany’s legs no longer reached the chair in front of her; in fact they barely even made it off her own chair. Her pink tank top and her white skirt seemed to have shrunk with her, but then they began to change. The Skirt lengthened crawling all the way down her now chubby legs forming a pair of overalls, and her tank top became a t-shirt that covered her nonexistent chest and added baby fat. Bethany noticed that her hair was somehow being pulled up into pigtails being held by two large pink bows. Bethany was shocked, but the biggest shock came when instead of the hard airline seat she felt something soft and fluffy. She looked down and saw a large bulge under her overalls. “I’m in diapooth” she exclaimed barely noticing her newly acquired lisp.

“Well sweetie, you are barely even two. You don’t have full control of your bladder yet.”

“Buth I’m noth Thwo. I’m inth College.”

“Not for this flight your not. Now be quiet for a moment, and let me take care of little Christine.”

Christine had watched Bethany’s transformation in Awe- too scared to even move. Instead of the buxom brunette that had been sitting there, there was a diapered two tear old. Christine looked over at Wahine, and noticed that she had begun mumbling again.

A shiver ran up her spine just like it had Bethany’s. Her breasts began to shrink, and she felt her bra disappear. The long sleeves on her suit retracted into short sleeves, and the rest of her suit merged with her skirt. Her skirt merged together and shrank into the bottom of a onesie. “Pwease dwon’t do thith mith Wahine.”

“Now, Now dear. I’m doing this to help you two, and I think you two should stop calling me Wahine, instead you should call me Mommy.”

Tears welled up in Christine’s eyes as a Diaper filled the onesie.

“Pwease Wahi-“

“Ah. It’s Mommy. Sweetheart.”

“Pwease Mommy” Christine began crying and Bethany felt close to crying herself.

“Ah. Its okay little Crissy,” Wahine said as she picked up Christine, and started to cuddle her. He plopped a pacifier into her mouth.

Christine wanted to spit the pacifier out, and start hitting Wahine, but she felt an uncontrollable urge to keep sucking on it. It gave her a feeling of Peace. She lay in Wahine’s arms feeling almost at peace despite her situation until an awful smell reached her nostrils.

“Uh oh. It looks like someone had a little accident,” Wahine said looking at both Bethany and Christine.

“It Wathn’t me,” said Bethany with a blush, “I’m thill a big girl.”

“Are you sure,” Wahine said with a smile as she reached down and checked her Diaper. It was moist. Wahine also checked Christine’s who was now out of her sense of peace and was once again squirming; she was also wet. Wahine unbuckled Bethany, grabbed her by the hand and led her to the bathroom, while still holding Christine. Bethany had a hard time walking in her wet diaper. She was unused to the added weight and space between her legs causing her to wobble even with Wahine’s had there to steady her.

Wahine led the two into the bathroom and proceeded to change them. Even though the bathroom was tiny, Wahine was able to change both of them quickly and without any problems. When the three made it back to their seats, Wahine placed Bethany and Christine together in the center seat. Christine who was still sucking on the pacifier felt her eyes begin to droop. Bethany moved her hand up to her mouth and she began to suck on her thumb. “Good night little angels. I hope you have sweet dreams.”

When Bethany woke up, she was surprised to find herself in the bed of her college dorm. She looked around amazed. “Was that all a dream,” she asked herself as she got out of bed. While walking to the door, She felt that something was wrong and he looked down. It wasn’t dream. She was still in her Pink T-shirt, Overalls, and worst of all a soggy diaper. She quickly tore off he clothers and rant to her dresser to grab a new pair of underwear, but when she opened th drawer all she found was diapers and a note.

She opened the note and red aloud:

“Dear Bethany,

I was able to turn you back to normal like I promised, but I was unable to return your bladder control, so you will have to stay in those diapers for a little while longer. Look at the brig hide atleast you were able to turn back to normal. Little Crissy is still stuck as a 1 and a half year old. I’m working with my friend to try and turn her and you back to normal. Until then, I Love You.


TBC. . . Maybe

This was my first attempt at writing an AR story. I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to give me advice on how I can improve.

Thank you



End Chapter 1


by: N00b0taku77 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 18, 2008


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