That First Beer

by: Hobbitmon | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 17, 2008

Clair wakes up with a wicked hang over that will make her regret her first and last beer.

Chapter 1
That First Beer

Clair woke up late after a night of binge drinking to the sight of her mother glare. Clair merely groaned and rolled over to ignore her mother when she heard an odd sound from under her sheets. Flipping over the cover she notices that she is still wearing the same shirt as the night before but her favorite pair of rugby shorts have been replaced with a diaper! Clair jumps out of bed poised to yell at her mother for this sick joke being pulled on her but she couldn’t keep her footing. Now out of bed Clair’s sense of balance has her barely able to stand. She thought it must have been the hang over but the room simply wouldn’t stop spinning.

"Mom?" said Clair "I think I’m going to be sick."

"No dear don’t worry that’s the least of your worries now." said her mother as she walked closer to her daughter. Now the spins in her stomach were getting worse and shivers began running up and down her body. A sinking feeling rules her mind and works it’s way into her stomach. With her mother still staring, Clair felt as if her eyes were imposing a foreign will unto her own.

A memory of her graduation slips into her mind, unable to fight it Clair’s body betrays her, going back on it’s original design reversing it’s course. Twenty six, a college dropout, twenty two college freshman, within minutes she’s back to a nineteen year old high school girl in diapers. Clair realizes her mother was doing something to her, burning into her mind with those eyes. Tensing her muscles and closing her eyes Clair tries to defend herself.

"Oh Clair, you think you may be able to fight it." Sighed her mother "But you see eye contact was only the beginning of the process. I’m already in your head and now it’s just a matter of will power . Something that a beer guzzling alcoholic like you simply doesn’t have" Clair closed her eyes even tighter and concentrating, imposing her own will back over her body she’s able to defend herself for a bit till a sudden spark in the back of her mind goes off her mother was back in her head searching. Clair tries to block her out but it was too late, her mother had already found the memory she needed, Clair’s first love at sixteen. The vision of her first time flooded her mind sending shivers rocketing down her back hitting stronger and stronger, right down her legs making her weak in the knees. She bends over trying to keep her balance but her moment of weakness has cost Clair her concentration and the regression hits again causing her to lose another two years, leavening her at a breathless seventeen. Clair had managed to stop the process momentarily but she knew she couldn’t give up knowing where that memory would take her. Trying her hardest to ignore the bulky diaper between her legs she glares across at her mother who is now a full two inches taller than before, she can still feeling herself slowly slipping not as fast this time, under her very nose she watches herself slip from rebellious seventeen to sweet sixteen. With another round lost she tries to straighten up to look her mother in the eye, Determined to hold her ground.

"I’m not an alcoholic" retorted Clair "I just live up my life to it’s....." Her voice catches her off guard, now back to it’s high pitch that earned her the nickname squeak back in high school, and her mother uses the chance to pluck a final more recent memory from her daughter. Inside Clair’s mind she closely guarded her stronger childhood memories but they were being ignored by her invasive mother. Amongst the blurry alcohol induced memories of the night before her mother finds her trump card. The memories of all the beers Carin had drank began to flood her mind like the memories before but this time Carin doesn’t fight them. The first six beer go whizzing by her minds eyes as she relives each one, still confused. She thought her mother needed a strong memory from her youth to trigger the regression again. Drinks seven through to her twelfth go by till her last drink, a long cheer filled keg stand.

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Carin wakes from her memory fog feeling her confidence back at seventeen again.The memories were a two way street she thought as she hit eighteen. Yet her mother was still smiling, not something she usually did after losing at anything. It was then the beer came back to her and she couldn’t get out of her head how much she drank. The diaper she was wearing suddenly felt damp. Her smaller body couldn’t hold it back and now with the memory of all the drinking she realizes she never had a chance to use the washroom since wakening up. She had to do something but it took all of her willpower to stand let alone make a run for the bathroom. What began as a trickle became a flood and the embarrassment of wetting her diaper hit her like a wave, stripping her of her confidence, again the months begin to slip away. The regression becoming faster as her diaper bulges. She hadn’t wet herself since her mom tickled her too hard when she was...

"Oh No! I don’t want to be nine!" Her regained years had slipped by as easily as she had reclaimed them. Now at fifteen tears stream down Clair’s eyes. "Stop it!" She screams pulling the last of her will to the forefront. Clair felt as if breaks had been pulled inside her, leaving her teetering on the other end of fourteen. Clair remembered being a late bloomer and only being thirteen and three quarters still landed her on the wrong side of puberty.

"See dear I don’t even need to be inside your head to get what I want. You’ll do it yourself for me." Clair’s mother steps aside from where she stood revealing a full length mirror behind her giving Clair a a full view of her mother’s handy work. She tried to deny the image looking back at her instead staring at her former college logo on her sweater. "Nice try dear" cooed her mother as she waved her hand and in one smooth motion her over sized sweater shrunk and fitted itself back to her old grade school gym shirt. Leaving Clair to see the damage done. Her dyed hair no once beautifully styled was slowly beginning to turn brown and frame her now tom-boy face. Her large chest and once swaying hips now flat and diapered. That sight was the final straw she had lost, with her willpower gone Clair fell to her knees and began to outright cry.

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"I think this is enough to get my point across" and with a nod Clair could feel herself steady at eleven. With a wave of her hand Clair’s room changed to a child’s Tinkerbell theme, her bar clothes into party dresses and the soaked diaper she was wearing changed from sagging depends to princess prints. The final years she struggled to keep did her no good she was no better off than if she were nine. Her mother planed to treat her like a toddler either way. She knows now she will grow up as a backwards child that still needs diapers, now wishing she never drank that first beer.



End Chapter 1

That First Beer

by: Hobbitmon | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 17, 2008


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