The Easter Study

by: ageman | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 11, 2008

Is this man going crazy during Easter?

Chapter 1
The Watching

Chapter Description: In the next chapter, you will see how this relates to spring.

As the two men, in lab coats, searched around the house they saw a faint glow coming from the office doorway. As they started walking to the doorway one of them said to the other, "This is working out perfectly, he can’t hear or see us." Then the other said, "But, still be be careful, something could go wrong."

They got to the hallway that lead to the office. They noticed the beautiful family portraits on the walls. They freshly painted walls, and the newly installed dark maroon carpet. They got to the doorway with the faint glow, and they saw a man in his late 40s. He looked pretty busy on the computer.

He was typing at extremely fast rates, and they saw a drop of sweat move down his face. One of the men, put his hand in front of the man, at the computer, face. Then the man, in the lab coat, waved his hand back and forth in front of the man’s face.

When the man saw no response to his hand movement, he simply said a few words to his fellow colleague, "Lets have some fun." The other man in the lab coat simply smiled, and then moved his hand to his lab coat pocket.



End Chapter 1

The Easter Study

by: ageman | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 11, 2008


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