upsetting regression

by: iceman | Complete Story | Last updated May 28, 2008

What would you do if your mother was passing away

Chapter 1
Upsetting Regression

Chapter Description: this story is some what a mother's day story and Some what is the key word

Before I start this story I just want to say sorry for my stories. But I do want to disagree with u calling my wwe stories crappy yea sure spelling aint all that great but spelling is hard(haha). So I just want to say this this is my last story for awhile so anyway if you hate this story fine but if you think it’s an A-OK story thanks.

The story starts 4 weeks ago in New York where Jeremy age 22 and his mom were sitting down having lunch and Jeremy was talking to his mom about how he got a gig at Walt Disney playing disney songs on the stage in front of the castle. Jeremy’s mom was so stunned and soooooooo amazed with him. Then they starting to talk some more about Disney and Jeremy’s mom asked "when was this awesome gig" and Jeremy said in "3 days on Thursday". So Jeremy and his mom finished thier and then they cleaned up and left to go see the statue of liberity cause Jeremy just loved to go see it, that statue makes New York what is even though that statue was a gift from the french it dosn’t matter. The Statue Of Librity is awesome and Jeremy just loved to salute it. But to keep things cool Jeremy always saluted the U.S Flag it dosen’t matter where ever the U.S flag is waving Jeremy salutes it. But anyway it was getting late so Jeremy and his mom went home had dinner and around 9 Jeremy’s mom felt dizzy so decided to go to bed. The next day Jeremy was on the phone conferming stuff for Tomorrow and after that it was about 11 cause Jeremy and his mom like to sleep in. So Jeremy went down stairs and did not see his mom so Jeremy made some becon and eggs but still no sign of mama. Jeremy finished his breakfast lunch meal and brought his mom hers but when Jeremy got to his mom’s room he was taken back of the site that his mom was not breathing so he just droped the food and crazy as a bunny he called the hospital and said my mom isn’t breathing what do I do. So they told Jeremy as fast as you can get her here. So Jeremy hung up the phone and mostly lifted his mom like a baby resting in his arms luckly she was skinny and waighed only about 120 pounds. Jeremy got his mom in the car and got her into the hospital where the doctors checked her out and then came back into the waiting room and told Jeremy that your mom had a hart attack and when Jeremy heard that he just broke into tears and he said how and the doctor said "well we don’t know how". So Jeremy went in to see his mom who was still out and then a few minutes past a nurse walks in with a adult size diaper and Jeremy asked what was that for the nurse said "your mom peed her self so we need to get this on her". So the nurse got her into a diaper and then the nurse told Jeremy that your mommy is about to die she had a very bad hart attack and we found alot of wine in her system i’m sorry i’m really sorry. Jeremy spent 5 minutes crying and finally calmed down and asked "is there anyway to give my mom more anergy to keep her alive" and the nurse thought for a moment and said "there is one way but I don’t think you will like it. Jeremy said "anything to keep my mommy alive". so the nurse brought Jeremy to his mom side and told Jeremy to place your arm on the counter and the nurse took a needle and stuck it into Jeremy’s arm and then took another needle and took blood from Jeremy and injected it into his mom’s arm and with in minutes Jeremy’s mom woke up with alot of anergy and then heard a bang of bed pans being played with. So Jeremy’s mom looked down and saw a 2 year old look a like of her son Jeremy and she was shocked but not as shocked that she new Jeremy gave up everything to save her. So Jeremy’s mom got out of the hospital bed took off the diaper she was wearing and picked up her 2 year old son who was naked and she told him thank you so much for saving me and I promise to stop drinking and to take care of you forever. So the nurse walks back in with diaper supplies and hands it to Jeremy’s mom and well she was wipping,powdering,and placing a diaper on Jeremy the nurse gave Jeremy’s mom a card that says a year of supplies of diapers and then tells Jeremy’s mom that this will help a little cause Jeremy will never grow up again. Then the nurse said to Jeremy’ mom "I hope you two have a good life together and keep that cute little 2 year old babies diaper clean". So Jeremy’s mom took Jeremy home fed him from her breasts to make it up to him for not being able to go to Disney World to play for the fans and Mickey and the Gang but since we still have plane tickets will go anyways and spend a week with Mickey and all his friends. But for right now lets go night nights.


To all you AR’S never forget that your mom’s spent 3,4 maybe 5 years for some people that your moms took care of you and love you they spent alot of time changing your diapers and made you feel better when you got hurt,sick and felt upset about somthing.But my question to you is will you give your mom your anergy to keep her alive? and also do somthing special once in awhile for your mother it will be worth your wild.



End Chapter 1

upsetting regression

by: iceman | Complete Story | Last updated May 28, 2008


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