Metal Gear Solid: Sons of AR

by: maniac78 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 7, 2005

Metal Gear Solid......with AR.

Chapter 1
Metal Gear Solid: Sons of AR

Chapter Description: My first crack at a story. To fully enjoy this story, it's best to know about Metal Gear Solid. I tried to duplicate the exact same style of the game and dialogue the characters use. Of course this wouldn't have been made possible without Hideo Koj

Connecting . . . . . . Server

Found . . Contacting Host . . . . .

Connected to Philanthropy. . . Uploading

Mission Data.............

>exec rtsm.log

>decrypting file.....................done

Mission Data: Return to Shadow Moses

It has been one year since the Big Shell incident. The mysteries of the la-li-lu-le-lo, aka the Patriots, are still being investigated. Philanthropy has intercepted a message between Liquid Snake and an unidentified person. The trace of the call pointed to Liquid’s current location: Shadow Moses. Philanthropy is currently launching an operation to bring down Arsenal Gear and Liquid Snake to put an end to his terrorist acts.

--- End of File ---

*Bleep! Bleep!*

Snake: Otacon, do you read me?

Otacon: Loud and clear Snake. What’s up?

S: I’ve arrived at the sneak point. Talk about a case of d?j? vu. I definitely didn’t miss this place. I didn’t miss the cold weather either.

O: Toughen up Snake. You know the nanomachines in your blood will keep your body temperature normal so you don’t freeze.

S: So Otacon, tell me about this mission again.

O: Well, um, let’s see. Our anti-metal gear organization, Philanthropy, traced a call between Liquid Snake and an unidentified person. The call trace led back to here, Shadow Moses.

S: Should I be looking forward to a reunion?

O: Snake, stay positive, we can’t afford to blow this mission.

S: If it’s even a valid one. You sure about the source?

O: Snake, would I ever lead you into a trap?

S: I recall a certain tanker incident that didn’t turn out quite as well as we expected.

O: That’s a one time thing. I usually never make mistakes and if I do, I certainly never repeat them.

S: Alright Otacon, if you say so.

O: Anyways, this is a solo op. No different from your other ones.

S: You would think there would be other people besides me to do this work.

O: Snake, you know we need you to do this because of your relation to Liquid.

S: Yea, definitely not by choice though.

O: It doesn’t really matter Snake. Now let’s just focus on the mission.

S: Alright, so tell me what I have to do.

O: The mission objective is to infiltrate the base, disengage Arsenal Gear, and take down Liquid.

S: Is that all?

O: Heh, it won’t be as easy as you think. According to our sources, the base is highly guarded by Genome Soldiers.

S: Same old story. This time around can I at least use a REAL weapon and not your little toy M9?

O: I’d rather you didn’t, but this mission is extremely crucial and if you need it to complete the mission, then I suppose you can.

S: Good. Now when I take down an enemy, he’ll stay down for good.

O: ...OK. Now look around. Tell me where you sight guards.

*Snake looks around through his binoculars*

S: There don’t seem to be any around.

O: hmm...that’s odd. You would think with a nuclear weapon stored in the base, there would be tighter security.

S: Yea, and it’s definitely not like Liquid. I’m starting to get a bad feeling Otacon.

O: I wouldn’t jump to conclusions yet, Snake. Liquid may know that you’re coming and wants to trick you into thinking that the base is unguarded. Be careful! Who knows what new technology he has now.

S: I don’t know. Something’s definitely wrong.

O: Let’s just focus back on the mission. Do you see the vent on the lower left side of the building?

S: Yea

O: Crawl through the vent and on the other side, you’ll find yourself in the main hangar where our sources tell us Arsenal Gear is stored.

*Snake crawls through the vent*

S: Otacon?

O: Yea snake?

S: Why is it that in every mission I’ve ever been in, I always seem to have to crawl through a vent?

O: You’re just lucky I guess.

S: Not funny Otacon.

O: Relax. Can you see light at the end of the vent?

S: Yea, I’m dropping down now into the main hangar. What the...? *psssssssh* *static*

O: Snake? *pssssssh* SNAAAAKKKEEE!!!!!!

--- Transmission Disconnected ---

Snake found himself in the hangar that resembled the hangar he had been in on his first visit to Shadow Moses. The reconstruction of the building was almost perfect. His focus changed as he saw over one hundred genome soldiers with their guns locked on him. Behind the soldiers, he saw ... Arsenal Gear!

“SNAKE!” a voice shouted, echoing in the hangar.

Snake quickly realized who it was. “LIQUID!”

“What an unexpected surprise, Brother. It’s so nice you could be here just in time for the show.”

“The show?! What’s your game, Liquid?!”

“You know the game, Brother. It hasn’t changed. It’s our freedom that I’m fighting for.”

“You’re a lunatic! You plan on killing innocent people for your so called freedom?”

“I am doing this for the sake of mankind! The people who are killed in the process will die for a good cause. Sacrifices must be made!”

“What makes you think that I won’t stop you?”

“Besides the one hundred soldiers who will shoot if you make a single move? Don’t worry. I’ve learned that Solid Snake can’t be stopped that easily.”

“Good. I see you’ve been paying attention.”

“HAHAHAHA! Guards! Leave us!”

Why would he do that? He just made it easier for me. He must have something up his sleeve.

“Wondering why I just did that, SNAKE? You’ll find out soon.”

“What are you talking about?!”

“Do you remember a certain Naomi Hunter?”

“Yea, she created the FOXDIE virus.”


“What does she have to do with anything?”

“Well I’ve recently done some RESEARCH on the FOXDIE virus. I always wondered why everyone was infected with FOXDIE except for you, dear Brother.”

Liquid walked toward Arsenal Gear. Snake drew out his USP. “FREEZE!”

“Snake, your puny gun is useless against me. Remember?”

Liquid tapped a tiny metal device on his left side.

“Shoot all you want, but no bullet will even come CLOSE to hitting me.”

Snake realized that it was useless and lowered his gun.

“Good. I knew you’d see it my way, Brother. As I was saying, I had a team of some of the best scientists do some research on the FOXDIE virus. They made a rather fascinating discovery. Heh heh heh.”

“What are you laughing about?”

“It seems as though Dr. Hunter failed to mention a little side effect that the virus has.”

“What are you talking about?!”

“HAHAHA! Snake, you’re so oblivious to everything. You never questioned in your mind why everyone else died from the virus, yet you remained living?”

“Naomi said that I was just the host. Then she went into this boring speech about choosing life and to live. That’s about when I tuned out.”

“Well, it seems that when exposed to strong harmonic resonance, your body goes through some changes. Didn’t you notice that your codec no longer works?”

“What kind of changes?”

“Well just look at your suit, Snake!”

Snake looked down at his skull suit. The suit was made to fit tightly across vital areas to protect them. However, the suit was now a little loose on him? What the...?

“What are you doing to me?!”

“Wait patiently Snake. You’ll find out soon. Just sit back and enjoy the show!”

I’ve got to get out of here.

Snake made a run for the ladder that led back up to the vent. Five guards stood, guarding the ladder.

“Nice try, Snake! But the party’s not over yet.”

Snake felt his stomach churning. He no longer felt well. The skull suit became looser on him, now appearing three sizes too big for him.

“Brother! It seems as though someone needs help picking out clothes that fit.”

What’s happening to me????

Snake looked over at the guards again. One minute ago, he could have taken them out in a second. Now looking over at them, he found them intimidating. He began to grow scared. He felt his face begin to itch. He reached to scratch it, but discovered that all of his facial hair had disappeared. The skull suit was now so loose on him, that it slipped off. Snake looked down. He looked at his penis, seeing that it was much smaller and only starting to grow pubic hair.

“What have you done to me?”

Snake realized that he no longer sounded like a bad-ass. His voice cracked like he was just starting puberty.

“Well, well, Snake! Not so big and powerful anymore are you?”

Snake refocused his attention on Liquid. He had never been afraid of Liquid before. Now he feared him most of all. Every time Liquid spoke, his loud, powerful voice drove fear into Snake. He found himself shaking with fear.

“So, Snake, tell does it feel to be 13 again?”

So that was the side effect he was talking about! Somehow the harmonic resonance triggered the virus to make me younger!

Snake felt the changes begin again. He held his stomach in pain. After five minutes, the pain finally subsided. Snake checked his body. Smooth face, smooth arms, smooth legs. He feared to look between his legs. What once had been his big, manly penis, was now a child’s hairless prepubescent penis. It was only about one inch long and his balls couldn’t have been bigger than the size of grapes.

“NOOOOO!!!!!” Snake screamed in his now childish voice.

Liquid hopped into a Metal Gear RAY and activated it. Through the speakers of the machine, he responded, “Yes, Brother. You are now only nine years old and will regress back to this age whenever there is strong harmonic resonance in an area. You may not be old enough to satisfy Meryl anymore, though. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind taking care of you, if you are still alive."

Snake realized that he couldn’t do anything. He was just a helpless child now. “Change me back, you big bully!”

“Ah, how cute. Snake’s trying to act like a big boy. The show’s over Snake! There is only room for one Big Boss! And apparently you aren’t old enough for the role! HAHAHAHAHA!”

Liquid activated the codes to activate Arsenal Gear. “Well, Brother, this looks like the end. It’s been fun, but I have more important things to do than to play with a little boy. Have a nice life Snake!”

Snake sat naked in the corner. He had wet himself from being so afraid and couldn’t stop himself from crying. All he could do was look on and watch what might be the obliteration of the United States.

Liquid entered Arsenal Gear and the doors closed. A voice coming from within Arsenal announced, “Target Locked for Washington, D.C. Nuclear warhead launching in 5.....4.....3.....2....1....”

“Otacon.....we have a probwum....waaaahhhh!!!!”



End Chapter 1

Metal Gear Solid: Sons of AR

by: maniac78 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 7, 2005


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