Baby business!! (a pokemon story)

by: Writer Nick | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2007

Ash, Misty and Brock hear that a legendary pokemon has been seen near Unown ruins and decide to investigate.

Chapter 1
'Unown' powers at work.

Chapter Description: Ash, Misty and Brock head off to Unown ruins.

It’s a lovely spring morning in the Johto region and our friends have just left the pokemon centre at Violet city where they just enjoyed a good night’s sleep. As they pass the last few houses, they are met by the view of a stunning landscape of green hills and meadows, forests and in the distance the glittering of what seems to be a lake.

“Wow, Ash! This Johto region sure is beautiful!” said Misty delightedly. “I’m so glad you weren’t too tied up in Hoenn to be my guide during my days off from work at the Cerulean city gym!” “Aw, that’s ok”, grinned Ash. I’m actually looking forward to meeting some of my old friends here! How ’bout you, Brock?”

Brock said nothing.

“Ehr... Brock? What’s wrong” asked Ash, turning around to his older friend. Brock was standing still in the middle of the road, a few meters behind them, looking back up the hill towards Violet city. Ash tried to follow Brock’s line of sight to find out what he was staring at, but whatever it was, it was around the curve in the road they had just passed and hidden by some trees.

“Hey, come on, Brock! Aren’t you coming with us?” Ash yelled. When Brock still didn’t respond, Ash decided to run back to him and find out what was wrong. As soon as he approached his friend, a motorcycle came racing around the curve, while the driver hit the brakes, coming to a screeching halt right in front of them. “Hiya kids! Have you seen a Celebi around here by any chance?”

Now Ash understood why Brock was just standing there hypnotized. “No, officer Jenny. The only pokemon I’ve seen these morning were a few Oddish and Gloom. Besides, aren’t Celebi supposed to be really rare? They’re legendary pokemon, aren’t they?”

“That’s right! But this morning, we got a witness at the police station, saying he’d seen a Celebi somewhere around here. Apparently it’s just a baby and I’m worried that poachers will get to it if we don’t find it first!”

“That’s terrible!” Exclaimed Misty, who had now joined them. “Poor baby Celebi. All alone out there. We’ve got to help officer Jenny find it, Ash!”

“You can call me baby, too, officer Jenny...” said Brock, nearly drooling over her police uniform.

“She can call you a pervert and lock you up!”, yelled Misty, pulling Brock away from officer Jenny by his ear.

“Ow! Ow! Ouch! I’ll be good! I’ll behave! Just let go of my ear!” screamed Brock.

“We’ll help you find Celebi” promised Ash, to a somewhat baffled-looking officer Jenny. “Do you have any idea where we should start looking?”

“Well, I can scout the roads using my motorcycle, but I won’t be able to reach the ruins in the south that way, since the roads there are still muddy from yesterday’s rain. Maybe you could go down to the Unown ruins and check them out for me?”

“Sure thing, officer Jenny! Right Pikachu?” “Pi pikachu!” said pikachu. “Let’s go, guys!”, yelled Ash.

“You shouldn’t be searching on your own, officer Jenny! I’ll come along on the back of your motorcycle and keep you close company!”

“She needs help, not balast!”, screamed Misty.

“Ow! Ow! Ouch! My ear!”

“All right, good luck guys! I’ll be going now!” Jenny started her motor and soon disappeared behind another curve, leaving Brock staring after her in tears.”

It took them nearly the entire day to get to the Unown ruins on foot, not least because of Ash’s map-reading skills. By the time they saw the broken walls looming up in front of them, it had already gotten dark and our friends decided to set up their little camp and continue searching the next day.

That night, they were all fast asleep, lying around the smouldering remains of their campfire in their sleeping bags. Each of them was having their own dream.

In Brock’s dream, he saw the officer Jenny from the morning before, smiling and running towards him in a swirling cloud of pink-ish light. “Make a wish, Brock!” winked Jenny as Brock’s heart was beating faster and faster. “Just call me baby, officer Jenny! I want to be your baby!” “Your wish is my command, baby!” Jenny winked again, and Brock leaned over to kiss her, but suddenly, Jenny was gone and in her place was a strange black pokemon, shaped like the letter ’Y’, it’s single eye staring at Brock curiously. Suddenly, Brock started to feel very uncomfortable.

Gasping, Brock woke up from his dream, trying to look around, but not seeing anything except darkness. Something soft but heavy was pressing down on him. Brock tried to push whatever it was off of him, but unsuccessfully. Panicking now, he started to scream on the top of his lungs, but what came out startled him even more.

Pikachu was asleep next to Ash when it woke up due to a rustling sound nearby. When he opened his eyes, he saw something indead. A shadowy shape, floating near where Brock was sleeping. Instantly awake, Pikachu jumped up and started screaming. “Piii pika! Pikapikapika! Pikapii! Pikapii!” The shape turned around, startled and one eye looked at pikachu, just before it floated away into the night sky. Just then, something started screaming in a high-pitched voice.

In Misty’s dream, she was holding her Togepi and hugging it to her breasts as if it were a real baby. She was starting to wonder whether she should breastfeed it, when it started crying in a surprisingly human voice. She tried to calm her togepi down, but nothing seemed to work. Then the dream fell apart and Misty became aware of where she really was. However, the crying hadn’t stopped. Misty opened one eye to see where the crying was coming from. Surprisingly, it seemed to come from Brocks sleeping bag. She got up and started to walk towards Brocks sleeping bag, while noticing from the corner of her eye that Ash was also waking up now.

As she zipped the sleeping bag open, and saw only Brocks night clothes, in an unorderly pile. Brock was nowhere to be seen, but something was moving underneath the clothes. Misty picked up the clothes, and saw, to her surprise, an infant, lying there naked. It was male.

“Aw, that’s so cuuuute!” Misty exclaimed. “Hello little guy! How did you get here?” In response, the baby stopped crying and started making incomprehensible little noises. “My, it almost seems like you’re trying to talk to me now! Yes! Yes! You’re a cute one, aren’t you!” The baby was quiet for a second, then started crying again. “Aw, don’t be sad! Auntie Misty will take good care of you!” You must be cold! Misty picked the child up and hugged it to her chest as she had done with togepi in her dream. She then started to look through her things, searchin for some big t-shirt or something she could wrap the baby in to keep it warm. Then she felt something warm and wet seeping through her night gown onto her stomach. “Oh my! Seems like we’ve got to find you a diaper too, won’t we! Ash! Did you see anyone near here who could be this kid’s mother?” Ash shook his head. “No, I only just woke up. Maybe Brock knows. It was in his sleeping bag after all. By the way... where is Brock?”

Both looked around for Brock, yelling his name for a while. When Brock didn’t show up, they sat down and Misty improvised a diaper for the baby boy, from an old sheet which she tore and some safety pins. She used the rest of the sheet to wrap the baby in, keeping it warm.

Then the two of them started to talk.

“It’s nothing like Brock to just disappear like that.” said Misty. Look! He left all of his things behind. In fact, his night clothes were still in the sleeping bag. And look! Here are his other clothes!

Do you know what that means?”

“That he’s wandering around the forest naked?”, asked Ash stupidly.

“No, you idiot! Look at this baby closely. Doesn’t he remind you of someone? Indeed, the brown eyes and the short brownish-black hair on it’s head did remind Ash a little of someone.

“You don’t suppose....”

“Well... it’s hard to believe, but I can’t think of another explanation. This baby isn’t just some ordinary baby... It’s Brock!”



End Chapter 1

Baby business!! (a pokemon story)

by: Writer Nick | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2007


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