Baby Bunamster

by: CrinkleStar | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 9, 2007

A baby Bunamster (Bunny and Hamster mixed) meets a beutiful Tiger

Chapter 1
The whole thing

Part 1

One day a small little Bunamster was wondering if he’d ever fine true love because this is something he had been wanting for the longest time.

The young Bunamster knew that a lot of people told him to just wait and that it would come to him soon enough but he couldn’t wait. He wanted someone to hug right now.

So one day, despite his many failed attempts to get love he thought he was going to just give up, but then he walked passed a Tiger that for some reason he couldn’t look away from.

This Tiger was the absolute most beautiful thing the Bunamster had ever saw, her hair was blondish, she was small, and he face was so gorgeous that it shined, he almost peed his pants from the glow radiating from her.

luckily the Bunamster didn’t ever pee his pants because he was really a baby on the inside, so he nervously walked up to the Tiger and said "Hello" and then really did pee from being nervous.

Then the Tiger said "Hi" but for some reason she wasn’t smiling but had a beautiful voice so the Bunamster couldn’t walk away.

So the Bunamster nervously engaged in a nice little chat with the Tiger and soon realized that him and the Tiger had a lot in common, but soon the Bunamster had to go home, the wet diaper he was wearing made him begin itching badly.

So the Bunamster said his goodbyes and scurried home promising to talk to the Tiger tomorrow.

She giggled as she notice him walk funny away.

When the Bunamster got home he ran to his room and started to change but all he could think of was the beautiful Tiger from earlier staring at a dumb baby and changing him and begin to cry because he knew she would never like him for how he was.

So then it was nighty night time and the Bunamster slept like the little baby he is because it made him feel better. Finally morning came and the Bunamster woke up and went to eat breakfast wishing that time would just hurry up so he could go outside and wait for the beautiful Tiger.

Finally time came and the Bunamster scurried out the door with a fresh diaper on and a bag of sunflower seed and he waited on a bench were he met the Tiger the day before

He waited endless hours and finally she came walking up and he almost peed his pants again out of excitement.

When she came near him she sat with him and they began talking again but this time it was a little more deep, finally the Bunamster worked up enough courage to ask the Tiger out on a date to the hill top that over looked the whole city and she said yes, he was so happy he peed his diaper and blushed, when she asked what was wrong he said "nothing nothing, just so happy, I promise" she accepted this lie and again he had to leave due to an itch.

He got home and told his mommy that he had met the most extraordinary girl and that they were going on a date the next night.

Then he ran to his room and once again, cried during a changing because the thought and dream in his head and finally fell asleep.

Morning came and the Bunamster was anxious for the night to come and was making sure everything was perfect.

Finally it was time for him to go and pick up his date so he very nervously walked up to her house and rang the doorbell.

She answered and what he say almost made him faint, there was the Tiger, dressed in the most beautiful dress he had ever seen, it was pure red with black flowers all over and her hair was fixed up just like a models hair would be.

He caught himself and then took her by the hand and they walked up to the hill top and sat on a blanket the Bunamster had brought along.

It was a full moon so the two laid in each others arms and held each other watching the moon and begin talking about their pasts.

The Bunamster wet himself and thought about how he is now going to have to leave soon but then told himself "well I’ll be ok as long as I don’t wet again, this girl is to beautiful" and so he stayed safe in her arms and hugged her tightly.

They spent hours held snuggly in each others arms until he felt the urge to pee again and tried to ignore it. Finally it came to him that he couldn’t hold it anymore and got up and said "I am so sorry but I really need to go home now" and the Tiger really didn’t want him to so she held him saying "please don’t go, please, I think.... I think I love you" and kissed him on the check.

He was instantly hypnotized by the kiss and forget that he had to pee so badly and started kissing her checks and hands slowly making his way closer and closer to her mouth

Then, when he was one kiss away from what he had been waiting for since the day he was born, he wet himself uncontrollable and it leaked and his pants begin to get really wet and he started to cry.

: The Tiger ran over to him hugging him tightly asking what was wrong then she felt a wet spot moving close to her on the ground and the Bunamster said "I....I...My diaper leaked, I am sorry that I wet you, I understand you’d never like a baby like me" and cried really deeply.

She then said "aww, I don’t care if your a baby, I kind of like that your different, you can be my baby....I mean, if you want" then kissed his forehead.

Then the Bunamster stopped crying and looked up and said "rea....really?". The Tiger said "Of course silly, I love you". Then the Bunamster said "I love you too" and they kissed and hugged for another hour despite the wetness.

Part 2

The Bunamster got up the next morning and packed his bag because his new girlfriend had invited him over for the whole day since no parents were going to be there and they could hang out and do anything and she said she wanted to do something fun for the both of them so she told him to pack his baby stuff so he had an idea of what was going to happen on his part but he didn’t know what was going to make her have fun.

So he left his house about 10AM right after breakfast and raced down to the Tigers house and she was waiting outside for him. She invited him in and they both gladly walked in holding hands which he thought was normal.

Upon walking in he saw a kitchen, the living room, and a den that looked like it was for a little baby boy, and he asked "You never told me you had a baby brother?"

She said "Oh, I must have forget to mention it, silly me" and they both laughed.

They both realized something right then, they never asked each other for their names and giggled and finally asked. The Bunamster was Robbie and the Tiger was Ellan.

Robbie asked Ellan where could he set his bag at and she said in the den next to the chair. As he walked in he saw so many baby toys that he almost fainted then remembered that they’re not his and sighed.

"Boy, what I’d give to be a baby again...." said Robbie then walked back to Ellan and gave her a kiss.

She smiled and said "But you are a baby silly" and she giggled. "You know what I mean silly" said Robbie and they both giggled. "So what are we doing today?" asked Robbie.

Ellan replied by saying "Oh, something fun, I made you some brownies why don’t you have some" and handed Robbie 3 brownies, she knew Robbie loved brownies and so he happily ate them quickly and washed it all down with some milk she poured for him. "They taste good?" she asked. "A little funny tasting but really good" replied Robbie

"Whoa.... I feel a little sleepy all the sudden" Said Robbie. "Hehe, I know, you’re suppose to, why don’t you grab your Pacifier and lay down on the mat in the Den" said Ellan.

"You wouldn’t mind?" questioned Robbie. "Not at all dear" said Ellan.

Robbie quickly did as asked and was soon knocked out.

A few hours later Robbie woke up and stretched, wiping his eyes he yawned and remembered he was at Ellan’s house.

He looked around and noticed things looked a little different, everything was bigger and he looked like he was in a cage.

After a few minutes he realized he was in the playpen that was set up in the Den, and so he started to stand up and walk out but soon found out he couldn’t stand and he fell on his butt.

He begin to cry and didn’t know why, soon Ellan rushed in and picked him up which he found to be a surprise. Then she started saying "awww, there, there, it’s ok baby, mommies here now".

Well, Ellan grabbed a bottle of warm milking and started feeding it to her Boy...well... Babyfriend Robbie. He uncontrollably started drinking from it noticing it was still very odd that he felt like everything was messed up.

Afterwards she burped little Robbie and set him back in the playpen to play, and Robbie tried to say "thank you Ellan" but all that came out was baby babble and then it hit him. Those brownies were babying brownies, Ellan had made little Robbie into what he always wanted to be, but leaving him speechless made Robbie start crying.

Ellan knew it probably would so she had some music set up in a small CD player/boom box near him, it was Fall Out Boy because she loved when he tried to sing it. She turned it on and the song happen to be Dance, Dance. She knew Robbie was trying to learn the song because it made her happy and Robbie began goo’ing and gaa’ing all the words to the song and she couldn’t help but laugh to herself.

This also made Robbie happy that she thought ahead of time.

Soon the song was done along with a few more and Robbie started getting bored and he wanted to play because he knew that’s all he could do in the playpen. "After all, I am in a PLAYpen and I am a baby now." he thought, "I wonder when I’ll change back, maybe I can still write so I can ask Ellan" He soon looked for some crayons but didn’t see any but he did find a big bouncy ball and he couldn’t help but go and tackle it

so Robbie went and tackled the ball and hit the ground hard, normally it wouldn’t have hurt him but he forgot his body wasn’t as adept to pain as it formally was so he began to cry, soon Ellan was on her way in to her poor baby and picked him up telling him "Mommy is here now, it’s ok". As she held little Robbie up, Robbie spotted some paper and a pencil. When Ellan put little Robbie back in the playpen he started pointing at the pencil and paper.

Ellan turned and saw what he was pointing to and quickly said "No no baby, you might poke your eye out". Robbie began crying and throwing a temper tantrum on the floor and she put a Pacifier in his mouth because she knew Robbie loved his Pacifier and soon Robbie forgot what he was trying to do all together and happily sucked the Pacifier.

Around 2PM there was a phone call, Ellan answered it and it was her mom. They chatted while Robbie rolled around in the playpen and finally she hung up and said "Well baby, looks like you and me are going on a trip".

"A trip" thought Robbie, "Outside? No no, she can’t mean that, people will recognize me" Ellan got he purse and a diaper bag she had bought a day before and packed a few things for baby Robbie, and she picked him up and put him in a stroller. As they approached the door Robbie began screaming and crying because he didn’t want to go outside.

"Aww baby," said Ellan, "We have to, don’t worry, no one will notice silly" and she pushed him out the door heading towards Wal-Mart.

When they got to Wal-Mart the sliding doors open and a rush of cool air swept passed the two making Robbie giggle. They walked inside and "The Beatles" were on the intercom system, as they walked up and down the isle Robbie began to feel the urge to pee. He decided to hold it, but then it was really bad since the brownies forced his big bladder into a tiny one.

Robbie began crying loudly and Ellan tried to calm him by telling him it’s ok and giving him his Pacifier but he refused it all.

Soon Robbie was in a temper tantrum and this was embarrassing her so she strolled over to the bathrooms and pulled him out of the stroller saying "fine, you want to fully be a baby about things I will be a full mommy on things, sorry love but you are doing this to yourself." and she started doing the unthinkable, she began to spank him, Robbie couldn’t believe it, this morning he was bigger then his girlfriend and could easily keep her back and now with one hand she overcame him.

She spanked him a little harder with each hit, a total of 15 hits.

Then it stopped....Robbie peed himself and it was leaking because the condensed bladder. "Aww poor baby" said Ellan and she was cooing him and cuddling him closely, then took him in the women’s changing room and began changing him.

Robbie laid there in tears, the thought that raced through his mind when he changed himself at home was now a reality. All he could do was lay there and let it happen. He knew what would happen if he were to try and move.

Finally Ellan finished and chuckled to herself while admiring her work "Looks like I did good for a first try, good thing he told me how to in the 10 steps that one time, I knew it’d come in handy".

She then picked Robbie back up and stuck him back in the stroller. Robbie still half full of tears, sat there without a word as they finished the shopping. As they waited in line Ellan spotted out an adorable little Bunamster doll that was short, fat, and brown and got it for her "Boyfriend".

They quickly got home and she let Robbie crawl around a bit. Robbie crawled around and found a small CARDBOARD BOX with crayons and paper on it, he was so happy from his luck. He began to write without even looking, what he thought he wrote was "Ok, can you change me back now?" so he handed it to Ellan, when she looked at it, all she say was colorful lines and shapes. "Aww, little Wobbie drew mommy a picture, I know you probably want to change back now don’t you".

Robbie proudly nodded and was so happy. Ellan grabbed some growing up brownies and began to hand them to Robbie when all the sudden her dog shot through the room making Ellan trip and the brownies flew into the garbage compacter and was instantly shredded into the rest or the trash.

Robbie and Ellan both looked at each other for over a minute in pure horror and Robbie began crying and so did Ellan. Ellan held Robbie close to her and began apologizing for what happened and said "Robbie....we can’t....those brownies.... Only my Great Grandmother knew how to make them, and she passed away last week, I am so sorry, but I am’ll have to grow up again."



End Chapter 1

Baby Bunamster

by: CrinkleStar | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 9, 2007


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