The Passer Conspiracy

by: Alec Leamus | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 25, 2007

Rita visits an old college classmate and discovers a dark secret.

Chapter 1
The Passer Conspiracy

Please note that I did NOT write this story. I contributed the story idea to Ferver as a commission and he wrote the story.

The Passer Conspiracy

By: Ferver

Story idea By: Alec Leamus

The old Chevrolet convertible traveled along the road as the moon continued a slow slide behind the horizon. Darkness had long since set in and rays of silver light were still living in the momentary instant between twilight and darkened pitch giving her the illusion that her hair was a flowing river of lava as it was carried along by the artificial winds. The young woman gripped the wheel and guided the aging vehicle toward her destination; a laboratory. Her name was Rita; the laboratory belonged to a friend of hers, a doctor that went by the name of Robert Passer.

Rita thought back as she continued the journey to the doctor’s solitary sanctum. A few hours earlier she had received a frantic call from Passer, he was saying that he needed help, that he had nowhere else to go. He asked her to meet her. It was against her better judgment but she decided to make the journey, she was not the type of person who could ignore a plea for help, and the doctor had been very kind in aiding her in her own time of need.

Six months ago Rita had found herself verging on a cliff financially, nothing too major but something unavoidable. Before the hammer of capitalism could fall on her, however a lifeline was tossed to the twenty nine year old woman. The lifeline came in the form of an offer to participate in a scientific study. The offer had come from a friend of whom she had not heard from in a number of years.

His name was Doctor Robert Passer, though he had not always held such a prestigious title. A number of years ago his name was just Robert Passer, a student at a university in San Diego California. While they were barely out of high school the pair had become friends, just friends, and while they shared some laughs and shared some tears eventually the two grew apart. Robert had accepted a scholarship grant to MIT and Rita had moved on to pursue a career in modeling and acting.

The years had passed and then one day in the early morning Rita’s telephone had rung. She groaned a bit as sunlight entered through the breaks in the Venetian blinds covering the windows of her bedroom before she turned over and reached, fumbling for the receiver through still closed eyes. Pulling the phone across the bed she answered as she fought off a yawn, “Hello?”

Rita blinked her eyes open, forcing the sleep from them as a voice from the past had come over the receiver, “Good morning Rita,” The nasally man’s voice greeted her, “It has been a long time.”

It wouldn’t be long before the man had made an offer to Rita; he wanted her to take part in an independent government sponsored series of experiments. The experiments of course were kept mostly hidden. Every week for a few months Rita would come to Doctor Passer’s laboratory to have a few tests run, and have a few samples taken, nothing important really, a simple lock of hair, a swab of her gums, and once even a single small blood sample. Rita had thought very little about the tests and was paid fairly well, more than enough to sate her needs, and a bit left over to allow her some private pleasures.

When her phone had rung at twelve o’clock in the evening Rita had answered it slightly irritated at the interruption. The voice on the other end of the line was that of Doctor Passer. Her surprise caused those feelings to vanish as she heard the panicked tone in which he spoke. He had asked for her help and said that there was no time to talk. She threw on a simple white blouse, pulled on a blue skirt, and went to her car.

Rita arrived at the doors to the laboratory, the cool breeze left her shivering in the night air, wishing, not for the first time, that she had remembered to bring a sweater or thought to change into a pair of pants before leaving her apartment complex. Her green eyes flickered to the laboratory door, its glass panes were broken and the shattered glass had come to rest on the inside of the laboratory’s entryway. She took a deep breath before stepping over the threshold.

A few feet in she eyed an overturned planter, a small potted tree some kind of Ficus, lay across the floor in the hallway, as if laying dead and awaiting a chalk outline. She continued down that hallway, following the path of destruction, obvious signs of a struggle. Not for the first time Rita wondered just what kind of experiments the government was working on.

Passing through a jarred door Rita soon found herself in one of the many examination rooms that she had seen during her time here at Professor Passer’s laboratory. A dizzying array of equipment lined the wall of the white coated room, the smell of sterilization solution still hung in the air. Her next clue that something was wrong would come in the shape of Doctor Passer’s lab coat, which lay haphazardly on the floor of the examination room.

She lifted the coat up and examined it, hesitant to call out, in case whoever had done the damage here was still lurking in the shadows. As she righted the fabric a small card with a black strip along its back fell out onto the floor. Rita recognized that card, it was the access key that Passer had used whenever he opened the doors to the rooms beyond the examination area, the doors that were marked with yellow letters that announced, “Authorized Personnel Only” to those who would think about passing through them and learning what secrets would await in the darkness beyond.

If she was going to get to the bottom of this Rita knew that she would have to follow the white rabbit down the hole. The fire-haired woman made her way to the reinforced doors that had piqued her curiosity only momentarily before, now seemingly unable to get their warning message out of her mind. As she inserted the key into the sliding reader to the right of the door she heard a soft beep and saw a green LED flash on the small black lock.

The door slid soundlessly open, and the dark room beckoned to Rita. She gingerly placed a foot through the archway and crept slowly inside. Rita let out a gasp as the doors swiftly slid shut behind her. The darkness seemed almost palpable; however lasted only a moment before the automatic lights of the room softly glowed to life.

Inside the room was all manner of scientific equipment, some she could recognize, some she could not. Her eyes swept first the items that she could identify: computers, monitors, microscopes, refrigerators. Then her eyes fell on the things that she could not place: odd organic looking platforms, strange orbs of mercury that seemed to hang in the air, and even some kind of light that was sweeping over something on a raised pedestal. Somehow, without knowing how, Rita knew that was where she had to go.

Rita made her way up to the steps, seeing more signs of struggle, more overturned equipment, and she even saw a small spot of blood. The evidence she saw made her certain that her friend Doctor Passer had been abducted; however she still had no idea by whom, or for what reasons. Finally she reached the top of the small stairs and saw a huge glass cylinder that towered over her short five foot two inch frame. Rita approached the glass and let out a gasp at what she saw; herself.

Rita slipped backward, recoiling from the sight revealed before her. The beautiful red headed woman slammed hard into a panel, slapping it with her back with a jarring force. She reached back with her hands steadying herself, afraid that she might stumble and fall from the raised platform. As her hands contacted with the strange faceplate of the panel a green light blazed to life and a rush of liquid released from the bottom of the dais and draining into a catch on the floor. Glancing at her double Rita could see that the liquid in the tank that suspended the body was rapidly lowering.

Regaining her composure Rita stepped forward, looking at the woman in the tank. It was unsettling to see, as the form in the tank was definitely her own. Rita looked over her own body, she was petite but well proportioned, her chest was by no means small, yet her breasts were also not overly large, she liked to think of them as perfect for her frame. Her most striking features were her emerald eyes, long flowing hair, and as Doctor Passer had once mentioned jokingly to her, “Your face could launch enough ships to make even Helen of Troy flush green with envy.”

The clone however seemed to share her traits in spades. She was no doubt attractive, Rita would even say gorgeous if she didn’t possess a sense of humbleness. The first difference between the women that Rita could notice was that her doppelganger’s chest was a small bit larger and her lithe body was more toned. Rita could see herself with a similar physique if she had more time to spend at the gym and the help of a personal trainer; all in all she thought that it was quite surreal to be looking at what seemed to be a somehow enhanced version of her own body.

As the final bit of liquid drained from the holding tank a loud hiss erupted from the clear cylinder. Rita could see an edge now in what seemed like a seamless glass barrier. The edge became more pronounced as it slid outward and along the edge, it took a moment for Rita to realize that she was looking at a door. She glanced through it and was forced to take yet another couple of steps backward; her doppelganger had moved, her head had turned, her eyes had opened, and she was staring directly into Rita.

The clone held her emerald gaze for a few moments before moving, her body at first stiff but improving with each step. By the time she had reached the doorway Rita could see that she moved with the grace of a ballet dancer. The newly freed woman swept her emerald gaze over Rita, “Thank you for releasing me,” she began, “You must be Rita. You may call me Tari.”

Rita balked for a moment unable to fathom what she should say, her clone, as what Rita suspected it was, knew who she was. Her voice was the same as Rita’s was, which surprised her as she expected a clone to sound somehow cold or emotionless. Trying to regain her footing and cover up her shock and surprise she attempted to respond, “Tari?” she asked sounding rather dull even to her own ears. She pronounced the name as: Tah-rhee.

“You must be very surprised,” Tari said as she stretched her nude perfect form, “I know that Doctor Passer was unable to disclose the nature of his experiments to you though I had assumed that you would have figured them out after he took numerous DNA samples from you.” She cocked her head to the side quizzically, “Perhaps I gave you too much credit?”

Rita flushed a reddish color at Tari’s words. It was more than just dialogue; it was the way that she said them, as if she were appraising a child’s progress. The embarrassment was enough to snap her out of her stupor however, “What are you?” she asked immediately regretting her question, for she had instinctively come to think of the clone as a rival and the simple question again seemed to make her sound ignorant.

The clone smiled and ran her fingers through her own scarlet tresses, “I am a clone.” She responded, “Though I can tell that isn’t what you meant to ask. Doctor Passer was working on human genetic augmentation.” She paused for a moment to allow her words to sink in, “The Doctor was working on a way to enhance my brain and mental abilities,” she explained, “Though he was abducted before he could finish the augmentation.”

Those words triggered something in Rita’s mind, “Wait, you mean you saw what happened?” she asked her double. “Oh yes,” Tari responded, “Although I was in the suspension fluid, I was aware. Though I must admit that my memories are a bit cloudy.” The clone admitted, “That is why we must find the Doctor. Only he can complete my augmentation and allow me to reach my full potential.” She posed for a moment, thrusting her chin out, “You see Rita I was to be a new wave of human. I was to be more than human, a super human if you would.”

Rita blinked, unsure if her doppelganger was stable, “Wait, this is way too strange.” She said, “We don’t need to find Doctor Passer, we need to call the police, and let them do their job.” She said as forcefully as she could. She was a bit shocked at the seemingly regretful look that had come over Tari’s face.

“I am very sorry you feel that way Rita.” She said, “However I can’t allow that. I must find Doctor Passer and achieve my destiny.” Tari let out a sigh and grasped Rita by her wrist causing Rita to let out a small groan of pain, Tari’s grip was like a steel vice, she could not hope to overpower the enhanced woman. “I had hoped that we could be friends.” She said as she began leading the normal woman away, Rita could not help but be dragged along, regardless of how hard she struggled.

Rita tried to pull away as she was lead to an adjoining room, her attempts however were fruitless. “Are you going to kill me?” she asked her captor, genuine fear in her voice as she looked around the room. The room was dwarfed by a massive conveyor belt fed machine, the belt lead into a large rust colored tube.

The clone frowned genuinely shocked by the inquiry, “Of course not dear Rita.” She said with a touch of motherliness to her voice, “I could never hurt you; after all we are both the same.” Tari said as she pulled Rita closer to the conveyor belt. “Though you are too young to understand what is best for you.” She placed Rita’s struggling body on the conveyor belt and pressed a button on a nearby panel. There was a snap of electricity and the smell of ozone filled the area, Rita’s eyes widened as she realized that some kind of invisible pressure was holding her in place. The tube’s entrance gained on her and before she knew it she was enveloped in darkness.

The entryway into the tube closed and Rita felt the pressure that held her lessen, she could once again move however inside the tube she had nowhere to go. A soft white glow illuminated her prison. From the look of the inside Rite surmised that this particular machine had not been used in quite some time, Passer must have abandoned this project some time ago. The ceiling of the chamber possessed a mirrored finish, allowing Rita to see the entire length of her own body.

Just as she turned to look for a way out a dozen panels within her cylindrical jail slid open to reveal a series of robotic humanoid hand-like appendages. The hands lifted Rita from the conveyor floor and expertly began to remove articles of her clothing. First her blouse was pulled off, revealing her white bra, which was also quick to follow. Meanwhile at the same time her shoes, socks, and skirt met the same fate. Rita tried to gasp at her underwear but the strong, and strangely soft feeling, metallic hands kept her from achieving a hold. Within moments Rita was left naked as a newborn babe.

She tried to wiggle forward, hoping to find a way out when she felt the strong pressure force itself on her once again, pinning her to her back in the odd chamber. Three hands extended toward Rita, then two more lowered and held her arms away from her body. The original trio all released sprays of a cold gentle liquid that coated Rita’s body like a soft mist.

Rita heard a fizzing sound and glanced at the mirror, she wondered if she had been coated with acid. She could see that her body hair had mostly vanished, dissolved by the spray, even her long red hair was thinned by the chemicals, each strand becoming thinner and more slender. Her eyes were drawn to her crotch, which now sat bald and hairless, like that of a child’s. Rita squeezed her eyes shut and hoped that she would somehow awaken from what had to be a nightmare.

Her eyes snapped open however a moment later when she felt some kind of freezing foam sprayed over her exposed chest. She felt her skin pull on itself as she watched the reflection. Her B-Cup breasts began to recede, shrinking, pulling back toward her chest, soon they were an A-Cup, and moments after that they were not even that. Rita looked with fascination, her chest was barely developed enough to need a training bra now. She resembled a very large pre-pubescent child.

Rita next felt herself lifted once more off of the conveyor floor by the strange pressure that was holding her down. It must have been some kind of containment field. More robotic hands extended from the chamber walls, their fingers released oils and lotions and began rubbing them into Rita’s skin. At first the actions did not seem to do anything, but then Rita felt herself becoming smaller, was she shrinking?

It took her only a moment to realize what was happening. Rita was becoming younger. She watched as her body slipped backward, first she looked like she had when she was twenty five, then she looked like a teenager again. The eighteen year old staring back at her quickly vanished to be replaced by a fifteen year old girl, the changes were still occurring as the conveyor carried her out.

Rita blinked as she exited the tube, nobody would believe she was a twenty nine year old woman with a college degree now. She looked down at her small hairless frame and thought that she would be lucky if she could pass for a sixth grader. Glancing up she could see Tari towering over her.

Tari was clad in Rita’s old clothing, which must have been discarded by the machine. Her blouse was stretched a bit over the clone’s larger breasts and her skirt was tight against the now older woman’s more defined legs. She smiled down at Rita, “Welcome back honey.” She said with a sugary-sweet tone as she sat down beside her and pulled her over her knees.

The young girl squirmed however she knew that she was unable to fight off the enhanced woman while she was an adult, she had no chance now that she was the size and had the strength of an elementary school student. Tears stung her face involuntarily as Tari brought a hand sternly down onto Rita’s exposed rear end and she was forced to stifle a cry.

“You were a very bad girl.” The clone said as she again brought her hand down on the child’s bottom, “Now I want you to listen to your Mother.” She issued forth another strike from her poised hand. “I am in charge now, do you understand?” she asked the now bawling Rita.

Rita gasped, trying to force air into her lungs, she could bear the pain, but the humiliation was too much for her. “You aren’t my mother!” she raged through tears as she continued to try to gain breath. Her mind reeled, she was just spanked by herself, not even that, she was spanked by a version of herself that had only been alive for less than six months. She hadn’t been spanked since she was a child, which she also knew she once again was.

Tari held Rita close, and gently rubbed her back as the child gradually regained her breath. She knew that Rita had to be in shock still and it would pass, Rita would see that Tari only had her best interests at heart. After all, she was the next evolution, she was a perfect human. Compared to her Rita was only a child anyway, now she simply was physically as well.

After her breathing had returned to normal Rita was pulled back from the older woman. She was lifted up to Tari’s eye level and the pair’s jade eyes locked with one another. “Now sweetie,” the Doppelganger began, “Are you ready to listen to your mother and be a good girl?” She asked.

Rita looked as if she was contemplating for a second before she twisted her cherubic face into an expression of outrage, she could not believe what this woman was doing. She pulled her own head back and unleashed a bolt of saliva in her rival’s face. The expression of shock and resentment on Tari’s face brought a momentary smile to Rita’s face before she found herself lifted easily into the air.

The pre-adolescent child kicked and screamed at Tari, raging at her as she saw where the clone was bringing her. The conveyor belt, she was planning to push her back through again. Rita wasn’t exactly sure what the machine would do to her if she passed through it again but the child did not want to find out. Unfortunately no matter how hard she struggled she once again found herself restrained on the conveyor and inevitably back once again into the chamber.

Rita awaited the same as before, but the panels that opened the last time stayed still. The child noticed that this time a different set of openings became visible however. The child felt herself levitated again by the strange containment field and she was turned so that she was facing down. Suddenly she felt another series of whacks impact onto her delicate backside.

Trying to hold back a cry of pain the girl bit on her lip but was overcome, and she let out a child’s wail just as she had done while in Tari’s grasp. As her mouth opened another arm intersected her mouth’s path and a mint flavored spray went into her mouth. So surprised by this she was that her cry was almost cut off, however it persisted, though sounded different. The wail was now a baby’s cry.

Rita felt a shifting in her mouth suddenly as well, something did not feel right. Instinctively Rita began to probe her mouth with her tongue and that was when she realized what was wrong. Her teeth, they had retracted, many of them were gone, she could feel only numbs of some of the others.

Rita felt herself turned over and set back down on the conveyor floor, only there was something soft and padded underneath her, she glanced at the mirrored reflection and saw that she was sitting in a diaper. Though she was surprised to see such a thing there, she had a feeling that it was not just an idle bluff.

More oils and lotions covered her and she could feel herself shrinking once again. Her somewhat girlish form faded away entirely as she gained baby fat and her body became smaller than her head in proportion. She was a toddler, possibly even a baby; it was too hard for her to tell. She swallowed hard as she saw what was coming next.

A sprinkle of baby powder covered her groin as one of the robotic hands spread it gently over her nether region. A second set of hands whirled into motion as they expertly pulled the diaper up between little Rita’s legs forcing them apart slightly. The hands taped the diaper in place and gave the baby a soft pat on the bottom. As the pressure field disengaged again and the conveyor carried Rita out her thumb somehow found its way to her mouth.

The infant’s world spun as she was lifted up by the towering clone. The woman tucked the child into the crook of her arm, “I’m sorry I had to do that honey.” Tari said as she cradled Rita, “But you’ll see,” she said, “I’ll be a great Mommy.” She opened her blouse up with one hand and guided little Rita to her breast, “I know you aren’t my real baby.” Tari said, “But thanks to my body control I can lactate if I want to, I always wanted to know what it was like to feed a baby.”

The adult mind within the infantile body resisted the natural urges that the body now possessed. She was drained from crying, it was late, and she was hungry. She felt the slightly sweet milk on her lips and couldn’t help but suckle. As the thick liquid tumbled down her throat she began to drift off to a baby’s slumber.

Tari carried the infant out toward the car that Rita formerly drove, she knew that it would be a good number of years before Rita drove anything other than a tricycle now anyway. She sat in the driver’s side still cradling the child in her arm, she would have to pick up a car seat for her new baby before she could continue her quest.

With her new daughter asleep and still sucking on her breast the ruby haired super woman drove off into the night on her quest to find Doctor Passer and complete her mission. Rita meanwhile dreamed adult dreams, and although asleep was still trying to find a way that she might one day escape her second childhood...

The End... For Now.



End Chapter 1

The Passer Conspiracy

by: Alec Leamus | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 25, 2007


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