The Montford Reduction

by: Alec Leamus | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 11, 2021

A young woman takes an expiramental drug to grow taller.

Chapter 1
The Montford Reduction

Chapter Description: A young petite woman takes an experimental drug to grow to her full and intended height. The results take a dramatic turn.

This is a commission from Vended aka Areat. It is an age regression story which bends away from my normal path. This version is the revised version of Cookie Crumbles. It is very similar, but certain scenes have been omitted and the perspective of the protagonist has been adjusted. And although the story retains a familiar plot to Cookie Crumbles it almost reads as a different story. You can visit my website to read it and other stories too.

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The Montford Reduction

by Alec Leamus


Katherine Emerson was ecstatic. She giddily floated out of the board room and circulated among her colleagues. She collected their kudos with an unwavering smile which propelled her directly into her corner office.

Katherine’s office was a badge of pride. She had struggled and, in some cases, even fought to earn it. It was the perfect place to bask in her recent success. Her final presentation to the board demonstrated her research team had completed their final stages of development for an upgraded satellite intercommunication. The board was incredibly pleased. The government applications alone were vast. 

Katherine was only twenty-seven years old, but her business achievements had been arduous. Often, she felt she wasn’t taken seriously due to her height. This was not a new experience for Katherine. At a young age she had simply stopped growing when she reached four foot nine. Of course, she always told people she was five feet. And no one seemed to quibble about the missing three inches since Katherine usually wore heels to hide her diminutive stature.

Katherine was blonde and had a young face. However, her curvaceous figure dispelled any thoughts concerning her petite size. She was definitely a woman. She was blessed with 34 C cup breasts and a well-rounded behind.

Katherine gazed out of her office at the breathtaking view of the city and the hilltops beyond. Excelsior Global occupied the top floors of the shimmering Baskin building. The glass and chrome structure commanded the business district and loomed ominously above Market street. Katherine felt good but soon the dark cloud of insecurity gathered.

Katherine popped the phone off her desk and dialed her best friend, Carol. In minutes Katherine forgot her mood and decorum and filled the office with excited squeals. Nearby heads turned at the uncharacteristic elation. Katherine rose and quickly closed her office door.

“They were drooling when I explained the profit margins,” Katherine explained.

“So, how much of a bonus did they give you?” Carol pressed.

“I knew you’d ask that. Well let me just say they were generous, very generous,” Katherine added. “I essentially solved their software issues, so, they were grateful.”

 “So, are you going to do it?” Carol prodded. “Are you?”

“I think so,” Katherine answered. “It’s a lot of money but you know how I feel.”

Yes, I do Katie,” Carol joked.

“You are such a brat,” Katherine replied and feigned offense at the nickname.

The two ladies chatted further and talked in the way that old friends do without really saying anything. It was a conversation of reminiscences and encouragement. Twenty minutes later Katherine ended the call confused. Carol made several positive points but also countered them with opposing financial concerns.

Katherine had struggled against the stigma of her height for years. It was only in romantic situations she found her size an advantage. But as she moved into the business world, it had become a disadvantage.

She had enjoyed some successes, but part of her felt neglected in the business world. On more than one occasion an executive had symbolically patted her “pretty head” and told her not to worry.

She knew she had been passed over for many projects. And in her darker moments she questioned if her triumphs had been condescended to her. Katherine’s perspective was skewed, and she yearned to alter her view. Katherine desired to be a full-grown woman.

Katherine received her share of teasing in junior high and high school, but it never bothered her too much. But she was self-conscious during athletics and especially afterward in the showers. It seemed other girls developed faster and more dramatically than Katherine. She eventually caught up except in the height department.

A slight chemical imbalance had inhibited her growth. This resulted in her diminished height. It was labeled “Growth Hormone Deficiency” or “GHD”. Katherine’s parents were responsible in their pursuit to treat the malady but there wasn’t anything significantly wrong. Phrases like “late bloomer” and “wait a few years” from various doctors placated any aggressive treatment.

It was only when Katherine turned twenty, she learned the truth of her condition. She had “GHD”, but no doctor ever made this diagnosis. Female children develop as early as age nine. Once they begin menstruation the body takes over and releases the proper chemicals and soon after a young girl grows breasts. In Katherine’s case nerve signals to her pituitary gland were reduced. In some cases, even blocked. And, of course, when a woman turns eighteen her development slows and stops.

Katherine swiveled her office chair and stared past her tinted reflection. Outside her sixteenth-floor window small tufts of white clouds dotted the blue sky. Katherine never had much time for cloud gazing, but she identified with the Cumulus. She felt stuck too.

After her father passed, she felt responsible to care for her mother. So, she focused her energies on school and her career. This left little time for any extracurricular activities.

Now at age twenty-seven, to all outward appearances, Katherine seemed to have an amazing life. But pieces were missing. Rectifying her physical appearance was the solution to complete the picture. Years ago, this would have been only a dream, but the past ten years had produced fantastic medical advances.

“Daydreaming again?” Veronica interrupted.

Katherine spun and faced her accuser.

“No. Thinking.”

“Don’t hurt yourself,” Veronica smirked. “Anyway, here are the updates. Benning wants them checked before they go to legal,” the tall brunette sneered.

She dropped the packet on Katherine’s desk.

“Well, you…can…” Katherine stopped.

Veronica had already disappeared into the corridor.

Veronica Shores!

Another problem Katherine wanted to correct. Veronica embodied every mean girl Katherine had ever encountered. Her appearance alone was enough to rile feelings of jealousy or inadequacy. The five-foot ten raven haired beauty possessed a dark exotic quality and was blessed with a generous womanly figure. Her large breasts generated numerous neck sprains in men and her firm backside wiggled in a constant taunt. Katherine imagined she rehearsed her flirtations each day in the same disciplined manner as a professional musician.

However, it wasn’t Veronica’s voluptuous shape which caused strife for Katherine. It was how Veronica employed it. While standing in meetings Veronica consistently positioned herself next to Katherine. At first, she thought Veronica was being friendly, but quickly realized she wished to accentuate her superior height.

Veronica never openly intimidated Katherine. Her behavior always remained ambiguous. Veronica was clever and any objections from Katherine were always dismissed as a misunderstanding.

However, Veronica took tremendous pleasure in flaunting her very developed figure. She wore low cut blouses and short skirts. A point which Katherine surmised was a primary cause for her lack of advancement in the company.

Veronica generally remained professional in the office but when Katherine and Veronica were alone her demeanor shifted. She degenerated into snide remarks and mean-spirited pranks to undermine Katherine. She pushed her large breasts into Katherine’s face by turning suddenly too close to her. Once before a meeting Veronica secretly swapped Roger Colson’s office chair with Katherine’s chair. Roger Colson was an extra-large accountant and his oversized chair accommodated him perfectly. But when Katherine slipped into the seat, she appeared comically dwarfed.

Veronica’s taunts were also subtle. She left books on Katherine’s desk with the title “short stories” prominently printed. After an office order was filled Veronica left an oversized novelty pencil on Katherine’s desk. Most of the personnel viewed these jibes as good-natured fun, but Katherine understood their true meaning. Outwardly she joined in the jest but internally she struggled and knew she needed a change.

Over the years Katherine researched her condition but her hours online produced limited results. So, she sought alternative solutions and enhancements, but none were satisfying or long lasting. It seemed she would have to accept her condition and bear the brunt of less enlightened minds.

Fortunately, luck revealed a new path. A few months ago, Katherine attended a busy reception. As she crossed the crowded room she turned and almost toppled a waiter serving cocktails. However, the skirmish facilitated a chance meeting with Dr. Crandall who caught her before she fell. Katherine gazed into his blue eyes and marveled. He reminded Katherine of her late father which perhaps is the reason she was distracted in the first place.

It was from this initial meeting the conversation turned to science and technological advances. Remarkably, Dr. Terence Crandall was an endocrinologist.

Weeks later after numerous conversations Katherine sat nude wrapped in a paper sheet. Her legs dangled off the padded table which made her feel even smaller than her normal petite height.

“Well, your labs look normal,” Dr, Crandall stated as he strolled into the light blue exam room.

“You understand that we would essentially be reversing your hormonal clock and there will be side effects, but I am more concerned about long term ramifications especially on your nervous system,” he continued.

“I understand.”

“Now I have to be clear from this point on we are off the record. What I’m prescribing is not illegal, but it is not approved by the FDA. I have administered similar treatments for other patients but nothing to this degree. So, if you decide to continue, you’ll have to sign waivers and documentation that indemnifies me against any reprisals.”

“I am ready. I have been ready for years,” Katherine answered excitedly.

“Good. I know all of that sounds very serious, but I want you to know, once we start, you have to complete the treatment for everything to work,” Dr. Crandall informed.

Katherine could hardly contain herself. She was finally going to grow to her full height. The height nature intended. She was bursting with questions but all of them sounded silly in her head. So, instead she nodded knowingly.

“How much do you know about the Russell’s Pit Viper?” Dr. Crandall asked.

“A snake? Not much, I’m not really the outdoors type. I think I have been camping maybe once,” she chuckled.

Dr. Crandall stopped writing. He looked up at the petite woman dangling her legs from the table and smiled in agreement.

“I’d like to read you an excerpt, Dr. Crandall continued.

“About 30% of people who survive a Russell's viper bite suffer severe damage to the hormone-producing pituitary gland, which causes victims to suffer what some refer to as reverse-puberty”. They lose their sex drive, they lose fertility. They lose their body hair, especially pubic hair. Men lose facial hair and muscles. Women lose curves as the condition causes them to lose weight and sometimes women have cognitive problems as well.”

Katherine’s mouth hung open in amazement.

“Sex drive?! Body hair?! Cognitive problems?!” she thought.

“Now don’t worry. What we have synthesized isn’t as extreme, but the Russell’s Pit Viper venom does attack the nervous system like most snake’s venom. But more specifically it targets the pituitary gland. This is where many of the side effects manifest. I’ll give you a comprehensive list before you leave the office.

And I don’t want to scare you, but I want you to be prepared. Your breasts will shrink dramatically. In fact, they may recede completely. You will notice hair loss, especially your pubic hair. And your hips will become slimmer. And overall, you may notice some weight loss too. But don’t worry everything will grow back once we administer the second phase of the treatment.

Now the venom can in some cases be fatal. But if the proper dose is administered in conjunction with the other medications in the treatment I’m going to prescribe; it can help to accelerate your timetable. Think of it as an upside-down pyramid. I know it all sounds like magic. But essentially, we’re going to regress your body back to prepuberty.

We’ll give you the big push here to get you started. Then you’ll take the important supplement medicines along the way. Once your body starts reversing itself it will hopefully get you back to your starting point. Then after that phase is complete, you’ll start on the next phase of the treatment.

I’m going to send you home with the first stage of the supplemental growth medicine. But it is important to wait at least eight hours between your final reversal dose and your first growth dose. Also keep in mind your growth treatment will only start the process. You will have to come back into the office for the final administrations. I hope that all makes sense.”

Katherine nodded again. It sounded frightening but through her previous meetings she had learned to trust Dr. Crandall.  

“So, when you return, we’ll aggressively jump start your system with a controlled administration of growth hormones. That should bring you to your full height of five foot eight based on your parents, your labs, and your background information.

Now I’m going to ask you to record your progress including some physical measurements. I’ll have Nurse Timmons come in so we can establish a base line,” Dr. Crandall continued.

Katherine’s excitement tore at her which made it exceedingly difficult to concentrate. Her imagination reeled as she flaunted her new height. Katherine nodded as Dr. Crandall expounded further. She tried to listen, but words like “disoriented”, “excessive urination” and “nausea” floated right past her. Dr. Crandall imparted more information concerning potential side effects but, in her mind, Katherine was too busy telling off Veronica!

Dr. Crandall eventually departed, and the sound of Katherine’s white paper dress crinkled. It filled the small exam room as she fidgeted excitedly in anticipation.

It was only a few minutes, but it seemed like an hour before Nurse Timmons finally arrived. She was slightly older with medium length red hair and a pretty face. She was average height and possessed a sober face which disguised her friendly demeanor.

As she conducted her examination Nurse Timmons, or Gayle, as familiarities unfolded, slowed her touch on Katherine’s more sensitive areas. It was professional but sensual. Katherine sighed a few times which caught the attention of Gayle. Katherine pondered on Gayle’s orientation and imagined what it might be like to be enveloped by the sexy redhead. Gayle spoke and shook Katherine from her reverie.

“You have a very nice figure,” she said.

Katherine thanked her and Nurse Timmons continued her slow inspection. She measured every inch of Katherine’s petite body and carefully recorded her findings. Katherine, who was miles away, quietly obeyed every order from the nurse to lift and shift her petite nude body.

Then the big moment arrived.

“This first injection is the important one. It’s going to start the process. It has a major portion of the venom, so you really need to watch your vitals. But you probably won’t see major results until the third day. Initially you may feel nauseous but that’s okay. Try to stay quiet and calm in the next several hours. I’ll send you home with the instructions concerning the other pills,” Dr. Crandall said.

Katherine remained upbeat throughout the remainder of her visit. After her consult she dressed and signed a mountain of papers. Then she loaded a large balance onto her Mastercard. She dreamily slipped into an Uber and traveled home.

The car weaved through the minimal early evening traffic. Entranced by the rocking motion Katherine leaned her head toward the window and watched the lights blur.

They arrived at her building and Katherine rallied herself inside. She shuffled into her apartment and immediately undressed. Clothes felt superfluous. But the instant she was nude an urgency overtook her, and she rushed into the bathroom to pee.

Before bed Katherine decided to shower. She recalled the redhead’s touch. The nurse wasn’t inappropriate, but the scene left her frustrated. Under the waterfall her hand migrated south and discovered her wetness. Her eyes rolled back. She closed them while her fingers explored. The redhead faded and was replaced with images of Paul Morrison, Global Excelsior’s executive sales manager. He was tall, older, and athletic with a touch of gray at his temples. In no time her sexual frenzy culminated in a crescendo of pleasure filled moans which echoed across the blue tile.

It had been ages since Katherine had been intimate with a man. They had started dating only a few months ago. They had managed to squeeze in a few dates, but the end results were minimal due to their heavy work schedules. In addition, they were mindful of their colleagues. Office romances were not prohibited but both parties were polite not to flaunt their connection.

The heavy bathroom steam lazily dissipated into the bedroom. She dove into her ocean of memory foam and reflected on her good fortune. She had wisely scheduled her two-week vacation to coincide with her growth treatment. She would regress and grow all in the comfort of her condo. She had stocked her refrigerator with all manner of supplies including some sweet indulgences.

At the end of the month, she would reemerge into Excelsior’s offices confidently taller. Just in time for her to take the lead and present her new project at the technology convention. 

Sleep quickly cascaded over her. During the night she made several trips to the bathroom but always returned to her deep slumber.

It was 9:27 a.m. when Katherine finally awoke. She had been drifting in half sleep all morning and felt gloriously cocooned in her giant down comforter. It had been years since she felt so incredibly relaxed. She spent the remainder of her day snuggled in her bed. She rose only to go to the bathroom, forage and take her doses. She snacked and watched Netflix until the sun disappeared behind the hills. Sleep came easily again.

She dreamed.

First, she floated on the warm water and watched her body melt like ice into the stream. The water carried her into a deep hole, and she disappeared. The hole stretched and deepened. She stood at the bottom and watched the opening at the top become smaller and smaller. A giant face peered into the hole and stared down at her.

Startled Katherine woke up to her phone ringing insistently. She sighed at the name “Neville Doring.

Neville was one of many research technicians at Excelsior Global. He was scheduled to work with her at the Regional Technology Conference, a mid-level convention downtown.

It was the perfect opportunity to help Neville overcome his shyness since he was only managing the software demonstration. Neville worked in research but frequently accompanied salespeople to various meetings and expositions to answer technical questions.

On the third ring Katherine answered.

“Neville I’m on vacation.”

Neville interrupted and spilled his panicked pleads. Apparently, the software demonstration was not working. An uplink could not be established to the satellite. Neville began to spiral into his speculative personal ruination and eventual termination.

Irritated Katherine sat up.  

“Neville! You’re going to have to reboot the main controller but…Wait a minute. Where are you?” Katherine said.

“I’m at the exposition.”

“What? I thought that was at the end of next week?!” Katherine exclaimed.

“No, Mr. Sorgant bumped it. Between you and me, I think he booked his Nassau trip early this year. But I think I heard something about the quarter ending. I don’t know. I mean it’s practically our convention.”

Neville was right. Excelsior Global sponsored the exposition and utilized the opportunity to dominate the proceedings. There were other companies which attended but none of them were competition. It was a deceptive practice, like throwing yourself a surprise party, and unsuspecting companies fell for it.

They were smaller complimentary companies which did attend and provided parts or services to the larger entity of Excelsior Global. Katherine always assumed Mr. Sorgant used these expositions to hobnob with his friends as opposed to conduct any real business.

“Are you on your way? Neville pleaded. “I can’t make the presentation. No way!”

“How do you reschedule an entire convention? Why didn’t anyone tell me?!” Katherine shouted.

“It’s not really a convention and Mr. Sorgant does what he wants, and I think Veronica sent out memos.”

Katherine fumed.

Neville jumped in again.

“Oh! It’s okay Veronica’s here! She can fix the uplink.”

Katherine seethed at the mention of Veronica usurping her contribution. This was her project!

“Neville, don’t let her touch…”

Katherine stopped. An excruciating wave of nausea washed over her. The doctor had warned her, but she was not prepared for the sensation. She felt lightheaded and clammy.


Another wave hit Katherine and knew she was going to be sick. She ended the call and dashed to the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later Katherine braced herself on the counter then returned to her phone on the bed and sent a text to Neville.

“I will be there soon to fix everything and make my presentation. Don’t let anyone touch anything.”

“Poor Neville,” she thought. “In over his head.”

Katherine slowly padded into the bathroom. She was not happy. She had taken two weeks off for the treatment and healing. But the communication software was her project. Allowing someone else, especially Neville, to configure it improperly could result in numerous financial issues. It also opened the company up to legal problems with licensing, copyright, and intellectual property. Katherine had to get downtown and take control of her project and make her presentation.

Katherine rinsed her mouth with Listerine and hoped the worst was over. She took another dose. It all seemed like voodoo magic, but Dr. Crandall had explained the science and process in depth. She had faith.

The smell of her favorite Hazelnut brew wafted through her fourth floor two-bedroom condo sparsely furnished in sage green and neutral colors.

It resembled a hotel room more than a residence, but Katherine didn’t mind. During the week she was hardly there except late at night to sleep. On the weekends she cycled or hiked.

Katherine tossed her robe onto the small stool in the corner and stepped directly into the azure tiled shower. The hot water felt fantastic and her skin tingled. She stood motionless with her head down and allowed the steady stream to pulse onto the back of her neck. She didn’t want to move. The encompassing warmth and comfort reminded her of her rapidly fading dream.

She combed her wet hair back with her fingers and reached for her body wash. She lathered her arms and stopped when she touched her breasts. Astounded she placed both of her palms flat on her ribs and slid them upward. There was no resistance! No soft subtle bounce as her rounded bosom found it’s resting place on her body. She stared down at her chest in wonder and performed the maneuver again. There was only a slight contour. Two small bumps. It was amazing!

She hurriedly lathered the rest of her body. As her hands brushed against her vagina she paused and brought her fingers up close to her face. She examined the small black hairs clinging to her digits. She rocked her hips forward into the stream and stared as her pubic hair swirled down her legs and disappeared into the drain. She hadn’t felt anything, but she was bare.

Katherine stepped out of the shower into the fog filled room and swiped haphazardly across the mirror. Through the cleared section of the mirror her reflection revealed her diminished form.

Swirling whisps of magical steam dissipated as she rubbed where her C cups once proclaimed her womanhood proudly. Now there were only two AA sized bumps.

Katherine’s eyes drifted down to her bare crotch. Her small hands inspected her private area. It felt peculiar. In the past, she had shaved but there was always a stray follicle or a hint of stubble. However, now, she was completely smooth. She explored further and touched her lips and felt between her legs.

Katherine stepped back. Her chest was almost flat, and she was hairless. Her hips appeared slimmer too. The overall effect made her seem even tinier than normal and with wet hair and no makeup she looked years younger.

By now, the fog had cleared but Katherine found it difficult in her bare feet to get close to the bathroom mirror. Katherine pressed her mid-section hard into the high counter and leaned forward. Her eyes sharpened.

It was her but it wasn’t. Her cheeks appeared rounder, and her nose looked smaller. In the past people often commented on her features. They described them as “cute”. But now those compliments stung.

Katherine pried herself away from the counter for a full view. Her body completely complimented her face. She had become younger. Perhaps, not in reality, but all the physical signs of her womanhood had been erased.

It was remarkable. Katherine’s eyes traveled down her pale body as she searched for curves. There were none. The line was almost straight. Her breasts were mere bumps and her hips had disappeared. This lack of defining features enforced her youthful appearance.

Katherine again allowed her gaze to travel downward to her bare vagina. Entranced she watched her fingers gently explore the smooth region. She had shaved in the past, but it felt like she had never had hair there before. Even stranger was the shape of her vagina. Normally her two folds visibly peeked out but now it was just a small slit.

Even more interesting was her lack of excitement. Typically, any attention near that region generated sexual heat. Katherine fretted. Had the drug affected her drive too?

Her hands hesitantly migrated behind her. She knew her own form. Her rear had been shapely and rounded, but now she discovered only two tiny globes. They were deflated. The drug had poked a hole in her womanhood and like air escaping a punctured balloon her attributes had leaked out. Katherine checked between her cheeks. It too was devoid of body hair with no hint of a follicle.

Katherine smiled at herself in the mirror. It had worked! She was beyond elated. If she had regressed this far back, then logically her growth would be just as dramatic! Excited she bounded into the kitchen for a cup.

Coffee and music accompanied Katherine as she dried her blonde hair and styled it up and back. She applied a thin powder foundation, lined her eyes, and added blush and lipstick. It was a light application but effective.

Katherine grabbed her flesh-colored underwear with the wide elastic band. She sighed and noted her earlier days of hiking and cycling seemed non-existent as she pulled the panties up her skinny legs. The panties barely clung to her hips and slipped several times. The matching bra resisted too. And after several frustrated adjustments Katherine relented and filled the void with two handfuls of tissue paper.

The act was all too familiar, and a childhood chill ran over her. She shook the awkward undeveloped image from her mind and continued.

With her undergarments filled and in place, Katherine selected a suit. It fit, somewhat. The skirt gripped her hips with the same unreliability as her panties. And the blouse and jacket hung on her shoulders.

However, Katherine’s confidence rose as she admired her ensemble in the mirror. Her Cranberry Burberry suit was perfect except for the slightly loose skirt. But overall, she appeared professional.

The Uber ride through mid-morning traffic lasted almost a whole hour. The driver, uncomfortable, broke the silence.

“Taking a break from school?” he smiled.

“Just headed to the Montford,” Katherine replied.

She was used to strangers mistaking her age when she was dressed casually. Katherine imagined it was her facial features and height. But in her suit with her makeup in place, she bristled.  

“Meeting your parents?” he grinned.

“No,” she shot back.

“Oh, I just thought since you were all dressed up…What grade are you in?”

Katherine forced a smile but internally boiled at the insinuation.

“Look, I appreciate the compliment, but I graduated a long time ago.”

Katherine frowned. She knew better than to engage a lonely driver.

“I have a son in school…” he obliviously continued.

It seemed it didn’t matter if she replied or not. The driver was intent on downloading his life story into the back seat. Katherine sighed and silently nodded.

As they traveled, she tried to peek in the rearview mirror to catch a glimpse of his perspective of her.

“What grade am I in?” she thought. “Does he think I’m in high school? No right-thinking person would ask a college student what grade they were in.”

Katherine ignored his erroneous assumption and concluded some people have no gauge. She strained again to see her reflection, but this only prompted further dialog from the driver who assumed her interest.

Downtown was teaming with pedestrians and the usual suspects. Attorneys, investment bankers, and office workers weaved past each other like well-ordered ants.

Katherine stepped out of the Uber onto Franklin Street and the mischievous March wind immediately attacked her. The wind tunnel created by the towering structures offered no mercy and spun Katherine into a row of businessmen which disrupted the entire sidewalk procession. Katherine escaped into the lobby and stopped.

The Montford Hotel was a popular destination for travelers and locals. It was almost ninety years old but recent renovations had updated the predominantly stuffy lobby into a warm sophisticated space.

Katherine paused amid the wood paneled columns, marble floors and warm beige and blue pastel tones and felt overwhelmed. The hotel was packed but to an observer of human behavior, it was a fascinating study. Convention attendees, businesspeople, tourists, hipsters, hotel employees and a group of girl scouts created a perpetual swirl of sounds and motion accompanied by Kenny Barron.

Katherine felt queasy again and planted herself into a blue club chair. She closed her eyes and calmed herself. Suddenly a man in a dark suit was gently vibrating her shoulder.

“Young lady? Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” she answered foggily.

“Well, you can’t sleep here.”

“Sorry I just dozed off. I’m okay, “Katherine replied.

The dark suited man eyed her for a moment.

“Well, please let me know if you need any assistance,” he forced through a smile.

Katherine watched him saunter away. She understood his coded phrase. It meant “please leave our hotel”.

“Typical uptight hotel security. Did he think I was indigent? The nerve,” she thought.  

But worry overtook her indignation. She had fallen asleep in the lobby of the elegant Montford Hotel. It was disconcerting. She glanced at the time and was reassured her nap had been only a few minutes.

Katherine felt uneasy but managed to navigate to the skyway. The skyway connected to three towers separate from the main lobby tower. There was also a business center, meeting rooms and a large convention hall. The Montford hosted many national events including political conventions. The layout was huge, and the often-confusing hotel signage made it possible to get lost in the labyrinth of halls and connecting corridors.

Luckily, Katherine had spent time in the business wing and soon found the main entrance. She flashed her exhibitor pass and worked her way to the Excelsior Global booth. The booth took up three spaces. It was teaming with activity.

“Wow, Katherine. What happened?” Neville popped.

“What do you mean?” Katherine inquired quietly.

Neville’s observation played on Katherine’s insecurities which started with the driver’s assumptions as to her maturity. And was further challenged by people staring at her as they passed.

Katherine always looked perfect even on casual days. At the company picnic she always appeared magazine presentable. Her nails, hair and makeup were always impeccable and professional. And Katherine took great pride in her appearance. It was, in a small way, an offensive defense. Katherine was self-conscious about her height so it removed one less item on which she could be scrutinized.

Katherine reached into her purse and retrieved her compact mirror. A shocked expression landed on her face. She was completely disheveled! The wind had destroyed her hair style and blown it into a roller coaster of curls. Her makeup was smeared from her impromptu nap and her suit looked rumpled and creased. If she weren’t wearing a designer suit, she might resemble a homeless person. There was even a smudge of city soot on her cheek. 

“Dammit Neville!” Katherine released.

“What did I do?” Neville cowered.

Katherine apologized for her outburst and eyed the rest of the team at the booth. Luckily, Neville had stationed himself towards the back of the booth. So only Neville had seen her wild appearance.  The rest of the team was busy, so Katherine took the opportunity to straighten and smooth herself. She pondered whether she could address the itching sensation in her chest. But she was in a public place and her bra was already packed precariously. She decided not to disturb her work despite the uncomfortable feeling.

With only a few minutes until her presentation, Katherine waited and observed the flurry of activity on the convention floor. Then her eyes widened. A small group parted, and Veronica emerged from the sea of suits like an Amazonian goddess.

She was dressed even more provocatively than normal. She sported high heels, a short black suede skirt and a low-cut Fuchsia blouse. Every male eye toggled over her as she passed. To add further insult, Veronica was accompanied by Paul Morrison. It stung Katherine to see the former lovers laughing together.

Katherine panicked as they approached the booth.

Neville, guilty about his earlier remark, sought to dispel it so he commented again.

“You look different. Are you okay?”

Normally an inquiry of this nature was defeated with a quip. But Neville was rarely so observant. Katherine suddenly felt nervous by his question and turned away. She checked the software. Neville continued.

“Something’s changed. Your hair, your makeup…”


“You just seem fresher. I guess it worked,” he said.

“What?” Katherine froze.

“Coming in a little later. You look rested and freshened up.”

“Yes,” she sighed.

Nervously Katherine took hold of the microphone and ascended the small platform for her presentation. Excelsior Global had a reputation for cutting edge technology. Last year they introduced a graphic processor which vastly improved consumer virtual reality equipment. An eager crowd quickly gathered.

It was difficult in the beginning to have so many eyes on her, but Katherine had experience. She had made many similar presentations in the past.

It was, of course, uncomfortable when she had to adjust her skirt and jacket, but she persevered. And Veronica’s stare did not aide her calm, but she chose to ignore her piercing expression.

Katherine expounded on the intercommunication software which featured dozens of applications, but her presentation mainly spotlighted the use of multiple encrypted files which be transferred simultaneously. Katherine continued and eventually fell into the rhythm of her presentation which ended with enthusiastic applause.

She breathed a sigh of relief and stepped down off the small platform grateful for her articulate fluidity. But her reverie was interrupted by Neville.  

“Oh, here comes Mr. Sorgant. Looks like he’s got some big fish with him.”

Katherine steadied herself.

Mr. Sorgant, the Vice President of Excelsior Global, had gathered several well-dressed men and women. Katherine felt empowered after her speech, but the sensation of inadequacy quickly reemerged. She couldn’t shake the feeling and wondered if it was a side effect.

She attempted invisibility but it was too late. Mr. Sorgant waved her to join the group like an overenthusiastic father. Katherine had no choice but to comply.

Katherine warily joined Mr. Sorgant and his entourage. Introductions were made and were followed by questions which Katherine answered knowledgeably. As she spoke Katherine felt her confidence return but her rising positivity swiftly diminished. Behind the stocky figure of Mr. Sorgant, a dark-haired presence emerged. It was Veronica and she was smirking.

Katherine was well acquainted with Veronica’s devilish nature but opted to ignore her existence. But this did not stop Veronica from interjecting cloaked compliments into the conversation.

Veronica used every opportunity to add to Katherine’s accolades with phrases like:

“no small job”, “short-handed” and “tiny details”.

Veronica’s “compliments” were delivered to the group but directed at Katherine. Internally she bristled at each gibe, but Katherine smiled and fielded the myriad of questions with aplomb.

Eventually the men and women concluded and dispersed. Mr. Sorgant, who had hung back to allow the businesspeople to interface with Katherine, stepped up. Veronica remained planted.

“Thank you, Miss Emerson. I really appreciate you taking the time. I think that wraps it up,” Mr. Sorgant said as he vigorously shook her hand.

“What do you…” Katherine stopped.

Her voice sounded funny. She turned politely away and coughed.

“Two of those of men were from Lockheed. I think we’re in business. Great job!” he added.

“You’re welcome, my…” Katherine halted again.

Then it hit her. Her voice didn’t sound funny. It was higher!

Katherine nodded and smiled, and Mr. Sorgant drifted away distracted by a nearby vendor. Veronica and Katherine locked eyes.

Veronica’s smirk returned and penetrated Katherine. In a ploy to distance herself from the toxicity Katherine rotated and walked toward Neville.

Veronica followed but hovered nearby like a watchful shadow. Katherine wobbled toward the computer console irritated her heels had become a challenge. Then, without warning, her right foot slipped sideways, and she pitched forward. She faltered but caught herself on the table. Katherine could feel Veronica’s eyes on her as she corrected her foot in her shoe.

Katherine steadied herself and looked down in alarm. Two crumpled balls of tissue sat contemptuously on top of the keyboard. Instinctually her hands flew to her chest. The pressure compressed her suit, blouse, and bra flat against her body. Katherine’s face flushed. In a flash Katherine snatched up the two balls and snaked them back into her bra.

It took every ounce of self-control not to turn in Veronica’s direction. She knew she was watching so Katherine adjusted the levels for the upcoming video presentation. She was under a microscope and each movement brought embarrassment closer.

She found Neville in a conversation with two other technicians. Katherine coughed to announce her presence. Neville turned. She spoke and falsely lowered her voice to a normal level. But Neville couldn’t help staring at her.

She slipped a few times into her higher voice, but she disguised the indiscretion with another cough. It was upsetting.

Katherine winced. She realized her voice currently matched her physical changes. However, if she remained silent her power suit disguise might protect her.

Katherine’s anxiety dramatically rose. Suddenly she felt very vulnerable and out of place in the adult business world. In addition, it was increasingly more difficult to concentrate. But she focused and managed a brief exchange with Neville concerning the presentation. But the nauseous feeling from earlier bubbled in the background.

While Neville described his plan, a habit in which he often overcomplicated the simplest solutions, Katherine noticed Paul Morrison appear in the crowd. He waved in her direction.

Katherine panicked. She was in no condition to interact with her potential boyfriend. Another wave of nausea and shyness overtook her. Katherine sprinted into the south corridor to avoid a mortifying encounter with Paul.

The walkway traveled to the skyway. From there it was simple matter to weave through the shops and down to the cab stand.

The skyway was long, so it employed two modern moving walkways. This allowed travelers to be transported to the various connecting passageways to shops and business meeting rooms.

Katherine breathed a sigh of relieve as she stepped onto the gliding platform. She was safe. She rested to the side and permitted the numerous luggage laden travelers to pass.

Suddenly a cold breeze blew high on her legs. A few passersby snickered. Katherine looked down and blushed in embarrassment. While confidently gliding on the moving platform her skirt had slipped off her slim hips.

Katherine whipped her head around to assess her exposure then snatched up the ring of fabric. She pulled but the skirt resisted. She tugged again harder and heard a ripping sound.

Katherine panicked. She was riding on the moving platform practically bottomless. She knelt to inspect the situation. Her skirt was entangled in the connected metal teeth of the moving sidewalk and was slowly being digested as it moved forward!

Katherine ignored the soft giggles. She heard a rumble of luggage wheels and glanced up. The sidewalk ended in fifty feet!

Katherine pulled harder against the fabric as it was swallowed into the great turning machine. There was nothing to do. No amount of force could retrieve the garment. And even if she were able to rescue the skirt it would be tattered.

Resourcefully Katherine removed her jacket and wrapped it around waist and tied the two sleeves together. She looked down just in time to see her skirt disappear into the gnashing mechanical teeth.

Katherine’s attention was on her skirt when the sidewalk ground to a halt and the deafening alarm sounded. Katherine tumbled forward onto the carpet and landed prostrate and uncovered. The momentum caused her jacket to flip onto her back which left her tiny bottom on display. Peals of laughter erupted around her. A few teenagers pointed and added to her humiliation as they passed.

“Uh-oh, baby went boom!”

“Dude, the moon came out early tonight!”

Katherine wiped the moisture from her eyes and scrambled to her feet. She judged the various connecting hallways and considered her best route. Several yard behind her a harsh voice rang out.

“Hey you!”

It was the same hotel security man she had encountered earlier.

In any other circumstance Katherine would have confronted the hourly employee with all the confidence of a queen. But she was diminished, not only in stature, but in will. Something in her flipped and she had no desire to negotiate in her current condition. It would be an arduous battle. So, unsure of the impending confrontation, Katherine ran.

She sprinted through the crowd and into the nearest corridor. She spotted a metal exit door and slipped through it and blindly bounded down the cement steps. She emerged into another moving crowd.

To avoid attention, she slowly walked down two more hallways until she felt alone. She paused and listened for her pursuer. Apart from Martin Denny there was only silence.

Katherine had eluded security, but her efforts had deposited her into an unfamiliar and deserted part of the grand hotel. The Montford’s corridors were traditionally adorned in a wine-colored motif. But Katherine’s view was filled with white louvered doors and a predominantly green palette. The palm leaf carpet design, numerous potted plants, and artwork evoked a Polynesian ambiance.

Katherine questioned whether she was still in the same hotel, but it didn’t matter. She just needed to get home, regroup, and return. Unfortunately, there was a major obstacle. She was currently half clothed in a downtown hotel brimming with convention attendees. The repercussions of an encounter with one of her colleagues was unthinkable.

Katherine had to find some clothes. Gratefully her jacket covered her bottom, but it only wrapped so far. Anyone directly in front of her had a generous view of her underwear. Katherine nervously tightened the sleeves again.

A faint humming sound tickled Katherine’s ear. At the end of the hallway a large Hispanic woman stepped out of one of the white louvered doors. In her arms were piles of towels which she deposited into her cart. But it wasn’t the woman which caught Katherine’s interest. Above the cart on a short metal rod hung clear wrapped individual hotel uniforms.

Katherine hid to one side behind a tall fern and counted. She timed the cleaning woman’s movements. The woman disappeared back into the room and Katherine compelled herself toward her prize. She wasn’t a thief, but it was impossible for her to exit the hotel and hail a taxi half-dressed without detection. Katherine rationalized she would only borrow the garment to preserve her dignity and career.

The hallway was empty. Katherine could hear the woman out into the corridor. Her constant humming would act as an alert if she returned to the hallway. Katherine neared the cart and confirmed the garments were indeed hotel uniforms. They were perfect.

Naturally, if she were seen in a uniform, she would be mortified. But it was an ideal disguise. No one would give her a second look as she walked out of the hotel. A quick change into the housekeeping uniform and she could finally leave.

Katherine decided the closest exit was the most convenient. Once she was on the street, she could walk a few blocks to a nearby hotel, catch a cab and avoid detection.

Katherine listened for the familiar tune the dark-haired woman hummed. She felt bad pilfering the uniform but reminded herself she would return it dry cleaned with an anonymous note.

Beyond the louvered doors Luciana Hernandez hummed. She was stout and stood at an unusual five foot six inches. She had been an employee at the Montford Hotel for six years and worked as a housekeeper for seventeen years. She liked her work. It allowed her to be on her own. She only answered to a few supervisors. And if her duties were completed in a timely manner no one interfered.

Katherine reached up. As her hand contacted the wire hanger a sharp pinching pain suddenly pierced her shoulder. Katherine twisted as Luciana bent down to Katherine’s face and let loose a barrage of Spanish. Katherine only understood one word.


Luciana’s linguistic assault continued as Katherine attempted to explain in a sorrowful mix of Spanish and English. But Katherine’s excuses only infuriated Luciana so she released Katherine’s shoulder and seized her wrist. 

Katherine resisted but found no foothold. She skated across the mosaic tiled floor of the spa. It was a harsh reminder of when she fell on the moving platform and lost her heels. Spanish pelted Katherine as she was dragged further into the empty spa.  

Then the woman stopped but did not relinquish her grip. Katherine gulped. In her bare feet their height difference was disquieting.

Luciana’s verbal deluge halted, and she leaned into Katherine’s face expectantly. When Katherine offered no answer, Luciana wheeled her around and landed five swift slaps to her bottom.

“What the hell lady?!” Katherine shouted.

Katherine tried to wrench away but it was futile. Katherine was spun back to face Luciana as she delivered another round of angry Spanish. Katherine tried to respond but instead only stammered.

With no result Luciana spun Katherine again. Katherine struggled and lashed out with her free hand which landed a soft blow on Luciana’s arm.

“No! No, no, no golpeando!”

The tightness in Katherine’s arm increased as she was forced forward. A breeze of cold air rushed up Katherine’s backside as her jacket was ripped from her body and tossed unceremoniously into the room. In a flash Katherine found herself looking at the floor!  Luciana’s leg pressed into her stomach. But her realization was instantly interrupted by a sharp pain which erupted on her bottom. She was being spanked!

Luciana swiftly landed ten swats on Katherine’s panty clad behind. They were harder than the previous ones and her ass quickly turned bright pink.

Luckily, the spanking was brief. The dark-haired woman pulled Katherine backward off her leg. Katherine scrambled to her discarded jacket and clutched the garment close to her body. With one hand she covered herself and rubbed her pulsating bottom with the other.

Katherine remained riveted on Luciana. She cowered unsure what she might do next. Katherine hadn’t been spanked since she was a little girl. And even then, those spankings were more gentle pats or reminders than punishments. As an adult she was aware of the pleasures of spanking, but she preferred the slow and soft approach. The idea had never appealed to her.

But there was nothing sensual in this encounter. Luciana was fuming and her deep brown eyes insisted this was a punishment spanking.

“But why?” Katherine thought.

Luciana assumed correctly she was stealing a uniform. However, the woman’s reaction was wildly inappropriate.

“She had spanked her…”

Katherine stopped and the unbelievable thought hit her fully.

“…like a child!”

That’s how Luciana regarded her. Katherine wasn’t shabbily dressed or impoverished. To Luciana she was a naughty child who required punishment.

Katherine peered across the room into the robin blue glass tiles. They were too far to create a proper picture and distorted Katherine’s diminished image further.

Katherine’s heart pounded in her chest. She calculated the distance to the door, but Luciana’s tense expression squelched any impulse to run. Instead, Katherine froze as another tirade of Spanish escaped Luciana’s lips.

Katherine did not understand Spanish. She had picked up a few words and phrases during her travels to Cozumel. But it was clear the woman did not view Katherine as her equal. Given her current shape and size Katherine trembled at Luciana’s perception of her.

Luciana wagged a finger at Katherine.

“No te muevas!” she sternly commanded.

Luciana plodded into the hallway to her cart. Katherine heard the fuzzy squawk of a two-way radio and the word “seguridad”.

Beyond the oversized stalls and to the left Katherine spotted a second door. She listened for Luciana’s movements to cease then shot toward it.

Meanwhile on the convention floor Veronica was overjoyed by her revelation. Something was odd in Katherine Emerson’s appearance and Veronica itched to know more. Especially if it afforded her an opportunity to undermine the petite go-getter. If Katherine was hiding some ailment or deficiency she wanted to know. And if she could peel away her upbeat veneer and expose her that was even better. Veronica resented Miss Emerson’s smiling unflappable positivity. And the fact Paul Morrison paid any attention to Katherine infuriated Veronica.

The Excelsior Global video presentation began. The giant video wall exploded in a sense overload. The crowd stood shoulder to shoulder and marveled audibly. Each expression of awe stabbed at Veronica.

Early in the development Veronica managed the team until Katherine’s suggestions redirected their course. Then the dynamic shifted, and Veronica was replaced. What should have been a crowning achievement for her became Katherine Emerson’s glory.

Veronica spotted Neville. He stood with his arms folded and twitched at each segment of the presentation. Anxiously he pivoted his head from the video wall to the computer console. It had been a nerve-racking day and Neville anticipated the next disaster.

Veronica followed Neville’s nervous gaze to the computers and smiled. Nestled under the table was a familiar bag. It was Katherine’s purse. Veronica grinned.

With attentions on the video presentation Veronica smoothly escorted the purse behind a black curtain and opened it. She wasn’t searching for anything in particular but hoped for at least one item to damage Katherine’s reputation. But there was nothing unusual. No secret keys, illicit letters or inappropriate club memberships were present.

Then she spotted the small burgundy wallet. She snapped it open and removed Katherine Emerson’s driver’s license.

Veronica was excited but the laminated card revealed little. Even the photo was ordinary. Veronica pulled a few other cards from the small leatherette wallet. There were grocery cards, a few credit cards, and a gym membership card with an equally pedestrian photo.

For a moment she had the notion to borrow Katherine’s wallet. She could make generous use of her credit cards, but she wasn’t a thief. Then the table vibrated as Neville’s cell phone received a text from Katherine.

The Montford spa was currently under refurbishment which accounted for its lack of patrons. Adjacent to the spa, at the opposite end of the floor, were a series of lounges. Each served a separate function from hot stone therapy to seaweed wraps. Each lounge was independently designed and appointed to reflect the service inside.

Katherine panted down the empty corridor and slipped through a teak door marked “Solitude”. It was a good omen. She was certain she hadn’t been followed but peeked out into the hallway and listened intently. There was only silence.

Katherine needed clothes. She couldn’t travel through the hotel barefoot and half naked. It was too risky. She pulled her phone from her jacket and stared sadly at the cracked screen. The spa floor had offered no kindness. Her battery was down to three percent and she had almost no signal.

Katherine cursed herself for running. If she had been thinking clearly, she might have diverted to one of the hotel shops and purchased clothing. Now she had no idea where the shops were located. Her wild detours through the maze of hotel corridors had left her disoriented. She was lost and confused.

Then, as she stood alone in the deserted lounge, a horrible thought abruptly hit her. She had left her purse downstairs! She no money for a cab. She was trapped.

Katherine tried to call Neville, but only received error messages. On her third attempt it finally connected but went directly to voicemail. She glanced at her dwindling power and decided to take a chance and sent a text. 

“Please bring me my purse. And bring me some clothes, anything! I’m in the spa in a lounge called Solitude. Hurry!”

A few anxious moments later her phone buzzed.

The reply simply read “Okay. Yes.”

Katherine started to reply but the phone died mid-sentence. She shivered and hoped he would hurry.   

Veronica was beaming. She triumphantly strolled through the hotel toward her victory. Her friendly façade was so pronounced a strange woman stopped her for directions.

“Can you tell me which way the Catalina Room is?” the woman asked.

Veronica surveyed the woman. She was dressed in a dark green skirt and a pale blouse with a large red scarf tied loosely around her neck. She looked like a vintage hiker. Veronica’s pause prompted the woman to explain.

“I’m an assistant troop leader,” she said.

She gestured to a small group of twenty girl scouts waiting in a clump across the hall. A few eager girls waved while the rest shifted sullenly and leaned against the wall.

“Frankly, I’m not doing a very good job. Mrs. Walsh is going to be terribly upset. We’re already late.”

Veronica heard the tremble in the troop leader’s voice.

“I think it’s down on the third floor. Is there a convention? Are there cookies?”

“Cookies? Oh my, yes! So many cookies! Come on girls! We’re on the wrong floor!” she shouted.

Several of the girls moaned at the disruption and at the notion of further movement.

“Thank you very much!”

Veronica observed the young, uniformed girls as they shuffled down the hallway. Veronica followed them.

Sequestered deep in a stall in “Solitude” Katherine waited. She heard the door open and listened for Neville’s familiar voice but there was only silence.

“Neville?” she whispered.

“No, it’s Veronica.”

Katherine froze. Veronica was the last person with whom she wanted to interact. She disguised her high voice.

“Go away Veronica.”

“Now is that any way to talk to your savior? Neville sent me.”

“What? Where’s Neville?”

“He’s tied up at the booth,” she lied. “Do you have a cold?”

Katherine stewed.

“I heard you lost your clothes.”

“I didn’t. They were just damaged,” Katherine stated defiantly.

“Well, I brought you some things, but they might be a little big.”

Veronica had stopped by the gift shop but intentionally purchased the largest and lowest quality items. An extra-large pair of pink sweatpants and an extra-large white t-shirt with the phrase “Workout now, Wine later” printed in bold black letters across the front.

“Well, set them down and leave.” Katherine ordered.

Veronica chuckled to herself. The exchange was too enjoyable. Veronica could feel Katherine’s anxiety through the stall door. Each utterance contained more frustration than the previous one.

“Okay, but you better hurry back down. Mr. Sorgant was looking for you. He had a lot of questions and something about a future project.”

It was difficult to discern whether Veronica was lying although it was not beyond her. But Katherine did not want to risk her position.

“Fine. Just leave them and get out.”

“Okay. You’re welcome, I guess.”

Veronica plopped the gift shop bag on the nearby chaise lounge. Katherine listened intently for Veronica’s departure. She heard the door open then close. Several seconds passed before she peeked out of the stall. The coast was clear.

Katherine focused on the hotel bag and dashed toward it. As she touched it, she heard an audible gasp and turned sharply. It was Veronica. She had sprawled out on a chaise lounge chair on the opposite side of the room. Katherine squealed.

“Oh my god!” Veronica exclaimed.

Veronica sat up from her supine position and let loose a boisterous laugh. Katherine grimaced.

“Get out!” Katherine squeaked.

Katherine absentmindedly forgot to disguise her voice which sent Veronica into another laughing fit. Katherine pretended to cough and spoke again.

“Get out of here Veronica,” she said in a lower voice.

“Oh, give it up. I heard you already,” Veronica bubbled.

Veronica eyed the barefoot raggedy waif then rose and sauntered toward her. Veronica’s approach made Katherine inadvertently step back. Veronica was almost two feet taller than her which made her feel even smaller. Katherine covered herself with her arms.

If spiders could smile, they would smile like Veronica. It was absolutely delicious. Veronica continued past Katherine to the door.

“Good,” Katherine said. “Goodbye.”

For a moment Katherine imagined her dismissal had been effective until Veronica stopped and locked the door and turned and faced Katherine.  

“Now let’s have a look at you,” Veronica sparkled.

“Veronica, please leave. I don’t need your help!” Katherine piped.

Katherine abandoned any pretense of altering her voice. She sounded like a chirping bird, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to put on proper clothes, go home and regroup. She would worry about communicating with Mr. Sorgant later.

Veronica audibly giggled at Katherine’s high-pitched voice. Incensed Katherine scrunched her small features into a scowl and marched over to the gift shop bag of clothing and snatched it up.

Veronica scrutinized Katherine’s tiny frame as she stomped back to the changing stalls.

“What the hell happened to you?” Veronica asked.

Katherine spun around and confronted Veronica. Katherine’s self-image invaded but she reminded herself it was only temporary.

But it was difficult to ignore the smooth fabric of her blouse as it flapped against her flat chest. Katherine felt her jacket slip, so she tightened the sleeves. It barely clung to her hips and every movement threatened to send the garment south.

“Nothing. Nothing happened to me. Now get out!”

“Come on. Your voice sounds ridiculous and your body – “

“There’s nothing wrong with my body and my voice is…” Katherine squeaked.

There was no point in continuing. Her voice was high.

“Prove it.” Veronica stated.


“Prove there’s nothing wrong with you. Show me.” Veronica challenged.

Katherine shuddered. She knew what she meant. Veronica placed her hands on her hips.

“You want me to flash you? You want to see my naked body?” Katherine said with bravado. Inside she trembled.

“Look, I came here to help you. I brought you clothes. I have no idea what happened to your suit, not that you would tell me. And all you’ve done is snap at me. I didn’t have to come here. I’m doing you a favor,” Veronica replied indignantly. 

Katherine studied Veronica’s face for betrayal. She suddenly felt very selfish, but still suspicious.

“You’re not here to help me,” Katherine answered.

“Or I can leave you here like this and relate my worries to human resources that you’re experiencing a health issue or even a break down. Then I won’t be the only one asking questions.”

“I’m on vacation. I only came in to… I should be home…” Katherine stumbled.

Katherine sighed and reluctantly related the entire saga of her day carefully omitting her encounter with the housekeeper.

“Well, that all sounds terrible,” Veronica said sarcastically. “But it doesn’t explain this,” Veronica gestured to Katherine’s body.

Katherine’s cherub expression tightened. She needed to placate Veronica but refused to be entirely candid.

“I’m undergoing a treatment and there have been a few side effects. Mainly my vocal cords tightened and I’m a little flush. I’m not sick. I just need to get home and take some medicine. Okay?” Katherine urged.

Katherine studied Veronica and hoped her half-story was convincing.

Veronica shifted her hips. She wasn’t satisfied but her manipulative nature urged her to be silent.

“Okay,” Veronica deeply smiled.

Relieved Katherine disappeared into the stall and pulled the fabric curtain closed. She untied the sleeves of her jacket and it immediately slipped from her waist and descended to the floor. Her blouse was ruined. It was torn and stained from the moving walkway and her numerous trips to the floor. Neither garment was worth saving so Katherine hung them on the hook intent on abandoning them.  

Katherine reached into the gift shop bag and frowned. The outfit was not what she expected. She looked at the oversized pink sweatpants then pulled them up and cinched the waist as tight as possible. Next, she adjusted the tissue in her bra.

She studied the t-shirt and rolled her eyes at the banal saying then slipped the cavernous garment over her head. It hung so low Katherine tucked it into the sweatpants. Lastly, she slipped her dead cell phone into the pants pocket. Katherine spun and inspected herself in the mirror.

Her hair was a mess, and her new clothes made her look like a slovenly tourist. It was far cry from her usual polished appearance, but it might be acceptable attire for a hasty exit.

The only thing missing were her heels. There was no denying her diminished stature without them. Katherine looked inside the plastic bag and found a pair of thin white hotel slippers. The soles were barely padded and offered minimal protection for walking to the pool or down the hall for ice. Unfortunately, they added nothing to her height, but the opening was lined with elastic so at least they wouldn’t slip off her feet. Katherine was grateful not to be barefoot.

“So, why haven’t you left already?” Veronica called through the beige cloth.

“Dressed in only my underwear with my jacket tied around my waist? Are you kidding? And risk running into a client or someone from our company?” Katherine shouted back.

“Or Mr. Sorgant?” Veronica added.

“Right! Or a member of the board or who knows who?”

Katherine whisked the curtain to one side. Veronica stifled a small laugh. The outfit hung comically on Katherine’s petite frame. She looked like a little girl playing dress up.

“This will work fine,” Katherine paused. “Oh, did you bring my purse?”

“Oh, sorry. I only got clothes,” Veronica answered.

“That’s okay,” she frowned.

Katherine absolutely refused to ask Veronica for any money. In a minute she would exit through the least conspicuous side door and hail a cab. Even if she had to walk a few blocks to find one. Theresa, her neighbor, had her spare key and she could probably borrow money from her to pay the fare.

Katherine dismissed the interfering details and focused on her energy on her immediate goal.

“I’m sorry I snapped earlier. It’s just these health issues and my bad day,” she apologized.

“Oh sure. I understand,” Veronica said.

“Now I am a bit turned around so just point me to the nearest exit,” Katherine asked.

“One problem though.”


“Cocktail hour. Everyone just left the convention floor. The whole wing is jammed. Our people are everywhere. They’re just milling through the conference rooms and lobby. I just came from there,” Veronica said.

“I’ll sneak out through the kitchen,” Katherine explained. 

“I don’t know, that sounds really dicey. They might notice you waltzing through the kitchen dressed like that,” Veronica said.

Katherine’s mistrust of Veronica was well founded as she had purposely chosen an outfit with the loudest colors. In addition, her continual jibes had been a point of contention since they met.

However, Veronica seemed softer. It was a rarity the two women talked alone. Perhaps, separate from the pressures of the workplace, Veronica was less intrusive.

“I know we haven’t always gotten along but maybe I could help you,” Veronica offered.

“How?” Katherine asked suspiciously.

“I could be a lookout, check around corners, make sure the coast is clear. Help you get into a cab and get home,” Veronica added.

Katherine eagerly wanted to get home. The queasy stretching feeling was resurfacing. But Veronica’s offer sounded too good. She stepped back and eyed the brunette.  

“Why are you helping me? What do you want?” she inquired as she shifted her weight.

“You’re smart. I’ve always thought so. I want to be partners on the next project. I know you’re signed to be project manager developing the communication platform for Lockheed,” Veronica said.

“Ah, now I get it. Well, that’s a board decision,” Katherine shot back.

“Yes, but you can bring me on. You can place me on the team, give me a title that places me in a position of equality,” Veronica eased.

Katherine thought for moment. Veronica could create obstacles but if she were part of the project it might help minimize any roadblocks.

“Fine,” Katherine resolved.

She started to move but Veronica held up her hand.

“Oh, no. I need a little more than that,” Veronica informed.

Veronica produced her cell phone and proceeded to capture video of Katherine stating her intention to include Veronica on the next project as a manager. Satisfied Veronica smiled and pocketed her phone. Katherine’s jaw tightened.

Katherine and Veronica cautiously exited into the hall from the lounge. A small tingle of fear spread through Katherine. It would be awful if Hispanic woman reappeared. But Katherine doubted the woman would recognize her since she was wearing hugely different clothes.

Her real anxiety was her true body. She had hidden while changing. The ridicule from Veronica would be endless if she had seen Katherine’s undeveloped shapeless figure.

Katherine tugged her pants up again and dreaded the thought of bumping into someone familiar.

Their exit strategy was simple. They planned to conquer each hallway one a time. They would adhere to the less populated hallways as much as possible.

Veronica scouted ahead. If it was clear she motioned Katherine to follow. Their progress was sluggish and more than once they were forced to alter their path to avoid a gathering of business colleagues. Their ultimate goal was the lobby and the salvation of the cab stand beyond. But Katherine didn’t care about their speed. Soon she would be home.

The prospect of growing was intoxicating. Obviously, based on her current physical state, the medication worked. So, logically her growth was imminent. She could hardly contain herself.

Katherine’s mind wandered as she imagined her restored but taller body. The promise of height transported her. She pictured herself in meetings and dance clubs.

Katherine didn’t date much, and sex was infrequent, but men were going to be a whole new experience. But, in truth, Katherine yearned for respect.

Katherine was smart but had always felt a condescension attached to her successes. The promise to abolish that life-long obstacle was beyond joy.

Lost in thought Katherine absentmindedly walked straight into Veronica’s back. She had paused at the corner of a very raucous crowd along the third-floor corridor. So far, their progress had been steady, but Veronica’s grim expression shattered Katherine’s hopes for a rapid egress.

“It’s packed. You can’t even walk through and Mr. Sorgant is holding court right in the middle of it,” Veronica whispered.

Fearing detection Veronica reached out and grabbed Katherine’s hand and led her away. They rounded into another lounge which was gratefully empty.

Once inside Katherine jerked her released from Veronica’s strange grip.

“What am I going to do?” Katherine asked.

It was more a matter of professional propriety. Katherine and Veronica were well aware of departed predecessors downsized due to their unseemly behavior. In some cases, these infractions had been minor. Mr. Sorgant, board members and other managers could be quite ruthless if the mood struck them.

Katherine looked down at her oversized shirt and pants. Faced with the scrutiny of management Katherine imagined it could be misconstrued she had some sort of a problem. But beyond her clothing the revelation of her real body was also a fear. Exposure was not an option. 

“Maybe we could cover you up with a towel a tablecloth or something and just charge through,” Veronica suggested.

“Too risky,” Katherine sighed. “I’d be seen or bump into someone.”

“Yeah, you’re right. You stick out like a sore thumb. We could just wait for them to leave.”

Katherine entertained the thought, but another tightening feeling invaded her. It was followed by the familiar nauseated sensation. Suddenly waiting did not seem like an option.

“We’ll have to go back and circle around,” Katherine motioned.

“Can’t. It closed at four. They start locking the extra corridors and connecting skyways. This is really the only way,” Veronica stated. 

“Why do they lock them?” Katherine quizzed.

“It something to do with security. It traffics the convention people down to the lobby and I think it keeps the homeless out too. I don’t really know.”

She was stuck.

“Wait. I have an idea. It’s kinda crazy but it’ll get you out of here and where you belong. I promise,” Veronica smiled.

With her reputation at risk and the return of her nausea Katherine agreed.

“Great! I’ll be back in about fifteen minutes,” Veronica voiced energetically.

Veronica waltzed out. The door clicked behind her. She paused and allowed her inner smile to erupt and spread across her face. It was an evil grin.

There were no board of directors, no management, and no Mr. Sorgant. Only a group of bartenders in a pre-shift meeting. There was no lock down and no threat of being discovered. Veronica had lied. She had manipulated Katherine exactly where she wanted. Veronica knew precisely where they were within the hotel. She had a wicked idea.

Katherine waited but as the minutes ticked away, she found her optimism wane. She paced and periodically leapt into a stall at the slightest sounds. Occasionally it was warranted. Women popped in for a minute or more to make use of the facilities or retouch their makeup. Katherine stayed safe in her cubby until it was clear. When she felt confident, she reemerged.

In the quiet moments she examined her form in the mirror. In the baggy clothes it was difficult to observe the extent of her changes, but Katherine could feel them. At certain times it felt as though her body was contracting.

Katherine waited and waited and continued her routine of pacing and hiding. The door opened and she dove into her stall again.

“Katherine, you in here?” Veronica called.

Veronica stopped at the door and stood proudly at attention. A medium sized canvas bag was slung over her right shoulder. Hidden behind her back she clutched a bundle of rolled fabric.

Katherine peeked out. Veronica swung the fabric in front of her and unfurled it triumphantly.


Katherine gawked at the presented outfit.

“You’re kidding. I can’t wear that!” Katherine spouted.

“Of course, you can. Think about it. No one would look twice at you. And definitely no associate will even give you a second thought,” Veronica beamed.

“It won’t fit me,” Katherine added.

“I bet it will. And who’s going to think you’d ever dress like this. It’s so outrageous!”

The audacity of the outfit was a positive. But Katherine already felt insecure. The idea of trading her current ensemble for a more juvenile one was unsettling. But Katherine couldn’t wait any longer to get home. She was mere steps from taking the first dose of growth hormones. Then she would grow big and tall and sexy. She would have her boobs back. They might even be bigger!

“Alright,” Katherine sighed.

It was good disguise, but Katherine did not want to admit it. Instead, she plucked the Girl Scout uniform from Veronica and turned toward her stall. Suddenly a group of four tipsy women barged into the lounge giggling. Katherine darted and, in the commotion, Veronica joined her.

“What are doing? Get out!” Katherine whispered.

“I’ll help you.”

“I don’t need your help!” Katherine shouted.

Her high-pitched childish voice echoed. The chatter from the four ladies halted and the room fell silent. Katherine and Veronica froze.

“Everything okay in there?” a lady asked.

“We’re fine. I’m just trying to help my daughter change her clothes,” Veronica calmly replied.  

Katherine turned fiery red and glared at Veronica. Veronica looked down at Katherine.

“She’s just being fussy,” Veronica added.

“Well don’t disrespect your mama little one,” another lady slurred.

“Or…” another woman chimed.

It was apparent the woman mimed some action as a round of laughter erupted from the inebriated four.

“That’s what you want!”

“You know it!”

More laughter and snickers reverberated. Then as quickly as they had appeared, they disappeared. The two ladies were alone again.

Embarrassed Katherine gave Veronica a small shove out of the stall which yielded little result.

“What’d you say that for?” Katherine asked.

“It just came out. I had to say something. Anyway, it worked. They didn’t bother us, did they? Wait. I have an idea,” Veronica chimed.

“Another one?”

Veronica set the canvas bag down, stepped out of the stall and walked to the door. She grabbed a sign which was propped against the trash can. The sign read “Closed for Maintenance”. She hung it on the door handle outside and locked the door.

“There, now we can work in private,” Veronica said.

Katherine eyed Veronica as she leaned on the sink. She had no desire for the oversexed moose to help her. The prospect of her new outfit was humiliating enough. Katherine stalled which irritated Veronica.

“Come on, let’s go. I wanna go drink!” Veronica hurried.

Katherine slunk back into the stall and untied the pink pants and carefully stepped out of the long tubes of fabric and laid them aside. She held up the uniform and grimaced. She hated it might fit her.

The one-piece dress was a traditional green with large dark green buttons which fastened down the front. It was hideous. Katherine ran her hand across the thick burlap type fabric and groaned. It was miles from her silk and linen ensembles.

Katherine removed the t-shirt and added it to the pants on the bench. Katherine turned carefully to avoid the mirror. She cringed as the fabric scraped over her shoulders and knew, even without buttoning it, the uniform fit. The reality of the small garment depressed her.

To maintain part of her dignity Katherine attempted to force the uniform over her bra but the tissue paper created a bumpy problem. The thin material stretched awkwardly across her imaginary bosom which made her look deformed.

So, Katherine peeled off the uniform and tossed it on top of the t-shirt. Katherine extended her delicate digits into her bra. She shivered slightly as her cold fingers touched her bare chest. She pulled the few wads of tissue from inside and dropped them on the floor. Then she unhooked the last symbol of her adulthood and ceremoniously laid it with the other garments. Desperate to cover her flat pink chest Katherine reached for the scout uniform again. She sighed resignedly at the fate of her temporary prison.   

Katherine looked up and recoiled from the mirror. Above her reflection was Veronica! The brunette smirked and casually leaned against the Formica support frame.

“Oh my god Katherine!” she exclaimed loudly. “I knew you were small, but I had no idea.”

There was no point in hiding. Katherine had been exposed. She quickly covered her body with the uniform and spun and faced Veronica.  

In the mirror, Veronica spotted Katherine’s tiny bottom and grinned. Veronica tried to concentrate as Katherine rambled through the effects of the medicine, but her panties were in eminent danger of abandoning their post. Every time she gestured the panties jiggled south. Finally, she stopped speaking.

“So, some medical concoction did this? Well, you should go into business with this supposed doctor and get rich,” Veronica suggested.

Katherine’s puzzled expression prompted her further.

“You’ve discovered the fountain of youth! Every woman in the world will want this,” she explained.

“It doesn’t work that way. And that’s not what this is!” Katherine said loudly.

She knew Veronica was poking her but tried to maintain her temper and tone.

“Really?” Veronica snorted, “Turn around and take another look at yourself. Go ahead.”

Katherine slowly obeyed.

“You were already short but now you look even shorter. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see your bra was filled with paper. You’re completely flat chested,” Veronica stated sharply.

Katherine lowered the uniform slightly to peek at her non-existent chest. Her breasts, which had been a source of pride, were only a memory. And it was at that precise moment her underwear departed south and Veronica exploded in laughter.

“That is one smooth pussy!”

Katherine frowned at the vulgarity.

“I know women shave and wax, but that doesn’t look right!” Veronica giggled.

It was true. The medicine had completely removed any trace of hair, but it had also caused her vagina to shrink, perhaps even regress. Katherine ignored Veronica and stared into the mirror mournfully. She had stepped backwards in time.

Katherine’s entire body blushed a deep red and she covered herself. Veronica was engulfed in laughter, but Katherine was grateful. Veronica had failed to notice the other changes to her hips, face, and bottom. But her reprieve was short-lived as Veronica spoke again.

“And that cute little butt! I’d kill for a butt that tight,” Veronica guffawed.

Veronica rotated her own curvy rear toward the mirror and slapped it.

“You look…oh what’s that word? Prepubescent!” Veronica exclaimed excitedly.

Katherine had remained completely still during Veronica’s stinging observations. The exposure of her physical truth had pushed Katherine beyond embarrassment. Katherine’s only glimmer of hope was to escape home. Silently she wrapped the uniform around her tiny body.

Veronica’s voice shifted to a softer tone.

“Look, I was just kidding around. I get it. Here, let me help you,” Veronica offered.

“I’m fine,” Katherine stated defiantly.

The awkward moment hung in the air until Veronica broke the silence.

“So, all you have to do is take the next medicine and you’ll, uh, grow up?”

Katherine shot her a look.

“Grow out…you know what I mean,” she answered.

Katherine nodded yes.

“You think it’ll work?” Veronica asked.

“It should if you consider how well this worked,” Katherine made a sweeping gesture at her body.

“Wow, just think, you might be as tall as me.” Veronica stated.

“Maybe. But I’ll be grateful just to have my curves back and hopefully be a little taller,” Katherine said.

“Well, I haven’t forgotten our deal. Come on, we’re almost there. Just two flights down and through the lobby.”

Katherine reflected for a moment and relaxed. She was right. There was no use to get worked up. Katherine quietly repeated her mantra again.

“Stick to the plan. Keep moving forward.”

“What was that?” Veronica asked.

“Just a little something I say to keep myself motivated.”

“I like that. I may use it,” Veronica said.

Katherine felt a little more comfortable and decided to dress. She dug into the canvas bag and discovered a few more items. She held up two sealed clear bags and examined their contents. One contained underwear adorned with the Girl Scout logo. The other had a pair of short green socks with frills at the top.

“You thought of everything. Thanks, especially for the underwear. Mine has seen better days,” Katherine related.

“Sure. I just guessed and told ‘em give me everything and they shoved it in a bag,” Veronica answered.

The white cotton panties were positively tiny, and Katherine doubted their size. They seemed more suitable for an eight-year-old girl. Skeptically she pulled them up her coltish legs and over her bottom and snapped them into place. She whirled in the mirror and lifted the short hem of the green dress. She sighed disappointedly. The panties cupped her cheeks which made them appear even smaller. Katherine ignored the implication.

Katherine pulled the pair of green socks and plain brown shoes onto her feet. Surprisingly, everything fit, although the shoes were a little loose.

Katherine had seen several girl scouts wandering through the hotel but wondered where Veronica had obtained a complete uniform.

“Where did you get all of this? You didn’t steal it did you?” Katherine inquired.

“No,” Veronica answered ignoring the insult. “I bought it. There’s a regional thing happening. They had a booth.”

“I’ll pay you back.”

“Yes, you will.”

They both smiled at the joke.

“It’s a great disguise. No one will give you a second glance. But not looking like that,” Veronica added.

Veronica bent down to assist Katherine with her cravat. Instinctually, Katherine lowered her arms to her side. She admonished herself for her subservient obedience but dismissed it. Veronica was helping.

Veronica already appeared tall but the action of her leaning into her face made Katherine feel even smaller. Katherine couldn’t help but ogle Veronica’s bountiful cleavage. It seemed primed to escape the confines of her blouse at any moment.

Katherine did not usually linger on women’s figures, but Veronica’s breasts were luscious. Katherine was entranced and understood why men fawned over Veronica. Each time she moved her full round tanned breasts rose and jostled together. A pang of jealousy hit Katherine. It was an emotion she rarely experienced, but Veronica’s impressive chest made her feel inadequate.

Veronica plopped the beret on Katherine’s head and stood back.  After a couple of annoying tongue clicks accompanied by a vacant stare, which Katherine imagined was Veronica’s “thinking face”, she swiftly removed it. Veronica then began to brush Katherine’s hair.

“What are doing?” Katherine asked.

“Your hair’s a mess. We wanna make sure you’re not spotted, right?”

Katherine nodded and silently chastised her involuntary obedience. But she decided it was better to allow Veronica her space.

“Let her do her work. Then we can get out of here. Keep moving forward,” she reminded herself.

Veronica wrestled with Katherine’s hair for a moment then sashayed to the sink. Katherine watched her round bottom wiggle as the water flowed.

She returned with a damp paper towel and leaned over. Again, Katherine was distracted by Veronica’s cleavage. Promptly Veronica ‘s left thumb and fingers pinched Katherine’s chin as her right-hand scrubbed Katherine’s face.  

“Hey!” Katherine twisted away.

Veronica tugged her back into position.

“Your makeup is all smeared,” Veronica said.

“I can do it myself,” Katherine replied.

“I’m almost done,” Veronica.

Katherine knew Veronica was right and let her finish. So far, Veronica had been right about everything which irked her.

In her disguise, it would be inappropriate to appear in full makeup. It might even draw unnecessary attention. However, it did not asway the humiliation of having her faced scrubbed by the voluptuous Veronica.

Finally, Veronica stood up and admired her handiwork. Katherine followed Veronica’s eyes as they moved over her body. It unnerved Katherine.

“Oh my god! You look amazing!”

And with that single exclamation Veronica gathered up Katherine’s old belongings and shoved them into the canvas bag. She took hold of Katherine’s hand and led her out into the bustling hotel.

Veronica was unaware of the length of her stride and Katherine found herself running to keep up.  A few times she almost tripped but Veronica continued their forward motion which prevented her fall.

When Veronica first grabbed her hand, she started to protest but assumed it was to expedite their departure. Katherine had no sense of their route through the maze of hallways. So, she trusted Veronica was leading her the most efficient way to a cab outside.

Katherine was grateful. Without Veronica she would have faced deep embarrassment and possibly been fired. Katherine pondered on her rivalry with Veronica and reflected she might have misjudged her. Perhaps she had even been biased by her sexuality. Veronica’s flaw was her ambition and Katherine couldn’t blame her for wanting advancement. Katherine felt blessed by her success but was aware not everyone achieved their goals so easily.

A loud slam echoed in the third-floor stairwell. The click-clack of Veronica’s heels and Katherine’s small brown shoes created an asynchronous rhythm as they descended into chaos.

The hallway was teaming with a myriad of people of all sizes. So far, they had managed to avoid the major crowds which made this stream of people overwhelming. They stepped out into the hallway and Katherine froze.

Across the large corridor a proportionate line of ornate mirrors adorned the wall. It was unbelievable. There was a young girl dressed in a girl scout uniform. She was fresh faced, and her blonde hair was braided in pigtails. Katherine stared. Her mouth hung open. The girl was her!

For a moment, Katherine didn’t even recognize herself. She looked so young. Whatever disillusioned image of remaining curves or womanhood Katherine had previously held in her mind were completely obliterated by the little girl staring back at her. Her reduction was further accentuated by Veronica’s presence. Katherine shifted her eyes to Veronica’s womanly image which towered next to her.

Katherine’s descent into her second childhood was interrupted when Veronica gripped her hand again. In the mirror the gesture appeared completely natural. But to Katherine it was horrific and burned into her mind.

She tried to dismiss the disturbing connotation of Veronica as a mother figure while she was dragged through the crowd. But each fleeting portrait she glimpsed of her passing reflection sent her further back in time. Her pretend disguise had become real.

Katherine also couldn’t shake the notion that not one man had glanced her way. Every male gaze was firmly fixed on Veronica’s rounded figure. Katherine lamented her childlike shape.

She wanted to wrench free from Veronica. She wanted to run screaming from the nightmare image the two presented. But Katherine calmed herself. Her salvation was near.

It didn’t matter anyway. Veronica’s grip was firm. Katherine assumed she was intent to not lose her in the crowd. This brought a small amount of comfort to her confused mind.

Then, without warning, they rounded into a huge ballroom decorated in green and yellow. Katherine tugged against Veronica.

“I don’t want to go in here!” Katherine protested.

“Relax, I just wanna show you where I got your disguise,” Veronica explained.

The ballroom was swarming with young girls and adults in uniform. It was busy as girl chased through the space and adults packed up tables and displays. Katherine felt extremely uncomfortable although she blended into the scene perfectly. 

“But someone will see me,” Katherine voiced.

“No one you know will see you in here,” Veronica smoothed.

It was true. There was no reason for anyone from Katherine’s life to be in this room.

“See, I got it all over there.”

Veronica pointed to a large display decorated with various uniforms and accessories. It was currently being broken down by an older woman.

“Hold on.” Veronica said.

Veronica walked away and left Katherine alone in the middle of the room. Subconsciously Katherine shifted her toes inward. A nervous habit from childhood.

Katherine watched the older uniformed woman. She was dressed from head to toe in khaki and appeared more suitably attired for an adventure in the outback than a hotel ballroom. Veronica engaged the woman and they both smiled. Veronica pointed at Katherine and the woman nodded knowingly. They spoke and Veronica returned. Her face was expressionless.

Veronica swiveled up and faced Katherine. She straightened to her full height and folded her arms.

“Okay. Well, have fun!” Veronica beamed.


“Oh, I almost forgot,” Veronica said.

She reached into her pocket and in a slow exaggerated way leaned over and slipped something over Katherine’s head. There was a ceremonial quality in her action.

“What is that?” Katherine inquired.

Katherine lifted the lanyard and stared at the laminated card. It was a simple white plastic card. The top displayed the standard Girl Scout logo but below was a photo of Katherine. Underneath the name read “Katie Emerson, Cadette”.

Katherine recognized the photo from her gym membership card. It had been taken hastily at the gym, so her hair was pulled back and she was minus her makeup. The photo was also three years old. So, in the context of the current ID, she looked years younger.

Katherine’s head was swimming. She tried to reason through the events, but the fog of the medicine fought back. Her mind staggered at the disbelieve of the situation.

Veronica watched the gears turn inside Katherine’s head. Katherine pried her eyes away from the ID card. They burned with fury.

“You had my wallet this whole time?! I can’t believe you did this. Come on, let’s go!” Katherine started.

Veronica roughly seized Katherine’s forearm and jerked her back into place. She bent down into a crouching stance. The same position in which one would speak to a child at eye level. The implication of the move was not lost on Katherine. Any pretense of previous civility departed Veronica’s face. Instantly she hissed violently in hushed tones.

“You stupid Bitch! You don’t get it. You’re not going anywhere. I’m leaving you here. You’re gonna take a little vacation from being an adult. I just signed you up for camp. A camp for troubled girl scouts. It was easy. I just paid all the fees and registered you. They gladly took my money. After that, I don’t care what happens,” Veronica jeered.

“That’s crazy! You’re crazy!” Katherine shouted.

Katherine’s arm rose to strike her. Veronica clamped both of Katherine’s limbs to her side with such force it made Katherine shudder. The scene garnered the attention of several nearby troop leaders. In particular, the older uniformed woman with whom Veronica had spoken moments ago.

A concerned look came over the woman. She sensed a situation brewing. She set down a box of supplies and started toward the two. Out the corner of her eye Veronica observed the woman’s approach and launched into a threatening speech.

“You’re the one who’s crazy. See this?” Veronica strongly patted her palm against Katherine’s flat chest. “And this?”

Veronica’s hands migrated to her hips and then to her backside where she tightly cupped Katherine’s cheeks.

“You are a little girl Katie. Do you think anyone is going to believe otherwise? Look at yourself,” Veronica spat.

Without losing eye contact Veronica plunged into her purse and produced a small compact. She opened it and thrust the mirror into Katherine’s face.

For the first time Katherine herself clearly. The image was sobering. Her hair was braided into pigtails which instantly created a youthful look. And the medicine had performed a further transformation on her facial features. Her cheeks were rounder. Her nose was smaller and upturned. And lacking any makeup she appeared even more youthful than before.

“You think you’re so smart. I’ve been slaving away at this company for three years. I’ve watched every choice assignment go to you. I tried everything to impress the higher ups, but you were always there stealing my ideas, my promotions, and my boyfriend. Ha! You think Paul would want you now? Look at you! You’re a little girl. He’d go to jail just for talking to you. Don’t worry though I’ll show Paul a good time.

But now you’re gonna disappear little Katie. Do you know what a Cadette is? You have no ID and no money. Have a good time trying to convince anyone with your high voice, fresh face, flat chest and bare pussy that you’re any older than ten!” Veronica mocked. “And what was that saying? Oh, yeah, keep moving froward? Well, I think for you it’s keep moving backward,” Veronica laughed.

“Screw you!” Katherine spat and scrambled away but Veronica gripped her wrist again.

“Let me go you bitch!”

It was at that exact moment the older woman arrived. She wasn’t taller than Veronica, but she was stockier.

“Oh, I see what you mean,” the older woman said to Veronica. “She is quite willful.”

The scowling woman leaned down intimidatingly into Katherine’s face which caused her to stop.

“Hello Katie, I’m Hilda. Now I know it’s hard to be away from home, but we are going to have a great time. But we need to be respectful, so I want you to apologize to your aunt.”

Every single word stung Katherine to the core but she decided a more thoughtful tactic was wiser. She blinked up at Veronica who released her wrist.

“I’m sorry Auntie,” Katherine faked.

Satisfied by Katherine’s contrite attitude the two women began talking. Katherine ignored the conversation. Instead, she surveyed the exits. Then with a sudden burst of energy, she sprinted across the expansive red and beige carpet towards a side exit door.

Hilda turned calmly and motioned to a burly volunteer. Frank acknowledged Hilda and halted his work.

Veronica watched with glee as the volunteer snatched Katherine mere inches from the exit door and held her.  

Even from a distance Veronica could tell Katherine had snapped. Frank held Katherine’s arms to her sides. She twisted and kicked but gained no traction. It was delightful. Hilda gestured to the volunteer and turned back to Veronica.

“Well, it looks like we have a problem. In my experience the longer you stay the longer it takes to establish authority. We’ll handle it from here,” Hilda said.

Veronica deeply desired to stay and witness Hilda’s plan. But she didn’t want to run the risk of revealing Katherine’s truth. So, Veronica glided out the ballroom.

Katherine screamed as she watched the key to her identity disappear. Hilda approached.

Katherine, still tightly gripped, wriggled but then reassured herself. She had swayed businessmen and women with less ammunition. It didn’t matter how she looked. She was an adult. Her manner and confidence would be her strength. She would wield her vocabulary like a weapon. Hilda was outmatched. In a few minutes she would be headed towards sweet home.

Hilda stopped and glared down at Katherine. Katherine smiled and began to speak. But before she could utter a single syllable Hilda’s hand sprang to her ear and twisted. Katherine winced in pain. Hilda maintained her hold and guided Katherine behind a curtain and a wall of boxes.

The pain was intense, and Katherine had no option but to follow Hilda’s grip behind the stage. Hilda released her and Katherine rubbed her ear vigorously. The pain preoccupied all her senses.

Dragged even a short distance in such a manner had left Katherine unstable. So, it was with great ease Hilda jerked Katherine’s tiny form over her knee.

For a moment Katherine felt dizzy and thought she had suffered another effect of the medicine. But when Hilda’s meaty left arm wrapped around her waist she knew.

Hilda flipped Katherine’s short green skirt out of the way. And Katherine launched into her logical protests. They were terminated by the first slap.

“Wait! You don’t understand, I’m not a girl scout!”

Spank! Spank! Spank!

The thin white logo emblazoned panties were no protection from Hilda’s paddle like palm.

“Oooowwww! Stop!”

Spank! Spank! Spank!

Frank Donovan, Hilda’s associate, stood guard to discourage any curiosity concerning the sounds which emanated from the backstage area. The noise in the ballroom was extreme so no one noticed anyway.

It never entered Hilda’s mind the young girl over her knee was a small adult. She was oblivious to such stimuli. Hilda had raised two daughters and knew all too well the bargains and lies that spewed from their mouths during such sessions. Hilda focused on her one and only task.

Hilda had punished many girls under her care over the years. She took no pleasure in the experience except in the satisfaction of correction. Many of her former charges had gone onto great careers. And Hilda took pride in the small hand she may have had in straighten them out.

Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!

Hilda’s steady rhythm continued.

“You can’t do this! I’m an adult!”

As her bottom heated more and more Katherine’s demeanor shifted from reason to abuse. Katherine was not in the habit of utilizing expletives for expression or to command attention. She had always opted on the side of intelligent dialog to convince. But the events of the day pressed upon her and so an uncontrollable stream of cursing escaped her lips.

“Let me go you fucking bitch!” Katherine screamed.

Hilda paused and tightened her left arm. She studied the small pigtailed hellion over her lap. She turned to Frank who nodded knowingly. He pulled the black curtain closed and adopted a commanding stance outside.

“We don’t tolerate language like that ever,” Hilda stated flatly.

Hilda crooked her fingers into waistband of Katherine’s panties and whisked them down. Katherine screamed. She scrambled madly to prevent the action. Hilda’s focus intensified and she resumed her punishment with new enthusiasm.


The pain was excruciating! Katherine kicked her skinny legs involuntarily. The cold hotel air danced up her legs and across her bare privates. Her pigtails bobbed in a confused synchronous rhythm with the spankings. Instinctively she reached back to block the slaps but found her hands clamped down onto her back. She writhed and bucked to no avail. She was trapped.

Katherine’s mind spun out of control. The accumulation of each unfortunate event illuminated. Each sacrifice stripped away another layer as her womanhood evaporated.


Katherine watched in horror as her transformation played in slow motion. Her naked round C cup breasts melted into her chest, her pubic follicles retreated into stubble and vanished. Her hips moved inward and morphed her heart shaped bottom into two small white globes. She was shapeless, hairless, and sexless. The cherub cheeked innocent face of an ineffectual little girl stared back at her wide eyed.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as the events of the day replayed again and again. Katherine sobbed. Her bottom was fire! Her entire body shivered. The result of the medicine and the shock of being spanked on her bare bottom had taken their toll.

Hilda lifted Katherine off her lap and penetrated her with a withering glare. Katherine blubbered uncontrollably and rubbed her red rear.

“Now Katie, I hope will not have to repeat this. If I do it will be far worse. You will behave and be respectful Katie. And I don’t want to hear any more lies about you being an adult again. If I do, you will find yourself right back over my knee for another bare bottom spanking. Do I make myself clear little girl?”

Katie sniffled and meekly agreed. Hilda stood and Katie shrank next to the giant woman. She dragged Katie awkwardly to a makeshift corner comprised of large boxes. Katie’s panties still clung to her thighs and she struggled to maintain her balance as Hilda positioned her.

Hilda placed Katie’s hands on top of her head which raised the hem of her uniform and revealed her red bottom. Katie tried to reject her self-image but couldn’t. She was a punished little girl on display. Katie remained still while the world outside progressed forward.  

“Now Katie I want you to stand there with your nose in that corner. I want you to think about what we discussed and reflect on your behavior and what it means to be a girl scout. Then Miss Devened will come and escort you to the bus.”

Katie’s brain was a tangled mess. Between the spanking, Veronica’s manipulations, her current appearance, and the medicine she questioned her entire reality.

But the clarity of spending two weeks in a camp for troubled girls was horrific. There was no escape for her. She was a little girl until camp was over.

She had to escape home and get her medicine. Then she would be big again and not trapped in her little body. Katie reflected how insignificant she was as a child. She cursed her current form and dreamed of her future.

Hours later, across town, in a swanky high rise condo Veronica slipped a familiar key into an unfamiliar door. It took little time to find the special bottle of pills. Veronica’s laughter rang throughout the empty rooms as she poured them into the toilet and flushed.





End Chapter 1

The Montford Reduction

by: Alec Leamus | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 11, 2021


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vended · Jun 11, 2021

Thanks again for the amazing story ! I look forward working with you again in the future. ;)

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Ambrose · Jun 12, 2021

A great story! Love the details of the change!

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