A Midnight Date

by: Mr. D | Complete Story | Last updated May 16, 2018

Steven, Kristi, and Sarah find something strange in a cave on private property.

Chapter 1
A Midnight Date

Chapter Description: Contains language and diapers.

The dark night sky gave a foreboding sense of dread to the passengers in the small car which sped at 50 miles an hour on the 45 MPH mountain road. Occasional flashes of lightning illuminated the dense clouds above, which made the company somewhat nervous. The beams of the headlights were the only source of visibility the driver had at his disposal.

“Steven, you’re going too fast.” the woman in front seat informed the driver, “You need to slow down.”

Steven looked over at the woman beside him, “Babe, no one else is driving up here, I could go even faster if I really wanted.”

“It’s adorable how you think my sister’s into you like that,” the girl in the back seat chimed, “This isn’t even really a date if you ask me.”

“Kristi, that’s enough.” The woman told her sister, “We agreed that we didn’t want to scare this one away like we did the others.” She grabbed Steven’s hand. Steven grasped it in his own.

“But Sarah, look at this guy’s car! I can’t believe you consented to us riding in this heap of junk, on an icky night like tonight no less.”

Sarah let out an exasperated gasp before scolding, “He’s right here, Kristi.” She shot her sister a dark look. “You’re acting like a child.”

“Funny you should mention it, I KNOW children with better rides than this.”

Sarah heaved a sigh. She just couldn’t reason with her sister. “Maybe you should have gone on your own date instead of tagging along with your loser sister.”

Kristi snorted, “Loser? You? Fine I’ll let you have that one, but you’re still way out of his league. I still can’t believe you’re going out with this creep you met online-“


The car came to an abrupt stop as Steven announced, “We’re here.”

Kristi rolled her eyes before leaving the car.

“I’m sorry about her,” Sarah apologized, “She’s still in college and thinks she knows everything.”

Steven laughed, “Hey, don’t worry about it. You said you wanted to check out this cave, so let’s get out the gear and start exploring.”

They both laughed. Sarah kissed Steven on the forehead before leaving the car.

“Fucking weirdo.” Steven mumbled to himself as he sat alone in the car, “That Kristi chick though…” Steven grinned and followed the girls to his trunk where they geared up for the night’s event.

After opening the door, Steven spotted a minivan some distance away, “Who do you think that is?” he pointed after joining the girls at the trunk. “I thought this was private property.”

“Guess we’ll run into them when we start exploring.” Sarah replied. She whispered something to Kristi that Steven couldn’t hear.

Kristi rolled her eyes as she put on a harness and headlamp. “Yes, I brought them,” She also donned a knapsack which seemed identical to the one her sister was already wearing. Steven couldn’t remember the girls putting knapsacks in the car, but he didn’t pay them close attention when he picked them up, either.

“Who’s bright idea was this to explore this cave in the middle of the night, anyway?” Kristi grunted.

“Oh, it was mine, I thought we already discussed this.” Sarah replied. “This was the only time I could get off work, and since we are trespassing, it’s better to go at night, a real adventure.”

“Some adventure.” Kristi scoffed.

Steven couldn’t help but cast Kristi a few stray glances as they entered mouth of the enormous cave, eyeing her perfect hourglass figure when Sarah wasn’t looking.

The three walked in silence for the next few minutes.

“Well, this is exciting,” Steven’s monotonous conversation starter couldn’t hide his distaste for the activity.

“It sure is!” Sarah gasped, “Just look at all these stalactites!” She rused over to touch the stony spikes hanging from a low area of the ceiling.

Steven rolled his eyes, “She’s such a fucking nerd,” he muttered under his breath, eyeing Kristi once again, undetected.

Kristi put her hands on her broad hips, “Alright, you wanna take a few pictures before we head out?”

“But we just got here!” Sarah protested, looking back at Steven an Kristi.

“We came, we saw it, and it was kinda cool. Now let’s go back and watch a cheesy cave exploration movie or something.” Kristi shot back, “Besides, I don’t think your date here’s having a good time.” She casually pushed Steven toward her sister.

“Steven likes these formations just as much as I do.” She turned to face her date, “Isn’t that right Steven?”

Steven tensed up, then relaxed, reassuring himself Sarah would be easy to play. “I honestly thought there would be more to see, but there’s just a few rock formations here and there with not much else in sight.”

Sarah looked a little betrayed for a few brief seconds, but then regained her composure and exclaimed, “That’s because the really cool stuff is further back inside the cave! C’mon, let’s go.” Sarah rushed ahead, the light of her headlamp gradually leaving the company of the other two.

“You really volunteered to come out for this?” Steven kept his voice low.

Kristi pulled out a cigarette and lit up. “It’s what sisters do.” she sighed. “Look, sorry for bashing you left and right, but you’re not Sarah’s type, nothing personal.” Steven got a breath of smoke to the face.

“No harm, no foul.” Steven held back his retort and bitterness at her smoke, “Didn’t think she liked caves this much.”

“She reads things and then gets obsessed with various other things for a little while, I’m sure you know how that goes.” Kristi breathed, letting out another puff of smoke in Steven’s direction, making him take a few steps back. Turning her head, she stared off into space, “Some of these formations are really fucking cool.” She said, in a tone clearly mocking her sister.

“You wanna go somewhere while Sarah has her fun?” Steven casually suggested, “I honestly didn’t think this was private property and I’m sure whoever owns this place won’t press charges if Sarah plays her cards right.”

Kristi shot Steven a dirty look, “Hell no. Even if I wanted to ditch my sister, I’d never do it with someone like you.” Kristi dropped her cigarette on the ground and went forward to rejoin her sister as Steven stared at her ass longingly.

“Playing hard to get, I see.” Steven muttered under his breath, “Just you wait, I’ll win you over. The prize is worth it.”

“Hey, guys, I found it!” Sarah’s voice echoed throughout the cave.

“What did you find?” Kristi asked as she and Steven rejoined her sister.

“That relic I’ve been talking about for the last few weeks!” she said excitedly, “I’d tracked it down to this location, but I really didn’t think we’d find it tonight!” Sarah had what at first glance looked to be some sort of lore book under her arm and was holding a small object in her outstretched hands.

The other two stared it it. It looked like a perfectly spherical stone, but it glowed with swirls of brilliant pink, very light blue, and incredibly deep purple.

“What’s it do?” Steven asked, thinking he’d score points with Kristi for feigning interest. The ball looked cool, but this had to be a ruse that would somehow liven their travesty of a date.

“Well, according to my book, it can control time, but not on a massive scale.” Sarah excitedly poured over her book, “For example, it could be used to freeze objects, living or otherwise, slow them down, speed them up… it’s one of those things I’d probably want to keep quiet”

Steven rolled his eyes, “Alright, give us a demonstration. Try it on me, I’ve always wanted to be able to move faster.”

Sarah put her book down and pointed the stone at him, bracing herself.

“Are you sure?” Kristi asked, eyes wide, as if she knew exactly what this object was, “We’re not even sure if Sarah knows how to use that thing.”

Steven again rolled his eyes, “Look, it’s all fake. That ‘relic’ looks like a fancy toy anyone can buy online. What’s more, it’s been a god awful date and guess who’s going home without getting any tonight?” Steven pointed to himself, “This g-“

In the one split second that Steven was enveloped in light, his body felt weightless, as if he were floating on water. He began to feel strange as all the clothing and gear on him began to loosen and then fall off. “What’s happening to me?” He groaned. The beam of light had already gone, but had not seemed to have completely finished its work.

“Oh my god,” Kristi exclaimed, “It’s actually working.” She starred in utter bewilderment as Steven’s headlamp fell off and he continued to shrink.

“Guess I won’t need to get that boyfriend after all,” Sarah laughed at Steven’s confused, frightened look as he continued to regress through puberty.

“Will one of you tell me what the fuck is going on?” Steven’s voice broke, causing both ladies to roar with laughter.

Finally, Sarah calmed down enough to speak, “Steven, it wasn’t gonna work out. I saw you eyeing my sister the moment we met up and you haven’t quit since. I was going to leave you in a few months, but I like this better. It’s a lot less messy…” Both girls snickered as the child Steven’s bowels released, causing his face to turn a scarlet red, “Speak of the devil.” Sarah laughed.

Dwarfed by his clothes and gear, Steven finally came to the conclusion it was time to run. Gathering what remained of his energy, he poured it all into a dash in the opposite direction. The toddler tripped on his own, oversized shirt.

Sarah knelt down and pulled the crying toddler into her lap, “Hey, hey,” she spoke softly, “Everything’s going to be okay. Mommy’s got you.”

Steven’s brown, chocolate eyes stared into Sarah’s in abject horror. “Wa-wa-wa” Steven made one final attempt to probe what Sarah’s intentions were. When the infant realized he could no longer speak coherently, bawling filled the cave.

“Oh, poor baby! All he can do now is cry!” Kristi mocked, leering down at the infant in Sarah’s lap.

“Kristi, don’t be mean to my son.” Sarah told her off, “He’s had a rough night.” She cradled little Steven as he fell asleep in her arms. “I think it’s stopped. Oh my gosh! He looks like he’s barely a month old! So precious…”

“Before your newfound bundle of joy has another oopsie, I think we should probably clothe him, in the interest of protecting your… nice clothes.” Mindy pulled a diaper and package of wipes from her knapsack. “I think this one might be a bit big for him, but we could always pick some up at a gas station or something.” She handed the supplies to her sister, who was already on her knees with Steven sprawled out on his back.

“You said you know someone who can forge documents for my baby?” Sarah asked as she wiped Steven down with several wipes.

“Yes, but I don’t see why you don’t just get laid like everyone else. I mean that thing’s cool and all, but I don’t think that this was the answer.” Kristi watched as Sarah fastened the diaper around Steven’s waist. “I mean, it would have been a lot less complicated to just find a good guy and start a family the normal way.”

“Except that I hate men.” Sarah reminded her sister. “It’s so hard to find a good one you might as well play the lottery.” After Steven’s tapes were fastened, Sarah blew a raspberry on his tummy, making him giggle. “It is a little bit big, but I think he’ll manage until we get him some smaller diapers.” She got to her feet then picked up infant Steven. “Would you like to hold your nephew?” Kristi reached out for the baby Sarah offered to her, careful to support his head during the exchange.

“Definitely going to take some time before I start thinking of this creep as my nephew.” Kristi looked down at the baby in her arms. “You know, he’s still a man.”

“He’s not a man any more, just a drooling infant that I get to look after now. No one will remember him or come looking for him, thanks to his past being erased.”

“How does that work?” Kristi asked curiously, “So what I get from that is that we could use that to stay the same age forever and no one would ever notice?”

“Exactly,” Sarah agreed, “But it’s not limited to those uses.” Kristi scowled in deep thought, looking down at their new addition, “What are your plans for him?”

“We’ll see. He might stay an infant for a few years and I guess we can see what I feel like doing after that.”

“Sounds like you have him wrapped around your finger after all.” Kristi laughed.

Steven stirred from his slumber. After opening his eyes and looking into Kristi’s, he let out a weak, pathetic sob.

“Guess my nephew doesn’t care for me much.” Kristi returned the infant to his new mother.

“When you glare at him like that, it makes him scared,” Sarah cooed as she rocked Steven back to sleep. “You go on ahead and get the minivan started.”

“Yes, mom.” Kristi left as Sarah stood behind, holding her prize in her arms.



End Chapter 1

A Midnight Date

by: Mr. D | Complete Story | Last updated May 16, 2018


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