A Lesson for Linda

by: LittleTanyaBunny | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 10, 2018

(My first story on here... yay!) A story more geared towards babyfurs, I suppose. Linda has extremely bad behavior and must learn from the beginning. How will it work out?

Chapter 1
An Awful Reality

Chapter Description: Backstory to Linda's impending regression. (also, please excuse me if you see this before it is finished! I am getting the hang of this site still)

In a rather large condominium, an 18-year-old red fox was getting ready for a night on the town with her two friends. The girl’s mother, Mrs. Jimenez, was pleading for her to stay home for once.

"Leave me the hell alone!" shouted Linda at the top of her lungs.

Mrs. Jimenez’s eyes filled with tears. She was frightened at the complete monster that her daughter had turned into through the years. Totally untrustworthy, a school bully, extremely promiscuous... her list of offenses had become quite difficult to handle. Mrs. Jimenez grabbed her daughter’s hand.

"PLEASE.... Just stay home," Mrs. Jimenez cried.

"The day I stay home will be the day I physically CAN’T go out! I’m not a stupid kid. I can do whatever the fuck I want!" Linda scoffed, as she yanked her hand out of her mother’s grasp and slammed the door.

Mrs. Jimenez wailed as she collapsed to the ground. Where was her sweet little baby? They used to love each other’s company! Granted, by the time she had reached her terrible twos, she and her father seemed to cut back on the discipline, letting her rant and rave to get her way. The two foxes were pretty young and were a bit clueless on raising children when they had first raised Linda. Mrs. Jimenez realized that THIS was where she went wrong. If only she could reverse the damage....

Mr. Jimenez came into the living room and sighed. "She’s gone out again, I see?" he scoffed.

"Yes mi amor..." Mrs. Jimenez sobbed, "If we could just go back in time and restart our relationship with our daughter... I just wish-"

Mr. Jimenez shushed his wife and rubbed her back.

"Think," he replied, "You’re a white witch, after all. Isn’t there a way for you to do something about it?"

The woman gasped. She could do something after all! She embraced her husband and got to work.



End Chapter 1

A Lesson for Linda

by: LittleTanyaBunny | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 10, 2018


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