The Magic Nursery

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 11, 2017

A couple move into a new house and made their new bedroom in a nursery

Chapter 1
The Full Story

Chapter Description: Gary and Anne soon find them selves back in diapers as they discover their new nursery

’Ok a few more steps’

Anne giggle as her newlywed husband cover her eyes. She took careful steps as Gary remove his hands, ’Surprise!’

Anne squeal as she look at their new house! A two story house in a nice neighborhood. She grab her husband as they kiss passionately.

’Oh Gary this is perfect!’ she hug him as they enter their new house

’Wait’ he said as he grab her and held her bridel style, Anne grin as they walk in.

The place is perfect, Anne look over to the living room at the couch and tv, then around as this place is perfect when they have kids. ’Oh can you imagine our kids running around here?’ she smile

’Yeah, a perfect place to place footy’ he grin ’Oh and you see the best part’ he grab her hand as he led her upstairs. They walk through the hallway as they enter a door, he open it to reveal a beautiful nursery! Anne gasp as she walk in, there’s a crib and toys and change table and diaper pail and everything thing a baby needs. She kiss him again as they admire the room.

’Now all we need is to get you pregant’ he chuckle, Anne laugh, looking forward to the sex, they have been trying for a while but she feels this is a perfect time.

’Why wait?’ she grab him as they walk out towards the master bedroom, They tore each other clothes off as they clutch each other and thrust on the bed. Unaware that someone is watching them.

Anne and Gary huff as they lay in bed, ’How did you set up that nursery anyway?’ she ask

’Oh thats the thing, it was already here, apparently its a magic nursery’ he tease

’Magic?’ she kneel up, ’like what does it do?’

’Well’ he knelt up too, ’Apparently it makes sure there is always a baby in the house, like it creates babies at least that what I heard’ Anne thought of their baby sleeping in there with magic orbs playing around.

’Well we better go get something to eat’ she stood up as she put her underwear on, once she put her dress on she walk out as Gary got dressed.

She walk along when she hears a lullaby. ’Huh?’ she crept along towards the source, Gary walking behind her as he poke his head on her shoulder, ’What is it?’

’I think I hear something’ the couple walk as they stop infront of the nursery, Anne getting a bad feeling as Gary open the door. They walk in as they search for the source of the lullaby, when it suddenly stopped. They look at each other as a voice spoke behind them.


Anne scream as they turn, behind them was a very beautiful woman, short cloned hair and dress in a pink sundress. Gary held her as he spoke ’who are you?’

She bow as she spoke ’I am the spirit of the nursery, You can all me Nanny’ she beam at them ’and I see two very cute babies’

Gary and Anne turn to look for babies but then they realise that she was referring to them. ’Us?’ She spoke ’I think you must be mistaken’ but Nanny smile as she step closer,

’oh no, you are babies all right’ she grab their hands, Gary try to let go but she held them tight, Anne pull and pull but she is being dragged to the change table. ’What the fuck are you doing?’ Yell Gary ’Let go of us!’

Nanny let the, go as she grab his ear and pull, ’Notty!’ She scream as Gary whence in pain, she led him to a chair where she sat and lay him over her knees, Anne watch as his pants and underpants were pull down as Nanny start to spank him. Gary cry out in pain as she continues.

’Let him go!’ Yell Anne as she grab her hand but this woman is too strong as she pull of off. ’Ok then you can share the punishment!’ She grab Anne as she fell over her knees next to her husband, who has tears in his eyes. Anne felt her dress being pull over her back as her panties were pull off, exposing her big butt next to her husbands butt. Then the Nanny slap each butt. Anne scream, Gary cry as they wail and babble, begging her to stop. Nanny continue until their butts were bright red. Then she stood them up.

’now wait here sweetie while I get your brother all diapered up’ she coo to Anne as she drag Gary to the change table. Anne stood as she sob, rubbing her sore bum as Nanny strip Gary of his clothes.

She want to stop her, but she doesn’t want another spanking as she watch another woman rip off her husbands clothes till he was bare naked. Gary fought but he was helpless as she’s slid a diaper under him and powder his junk. Then Anne watch as she encase hi in a thick diaper, soon Gary was stood up, only wearing a diaper as she pat his butt.

’There nice and padded!’ She smile as she lift him up, she carry him to a bouncer , which has grew to adult size as she put him in there. Gary can’t get out as he can barely touch the ground as she came over to Anne.

’Dont worry sweetie’ she coo as she grab her hand and pat her bum, ’you’ll be in a nice diaper soon’ Anne was then led to the table as Gary watches. She was lay on the huge table, now that she thinks about it, everything in this nursery has grown to adult size, the crib, the table, the bouncer, she whined as she look at the adult diaper pail. Nanny pull her dress off as she took off her bra, exposing her boobs. Anne figure she could run and fight but her ass still throbbing from her spanking that she doesn’t want another one. Nanny lift up her legs and slid a diaper under her, she watch as she powder her vagina then pull the front over and tape the sides. Anne was then sat up as she look in the mirror, clothed only in a diaper as she was lifted up and carried.

Nanny carry her as she pick Gary up as well, now holding the two adults she walk out. Anne whimper as Gary held her hand, Nanny took them downstairs and put them on the living room floor. She then snap her fingers and a hug adult playpen appear around them. Gary and Anne sat and watch as Nanny adjust the big bars so they don’t escape.

’ok sweeties, Nannys going to get your numbs bums ready’ she beam as she walk away.

As as soon as she was gone Anne started crying. ’Hey hey’ Gary hug her and pat her back

’Oh Gary what is going to do to us!’ Wail Anne, Gary shook her as he spots the phone next to the couch.

’Look honey’ he whisper as he point her head towards the phone. Anne eyes became bright but faded as she remembers her red butt. ’I’ll just grab the phone and call for help’ he stood up but Anne grab his arm

’No don’t !’ She beg ’she’ll punish you again!’

’Ill be fine don’t worry’ he stop at the bars as he shook, he then pull his leg over it and manage to climb out. Anne watch as he crept slowly, the diaper being too thick to make him waddle as he inches closer to the phone. He grab the hand as he start to dial the numbers. Anne beam but Nanny snatch the phone off him.

’No phonie!’ she coo ’Babies shouldn’t play with big boy things’

’Give it back you BITCH’ yell Gary as he stomp his foot, Anne gasp as he was instantly pull over her knees. Nanny rip off his diaper and slap his already red ass. Anne sob as he cry and cry. Then after it was done, he has his diaper put back on and sat back down in the playpen. His eyes red with tears as Nanny walk back out.

Anne hug him as they cried quietly, ’Hey Honey’ Gary look at her, ’If she is treating us like babies, does that mean we have to use our diapers too?’ she frown and Gary gag, not wanting to think about that, especially about some woman changing his wife’s diapers! But then he stop as he imagine the hot Nanny wiping Anne’s vagina as Anne moan in pleasure. Anne notice he has a bliss look on his face as she spots the front of his diaper going big.

’Hey!’ she slap him ’What are you thinking about?’

Gary shook his head, ’Just thinking about your private parts’ he smile as he stare at her exposed breasts. Anne sigh, what can she do? she don’t think the Nanny will let her wear a top any time soon. Speaking of her, she walk back in as she pick the baby couple up.

’Nums Nums!’ she announce as she carry them to the kitchen. Soon Gary and Anne found themselves sitting in separate adult high chairs. Nanny tie a bib around Anne, a pretty pink one that say "Baby Girl" in babyish letters. A boy version for Gary as Nanny sit infront of them with a bowl filled with what looks like apple mash, a food fit for babies. Gary was going to yell at her when she put a spoonful of the mash into his mouth. He choke and try to spit it out but one look from Nanny and he gulp the whole thing. She turn to Anne as she grab a spoonful, ’Here comes the choo choo’ she coo as she bring the spoon closer, Anne shook her head as she shut her mouth, but Nanny tickle her belly, making her laugh as she shove the food in her mouth. Anne chew and chew, then shallow as Gary got another bite. A few more spoons and Anne was on the brink of tears, she cried as she ate another bite, Gary was going green as she keeps feeding them. Soon the bowl was empty and the newlyweds lay their head on the table as they moan.

’My you are such good babies!’ coo Nanny as she grab their bibs off and wipe their faces and bodies. Gary and Anne stay in their high chairs as Nanny took them off and carry them out of the kitchen and strap them in adult baby seats

Anne was strap into a pink one, Gary in a blue one, both unable to get out. Anne bottom lib tremble as Nanny adjust the padded bar with toys. Then she left them alone.

Anne look over to Gary, who hit the toys in frustration. Seeing as they’re not going anyway she started hitting her toys. She watch as they jingle and clanks, she hit them again, having a bit of fun. She hit a spinning wheel thing and watch it spin, then hit it again. She smile a bit as she play around some more. Soon Nanny came back as she turn her and Garys seats towards her. She kneel down as she shove each adult baby bottles into their lips. Anne eyes widen as she suckle, drinking the milk. She look at her husband as he held the bottle like a baby and drank it. Seeing no choice she follows his lead as she grab the bottle and suckle the nipple.

Satisfied, Nanny turn them back towards the TV, where she turn it on to a baby show. Anne watch at the colorful characters, she laugh at the funny stuff and coo at the cute stuff. Gary finish up his bottle as he threw it away, now he’s trying to get out of the seat while Anne continue drinking her milk and watching the show. She then took a peek at her husband, who is now crying like a baby. Anne lift up her head as Nanny took him off, now she could see the brown patch on the back of his diaper as he was carried away.

Then she realize! He just shit his diaper! She threw her bottle as she try to un buckle herself. She shouldn’t watch some stupid show, she should get them out of here before she starts shitting her own diapers! She yell and babble as she shook but she is stuck. ’Stupid Baby Seat! I hate you!’ she cross her arms as she look back at her show.

Soon she sees Nanny walking back in with Gary over her shoulder, patting his back. Anne grumble, no one touches her hubby! She watch as she put Gary on the ground. Then she went to take Anne out and put her next to him.

’Ok babies!’ she coo ’Now you can have some playtime outside!’ she open the back door wide open. Gary and Anne crawl out to the big space out back, there is a play set and toys everywhere. Gary hug Anne as Nanny close the door, probaly still watching them.

’Hey we can leave through the back’ she said as she stood up with Gary.

Gary shook his head, ’No she’ll see that’

’Then what do we do?’ she look at the play set and toys scattered around. Gary kiss her as he waddle to the playset, afraid to be alone Anne follow him. They climb up the stairs and slid down the slide, Gary giggle as he led her to the swing and strap her in. Anne giggle as he push her as she swings. ’Higher’ she says as he push. Next they play tag as he chases her around the open space.

’You can’t catch me!’ she giggle as she ran, boobs jiggling as Gary tag her. So she chases him around next. Anne was about to tag him but she got a cramp, she clutch her tummy as she bend and grunted. She push the poop into her diaper as she fill it up. Next door a young 15 year old girl look out at her new neighbors. She watch as the naked diapered man stood infront of his naked diapered wife, who was filling up her diaper. She turn away in disgust.

Anne finally finish as she started to cry. ’I....I.....I went poopy’ she sounded so childish, Gary couldn’t help but giggle, he just saw his wife shit in her diaper, yet he feels so turn on. Anne cried as Nanny walk out.

’Aww don’t cry little one’ she said as she lift her up, Anne cries as she was carried inside.

She could hear Gary playing outside as she lay on the change table. Nanny remove her diaper as she wipe her but. ’Its ok, you’ll soon be in a nice clean diaper’ she roll up the diaper and threw it in the diaper pail. Anne sob as a new diaper slid under her. How did it come to this? She wanted to change her own baby’s diaper not get one herself! Nanny put a pacifier in her mouth as she wrap the diaper and tape it up snugly around her.

Anne suckle as she was then carried away, Nanny held her as if she was a new born baby, Anne was carry back into the living room as she was sat down. She suckle and watch as she brang Gary back in, who sat infront of her.

’Hey how’re you feeling?’ he ask

’Like a big dumb baby’ she said behind her pacifier. Nanny left them alone to continue playing. Gary gave her a toy as they play together in the living room floor. Anne couldn’t deny that she is having fun, so is Gary as they play with their toys, acting out games and scenarios. They don’t even notice the sun setting at Nanny lift them up.

She sat on the couch as she sit each of them on a knee each, then she remove her top to reveal the biggest breasts they have ever seen, making Anne wonder how does she keep it in her top, Gary was too busy drooling at them as she put her hands behind their head sand guide them to the nipples. They struggle but soon they each latch on, drinking the milk. Nanny rub their backs as they both lay on either side and nurse off her. Anne and Gary drank and drank as the warm milk fill up their tummies. Nanny sooth them as she pat and rub, then she pull them off.

She lay them over her shoulders as she pat their backs, making burp loud, Anne spitting up a little milk.

’Now its beddy byes!’ she stood as she carry them to the nursery. She lay them in the adult crib, They both cooing and babbling as Nanny gave them each a pacifier, one pink and blue, as she tuck them in. Anne watch as she turn on the lullaby and close the light, leaving the night light one as she left them to sleep.

Anne spat out her paci as she turn to her hubby, ’Hey! Nows our chance!’ but Gary was already asleep, Anne pouted as she yawn, her eyes drooping as she soon fell asleep.

The bright morning shone through the room. Anne yawn awake as she sat up, giggling at her still snoring husband as she turn and hit against the bars.

’No, NO!’ she shook as they are still in the stupid nursery, Gary woke up as she cried, he then notice their attire as he look around. ’It wasn’t a dream!’ she sob ’We are still babies!’ Gary went to hug her but stop as he spots the brown color on the back of her diaper.

’Um Anne?’ he point to the diaper as Anne touch her butt, feeling the messy poop. She cried louder as Nanny return in the room

Anne try to back away but she was lifted up into the air. Gary watch helplessly as she was lay on the change table and got her diaper changed. Anne cried as she was wiped down, then put in another diaper as she was place on the ground. Nanny went to grab Gary, who wet his diaper, and change him too.

Soon, Anne was in the adult baby bouncer in the living room as she watches Nanny breastfeeding Gary. Gary was latching on, drinking like a greedy baby, Anne sob as she watch her husband squeeze another woman’s boob. She bounce around a little as her feet dangle in the air, sucking on her paci as Gary was burped then put into the playpen. Anne whimper as Nanny pick her up and held her as there was a knock on the door.

’WHo can that be?’ she coo as they walk towards the door, Anne struggle, she doesn’t want to be seen by anyone! Nanny held her by the butt as she open the door with her free hand.

Anne’s hot sister, Rachel was standing at the door, her jaw drop as she sees a strange woman holding her sister like baby, who is wearing nothing but a big thick diaper and sucking on a pacifier.

’What the fuck is this?!’ she yelled,

’Oh my what a mouth!’ Nanny quickly cover Anne’s ears, ’Please watch the potty mouth infront of the baby’

’Baby?’ she look at Anne ’Who the hell is this woman?’

Anne spat her paci out, ’Rachel go get help!’ but too late as Nanny grab her arm and drag her inside.

’Let me go! this is illegal!’ screamed Rachel but she close the door and put Anne on the ground. Gary watch from the playpen as Rachel was being held by Nanny and carried away, Gary drooling as he got hard, looking forward to seeing Rachel naked. Anne waddle upstairs as she chase after them, spotting Gary rubbing himself as she climb.

She peek through the door as she sees Nanny ripping off Rachel’s clothes. Rachel was screaming and kicking but Nannywas too strong for her as she strip her until she was buck naked, boobs, butt and vagina expose to the world. Nanny shove a pacifier in her mouth as she screamed, She slid a diaper under her and powder her big butt, then she tape the thick diaper around her nice and snug. Anne fell to her knees as she watch in fear, her big sister is being diapered right before her eyes! she suck her thumb as Nanny held her and rock her like a baby.

She carry her and Anne and put them back in the playpen. Gary drool as he stare at her breasts, imaging Anne and Rachel having some kinky diaper play. Rachel spat her paci out in anger as she yell to Gary, ’What you looking at?’

Gary turn away, Anne wipe her nose as she poke Rachel’s diaper. ’Don’t do that!’ she back away ’I don’t what is going on here, but I’m not staying here any longer’ she stood up and turn to grab the bars and shooking, Gary stare at her bog padded butt as Anne grab her leg

’NO!’ she begged ’Please don’t or you’ll get a spanking!’

Rachel turn to her, ’Spanking? I like to see that bitch try!’ she shook and scream as Nanny walk in, ’LET ME OUT OF HERE! I SWEAR I WILL KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS!!!!!’ Nanny grab her as she lift her up, Rachel beaming, thinking that she’s won but nanny just lay her over her knees. Rachel soon realises what’s going to happen as her diaper came ripping off. WHACK came the first slap on her bum, Rachel scream and cry as her spanking continues. Gary rubbing himself as Anne watch in horror, Rachel cries and cries, seeing her butt jiggle Gary instantly orgasmed.

He huff as Anne slap him, ’What are you doing you perfert!’ but Gary just giggle, Anne got worried as she poke him, ’Honey?’ Gary just blew a raspberry as he suck his thumb. ’Gary what’s wrong with you?’ she sob as her husband started acting like a baby.

’Awww, looks like someone did the naughty’ coo Nanny as she sat Rachel down on her sore, re-diapered ass. She sob as Nanny pick up Gary, who was cooing and babbling, ’See when he orgasm to Baby Rachel’s bum bum’ he giggles as Rachel sob ’His mind regressed back to his true self, a happy baby boy!’ she blew into his tummy as he giggles and laugh. Anne cried, her husband is gone! all that’s left is a horney adult baby, Rachel cried as she knows that she will be like them soon. Nanny put Gary down, ’Now its play time, don’t worry I’ll turn the tv on’ she turn on the tv to a baby show and left.

Gary started playing with the toys while the two girls watch him. ’He’s a total retard!’ said Rachel

’Hey! he’s still my husband!’ yell Anne

’Not anymore, Now he’s a dumb baby’ Rachel stood up, ’Well I’m getting out of here before I end up like him’ she stood up but Nanny came as she pick her up. Rachel kick and struggle as she was taken to the kitchen. Soon Nanny came back to grab Gary and Anne and carry them away.

The three adult babies sat in high chairs as Nanny fed them. Rachel whimpered as she ate the baby food. Gary love the food as he ate every bite, Anne doesn’t mind it anymore as she eat, filling up her belly. As Nanny took their bibs off and wipe them, Rachel started groaning. Anne watch her sister grunt and farts as her diaper fill up, turning into the color brown. After knowing what she just did, Rachel cried like a baby as she was carried off to the nursery.

Soon Anne was back in her adult baby car seat, Gary in his blue one and Rachel pouting in her one, all were seated infront of the tv as they watch the baby show.



End Chapter 1

The Magic Nursery

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 11, 2017


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