Baby Fever

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 23, 2016

By Tainted Sins (I am pretty sure. Never confirmed, but the style matches perfectly)

Chapter 1
Baby Fever

Supergirl, Mary Marvel and Wonder Woman in: Baby Fever!

Supergirl, Mary Marvel and Wonder Woman are owned by Warner Communications Inc. No rights implied or given, this is a satiric work of fan-fiction. one or two liberties have been taken with the mythos, deal with it.

It was a pleasant day at Stanhope Academy, the sun had not yet

peaked in the sky, the air was still fresh from the morning dew, and the first bell had just rung for the all-girl’s school.

It was about this time that Linda (Supergirl) Danvers looked lazily at her clock. ’OH NO,’ she wailed, ’I’m late for school, Ms. H is gonna give me detention for sure!’ As she shot around her room, collecting her things, Linda acknowledged to herself that she could be ready for school in only three minutes-thanks to her super-speed!


But in the far-off Fifth Dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk was forging his prank of the day.

’Age changing energy, the 3rd dimension is FULL of the stuff...those poor primitive protozoa actually AGE!’ he said to nobody in particular. "Since it doesn’t occur naturally in THIS dimension I’ll have to trudge down to the third to collect some."

"And with enough of THAT I can play age regressing tricks on my colleagues here for MONTHS to come!"

Mxyie decided the best way to collect the AR energy would be to open a store that would attract lots of teenaged girls. Then he could steal their "maturity"...and if Supergirl or any of her pals interfere it’ll be just too entertaining for words!!"


Teleporting to a section of beautiful downtown Midvale, Mr. Mxyzptlk materialized shop and summon a low-grade demoness to pose as the shop keeper. He detailed her on the job, "

"It’s simple, have a giant sale. Have people buy our ’special’ products and then I can drain their energy out of them."

"What kind of products does this store sell, Mr. Mxyzptlk," asked the Demon quizzically.

’Because the latest rage in Suburbia is adult babywear and

gear, you’ll be selling teen girl size diapers, pacifiers, outfits,


" today" the Demoness said to itself as Mr. Mxyzptlk vanished with a dopey "pop".

Only 5 hours after the opening of the store was crammed with all types of beautiful, trendy teen girls. Each one was prowling through the merchandise searching for the perfect accessory for their diapers.


It was a bright beautiful Saturday in Midvale U.S.A. Private School Seniors Linda "Supergirl" Danvers, Mary "Mary Marvel" Batson and their House Mother Diana Prince (Alias Wonder Woman) were out for a stroll.

The two teen heroines happily window-shopped down the main street whilst their friend and mentor took in the invigorating spring air. As an amazon and a superheroine icon, Wonder Woman cared little for feminine frippery...although occasionally she sneaked a longing look at some lingerie in the front window.

Fortunately, her two charges didn’t intent were they on analyzing and even mocking the latest fashions.

Diana understood this, as heroines they always wore the same colorful costumes...but like many women they got sick of the same old thing time after time.

"Hey, Mary! Look! A store that sells teen baby stuff," Linda said.

"Wow, that stuff’s all the rage right now!"

"Let’s go check it out," said Mary.

"The Naughty Nursery"....Oh girls I don’t know are you sure this isn’t one of those fetish shops? fretted the Amazon.

"C’mon Miss Prince...Maybe we can find a nice star spangled nappy for you!" giggled Supergirl who pulled the mildly protesting teacher into the store by the arm.

Once inside, the teenaged heroines began roaming around looking at the different thicknesses and sizes of the diapers. Finding an agreeable match, Mary and Kara quickly adjourned to the strangely deserted changing room.

The two heroines quickly stripped out of their school uniforms and into their soft gushy diapers. Feeling around themselves, they all agreed that they looked good.

Wonder Woman roamed the store alternately appalled and amused by it’s blazing pink decor and garish selection of adult "baby clothes".

She noticed this was a store that catered almost exclusively to the whims of teenaged girls...."Ever since teen singing sensation Cassandra Case started doing concerts in a big pink silk diaper...they’ve become must-have items!" thought Diana proud of her pop-culture literacy.

Suddenly, the other girls in the store started by one

they collapsed on the floor Wonder Woman stared aghast as a thick pink energy washed out of them.

Stepping carefully over the dozens of teenaged girls now sleeping peacefully on the floor, Diana made her way to the Ladies Room -Wonder Woman was needed here!

Meanwhile, back in the changing room Mary Batson and Linda Danvers were having a fabulous time modeling their diapers in front of the full length mirrors.

"They should change the uniform policy at school to include diapers!" opined Mary.

"Thad be kewl" smiled Linda impressed with the soft smooth fit of her diaper.

Mary turned to re-enter her changing booth to try on a bright red diaper with thick pink trim. Inside she found three classmates of hers asleep in their diapers.

"Hey I must’ve wandered into the wrong booth by accident!" thought Mary.

But what was REALLY strange is that she could not rouse the three girls from their strange slumber. What was even odder is that their features were changing ...faces were getting rounder more...youthful.

The Girl Gladiator was getting a very bad feeling about this.

"Kara-come look at this" (When stressed the World’s Mightiest Girl was apt use Supergirl’s kryptonian name).

"No...come outside I’ve got something to show YOU!" hissed Linda

Through a crack in the changing areas main door the two crimefighters could see DOZENS of their fellow students asleep all over the store in their new babyware. The Proprietress wandered through this strange scene with a beatific little smirk on her face...her skin was taking on a deathly blue-ish tone as well.

"Hey that’s a demoness of the fifth order" muttered Kara.

"Yeah one of Mr. Mix-yez...Mix-yepsz... OH YOU KNOW! One of HIS henchmonsters!" garbled Mary.

Totally shocked by this, the teenaged heroines realized that they had stumbled onto another one of Mr. Mxyzptlk’s gruesome practical jokes.

"Whats happened to them?" whispered Mary.

"An unknown type of energy has been extracted from their bodies...I saw it all happen with my super vision!" confirmed Supergirl.

It didn’t take them long to pick out the Demoness standing among the sleeping victims, laughing. "We’ve GOT to recover that energy" said Supergirl.

"What about Miss Prince...?"

"If I know Wonder Woman she’s already out there We’ve got to back her up" said Kara confidently.

"Well then...SHAZAM!" shouted Mary. Instantly the magic lightning forked down from out of the heavens transforming Mary Batson into glamorous caped and miniskirted MARY MARVEL.

Likewise Linda Danvers made a super-speed transformation into her long sleeved blue-minidress "Supergirl" uniform.

. However, things were different this time. The World’s Mightiest Girl" noticed the padded bulge between her legs except these were bright red with gold trim and a saucy lightning bold down the backside. ’OH NO! I’M STILL IN DIAPERS,’ she wailed.

Supergirl had finished her transformation as well, but for some reason she couldn’t understand she had left her diaper on under her blue miniskirt. The whole ensemble made her skirt puff out ridiculously...what’s more, the diaper was now blue and emblazoned with her "S" shield logo on the front.

"What’s wrong with me?" said the Girl of Steel, "I’ve got to get diapers off my mind!"

"Don’t bother" said a suggestive female voice.

The door to the changing area was thrown open and in drifted the tall demoness.

She smiled hatefully at the two foolishly attired heroines, ’Those are magical diapers, they are energy absorbent... well as superb fashion accessories! Any type of energy, including ’age-energy will be absorbed by the special magical cloth they are made from!

"Restore our friends to their rightful ages" bellowed Supergirl confidently.

"Never! you two girls are pretty cranky for a pair of teenagers in DIAPERS!" grinned the demoness.

"Why You!...c’mon Mary let’s show this blue-faced bitch what the World’s Mightiest Teens can do!!!"

The Girl of Steel took a brave step forward raising her dainty fist to mete out a devastating blow...oddly enough she was alone in this.


Kara looked behind her Mary was still anchored in front of the full length mirrors...she was hunched over looking miserable and on the verge of tears.

"Um..Mary a little help here?"

The Marvel Maiden broke out in shuddering wracking sobs..."I-I CAN’T help you Kara...sniff s-she’s magic an-an-and I’m ALL-MAGIC...m’sca-aa-red!"

Kara spun back on the Demoness, a murderous look in the heroine’s blue eyes.

"What have you DONE to her??"

The Demoness ignored Supergirl’s wrathful question and focused her attention on Mary’s odd plight.

"Mary sweetie...come over here like a good little girl!" coaxed the Demoness who sat down in a convenient nearby chair.

"Mmmmm-n-n-no" stammered the World’s Mightiest Girl.

"Sweet-ee don’t make auntie cross now good little girls ALWAYS mind their elders!"

Being called a "little girl" caused Mary to stiffen in a odd way the most unearthly light crept into her tear reddened eyes.

Slowly the scarlet clad heroine waddled over to the Demoness lap. Mary felt a funny tingling in her right thumb...her lips pursed unconsciously.

The Girl Gladiator then sat down on the lap of the AR Demoness, a sleepy hang-lidded serenity clouded Mary’s lovely face as she contentedly began sucking her thumb!

Supergirl was frankly terrified at this scene...she tried to put up a brave front "Y-y-you won’t get away with th-this" she quavered.

The villainess paid no attention to the kryptonian cutie...looking Mary Marvel up and down she admonished the heroine with a mocking smile "Big girls don’t suck their you must not be a REAL big girl then! Very well, I’ll make you the right age!"

And with that she began rubbing the World’s Mightiest Girl’s tummy with a deft circular motion.

Mary threw her head back and giggled softly, it tickled!

Kara watched both mesmerized and horrified as her friend began regressing with each ring around her stomach!

All the while sucking her thumb Mary Marvel sat squirming wantonly as she went from 18 to a skinny flatchested 14 and then a smaller ten year old. Her formerly tight fitting costume grew loose and baggy, the miniskirt slowly began a huge affair in which the heroine’s once voluptuous legs became thin, undefined and finally disappeared entirely into the now huge garment.

Mary giggled like an infant, in truth she had become an infant no more than six months old with brown curly hair and a round innocent face.

Once hysterical at the sight of the demoness, the infantilized Mary Marvel stared up at her captor with a wide baby-grin.

"Wha-ha-hat h-have you done to her?" Stammered a thoroughly un-nerved Girl of Steel.

the Demoness paid the teen heroine not a whit of attention as she expertly powdered and diapered the Girl Gladiator. Mary responded docilely to her "treatment". Smiling hugely the blue demoness pinched her left nipple hard until a rich stream of pure white milk spurted out. Somehow the infant could smell the rich goodness of the milk and quivered in her captors arms in atavistic anticipation.

"Is L’il Mary hungry? Is my precious baby ready for lunch?" inquired the blue malevolence in a horrible sing-song voice.

Slo-owly Mary’s round cherubic face was wafted closer to the huge distended nipple, with a sweet slurping sound she gloamed onto the gland and fed.

Some dim imprisoned thing in Mary Marvel’s psyche wailed that this was wrong wrong wrong, but that near forgotten warm feeling in her baby-tummy bore away all doubts. Her eyes grew heavy with infant satisfaction...still she nursed at the Demoness’ teat-a sleepy baby-ish feeling of contentment swept through her tiny frame.

The Demoness cradled the infant Mary Marvel with one arm...her blue demonic face favored the Girl of Steel with an evil leer.

"M-m-Mary?" quavered Supergirl fighting back tears of sheer fright.

"Mmmmm...Mary’s not here right now, she’s MY BABY, don’t you want to be MY BABY too?


"Mmmm there’s a free teat nice warm milk makes a baby feel so-ooo sleepy!"

"N-no! I WON’T WEGWESS-er regress!"

"Sure you will, inside EVERY heroine is a tiny helpless baby trying to get out!"

"N-not me" Kara raised her fist again, to hell with the danger to Mary, this had to stop Now!

"ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT SUPERGIRL?" blared a male voice tinged with a slight Brooklyn accent.

The Girl of Steel spun around, it was her old enemy Mr. Mxyzptlk floating nonchalantly in the air.

"Mxyzptlk, I KNEW this was one of your tricks! But why the diaper-magic???

"Ummmm I need age energy for my latest scheme in the fifth dimension...and THAT is all your protozoa brain can handle thank you very much". The imp punctuated this diatribe with a intense examination of his fingernails.

"I WON’T REGRESS" wailed Supergirl.

"No not from that diaper you’re magic in that one, I thought the honor belonged to a real golden oldie, AGE REGRESSING KRYPTONITE.

Suddenly a lead box just popped out of thin air over Supergirl’s head, a door in it opened and a weird purple radiance washed over the Maid of Might. Kara felt the oddest shudder through out her entire body-not painful even slightly pleasurable.

"I’ve never heard of age-regressing kryptonite, Mxyie must be making this up! she thought confidently.

"Now that I know it’s you Mxyzptlk, I can concentrate on getting you to say your name back..." She in mid-sentence. What was wrong with her voice? It cracked, and now it sounded...higher?

"I always manage to..." She continued. Yes, it was definitely much higher now!

Mxyzptlk watched with pure gruesome delight as Supergirl’s costume seemed to slowly expand. Her sexy features gave way to the childhood innocence.

Her breasts, which she seemed so eager to show off, began to collapse, eventually receding completely into her shrinking chest. ’W-what’s happening to me?!’ the rapidly regressing heroine squealed.

"Somebody’s getting T-I-R-E-D I think" spelt out the evil sprite with relish.

"Ah-age we-gwessing kwyptonite...?" lisped the sudden six-year old.

She continued to regress, her limbs becoming short and awkward, her face taking on the cuteness of a

toddler. Two years old, Mxyzptlk decided, maybe a month or two younger.

The little girl kicked and squirmed, drowning under oversized red-and-blue costume. Her boots had long fallen off her now tiny bare feet, even the blue diaper with the S-shield was too big for the babified heroine.

’Well, I guess that skirt is plenty modest NOW Supergirl" smirked the Elf. ’It definitely isn’t too short for you now.’

’Y-you made me a wittle baby?’ Supergirl asked in the voice of the child she now was.

’Now-now be mad Supergirl. Really, Demoness knows best" laughed Mxyzptlk.

Still cradling Mary Marvel the blue demon began placing several vital infant supplies on a bright pink changing table freshly materialized by her diminutive master.

Supergirl peered out from under her now too-large costume.

She sputtered out a few garbled syllables before becoming frustrated and simply shouting out ’You’re mean!’

’Now lets not have anymore of that sour tone superbaby, or you are

going to have one sore behind!’ The Demoness threatened as she produced a disposable diaper and a pink bottle from one of the bags.

Supergirl stared at the diaper in horror as she guessed the villainess’ intentions.

Unintentionally Supergirl began to cry helplessly...a powerless mewing peeping wail.

Mxyzptlk grinned in triumph.

Supergirl may have been turned into a baby, but there was no way she was going to wear another diaper! The Baby of Steel expressed this feeling by banging her tiny fists on the floor pointing at the diaper, and shouting "No!’ Me don’t need a dia-per!"

"At last Supergirl’s throwing a tantrum" thought Mxyzptlk, "How exquisite!"

Suddenly Supergirl suddenly felt a growing warmth underneath her, just as the words had left her mouth. A moment later a smell hit her young nose, and Supergirl flooded with the unique embarrassment one feels when they soil their own super-outfit.

Noticing the stench The Demoness set the items down on the table,

folded her arms, and glared down at the toddler. ’Well will you being throwing any MORE fits Supergirl??"

She wanted to! She wanted to say something witty and then just ride this storm out until her friend and mentor, Diana Prince (AKA Wonder Woman) found out about it and rescue them. But her adult mind was rapidly fading had been washed away, and all that

remained were stupid baby words. The world was so big now, and so

confusing. The Girl of Steel’s bum was wet and sticky and just felt yucky, and she was cold, and she just wanted...she just wanted a diaper change! And with that, Supergirl started crying again.


Fortunately SOMEONE doesn’t have the use of their super-powers at the moment" leered Mxyie.

It was so humiliating! There Kara was laying on the changing table

completely naked, her legs high in the air, with the demoness wiping her messy bottom telling her what a bad little girl she had been. She felt so exposed! Especially in her new helpless, underdeveloped body. She just couldn’t stand it anymore! Ooo...but that white powder the blue faced villainess was now putting on her did feel pretty good. Don’t say that! What was she thinking?!

Mary Marvel had been transferred to a newly materialized crib where she slept like a angel, thumb firmly planted in her mouth.

The Demoness smiled as she secured the diaper onto her latest charge. Yes, she definitely liked her much better this way. Once the heroine was cleaned up, she pulled a blue shirt with the s-shield over Supergirl’s head, it matched her special "super" styled diaper perfectly.

’Well, what do you think?’ She asked, holding up a mirror for her

new charge.

Kara’s eyes sparkled with pleasure, she gushing ’It’s the pwettiest thing in the whole wide world!’

"That’s nice, but it’s nap-time for Supergirl now" said Mxyzptlk impatiently he wanted to get back to the fifth dimension with his age energy.

’No.’ Supergirl stated firmly. Suddenly sleep seemed to distress her.

’Yes honey, little superheroines need their rest!" The Demoness calmly explained.

’No!’ Supergirl repeated, this time shouting, and when the villainess reached for her, Supergirl hit her.

’So you still think you’re super?" Mxyie asked, all the

pent up rage from his many previous defeats at Supergirl’s hands finally coming out. ’We’ll see about that.’ Without another word He lifted the now screaming child up off the table and bent her over his knee. To her credit, Supergirl kicked and fought as good as any frightened kid ever had, but in the end it was to no avail.

The long blue super-shirt was lifted up, the fresh diaper yanked down, and the bare bottom exposed. It only took a few smacks before the squirming ex-heroine was reduced to tears, ’I’ll be a good girl! I’ll be a good girl!"

"Is it nap-time?" inquired Mxyie ominously he held the ex-girl of steel out at arms length.

Supergirl nodded in complete and abject defeat. Already her mind was catching up to her babified body...her rear end burned and she felt drained and sleepy. Supergirl’s thumb tingled oddly, slowly as if responding to some ancient compulsion she raised it too her lips and began involuntarily sucking.

The Imp smiled again, his greatest foe reduced to a thumb sucking baby! "Wait’ll I tell them back in the fifth dimension!" he thought.

The Girl of Steel didn’t care, her cheeks worked around her thumb methodically, what’s worse it made the defeated diapered heroine feel better!

"HEY! What’s going on here!"

EVERYONE in the changing room looked at the door in sheer surprise, it was Wonder Woman! OR rather Wonder Girl, specifically wonder-fourteen year old girl!

The Demoness reflected that the lingering AR energy in the store must’ve partially regressed the Amazing Amazon.

Mxyzptlk true-to-form decided that Princess Diana was a late bloomer judging from her unspectacular chest.

In truth early adolescence was none too kind to Wonder Woman, her bustier covered a near flat bosom, her once tight star spangled bikini flapped on her skinny legs like bermuda shorts and her boots were huge and came up to her knees. Diana nudged her too-big tiara back into place and smiled..."Ooh babies...can I hold her?"

Oblivious to the situation, Wonder Woman walked over to the evil imp cooing happily at Supergirl.

"Um...these babies need a sitter you want the job?" said the imp tentatively. "THIS is too rich!" he thought....

"WOULD I?" trilled the teen a strange glint had come into her eyes, she seemed fixated on baby-Supergirl.

Kara giggled happily as she was passed into the arms of her now teenaged teacher.

With one arm the Amazon cradled Supergirl and began singing a low melodious lullaby....Kara’s eyes grew heavy she smiled. Mr. Mxyzptlk hovered nearby slightly beguiled by the sight of a teenaged Wonder "Girl" expertly fussing over a now-babified Supergirl.

So beguiled in fact he never saw the teensy smirk creep across Diana’s face or her hand drop to her belt.

"Just a little bit closer" she thought.

With a toss faster than the eye can see Mxyzptlk was ensnared in Wonder Woman’s magic lasso!

"Hey!" he grunted.

"Mxyie! FREEZE!" shouted Diana.

"Oh no you don’t" the Demoness charged Diana....she could SEE her pay check floating away!

"Mxyzptlk I command you to say your name backwards!"


"YOU Bitch! I’ll..." and with that Demoness and Imp both disappeared in a puff of pink smoke.

Instantly, all their evil works vanished with them, all the girls in the store were morphed back into their own ages, and Mary Marvel awoke a teenager again in a crib!

Pulling her thumb from her mouth, she surveyed the room...Wonder Woman was tucking her sizable breasts back into her well filled bustier.

"What happened?"

"You regressed, Kara regressed...I even regressed, but Mxyzptlk was too engrossed in my singing to see my lasso-toss....good thing I only went back to age fourteen!

Carefully Mary Marvel climbed out of her crib, a quick chill revealed her breasts were bare...self-consciously she covered them while looking for her costume.

Kara was in a devil of a state though, she was STILL a baby comfortably nestled though in Wonder Woman’s arms.

"Why hasn’t Supergirl changed back?" asked Mary.

"I overheard Mxyzptlk and his henchwoman, they used age regressing kryptonite on her...the effect wears off in a day though".

Kara began squirming and mewling...she just couldn’t stay a baby for another day!

"Hush Supergirl, Mommy will take care of you" said Diana.

"I know what she needs.." offered Mary with a blush...she had found her costume and was pulling her top over her head.

"Mmmmm...I guess so " replied the Amazon who reached over to her left breast and gently freed it from her costume. In the cool air her nipple quickly came erect, expertly Wonder Woman gave her own teat a squeeze and a pinch.

"There-there Kara it’s coming" the Amazon saw a thick crest of milk slowly ooze out her brown puffy aureole.

"Holy Moley you’re lactating!" cried the World’s Mightiest Girl.

"Oh we Amazons can induce lactation by willing it, fortunately for Supergirl here!"

At once Kara ceased her futile gyrations, she could smell that sweet aroma, it filled up her tiny being. Diana smiled and drew Kara close to her nipple. Soon Supergirl was happily nursing from Wonder Woman’s prodigious breasts...Diana thought to herself, "That’s our amazon stamina, it’s made as much for maternity as it is for fighting!"

Supergirl didn’t care, the rich amazon milk was having a delightfully soporific effect.

"I guess we should get back to campus" said the World’s Mightiest Girl now properly re-costumed.

"Just one thing Mary, gather up Kara’s clothes and costume and put that diaper back on!"

"B-but Diana!"

"No but’s MARY, the two of you are a caution, dashing into demon-run stores, trying to take on Mr. Mxyzptlk without a plan..."

"Hey he’s Kara’s nemesis not mine!" whined the Girl Gladiator.

"No matter you’ll stay in diapers until you’ve learned your lesson not to go off half-cocked!!"

"Oh-kay..." grumbled Mary Marvel who obediently pulled on the teener sized red diaper.

Whereupon the still dazed shoppers for the now empty "Naughty Nursery" were treated to the spectacle of Wonder Woman nursing a small child and a blushing Mary Marvel waddling in diapers as they wordlessly exited the store and flew back to Stanhope Academy.

"The weekend’s off to a perfect start" thought the World’s Mightiest Girl.

The End.



End Chapter 1

Baby Fever

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 23, 2016


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