The long weekend.

by: Jsdoom | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2016

A husband and wife part for the weekend and it becomes a downward spiral for the wife.

Chapter 1
The long weekend.

Chapter Description: Friday night. Ashlie decides to stay at her friends while her husband leaves the state.


Part one.

Ashlie was crying so hard, it made it hard for her to drive. As she wiped the tears from her eyes she reflected back to all the years she had put into her job. All those years wasted because of a he said she said battle with another employee. Ashlie’s boss, Tim, had enough and decided that it would be best if both women were let go. Ashlie couldn’t control her crying. she didn’t know what she was going to do. She always had a job.

As she pulled up to the stop light, she angrily hit the steering wheel and screamed, "Shit Shit Shit!", she needed to figure something out. As the light turned green Ashlie pushed on the accelerator and drove through the intersection towards her house. Her eyes were redden with sadness and as she pulled into her driveway she parked her car. She let out a sigh as she wiped her eyes and looked in the rear view mirror. She didn’t want to get out of the car. She didn’t want to go inside, she didn’t want to clean or do anything. She knew she had to go in though. Slowly Ashlie opened the car door and stepped out onto the driveway. As she shut the car door she hit the alarm button on her keys. With her head down in defeat, Ashlie walked into her house. She set her purse down on a table and went to her room to lay down.

Ashlie flopped down on the bed and looked at the ceiling above her. What was she going to do? Ashlie thought about the other lines of work she might be able to do and dismissed each idea with the notion that she was better than that. She wasn’t going to flip burgers or work at some greasy fast food joint. She really didn’t want to start at the bottom of the food chain, working at some store like the gap or styles for less. She was better than that.

Ashlie’s attention was drawn to the sound of her husbands car pulling into the drive way. She hopped off the bed and walked to the window to look out. Joshua had just gotten home and Ashlie watched him get out of his car. He looked happy and was putting out his cigarette when he glanced up and seen Ashlie looking at him. Ashlie waved at her husband as he waved back as he walked up to the house.

Ashlie rushed out the bedroom and to the living room to greet Josh as he entered the house.

She jumped into Josh’s arms and embraced him with a hug, before giving him a kiss on the lips. Josh smiled at his wife and asked, "good day today?"

Ashlie held onto Josh and as she hugged him again she replied, "not that bad. Better know that you got home!" Ashlie couldn’t find the courage to tell her husband about being fired over stupid bickering. She pretended that everything was still the same as it had been.

Josh smiled at Ashlie as she let go from the hug she asked, "what about you? How was you’re day?"

Joshua came to life with excitement and exclaimed, "awesome! Today at work I pitched a new idea to the board and they liked it! They liked it so much that they promoted me to advisement leader of my department. Not to mention they gave me a raise."

Ashlie smiled for her husband. She was truly happy for him and his accomplishment. She felt bad though. She knew he deserved the truth about getting fired. This wasn’t the proper time though. Ashlie let Josh have his glory and offered to get him a beer from the fridge.

As Josh opened the beer, he made his way to the out door patio and sat in his favorite chair by the pond he liked so much. Ashlie watched him light a smoke from the sliding glass door before she walked over to the sink to do the dish’s. She opened the lower sink cabinet door and pulled out the stepping stool she always used. She had secret stash’s of stepping stools hidden around the house. She never thought anything of it because it had always been that way.

being below average height for a woman or a teen was one thing, but Ashlie stood at four foot six at twenty one years old. which put her in a whole new category, tween. Ashlie always use to joke , She was to short to ride most roller coasters, but still short enough to legally use a booster seat. She couldn’t use the mirror in public bathrooms unless it was the Child’s mirror or the mirror for disabled people. Maxi dresses were out of the question, unless she wanted a full length gown that dragged on the ground. She was use to being used as an arm rest and poked fun at. It was something she had to live with. As Ashlie climbed the steps of the stepping stool she found it normal.

Ashlie turned the facet on and let the water get hot before she poured soap onto the sponge. She watched her husband through the kitchen window and thought about how she should break the news to him. Maybe over dinner? Ashlie wasn’t sure that was such a great idea as well. They wouldn’t eat and it just would be one big mess. Ashlie wiped her hands with a towel and tossed it on the counter. She had to do something. She stepped off her stepping stool and slid it back under the counter, before walking outside to the patio.

As Ashlie sat down on a wooden patio chair she lit a cigarette. Josh was on his phone and seemed pretty exited about the conversation. Ashlie listen to her husband as he ended the conversation with, "I will call you back and let you know. Thanks."

Ashlie was about to break the news to Josh, but he announced, "That was my boss. He said the company heads loved my idea as well, and wanted me to meet them this weekend!"

Ashlie smiled at her husband and meekly responded, "that’s great! Where are you guys going to meet?"

Joshua’s facial expression changed to one that simple stated that he was unsure and he confessed, "you’re probably not going to like this, but they want to send a private jet to pick me up in San Luis Obispo. I would be flying to Texas."

"TEXAS!", Ashlie barked, but she went silent long enough to tell herself that it gave her enough time to find a job. Ashlie faked a smile and confided, "Texas is so far away from California. I’m going to miss you honey! Are you sure you got to go?"

Josh took a swig from his beer and nodded yes as he countered, "yeah I know it’s a far way away, but it’s going to be meeting up with the owners of the company. This really could get me ahead of the game and even a better job title with the company."

Ashlie sat in silence as she thought about being away from Josh more than a night. Since they had been together, they had really never left each others sides. Him leaving though would prevent a potential fight and would give her time to find a proper job. Ashlie looked up to her husband and divulged, "I really don’t like the idea of you being gone, but I know it would help you out in the long run. I would never hold you back bebe! What did you do to make them so excited?"

Joshua took a swig from his beer and looked his wife right in the eyes and admitted, "well, you remember those training pants I brought home a couple months ago? They had a pink package?"

"yes, I do.", Ashlie answered hesitantly. She recalled Joshua bringing them home so he could figure out how to market them. The company had set up some kids and parents to help make a commercial. A couple days later though, they broke out a bottle of Jameson whisky and got drunk. Ashlie was feeling a little buzzed and inquisitively looked the bag over as it caught her attention. As she looked the bag over she looked for the size and measurements. They were aimed at tween’s, but Ashlie being so small, knew they would fit her. While Josh was in the kitchen mixing a drink, she playfully opened the bag and quickly put one on. As Ashlie adjusted them around her waist, she was surprised they actually were a little big on her. She put on a plain soft pink T-shirt and pulled her hair into two fashionable pig tails. Josh was in the middle of taking a sip of whisky when Ashlie skipped into the kitchen and lifted her shirt for him to see. Josh almost choked on his drink as he let out a laugh. That was months ago, but she remembered.

Josh leaned forward and looked at the pond and continued, "well I made a commercial as an example for my bosses and they liked the commercial so much that their going to use it for the lines first promotion. I didn’t know they were going to use it, I swear. If I did I wouldn’t have used some footage.... with you in it..."

Ashlie jumped to life and gasped, "you didn’t! That was suppose to be between the two of us!"

Joshua leaned back and looked over to Ashlie as he insisted, "I know it was. I’m sorry. I didn’t use all of it though. I didn’t have enough from the filming with the kids, their Just little cuts where you can’t tell it’s you. I mixed it with test footage we filmed and added music and graphics."

Ashlie was heated at that point. She angrily asked, "I want to see it.", as she crossed her legs and arms in defiance.

Josh nodded OK and stood up. As he walked to the sliding glass door he mumbled, "stay there. I’m going to get my computer."

Ashlie didn’t bother responding as she thought about how bad this was. The whole world was going to see that commercial once it aired.

Joshua retrieved the laptop and set it down on the patio table. He clicked on a couple of files and said, "I’m sorry."

"don’t sorry me!", Ashlie replied as she moved closer to get a better view. Josh turned up the volume and clicked play, before sitting next to Ashlie.

Ashlie watched as the video panned to her dancing down the hall wearing the pink shirt and training pants. The camera angle Josh filmed at made her look smaller than she really was. The music playing in the background was "all about that bass" by Megan Timor. The screen changed rapidly to other kids and teens wearing the training pants and dancing around, before a woman’s voice announced, "new super adsorbent nite nite pants give you’re child a reason to dance." Ashlie watched as the picture changed and it was her, past out on the bed. It didn’t show it, but Josh had placed an oversized teddy bear he had won for Ashlie by her side. As she laid on the bed with the bear, which made it impossible to tell Ashlie’s actual size, the woman’s voice came back and said, "no matter how hard you’re child dances. Count that nite nite pants will be there to keep them dry." The commercial ended with Ashlie on the bed, hugging the giant bear. Her face totally visible.

Ashlie looked over to Josh and angrily said, "you’re a real asshole. You know that right? You full on can see my face in both shots! Not to mention my boobs look huge when I was sleeping on the bed."

"past out.", Josh remarked.

Ashlie looked at him in disgusted and stood up. She put her hands on her hips and nagged, "It doesn’t matter if I was past out drunk. It looked like me dancing and sleeping in a diaper and the whole world is going to see it!" Ashlie’s head was spinning with frustration when she spilt the beans, "I was going to wait to tell you this, but you know what. I got fired today. You go and have fun in Texas. I’m going to stay the weekend with my friend Tammi. When you get back we will talk about this."

Joshua looked at Ashlie as she stood there with her hands on her hips. He didn’t know if she was being serious or sarcastic. He eyed the pond than looked at his wife and reassured, "I’m really sorry bebe. I didn’t know they were going to use that commercial. I’m sorry. I never went into it with the intention of embarrassing you."

Ashlie looked away and mumbled, "whatever. Shouldn’t you be getting ready for you’re trip?"

Josh stood up and flexed his arms so that his joints popped. He looked down on his short wife and sadly said, "yeah I should. If you want me to stay I will?"

Ashlie looked at her husband and knew right away she couldn’t stay mad at him forever. Right now though, she wanted to be alone. Ashlie looked at Josh and remarked, "No it’s OK. Go get ready and I will see you off."

Josh knew he was in deep Shit and as he walked by Ashlie, he kissed her forehead. Ashlie stood there on the patio and fumed. She didn’t want to be seen wearing the nite nite pants. Everyone was going to though. Ashlie looked at the pond and shook her head in disbelief, before walking in the house and closing the sliding door behind her.

Josh was ready to go within the hour and as he stood at the front door with his bags he called out to Ashlie, "I’m going to go bebe!"

Ashlie came out of the room and bounced down the staircase to give Josh a kiss and hug goodbye. As Ashlie hugged Josh she knew she was going to miss him. He did some brainless things time to time, but she knew she couldn’t love without him. Ashlie felt herself being picked up by Josh and kissed. The kiss felt like it went on forever, but it was an eternity that she would never give up or trade.

As Ashlie’s feet touched the floor she looked up at her husband and whispered, "I’m going to miss you. Text me and Shit."

Joshua picked up his bags and as he walked out the door he replied, "I will! Miss you already honey!"

Ashlie watched from the doorway as Josh got into his car and drove off. She waved bye as his car putted down the street. She was going to miss that asshole.

Ashlie closed the door and made her way back upstairs to get ready to go to her friend Tammi’s house. It had been awhile since Ashlie had actually seen her. As Ashlie slipped on her shoes she fished through her purse and pulled out her cellphone. She flipped through the contacts until she came to Tammi. After hitting the call button Ashlie waited for Tammi to pick up.

"hey Annie! What’s going on!", exclaimed Tammi as she picked up the phone.

Ashlie twirled her hair with one finger as she replied, "nothing much! What do you got going on this weekend?"

Tammi didn’t waste anytime as she said, "I’m on call at the Hospital, but other than that, nothing at all. Why, what’s up?"

"well I was going to see if I could stay for the weekend? Catch up on old times, you know?", reckoned Ashlie as she stopped twirling her hair in anticipation.

Tammi’s attitude changed and she excitedly shrieked, "that sounds like a blast! When you coming over? I still got to shower and get ready."

Ashlie walked out of the master bedroom and as she made her way down the stairs she happily said, "hop in the shower! I’m on my way! Bye!", than hung up her phone. She grabbed her purse and pulled her keys out before leaving the house.

The drive to Tammi’s house wasn’t that long and as Ashlie walked up the steps she was greeted by Tammi’s daughter Jessica.

"hello Shorty!", chimed Jessica as Ashlie made it to the porch.

Ashlie looked at Jessica, who was swinging in a glider and cheerful replied, "who you calling Shorty?"

Jessica slowly stopped the swing and stood up, and smiled at Ashlie. Ashlie didn’t smile though. Jessica was twelve years old and had grown quite a bit since the last time she seen her. She had grown to the point that Ashlie felt awkward. Jessica had to be almost a foot taller than herself. Ashlie smiled Nicely and declared, "wow. You have grown quiet a bit. I remembered being taller than you last time I was over?"

Jessica walked up to Ashlie and stood next to her to get a more dramatic height comparison. She looked down on Ashlie and giggled, "well Annie, looks like you’re the Shorty now."

Ashlie use to let Tammi call her Annie. Ashlie always hated the name, but it was OK for Tammi to call her it. Now that Jessica was bigger, she thought it was OK for her to use it to. Ashlie swept it aside and replied, "well it does look like I’m the smaller one now! So where’s you’re mom at?"

Jessica pointed to the house and countered, "she’s in there Annie. Need me to hold you’re hand and show you?"

Ashlie picked up a little hint of aggression from Jessica, as Jessica looked Ashlie over. Ashlie didn’t know what to think of it as she grabbed the door handle to let herself in. As she pushed the door open, Ashlie heard Jessica say, "good girl."

Ashlie stopped and looked at Jessica for a split second before walking into the house to find Tammi. The living room was clean and spotless, but Tammi wasn’t in there. As Ashlie set her purse down she called out, "TAMMI! I’m here!"

From the back master bedroom Tammi yelled, "IN MY ROOM! Come back here if you want Annie."

Ashlie smiled at hearing her friends voice. It had been awhile since they just hung out and did nothing together. Which after the days events, sounded like a nice way to relax. Ashlie walked down the hall and into the master bedroom to find Tammi, still wrapped in a towel and blow drying her hair. Ashlie strolled over to Tammi’s bed and sat down before she chuckled, "nice dress."

Tammi looked in the mirror at Ashlie as the blow dryer hummed and joked, "you like it? I got it at Ross. Part of their Martha Stuart bathroom collection."

Ashlie crossed her legs as she sat on the end of the bed and replied, "it’s a nice towel. So what’s been going on?"

Tammi clicked the blow dryer off and walked over to her dresser as she disclosed, "work work work. If it’s not work at the hospital than it’s cleaning the house and doing laundry. than it’s keeping Jessica out of trouble."

Ashlie watched as Tammi opened the dresser drawers and began fumbling through the clothes. She leaned forward a bit and ran her hand across the comforter and stated, "so Jessica has grown quiet a bit I see."

Tammi leaned back up and tossed a pair of pants on the bed. As she opened the top dresser drawer she replied, "A bit doesn’t cover it. she’s grown a lot. I had to buy her all new clothes and even a new bed. I gave her the spare guest room cause the other room was so small."

Tammi searched through the drawer and stopped once she found the bra she was looking for. Ashlie’s eyes automatically widen as Tammi dropped the towel to the ground and faced Ashlie. Tammi always had big boobs, but Ashlie didn’t know they were actually close to small watermelons in size. She tried to not look as Tammi slipped on her bra, but Tammi was aware that Ashlie looked uneasy or amazed. She couldn’t tell. As Tammi slipped the straps of the bra over her shoulders she giggled, "sorry about that."

Ashlie nervously laughed and giggled, "It’s OK, I’m use to boobs in my face.", but realized it came out wrong as she was referring to her being short and at boob height.

Tammi laughed as she slipped on her panties and grabbed her pants. She pulled her pants over her feet and slid them up her legs. As she was buttoning her jeans she remarked, "I’m sure you are Annie."

Ashlie blushed a deep red and changed the subject, "so what’s the plan for today?"

Tammi pulled a T-shirt over her head and smiled as she said, "lets get a drink."

The two women found themselves in the kitchen at Tammi’s house, forging for alcohol. As Tammi opened a cupboard over the fridge she advised Ashlie, "There are cups in the cabinet by the sink. can you grab two."

Ashlie looked around her shoulder and to the cabinet Tammi had suggested. As she made her way to the cabinet , it dawned on Ashlie that she wasn’t at home. She didn’t have her stepping stool. As she reached the counter she still tried to reach for the cabinet door, but had no luck of even getting close to grabbing the door. Let alone a cup. Ashlie jumped in place as she was caught off guard, by a hand reaching over to open the cupboard. As she turned her head and expected to see Tammi, she found that the arm that reached over her wasn’t Tammi at all. It was Jessica’s.

Jessica looked down on Ashlie as she opened the cabinet door, "does little Annie need some help?" Jessica cooed as she opened the cabinet door and pulled a glass down. She handed Ashlie one pint glass and cheerful said, "one for mom.", before reaching high enough in the cupboard that she was on her tippy toes. As Jessica lowered her heels back to the ground, she handed Ashlie a cup and implied, "and this cups for you!"

As Ashlie excepted the cup she noticed it was plastic and had a picture of Dora the explore on it. She looked back up to Jessica and laughed, "cute, but I’m more a Barbie girl." Ashlie handed the cup back to Jessica and finished, "give me a point glass honey."

Jessica put the cup back and grabbed Ashlie a pint glass . Before she handed it to Ashlie, she held it high enough so Ashlie could see and mused, "how do you ask Annie?"

Ashlie didn’t have a chance to answer as Tammi objected, "Jessica! Give Annie the dam glass!"

Jessica past the glass to Ashlie and smirked. Ashlie could feel that Jessica was being a little aggressive with her tone and jesters. Earlier She said, "good girl" as Ashlie walked into the house. Now she was making Ashlie use her manners. Jessica had some type of grudge. The only thing Ashlie could think of was the last few times over, before the growth spurt, she made fun of Jessica for being short and young. Maybe she was trying to get even?

Jessica handed the glass to Ashlie and stared her down. Ashlie felt a little uneasy with the look she was getting from Jessica and falsely smiled. Which came off as smug to Jessica. As Ashlie turned around and walked to the counter to mix a drink with Tammi, Jessica had decided it was time to put Ashlie in her place.

All three of them sat at the kitchen table. Jessica made small chit chat as her mom and Ashlie drank. It seemed like everyone was having a good time. After finishing their third drink Tammi pushed her chair back and stood up. She looked to both Ashlie and Jessica and inquired, "The two of you hungry?"

Jessica replied, "yes!", as Ashlie nodded along with her. Tammi thought the two of them almost agreeing in unison was cute and smiled. Tammi turned around and pulled a pot from a lower cabinet and filled it with water. She set the pot on the stove and clicked on the burner.

Ashlie was watching Tammi and unaware that Jessica was watching her. Jessica spotted Ashlie’s glass sitting awfully close to the edge of the table and formed an idea. Ever so slyly, Jessica pushed up on the table from underneath. Once she felt the table was high enough, she let go and the vibration sent the pint glass falling onto Ashlie’s lap.

"SHIT!", exclaimed Ashlie as she jumped up and caught the glass from hitting the ground. The drink had spilt all over her crouch and down down her legs in the process.

Tammi jumped into action and grabbed a dish towel to help clean up the mess. Ashlie stood there in shock as she felt Tammi wipe her legs and than the floor. She didn’t know how the glass tipped over. Jessica silently watched from the table as her mom pulled Ashlie’s shoes off and set them on the kitchen table chair. Tammi stood back up and acknowledged, "you should change you’re clothes. That soda in the drink is going to make everything sticky..."

As Ashlie looked at her pants, she realized it looked like she had wet herself. She looked up to Tammi and replied, "I’m going to have to go home. I didn’t bring any clothes with me."

Jessica seen her chance to ruin Ashlie’s idea and proudly announced, "you’ve been drinking Annie! You can’t drive!"

Tammi nodded in agreement as she looked Ashlie over. Tammi knew there had to be something in the house that would fit Ashlie and suggested, "Annie, why don’t you go get cleaned up in the bathroom. I’m sure I can find something for you to wear for tonight. Or at least long enough to wash your clothes."

Ashlie looked at her pants one more time before replying, "OK, that sounds like a good idea." She turned around and walked out of the kitchen to the bathroom.

Tammi watched Ashlie leave, before she turned to Jessica and cautioned, "I’m going to go through you’re clothes to find her something to wear. I know that nothing of mine will fit her. Try not to harass Annie, OK?"

Jessica smiled big and answered, "sure thing mom. I will try to not take it overboard."

Tammi looked at Jessica and silently pointed one finger at the food on the stove, before she started to walk to the hall. As Tammi got to the hall, she turned to her daughter and said, "The water is boiling. Go ahead and make Mac n cheese and hot dogs. We will be back in a couple of minutes."

Jessica stood up and happily chimed, "you got it!"

Ashlie had gone into the bathroom and shed her wet clothes. As she stood waiting for Tammi to come back with an outfit, she used a washcloth to clean herself up. She couldn’t see herself in the mirror and it was times like this she wished she had her stepping stool. Ashlie bent down and picked her sodden clothes up and placed them in the sink. As she stood completely nude she ran her hands down legs. She didn’t need to see if they were smooth, they always were. The laser hair removal she did every two months made sure of that. Everything was smooth and bald. Joshua liked it that way. Joshua. Ashlie thought about what her husband might be doing at that same moment. Was he thinking of her as well? Ashlie let out a sigh. She missed him so much already.

There came a knock at the door and Ashlie replied, "It’s unlocked!", as she turned away from the sink. Tammi was a little shocked as she walked in and found her friend completely naked. Even more so, that Ashlie had no body hair except for the hair on her head. Tammi closed the door and confessed, "well I went through the house and seen what I could find. The options are very limited, but I found you something to tie you over tell tomorrow. Remember though, the options are limited."

Ashlie was a little inquisitive as to what Tammi had found and retorted, "OK? What did you find me?"

"Just bear with me Annie.", sassed Tammi as she held up a matching set of girls pajamas. The pajamas were pink thermals with little purple and yellow hearts all over.

Ashlie didn’t know what to say. She looked the pajamas over as Tammi held them up for her to see. Tammi could see that Ashlie was a little apprehensive about the night wear and suggested, "you should try them on? You will see that there not that bad Annie."

Ashlie hesitantly grabbed the pajamas from Tammi and noticed something fall to the ground. As she looked down to see what fell she caught sight that it was underwear. She bent down and picked them up before seeing that they were girls panties. She looked up from the underwear to Tammi and sarcastically said, ""

Tammi let out a little laugh and scooped Ashlie’s dirty clothes up before joking, "you need help getting dressed honey?"

Ashlie playfully bit her lip and joked, "no mother. I’m a big girl now!"

Tammi let out another laugh and grabbed the door handle. As she opened the door she advised, "you get dressed Annie. I’m going to go toss you’re clothes in the wash."

Ashlie waited for Tammi to close the door before she set the clothes on the toilet seat. As much fun as she had joking with Tammi, Ashlie didn’t want to wear the pajama set. She let out a sigh and looked around the bathroom. Tammi had taken her clothes and there was nothing else Ashlie could wear. She now was forced to put on the outfit or walk out naked. hesitantly Ashlie grabbed the panties and looked them over once more before putting them on. They were white, full cut briefs with little colorful flowers all over. Ashlie rolled her eyes and bent down to step into the underwear, before hiking them up her legs and into place. Much to Ashlie’s surprise, the panties fit perfect. In fact they made her butt look plump. She shrugged her shoulders and tried her luck with the pajama bottoms, which also fit. The top was another matter. It fit, but it was tight around Ashlie’s breast. In return making Ashlie’s boobs look that much bigger. After Ashlie was dressed she looked her body over and decided it wasn’t so bad. They were cute pajamas after all. Just nothing she would have gone out of her way to wear.

Ashlie swung open the bathroom door and skipped down the hallway, half drunkenly, and came to a stop as she leaped into the kitchen and yelled, "surprise!"

Tammi and Jessica looked to Ashlie and couldn’t contain themselves. Tammi immediately cooed, "how cute!", as Jessica covered her own mouth and giggled. Ashlie did a quick spin so Tammi could see that the outfit fit. As she came to a stop, Ashlie stated, "I can’t believe you had this outfit Tammi? After trying it on, I got to say it’s not that bad."

Jessica was about to tell Ashlie that the outfit she was now wearing was one she had out grown, but after looking at her mother’s glare didn’t say anything. Ashlie was completely unaware that the pajamas were Jessica’s. She thought they were Tammi’s, Not putting the size difference into prospective. Tammi smiled big and responded, "wow, I can’t believe they fit you?"

Jessica was at the stove cooking and didn’t bother to look away as she mumbled, "I can."

Tammi shot Jessica an evil eye, but Jessica didn’t see it because her back was turned. Tammi looked back to Ashlie and smiled as she pulled a chair out for her to sit.

Ashlie cheerfully walked over to the chair and took a seat next to Tammi. As she sat down, Ashlie noticed that Tammi had made her another drink. "Thanks for the clothes!", Ashlie said as she grabbed her drink and took a sip.

Tammi simply smiled at Ashlie as she, herself, drank from her own cup. Tammi didn’t want Ashlie to know that the clothes she was now wearing were clothes Jessica had outgrown in the forth grade. She didn’t want to find out how Ashlie would react, so the best option was to let Ashlie think they were hers. Tammi set her cup down and moved it aside as Jessica placed a plate in front of her. The plate had a healthy scoop of Mac n cheese, along with a hot dog in a bun. Tammi looked at Jessica and said, "Thanks", before picking up a fork.

Jessica walked back over to the stove and grabbed Ashlie’s plate. As Ashlie moved her drink aside she was a little thrown off as she seen that the plate was different. Jessica had cut up Ashlie’s hotdog and mixed it in with the Mac n cheese. Ashlie looked up to Jessica and grumbled, "thank you Jess." Ashlie knew Jessica was playing a game and didn’t want her to see that it bugged her. Acting like it didn’t matter was the best way to get Jessica to stop. If Ashlie didn’t act upset, she was bound to stop harassing her.

Jessica smiled down at Ashlie and remarked, "Need anything else Annie? Bib? Booster seat? We got one in the garage if you want me to go get it?"

Tammi rolled her eyes and stood up from the table. She looked at her daughter and declared, "lets go talk in the living room. Now!"

Ashlie watched as Jessica slumped her shoulders and walked out of the kitchen. Tammi looked at Ashlie and announced, "I’m going to go talk to her. Keep eating sweetie, OK?"

Ashlie nodded OK as she took a bite of her Mac n cheese.

Tammi marched out of the kitchen and into the living room, only to find Jessica waiting for her. "what are you doing?", asked her mother.

Jessica acted innocent and replied, "I’m not doing anything? Just helping out with little Annie while she stays here."

Tammi crossed her arms and in a displeased tone countered, "little Annie? Jessica, Ashlie is not a child. She’s an adult. You will treat her as such, while she’s staying here."

Jessica pointed to the kitchen and declared, "MOM! She’s wearing my pajamas from when I was ten! She can’t reach the cups or help cook. She makes a mess and..."

"and nothing.", interrupted Tammi before she finished, "Annie is little for her age. That’s it. She can’t help that she can’t reach the cups. She doesn’t need you as her babysitter Jessica."

Jessica crossed her arms defiantly and replied, "fine mom. I won’t be her babysitter than."

Tammi looked at Jessica and finished, "I’m going to go finish dinner with Annie. You mind you’re own." And walked back to the kitchen.

Jessica stood there in silence and fumed. She was going to get Ashlie back for all the times she had picked on her. As Jessica took a step to go to her room, she noticed Ashlie’s purse on the coffee table. She looked over her shoulder to make sure no one was there and snagged Ashlie’s purse off the table. As she looked the purse over she got an idea. Without her drivers license and phone, Ashlie couldn’t prove how old she really was. This could come in handy thought Jessica as she walked to her room.

Tammi had gone back to eating dinner with Ashlie in the kitchen and they both laughed as they told stories about when they were younger. Even after they finished the food, they both kept drinking. The hours had slipped away and before they knew it, it was well after midnight.

Ashlie gave out a little yawn and Tammi noticed how tired she looked. "ready to call it a night?", asked Tammi as she looked to the clock on the wall.

Ashlie stretched her arms and gave out another yawn before replying, "yeah I’m ready for bed..."

Tammi stood up and grabbed both pint glasses from the table. As she walked over to the sink she explained, "I wasn’t really expecting company. If so, I would have had Jessica sleep back in her old room. She moved into the guest room about a week ago cause it’s bigger and we haven’t converted her old room yet. You don’t mind sleeping in her old room?"

Ashlie let out another yawn and lazily replied, "No. Just as long as you carry me there...I’m drunk..."

Tammi wiped her hands with a dish towel and tossed it back on the counter before she smiled at Ashlie and cooed, "Is my little girl tired? She need to go nite nite?"

Ashlie nodded her head yes playfully as she rubbed her eyes.

Tammi walked up to the chair Ashlie was sitting at and bent down to pick her up. Ashlie pulled her arms around Tammi’s neck and used her legs to wrap around Tammi’s hips. Tammi leaned back up with Ashlie in her arms and guided Ashlie’s head to her shoulder. "Time to go to bed Annie.", hushed Tammi as she began to rock Ashlie side to side. Tammi started to hum and walk towards the hallway.

Jessica was sitting on her bed, going through Ashlie’s purse when she heard humming. She flipped up her pillow and shoved the purse under right in time for Tammi to pass by the room. Tammi was still humming when she stopped and turned to Jessica. Ashlie didn’t move. Tammi put a finger to her lips as if silently saying shush before silently mouthing, "Is she asleep?"

Jessica looked at Ashlie and noticed that her eyes were closed. "what the fuck", Jessica thought to herself as she nodded yes to her mother. Tammi smiled and patted Ashlie’s butt before walking off. right away Jessica thought about what her mom had told her in the living room. Annie was an adult, not a child. Not even a few hours after saying that, her mom was carrying Annie to bed and singing to her. Jessica got mad. Annie was pretty much a child in size and being put to bed only reinforced that idea. Jessica stood up and paced her room, thinking how she could use this to her advantage.

Tammi had carried Ashlie into Jessica’s old room. Every single inch of the room screamed tween. From the light pink walls with posters of Disney princess. To all the stuffed plush animals and dolls. Even the furniture came off as childish. The dresser was white with little paintings of flowers on it. A single mattress sat on a purple bed frame with a comforter that had a huge picture of Barbie on it. As Tammi carefully laid Ashlie into the bed, she couldn’t help, but think to when Jessica was that size and she would read her good night stories. Tammi kissed Ashlie’s forehead before pulling the covers up and tucking Ashlie in. As she stood above Ashlie she smiled down on her friend. She knew she wouldn’t wake tell the morning. She was past out cold. Tammi walked to the door and flipped on a night light before closing the door behind her.

As Tammi made her way back to her own room, she stopped by Jessica’s to see what was going on. She looked in and seen Jessica on her laptop and asked, "who you talking to?"

Jessica looked up and with a hint of annoyance and replied, "I’m not talking to anyone mother. I’m doing a little research and looking a couple things up. That’s all."

Tammi leaned against the door frame and gave a slight giggle, "geez, Annie is light. I swear that girl has to be like seventy pounds or so."

Jessica looked up from her laptop, not amused and argued, "So you can treat her like a child, but I can’t? How’s that fair?"

Tammi looked in at her daughter and remarked, "Were just playing around Jess, were old friends and both adults. Annie is an adult and needs to be treated with respect. You treating her that way is kind of belittling, mainly cause you’re younger than her."

Jessica was kind of tempestuous with her mother and snapped, "My age doesn’t have to do anything with this! I’ve babysat before and I know what I’m doing."

Tammi winced and inquired, "Do you think you’re going to be babysitting her? Is that what this is about?"

Jessica silently looked down to her laptop and began typing. She looked back up and debated, "I think you should let me babysit her? Look at her. She needs help with everything mom. She probably can’t even get on the toilet."

Tammi couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She looked over her shoulder to see if she could hear Ashlie moving before looking back to Jessica and arguing, "Jessica. She’s an adult! Why would she need a babysitter?"

Jessica got cocky and laughed, "You tell me why not? You just stopped are conversation to listen, to see if she was awake. You did it without even thinking twice. What’s the worst that she could do past out drunk? Roll off the bed?"

Tammi seized up at being called out on babying Ashlie. Jessica had made a point. She was treating Ashlie like a kid, impartially do to being a mother. It came natural. Tammi shrugged her shoulders and declared, "You’re not babysitting her. Lets drop it."

Jessica went back to typing on her computer and blindly countered, "I know what I’m doing. I will tell you what. I’m willing to wager a deal with you. If I win, I get to have some fun with her. If you win, I will stop bugging her and do that one thing you been wanting me to do."

Tammi looked at her daughter puzzled and questioned, "you will go to that private school?"

"yes. Willingly. That’s if I’m wrong.", smiled Jessica.

Tammi shook her head in disbelief and sighed, "OK, deal. Now tell me what this bet is?"

Jessica moved her laptop aside and leaned forward and divulged her mother with the bet. "It’s simple. It’s a skill of knowing children. I bet you that Ashlie will wet the bed tonight."

Her mother blinked and touched the bridge of her nose. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. With her eyes still closed, Tammi replied, "Annie’s not going to wet the bed Jess."

"Than is it a bet! Cause I say she will", Jessica cheerfully boasted.

Her mom nodded OK and agreed, "deal. Annie’s not going to pee the bed though. I’m going to bed, and I suggest you do the same."

Jessica laid back on her bed and waved goodnight to her mother. Tammi smiled and walked away to her room. Jessica waited tell she heard the bedroom door close before grabbing her laptop. As she pulled it in front of her, she arrogantly affirmed, "ooh yes she is...sucker." Jessica went back to what she was reading in the first place. How to make someone wet the bed.

Jessica had read on four different Web sites, that a hand in Luke warm water was the best way. As she closed her laptop she slid off her bed and grabbed Ashlie’s cell phone from the stolen purse, before making her way silently down the hall to the kitchen. As She filled a plastic bowl with warn water she smiled. This bet had already been won.



End Chapter 1

The long weekend.

by: Jsdoom | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2016


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