A bad night of drinking.

by: Jsdoom | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 13, 2016

Never party with someone who really isn't your friend. It could lead to some embarrassing moments.

Chapter 1
A bad night of drinking.

Chapter Description: Ashlie gets a little to drunk with a friend who has a grudge and gets pranked big time.


Ashlie’s night was going better than she had thought. She was convinced to go out bar hoping with her friend Janice, with the assumption that it was going to be just Janice and her. Once Janice picked Ashlie up though, she felt a little uneasy with the fact that her rival was sitting in the front seat of the car. She would be tagging along with them for the night.

Ashlie’s nemesis’s name was Sasha O’Donnell. Sasha, believe it or not, was once Ashlie’s good friend. A little far from best friend, but close enough to hang out from time to time. Deep down, Ashlie had always been a bit jealous of Sasha. She literally was everything Ashlie secretly wanted to be as a woman. She was tall and voluptuous, beyond confident in her looks. Sasha walking into a room was enough to turn heads as she knew how to work a crowd. She was assertive and didn’t mind speaking her mind. Ashlie on the other hand was beyond short for her age, and some what insecure about it. She came off as shy and timid. Completely opposite from from Sasha. Ashlie didn’t like Sasha at all. Every time Sasha got the chance to, she would humiliate Ashlie. She didn’t care who was with them or where they we’re at. Sasha always had something to say or do.

The last time they actually hung out, they were at a back yard bbq. The day had gone pretty well, up until when dinner was being served. Sasha joked about Ashlie needing to sit at the kids table because she was so short. It was all just a joke, but Sasha’s aunt Carol, who had a little to much to drink, thought it was the best idea ever. Ashlie was semi forced to sit at the kids table, along with actual kids who ranged anywhere from ten years old to five years old. It didn’t help Ashlie out any more when Carol pointed out the two of the girls were taller than her.

After dinner all the adults began the real drinking. That’s when Ashlie knew Sasha was not her friend at all, but just some Bitch who loved to drag her down. By nine o’clock the kids were all put to sleep and everyone drank. By midnight Ashlie was wasted to the point that she couldn’t hardly stand straight. Ashlie stood up and stumbled towards the bathroom in a haze. New to the house and being drunk, Ashlie got lost for a second and found herself standing in the hall in confusion. She swore the bathroom was in the hallway, she seen it earlier.

"oh my God! Ashlie honey? You all right." Came a voice Ashlie recognized as aunt Carol’s.

Ashlie turned slightly and mumbled "I..I..can’t find....the bathroom? I swore...it was here....and..."

Carol leaned down to Ashlie’s level and playfully patted her butt once before she concluded "No honey, the bathroom is over towards the kitchen. There is one over here, but it’s in the room where all the kids are sleeping."

Ashlie was swaying back and forth in place when she drunkenly slurred, "I... really...really need to go... bbath.."

Carol leaned back up and looked to the bathroom by the kitchen before turning back to Ashlie to advise her that it was open for use. Before getting a word out, Carol noticed it was to late. Carol let out a small gasp as she exclaimed "Ashlie! You wet you’re pants!"

Ashlie drunkenly rolled her head before she looked down and mumbled "Shit..."

She was trying to apologize to Carol, but didn’t get the chance to as Carol took it upon herself to shout "SASHA!"

Within a matter of seconds Sasha had walked into the hallway to see what her aunt Carol wanted. Right away Sasha noticed Ashlie and the puddle of pee that had formed around her feet. In a concerned tone, Sasha pointed out "Ashlie, you wet yourself!"

Carol looked to Sasha and sarcastically replied, "well no Shit. What are we going to do? Its in her shoes."

Ashlie caught the attention of both Sasha and Carol as she moaned, "my pants feel wet...I...don’t know..."

Sasha glanced back to her aunt and suggested "do you think one of the girls have an extra change of clothes? What do we do? She’s to tiny for my clothes."

Carol placed her hands to her hips and looked Ashlie over. She was indeed to tiny for any of their clothes. After estimating which kid was Ashlie’s size and thinking if they had extra clothes, Carol confessed "I’m sure there is an extra pair of pajamas in the room. Emily or Abby should have something in her size?"

Sasha was watching Ashlie pull at her pee filled pants in confusing, when she quietly suggested "maybe she needs a... little extra night time protection as well? She drank a lot."

Carol was watching Ashlie mess with her pacts as well when she nodded in agreement. Sasha had a point. Carol looked over to Sasha and countered "you’re niece has a couple Goodnites put away, just in case she goes to a sleepover. Some times she wets, but hasn’t happen in awhile. I will grab one for Ashlie."

Ashlie looked up to Sasha and Carol and declared "I think I need a change of clothes....go..goodnites? What are those? I’ve heard that name....sometime...."

Carol looked down on Ashlie and as motherly as she could, said "goodnites are just underwear honey. we were just talking about getting you changed and off to bed. So you can sleep off the alcohol or you’re going to be hung over in the morning."

Ashlie nodded OK and replied "I’m ready for bed..."

Sasha looked at Carol and shrugged her shoulders as she suggested "you want to get her dressed for bed and I will clean up this mess? Your probably better at it than me."

Carol looked at Ashlie. She would be pretty easy to change since she was so little. Carol looked to Sasha and answered "yeah that’s fine. I got it. No different than getting you’re niece ready for bed, I suppose. Well, except Emily is a little bit taller than Ashlie, but I got this. Go get the spot remover and a rag and clean up this carpet, while I get Ashlie to bed."

Sasha smiled at Carol and addressed Ashlie "Ashlie, my aunt is going to take you to get you cleaned up and ready for bed. Go with her and I will see you in the morning, OK?"

Ashlie looked up to Sasha and mumbled "OK. I’m sorry... about... accident."

Sasha smiled at Ashlie and playfully reassured "it’s OK Ashlie. These things happen. Now go with Carol and I will see you tomorrow. Good night."

Carol took hold of Ashlie’s hand and Ashlie said "night Sasha." as Carol began to guide her down the hall.

Silently Carol opened the bedroom door where the kids were sleeping and peeked her head in. Everyone was asleep.

She carefully helped Ashlie walk through the room and into the bathroom. Without asking, Carol bent down and pulled Ashlie’s shoes off. Next she undid Ashlie’s pants and pulled them down along with Ashlie’s sodden panties. Carol stood back up and advised "go potty, while I go get you a change of clothes honey."

Ashlie turned and looked at the toilet seat behind her. She walked up to the seat and flipped up the lid before sitting down.

Carol used this time to go out into the bedroom and look for a change of clothes for Ashlie.

As Ashlie finished wiping she looked up in time to see Carol closing the bathroom door.

"hop up", Carol said as she stood in front of Ashlie with a couple things under her arm.

Ashlie slid off of the toilet and wobbled in place as she stood straight up for Carol.

Carol silently set the stuff on the counter and brought an item back down to Ashlie’s feet. She held open what looked like underwear so Ashlie could step in.

Ashlie used her hands to grab Carols arms for support as she stepped into the leg holes of the under garment.

Carol pulled the goodnite up Ashlie’s legs and into place before tugging at the waistband, to get a better fit.

As drunk as Ashlie was, she knew they didn’t fell quiet right. The waistband rode a little above her bellybutton and it felt weired between her legs. She looked down at the underwear and asked, "why do these feel funny? there like, super thick... "

Carol grabbed the hem of Ashlie’s shirt and as she pulled it up over Ashlie’s head as she replied, "there super thick because there super absorbent honey."

As Ashlie’s shirt was pulled off, Carol began pulling another shirt over Ashlie’s head. As the cloth of the shirt blocked Ashlie’s view of the world she drunkenly theorized, "super absorbent?"

Carol let the new shirt fall into place after she helped Ashlie guide her arms through the sleeves and replied, "yes, super absorbent. all right, your all dressed and ready for bed. I laid out a sleeping bag in the room for you. I will help you into bed OK?"

Ashlie nodded OK and replied, "that sounds good."

Carol smiled at Ashlie and grabbed her hand, "you know, if you were any smaller that goodnite wouldn’t have fit. It’s a x-small. Well it doesn’t fit right, it’s to big, but it will do just for tonight."

Ashlie was puzzled at Carols statement and it wasn’t until her second step toward the bathroom door she heard the rustling sound of plastic in the air. Ashlie stopped dead in her tracks and lifted the hem of her nighty up and let out a gasp. She was wearing a pair of training pants!

"why em I wearing a diaper!" Ashlie half drunkenly whined.

Carol shushed Ashlie and replied, "keep you’re voice down, don’t wake everyone up. It’s not a diaper Ashlie. It’s just a little extra protection encase you wet the bed."

Ashlie was still holding Carols hand when she quietly protested, "I don’t need to wear a diaper to bed. I..."

Ashlie found herself cut off from finishing her sentence as Carol interrupted, "Ashlie, it’s not a diaper. Be grown up about this. It’s just so you don’t wet the bed, and don’t tell me you won’t, because you just wet your pants less than ten minutes ago. Now come on and lets get you into bed."

Ashlie didn’t have time to respond as Carol pulled her into the room and to a sleeping bag on the floor. She helped Ashlie climb in before she zipped the side of sleeping bag up.

Carol didn’t didn’t say a word as she picked up a remote and pressed play, before walking out and closing the door behind her.

Ashlie laid in the sleeping bag and looked at the television as she heard a song playing. She recognized the two girls playing in the snow from a commercial she had seen on TV. The movie was a Disney movie called "Frozen." Ashlie tried to focus on the screen, but the alcohol got the better of her and within moments Ashlie was past out cold.

The morning was more of a shock than the night before. Ashlie could hear the voices of kids jokingly playing around. She leaned up in a hurry and noticed where she was. She looked around than down to the sleeping bag, only to find a a giant sized print of Barbie’s face looking right back at her.

"what happen last night?" Ashlie mumbled as she unzipped the sleeping bag and stood up. Right away Ashlie noticed the childish nighty she was wearing. It was a soft pink color with a picture of Dora the explorer on the front. As a short woman, Ashlie knew one of the Cardinal rules for clothes was avoid large prints. No matter what, they made you look that much smaller. This Dora the explorer nighty was beyond large print and Ashlie felt smaller than she had ever felt before.

Ashlie was very confused as to how she ended up in the kids room, dressed the way she was. She took a step forward and right away remembered Carol saying something about a goodnite. Ashlie froze in place and looked around at all the other kids. No one seemed to be paying attention to her. She took a couple more steps and with each step she heard the rustling more and more. She stopped once again, not wanting to draw attention to herself anymore than she had to.

"ASHLIE’S AWAKE AUNT SASHA!" yelled Emily at the top of her lungs, Loud enough to the point Ashlie jumped in place.

Ashlie turned to look at Emily, but found her head going the opposite way as the door flung open and Sasha announced, "good morning sleepy head!"

Ashlie was not one bit amused and answered "what the hell happen last night!"

Sasha let out a small chuckle and announced loud enough for everyone in the room to hear "You wet you’re pants last night! Aunt Carol had to clean you up and put you to bed. You don’t remember that?"

Ashlie felt all the kids eyes focus on her as she was put on the spot in front of them. Ashlie laughed it off, trying to play cool about the whole situation. "No I didn’t..." Ashlie nervously chuckled.

Sasha looked down on Ashlie and replied "yeah you did. I had to clean up the strain on the ground from your pee and aunt Carol got you to wear a diaper to bed. Believe me Ashlie, you went potty in your pants."

Ashlie snapped and shouted, "THERE NOT DIAPERS!" Before realizing she just gave herself away in front of all the other kids. Ashlie looked around and all the kids were staring at her. In a more calmly voice this time, Ashlie finished, "there not diapers Sasha. There called Goodnites. I didn’t know I was wearing them until you’re aunt told me so."

Sasha gave out a laugh "goodnites! Those are just glorified diapers for kids to old to be wearing diapers, Ashlie. From what my aunt told me last night, you didn’t mind putting them on."

Ashlie and Sasha’s conversation was interrupted when Sasha’s niece Emily asked "you’re wearing a diaper?"

Ashlie turned to Emily and corrected, "I’m not wearing a diaper!"

Emily thought Ashlie getting upset about the matter was kind of funny and harassed Ashlie even more, "are you cranky cause you need you’re butt change?"

Ashlie looked Emily right in the eyes and countered "NO I don’t need my butt changed! I’m not wearing a diaper, OK?"

Sasha thought the harassment was somewhat funny and playfully announced "who’s going to see if Ashlie needs to be changed?"

Ashlie watched all the girls jump to life with excitement as Sasha finished saying, "first one to check Ashlie gets a special treat!"

Ashlie looked around and pleaded to everyone "I don’t need to be checked, stay away from me!"

All the kids came to life and started rushing towards Ashlie. She felt someone pulling at the hem of her Dora the explorer nighty and she turned around and pulled her nighty free. Just as she pulled herself free, she felt someone else pulling at her from the opposite side. "STOP! leave me alone." Ashlie yelled as she twisted free again.

As Ashlie kept twisting side to side to prevent the kids from lifting up her nighty, she found herself trapped in the middle of the group. No matter how much she moved and dodged, Little hands were grabbing at her and pulling in every direction, no matter how much she turned and twisted about. All Ashlie could do was beg and plea for them to stop, but her pleas were useless as she felt the back of her nighty being pulled up.

"SHE’S WET!" one of the girls shouted to Sasha, as Ashlie felt the back of her night gown fall back into place.

All the kids took one step back away from Ashlie and Abby gasped "ewww"

Ashlie instantly turned beet red with embarrassment and pulled down on the nighty in order to hide the training pants from being further exposed. She felt a tear well up in her eye and she interjected "It’s not funny! I didn’t know...I...I just drank to much last night..."

Sasha was watching Ashlie and knew she was about to cry and decided to end the humiliation. She clapped her hands to get the kids attention and announced "OK kids! That’s enough. Why don’t you go to the living room while I talk with Ashlie."

One by one, the kids began to make their way out of the bedroom. Emily was the last one to the door and as she was about to walk out, she asked, "Sasha? Is Ashlie going to get a diaper change?"

Sasha pointed her finger towards the kitchen and replied "no. Now get going!"

After Emily left the room, Sasha closed the door and turned to Ashlie. "I’m sorry about that Ashlie." Sasha said playfully.

Ashlie wiped a tear from her eye and sniffled "I can’t believe YOU did that to me! That was uncalled for and I have never been so disrespected in my life!"

Sasha tried to calm the matter over by replying "hey, I’m sorry Ashlie. It’s not like I’m the one who forced you to wear the diaper. We were all having fun and..."

Ashlie cut Sasha off from finishing her sentence and snarled, "FUN? I was not having fun. Being grabbed at and teased by a bunch of kids is not my idea of fun SASHA! You know what? Where’s my clothes? I’m going home and I don’t want to talk to you. YOU crossed the line!"

Sasha was a bit taken back by Ashlie’s out burst and growled, "you’re clothes are right there!", As she pointed to a pile of clothes by the couch. Sasha looked down on Ashlie and finished, "why don’t you just get dressed and get the hell out of my house!"

Ashlie walked over to the pile of clothes and picked them up. As she walked towards the bathroom she replied, "FINE! That’s what in going to DO!"

That was the last time Ashlie had really seen Sasha. All the way up until Janice picking her up to go bar hoping. Ashlie hoped that Sasha would be civil and not mention anything about the goodnite incident. to her surprise Sasha was being pretty nice.

The first bar they went to was called, "Ralph and Dwayne’s." As the three women sat and drank they gossiped about work and what was going on in their life’s. Everything seemed to be going quiet well.

It wasn’t until they were at the second bar when Sasha made a slight joke about going to the bathroom. "you could always use a diaper." Sasha joked as Ashlie excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Ashlie looked at Sasha with an evil glare and Sasha smirked before saying, "sorry. Better go before you have an accident."

Ashlie walked to the bathroom and thought about the last time she got drunk with Sasha. It ended up with nothing but pure disaster. She hoped it would be anywhere close to the same thing this time. How could it? They were in a public place.

After Ashlie got back from the bathroom Janice ordered shots of vodka for the three of them. After the shots Sasha paid for another round. Soon all three women were in battle for who was going to pay for shots.

As the night dragged on, all three began to feel really drunk, but the shots kept coming.

Ashlie awoke to the sound of chatter. She didn’t know where it was coming from or who’s voices it was, but it was annoying.

Ashlie leaned up to tell who ever was talking to shut up and right away became worried. The room was done up with paintings of Jesus and there was a big cross hanging on the wall. Ashlie took note that there were girls getting dressed in school uniforms.

Ashlie felt panic and looked around at what was going on around her. One girl looked over to Ashlie and cheerfully said "hi! My names Samantha!"

Ashlie was a little disoriented by the sudden shock of waking in a strange environment and replied, "hi...Samantha? Where em I? If you don’t mind..."

Samantha pulled a jumper over her white button up shirt and responded, "you’re at the saint Marys Catholic school for girls. A social worker brought you in late last night. She said something about you staying here until they find you’re parents."

Ashlie froze in horror. She wanted to scream, but couldn’t. Some how she ended up in a private school for all girls. She silently replied the night back in her head before she concluded, "Sasha....that Bitch." Sasha must have set her up and called child protective services on her. Ashlie looked around. How was she going to get out of this.



End Chapter 1

A bad night of drinking.

by: Jsdoom | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 13, 2016


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