90 days in.

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A mistaken identity story about ending up in the wrong places.

Chapter 1
90 days in.

Chapter Description: Ashlie is snapped back to reality as she comes to terms with being stuck at an all girls school.

90 days in.

Ashlie felt nothing but udder disgust in herself as she silently sat and listened to the teacher explain how to solve simple math problems. As the teacher wrote on the black board, Ashlie looked at her math book. This math was be beyond simple and she had learned simple division years before. Why was she still here, doing this? Why wasn’t she at work or out at the lake swimming, thought Ashlie as she starred blankly at the book.

She quickly glanced around the classroom to confirm that she really was in school. The whole class was clad in matching uniforms and looked like slight clones of each other. Only small variations setting then apart, but pretty much looking the same. Knowing that she was dressed just the same was enough to make her sweat profoundly. She clinched the top of her school desk with her hands and felt the dread rise up her spine higher. High enough it was causing stress on the back of her neck. She rubbed the nape of her neck as if trying to wipe something away.

breathing slightly faster out her mouth, Ashlie knew she was about to have a panic attack. She had one once and this was how it started. As the panic set in, her mind raced a million miles an hour. Was she ever going to get out of this place? She needed to run. Get out now. But how? When? Slowly Ashlie took in a breath and let it out before repeating the cycle. She needed to do something to stop the panic and her breathing was the only thing she could control at this point. Ashlie was startled and her attention was broken when the school bell buzzed loudly behind her.

"Time for recess everyone! When you get back we will pick up where we left off, OK?" Announced sister Clair with a smile.

Ashlie hesitated for a second, but stood up when all the girls around her started to move. She was dressed just like one of them, and blended right into the crowed as she got up from her seat. It was like something out of the twilight zone, a dream she couldn’t wake from. As Ashlie walked in line with the schoolgirls, she paid little attention to the fact she looked like she belonged there. She was somewhat use to it now. She tried numberless times to explain that she was an adult, but no one believed her. Joining all the girls in the hall, heading in the same direction, Ashlie sighed with relief. She knew it was time for recess. It couldn’t have come at a better time. It would give her plenty of time to calm down and think.

Ashlie lowered her head as she followed the herd down the hallway. Each time felt more shameful than the last. She shouldn’t be going to recess. Let alone, somewhat happy about it. feeling defeated as an adult, she sighed. Within the first week of being at the school, she was given a rather childish A-line haircut. Way shorter than it was to start with. She was forced to wear a school uniform, which consisted of: black flats, tights, a white Pete-pan collared shirt and plaid jumper. Along with the uniform she was forced to attend class. Half of the girls in the class were taller than her which added to her insecurity. At twenty one years old, Ashlie had found herself currently enrolled back in grade school. Stuck in the seventh grade with a bunch of real kids, less than half of her own age. It was a nightmare.

As the kids spilled out of the school doors and onto the playground, Ashlie quietly walked to the grass soccer field by the school yard fence. She wanted to be alone. As she crossed the field she felt a tear well up in her eye. The city street was just yards away. with its pedestrians and driving cars, just doing their thing. It was a tease as to what she should be doing right now. Anything. Anything but going to this stupid fucken school. She was getting homesick, and really missing her friends and family. That feeling made her feel more hopeless as she looked behind her shoulder to the playground of the school.Surrounded by girls, playing with no cares in the world. Not even aware that just meters away was a whole big world. She needed to get away from saint Anthony’s school and home for girls.

90 days. It was just a little over three months ago when Ashlie had been caught up in a horrible case of mistaken identity. She had found a complete school girl outfit at the local goodwill. The whole outfit was already put together and on sale. As Ashlie jokingly looked it over, she was surprise to see it was her size. with the exception that the white Peter-pan collared shirt would be a little tight across her chest. The plaid jumper would hide that flaw though. After buying the outfit and trying it on in her apartment, Ashlie thought it was rather cute. Maybe she could get some use out of it. Maybe sexual or just a joke gag for YouTube. She leaned towards the whole YouTube idea. She loved making prank videos. The mix up with Ashlie’s identity happened later that day when she was walking along the city street. Ashlie had decided to walk to her friends work and pull a joke on her. She was almost to the coffee shop when she crossed the street and playful began skipping by an old iron fence. As Ashlie passed the front gate she felt the presence of someone walking up beside her. Ashlie’s skipping had come to a stop and she turned to see who was behind her.

"what on gods green earth do you think your doing!" Snapped a nun as she forcibly grabbed Ashlie’s upper arm.

Ashlie, very confused by the nun’s actions, quickly countered "Uh, I think you got me mistaken for someone else? My name is Ashlie Miles. I’m 21 years old and..."

"So, your telling me, your just wearing the school uniform and standing outside the school for no apparent reason? Nice try, but we know that’s not the truth, don’t we. Now come with me or I will drag you back into the school." Snapped the nun as she cut Ashlie’s sentence off. The nun, who was dressed in the traditional habit most old school nuns wear, tugged on Ashlie’s arm.

"excuse me? I think your mistaken. I’m an adult and I’m not going with you. You can’t make me. Now if you would just let me go..." Remarked Ashlie as she started to jerk the sisters hand away from her arm.

The nun held tighter on Ashlie’s upper arm and true to her word, dragged Ashlie up to the front of the school. Ashlie frantically began screaming for help as she looked to the city street. Not a single person walking bye questioned what was going on as it looked like a nun dealing with her brat of a student. A very common thing to be seen at such a place. Before Ashlie had time to think or react to what was happening, she had found herself in the head mistress’s office on the reviving end of a very painful spanking. She tried to explain who she was and that she didn’t belong there but the nuns wouldn’t listen. Without her I.D, she unable to prove who she really was. The sisters, a bit confused as to who Ashlie really was, called social services and had them come to straighten the whole thing out. Unable to find a file, the social worker started a new one and took down all the information they could. Before the man left, he informed that Ashlie was to stay until her parents were informed of her whereabouts. Ashlie was assigned a bed. In a dorm room full of girls, and Forced to attend seventh grade.

The first month Ashlie had fought against everything. Going as far as attempting to escape twice. In the end though, Ashlie always had found herself getting caught. By the second month, Ashlie had given up on escaping and tried to form a different plan. She looked for a phone, but found that every phone was locked up in a room. Her only option at the point was sending a letter. Which she did. Ashlie sent a letter to the only address she could remember. Her parents. Now she was going on three months at saint Anthony’s and found she was getting a little to use to her new life. The day before Ashlie found herself in class, participating in a class activity and having fun with the girls. After realizing what she was doing it scared her. She wasn’t suppose to be having fun doing a puppet show about Noah’s ark. It felt natural though when she was caught up in the moment.

Ashlie let out a sigh and looked to the city street. Hopefully soon she would be saved. Her parents had to be getting the letters. The last one she sent she wrote urgent in big letters on the outside because a new situation had occurred. The social worker had come to the school and put a transfer in for Ashlie. Any day now, she would be transferred to a state ran girls school instead of the privet one she was at. The new school was in the next county, an hour away. She knew she wouldn’t have a chance of getting away once she got there.

Ashlie wiped the tear from her eye with her hand and put her head against the rod iron fence as she fought back more tears. Any given time she could be taken away and than there would be no hope. This would be her life for the next seven years. She hoped her mom and Dad would save her before than. They could be there at any given time as well. Everything weighed on which came first.

Ashlie was looking through the bars of the fence when she noticed someone that looked familiar steadily approaching. As the woman got closer, Ashlie’s face lit up. It wasn’t her mom or Dad, but it was one of her friends! The same one she was going to pull the prank on the day she ended up in the school.

"Tracy!" Ashlie called out as the woman got closer to her location.

Tracy looked around in confusion, she swore she just heard someone call her name. Than it happen a again.

"Tracy! Over her!" Exclaimed Ashlie as she ran up to the spot where Tracy had stopped.

Tracy glanced over to the schoolgirl behind the bars and her mouth dropped in shock. "Ashlie? W-what...what are, where have you been? Everyone has been looking for you!" Tracy exclaimed.

Ashlie looked up at her friend with pleading eyes and replied "Tracy, listen! You got to get me..."

"why are you dressed like that?" Interrupted Tracy as she looked Ashlie over from head to toe. This certainly wasn’t where she had expected Ashlie to be hiding out at.

Ashlie glanced down at her school uniform and as she looked back up to her friend, she began to explain "there has been some horrible mistake Tracy! They think I’m suppose to be here and..."

Once again Tracy interrupted Ashlie as she pointed out "those kids on the playground are dressed the same? Isn’t this place a private school. Your in school?"

"yes. YES! This is a school and they think I belong here. There was some mixup and lets just say that they don’t believe that I’m an adult! You got to help me Tracy!" Pleaded Ashlie as she looked over her shoulder to see if any of the nuns were coming.

Tracy gave a fictitious smile as she slightly giggled "your a student here? This is where you have been for the last few months. Here, in school?"

Ashlie pinched the bridge of her nose in annoyance as she admitted "yes I’ve been here. Not by my own choice though. I was forced to Tracy. Now if you could just..."

"you look sooo adorable in that uniform! It really fits you." interjected Tracy as she smirked down on Ashlie. Before Ashlie could get a word out, Tracy asked "what type of underwear do you have on?"

"what’s it matter? Tracy, I really really need your help. You got to get me out of here." Answered Ashlie. She was feeling a bit nervous in the fact that Tracy wasn’t taking her seriously.

"ooh come on Ashlie! What type of panties do you have on?" Replied Tracy with a smile.

Ashlie looked around to make sure no one was watching her talk to Tracy, before pulling up her jumper high enough for Tracy to see her panties. Even with the white tights on, Ashlie’s white cotton panties with little yellow flowers were visible enough to see. "there, you happy?" Answered Ashlie with a bit of indifference to her voice.

Tracy’s face lit up with excitement and she could barely contain her stifled giggling as she took in what she just saw. With a slight chuckle, Tracy admitted "those are girls panties Ashlie! Like actual children’s undies."

"I know, I know. Like I was saying before, they think I’m a kid. I’ve been stuck here for three months now." Confessed Ashlie with redden cheeks.

Tracy let out a short series of giggles before clapping her hands together and saying "ooh my God. That is priceless."

"ha ha ha.....yeah, real priceless Tracy. You wouldn’t be saying that if the shoe was on the other foot. Now you got to get me out of here. It’s serious!" Pleaded Ashlie from the other side of the fence.

Tracy relaxed her body a bit and rested her hand to her hip. With a wicked smile, Tracy boasted "well, the shoe isn’t on the other foot Ashlie. Now if you want my help, your going to have to answer a couple quick questions. Than I will see what I can do. Got it."

Ashlie’s jaw dropped in a gasp as she countered "that’s not fair! Come on Tracy, get me out of here! Any day now they could ship me out of here."

"ship you out of here? What, like summer camp or the girl scouts?" Joked Tracy.

Ashlie looked at Tracy and tears welled in her eyes as she sadly admitted "This is serious Tracy. For tell, you got to listen to me. they are going to send me to a different school. In the next county over. I need to get out of here before that happens!"

Tracy didn’t know what to believe. she had been under the perception that her friend had been missing. Yet, here she was, dressed like a schoolgirl and messing around at some school. thinking that Ashlie was just exaggerating, Tracy mocked her by doing a sad face and saying "awww, are you scared that you might have to make new friends."

Ashlie was getting irritated that her friend was patronizing her and stomped her foot in anger as she said "This is not a joke Tracy! They really are going to send me to another SCHOOL! I’m not able to get out by myself and they won’t let me out tell they think I’m 18! I need your help!"

Tracy looked Ashlie over and thought of something. She had never asked Ashlie what grade she was is. With a straight face Tracy asked "hey, what grade are you in?"

"seventh...." Mumbled Ashlie as looked away in shame.

Right away Tracy couldn’t help but laugh out loud. As she leaned forward still giggling, she laughed "seventh grade! Your in seventh grade!"

Ashlie looked back at her friend not amused. As Tracy stood on the other side of the fence, she continued to laugh to herself. Ashlie was not being taken seriously at all, Tracy thought this was some big joke.

Ashlie waited tell the laughs died down, but was thrown off when Tracy asked "how long is recess?"

Ashlie knew that the break lasted only fifteen minutes, But without a watch she didn’t know how much time was left. She sighed and answered "It’s almost over Tracy.."

"what are you learning about? You getting good grades?" Interrupted Tracy with a smile.

"I don’t know, seventh grade stuff. Math, English, and history? What’s it matter, are you going to help me out Tracy?" Replied Ashlie anxiously.

Tracy ignored Ashlie’s question and playfully joked "what about your grades....you didn’t say anything about them? You passing the class."

Ashlie quickly replied "yes. It’s easy. Now come on! I don’t have much time!"

Ashlie pointed to the main gate and exclaimed "Tracy, Go! Come on and get me out of here. I don’t know which county they are sending me to, but I will be stuck there once I go."

Tracy looked over to the main gate. She would no doubt have to go through them to get to the office. She planned on talking to the school, but once Ashlie had gone back into class. Passing on an opportunity like this would be foolish. She could drag out this fun for a few more minutes.

Tracy looked back to Ashlie and could see the inpatients in her body. She couldn’t stay still. With a slight smile Tracy silently reached into her purse. As She dug through her purse for her cell phone, she asked "do you need to go potty?"

Ashlie, having a enough of Tracy’s crap, barked "I don’t need to go POTTY!"

Tracy held back a laugh as she seen some girls on the field look over to them. Ashlie had been loud enough that they heard the word "potty". Tracy looked down to Ashlie and said "your friends heard you, turn and wave so they think everything is alright."

Without thinking about it, Ashlie turned around and began waving to the three girls. As they seen Ashlie waving, they waved back.

"hello Ashlie!" Remarked one of the girls.

"Hello Joy." Replied Ashlie.

One of the other girls called out "lets play tag Ashlie! Come on!"

Ashlie gave out a fake laugh and responded "maybe later Candice!" As she continued to wave.

"those your friends?" Asked Tracy.

"I guess?......no...yeah? I mean, they don’t pick on me. So they kind of....are my friends." Puzzled Ashlie. They really had been the closes thing to being friends. As Ashlie turned to face Tracy, she was greeted to a cell phone pointed right at her.

"I got that whole conversation." Said Tracy as she watched the video.

"erase that Tracy!" Pleaded Ashlie as she heard her voice over the cell phone speaker.

Tracy looked up from her cellphone to see that the girls had started to come their way. "looks like we have company." Responded Tracy with a smile.

Ashlie was expecting it to be a nun, but was a little less stressed to see that it was Candice, Joy, and Erin.

As the girls got closer, Candice smiled and asked "who is your friend Ashlie?"

Ashlie was about to answer, but Tracy falsely admitted "I’m Tracy, a friend of Ashlie’s older sister. And you are?"

"Candice! This is Joy and Erin. And were Ashlie’s best friends!" Boasted Candice as she stood next to Ashlie.

Ashlie’s face redden with humiliation as the three girls stood around her. All three were a little bit taller than her and now Tracy was going to see that.

"smile!" Announced Tracy, given the girls enough time to react to getting their picture taken. Ashlie was the only one in the picture who wasn’t smiling.

"what are you doing here?" Asked Erin as she did a playful hop up and down.

Tracy gave the girls a smile as she admitted "well, I’m here for Ashlie. She should be going home today."

Right away Ashlie’s heart skipped a beat. Tracy was going to help her out. She had just been fucking with her the whole time. With a new sign of hope, Ashlie smiled big and proudly announced "yeah I am."

All three girls closed in on Ashlie for a hug and confessed "were going to miss you!"

Tracy took a picture and this time Ashlie was smiling big. As she tucked her phone back into her purse she asked "say girls, could I ask you something?"

"yes!" Answered Joy as the other two nodded in agreement.

"does Ashlie get in a lot of trouble?" Questioned Tracy with much amusement.

Ashlie didn’t like the question and worried once Candice said "she use to when she got here. She was always telling the sisters that she was an adult...."

"and she got spanked for trying to escape." Interpreted Joy with all honesty.

Ashlie lowered her head in shame. She could have done without Tracy hearing that.

"she got spanked!" Patronized Tracy as she fished for more information "It sounds like she was being a bad girl. Just that once though, right?"

"more than once!" Confessed Erin as she looked over to Ashlie.

Ashlie could feel everyone’s eyes on her as she kept her head down in embarrassment. She was never going to live this down.

Tracy looked at Ashlie and in a mock scolding said "bad Ashlie. Wait tell your mother hears about this. Your going to be in so much trouble."

"Well, thank you girls. But I’ve got to talk to Ashlie a little bit more before recess ends. So if you ladies could give us a minute." Said Tracy with a smile.

The whole group responded in unison as the waved and said goodbye. Once they were far enough away, Tracy joked "you got spanked?"

"yes...." Ashlie sighed as she kicked the ground with her foot.

"with a paddle? Belt?" Questioned Tracy with a slight giggle.

Ashlie heaved another sigh and confessed "Hand, bare bottom. Over the knee."

Tracy began laughing uncontrollably as she pictured her friend over a nuns knee. The image was almost to much to bear. Once Tracy’s laughs subsided into slight giggles she said "now I’ve heard it all. Ashlie, your to much."

Ashlie looked up to Tracy and replied "yeah, to much. So you going to get me out of here? For real?"

Tracy nodded in agreement and replied "yeah. I planned on it. I was just having some fun. Wouldn’t you?"

Ashlie knew right away that if they were switched, that she would have had some fun as well. "yeah I would." Admitted Ashlie as she shrugged her shoulders.

It was just seconds into the awkward silence where the conversation had taken place, when the school bell rang above the school doors. Ashlie turned and looked at all the girls, who were now matching back to class. No doubt she should be there with them.

"recess is over!" gloated Tracy as she watched the kids form in a straight line.

Ashlie looked back to Tracy and acknowledged "I know. I heard the bell Tracy."

"Ashlie! Ashlie miles. Come on and get in line!" Yelled a nun from across the school yard.

"Shit. I got to go." mumbled Ashlie before she finished "go into the school and get me out Tracy, OK?"

"ASHLIE!" Yelled the nun again.

Tracy looked up at the nun, who now was on a path towards them and said "get going, I will go in the school and see what I can do."

Ashlie gratefully smiled and replied "thank you!" As she turned around and headed back to the school.

Tracy watched Ashlie walk away and meet the nun half way through the field. Without any warning, the nun grabbed Ashlie by the ear and preceded to pull her along towards the school. Tracy could hear her friend squeal in pain as the nun pulled her along. "dam.." Tracy said to herself as she thought about how painful that must of been.

Once all the kids were inside the building and a nun closed the door, Tracy began her way to the front of the school. She thought about what she would say to the administration as she walked up the steps. She needed to prove that Ashlie wasn’t really a kid and that this was just a simple misunderstanding.

As Tracy walking into the lobby of the school, she noticed a door that said "office" and walked right in. It was kind of weird since every employee was a nun. They all wore the traditional habit from head to toe. Which kind of made them hard to tell apart.

"can I help you?" Said a nun from behind a desk.

Tracy cleared her throat as she walked over to the desk and admitted "I’m here to sign someone out? I think this is where I need to go, right?"

The nun smiled at Tracy and began to gather a couple of papers together. As she placed them on a clipboard she said "your in the right place. Who are you here for?"

Tracy excepted the clipboard from the sister and as she took a pen she countered "Ashlie miles."

The nun was a little taken back and acknowledged "Ashlie miles huh. We’ve been trying to find her family for a couple months now. Are you her mother? Older sister?"

Tracy looked the paper over and honest replied "nether. I’m actually a friend."

"well, only family or a legal guardian can sign her out of school. Not friends." Confessed the nun from behind the desk.

Tracy looked up from the clipboard and explained "well, it seems that there has been some kind of mistake. Ashlie has been missing for three months and we didn’t know where she was. She actually isn’t suppose to be here. She’s an adult and...."

The nun quickly interrupted "how did you find out she was here?"

Tracy was thrown off by the question and answered "I didn’t know she was here. I was walking by and she noticed me and got my attention."

The nun sat back in her chair and countered "than she asked you for help, and to lie for her."

"no, no she didn’t." Tracy snapped back.

The nun reached forward and grabbed the clipboard back as she said "she tried this stunt before. Asking strangers to lie for her. I know for a fact that she’s not an adult. So don’t bother."

"she is an adult! I can prove it." Replied Tracy as she reached into her purse and pulled out her cell phone. The nun watched as Tracy pushed a couple buttons than held the phone up for her to see. Tracy had gone to Ashlie’s YouTube channel and clicked a video. The nun looked at the phone and watched as a young woman introduced herself. Tracy didn’t consider that Ashlie used a fake name for her videos and as her friend introduced herself as "Marylin sorrows", Tracy knew this wasn’t going to work.

The nun looked up from the phone and stated "that’s not her. They look alike though, but this ladies name is Marylin. Not Ashlie."

"no, It’s her sister. She uses a fake name..." countered Tracy with a hint of annoyance.

The nun set the clipboard down on her desk and replied "tell me, how many adults wet the bed?"

Tracy was somewhat puzzled by the nuns remark and answered "none, I guess? I mean, there probably is some, but not many."

"Did Ashlie or this Marylin, wet the bed? Was she a bed wetter?" Questioned the sister.

"No....She doesn’t wet the bed." Confided Tracy, not knowing what the nun was getting at.

The nun smiled to herself and declared "Than I know your lying for her. Ashlie Miles has to wear nighttime protection because she wets the bed still."

Tracy’s jaw dropped in shock. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. Tracy had a puzzled look on her face as she remarked "she wets the bed? Are you sure?"

The nun nodded yes and stated "not every night, mainly when she first got here, but she does from time to time still."

Tracy was blown away. That didn’t sound like her friend at all. She had known Ashlie since they were little and the only time she had wet the bed was when she was stressed out. Stressed out. That was it! She was wetting because of the stress of this place. Knowing that her luck was next to none on getting Ashlie out, Tracy nicely inquired "so only her family can get her out? Do they need a special form or any paperwork?"

The nun pulled the papers from the clipboard and began to write on a sticky note. As she handed them over to Tracy she informed "These will need to be filled out and her legal guardians will need to bring identification and Ashlie’s birth certificate. The sticky note is the address to the school she will be at. So they will have to take it there. Not here."

Once Tracy looked the sticky note over, she knew Ashlie wasn’t exaggerating on needing to get out. She quickly looked up to the nun and asked "Do you know when she will be going? I could go to her parents house and get them. They live about an hour away."

The nun gestured over to a door in the office and as Tracy looked over the nun said "The social worker is in there right now. He’s signing the paper work as we speak. Once he’s done, she’s gone."

Tracy was out of time. She frantically looked to the nun and asked "could I talk to him? Like five minutes. Five minutes, that’s all I ask."

The nun shook her head no and replied "I’m sorry you can’t. She belongs to the state and the only people that can claim her are her parents or guardians. So if can, get those forms to her parents."

Tracy looked the papers over and sighed. She wasn’t going to be able to get Ashlie out today. She now felt bad about all the teasing on the playground and knew deep down that she had to make things right. She was going to have to go to Ashlie’s moms house. Tracy glanced up to the nun and said "fine. Have a good day." Before walking out of the office. As she left the school grounds she took a second to look back at the school and whispered "I’m going to get you Ashlie. Just hang in there."

Ashlie was sitting at her desk, not listening to a word sister Claire was saying. Once they got back from recess Claire went back to having the class learn long division. How could Ashlie pay attention to math when help was on the way. she was going to get out of there. Free. Free to run and do what she wants. It could be any second. With all of her excitement, Ashlie couldn’t help but look to the door when someone walked by. After figuring it wasn’t for her, she would check the clock than back to the door.

"Is everything alright Ashlie?" Called out sister Claire. She had taken notice that Ashlie was not even close to paying attention.

Ashlie looked up to the nun and with a smile responded "I’m alright sister Claire."

The nun than responded "well, than why don’t you come up here and solve this math problem for us. I will help you through the steps."

Ashlie silently slid out of her desk and made her way to the front of the classroom. Sister Claire had already written a simple math problem on the chalkboard for her to solve. Ashlie picked up the chalk and began solving the simple problem.

"the answer is three, sister Claire." Said Ashlie as she set the chalk down on the board. She felt good, knowing that she wouldn’t have to ever do this math again. What was one last time.

"you solved that fast." Came a voice from the doorway.

Ashlie, along with sister Claire and the whole class, turned their heads to see the head mistress standing in the doorway.

In unison, the whole class said "good morning sister lacy."

The head mistress smiled as she took a playful step forward and replied "well, good morning class. Its good to see that you girls are doing so well."

The mistress turned to sister Claire and declared "I’ve come to collect Ashlie Miles."

Ashlie couldn’t believe that her time was now. It seemed like a dream. Right away she began shaking with excitement and felt butterflies well up in her stomach. This was happening. She was getting out of there.

Sister Claire turned to Ashlie, who was still standing at the chalkboard, and said "Ashlie, go put your books away and than go with mistress lacy."

Ashlie didn’t move at first, her mind was set on overdrive. After a couple seconds of silence she nodded in agreement and nervously walked to her desk. She could feel all of the girls eyes on her as she lifted the top of her desk and slid her math book inside. A very creepy feeling to say the least.

"I’m going to miss you...." Sighed Candice.

Ashlie turned to Candice and smiled "I’m going to miss you to. Everything will be alright Candice. Believe in that."

Ashlie stood up and felt anxious. She was going home and who knew what she has missed in the past 90 days. As she walked back to mistress lacy, she waved goodbye to the class. She would never see them again. Walking down the hallway of Saint Marys, Ashlie looked over the decor. She had seen it all countless times before, but now it all looked fake. As they neared the administration office, Ashlie felt high with euphoria. this was truly happening.

Mistress lacy held the door open for Ashlie. She walked right in the office and expected to see Tracy waiting For her. She wasn’t anywhere to be seen though. Nervously, Ashlie glanced around the office to see if she was just sitting in a chair. Still no Tracy to be seen. The only person in the office besides the nuns was a man in his mid 40’s.

"This must be Ashlie Miles." Said the man as he walked up to great her.

Ashlie looked the man over and spotted a plastic clip-on badge that read "social services". Right away her heart sank and she thought she was going to vomit. The man was here to take her away, but where was Tracy? a little uneasy that something happen or Tracy just didn’t come in, Ashlie nervously said "I thought my friend was coming to get me?"

The mistress looked down on Ashlie and answered "She came in, but we turned her away child. Getting people to lie for you is not good. You know how we feel about liars."

The head mistress than turned to the man and explained "Ashlie here, has had.....a rather creative imagination. She likes to spin stories about being a adult. Don’t let her fool you though."

As mistress lacy and the social worker started laughing to themselves, Ashlie began to tear up and cry. They were mocking her very existence. Ashlie really was an adult. She was 21 and no matter how much she tried to prove otherwise, no one believed her. As tears rolled down her cheeks she sobbed "I’m telling the truth....."

The end.



End Chapter 1

90 days in.

by: Jsdoom | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 13, 2016


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