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A first person told story on age regression through time travel!

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: A first person told story on age regression through time travel!

Hi my name is Melvin and I have a true but strange story to tell you about. first I want to tell you a little bit about myself I am 16 years old I have raven black hair, I am 5 foot 10, and I am really skinny. This story began 6 months ago on a cloudy winter day.

Even though it was winter there was no snow on the ground so it was very cold and all the trees had no leaves. The town I live in is a very small town about 20 miles east of Lincoln, Nebraska. My town has a population of about 900 people and all the people there are very isolated in their homes and don’t go outside much.

One day I was inside my house watching YouTube videos, and Netflix when I just got hit by this storm of boredom that came completely out of nowhere. I decided that I was going to ride my bike outside and see the world around me I was having a lot of fun I hooked my I phone to Pandora and drove many back roads I was having fun until the worst thing that has ever happened to me happened.

When I was riding my bike like most times when I ride my bike there were no people, but not this time... Behind me there was a mid 50’s year old women that drove past me really fast in her old beat up red wind star. She then did a U turn and came back around and asked me: "what are you doing young man on your bike all alone?" I responded by saying: " Oh nothing much just really bored so I decided I wanted to go for a bike ride". After that it was like I was hit by a mountain of red flags I knew I needed to ride away from this lady. She then said: "you know I can help you get back home after all you are too young to be riding by yourself". I didn’t know what the lady meant when she said that and I sure as hell didn’t want to find out.

I then said "well I am 16 and perfectly capable of riding back by myself so thank you for your concern but I think I should be going". After that she kept following me and just then the back of my head slammed with nerves as she kept following me. I then approached her negatively and said: "I need you to stop following me or I will have you arrested you, you old shit." I would later come to regret saying that. She then came out of her car and I made a run for it I peddled that bike as fast as it could go and I was off.

The old lady had some sort of gun in her hand and shot me point blank in my back. I then fell off my bike in agony and said: "Don’t go near me you psychotic freak" Some how I lost my ability to speak and to move she picked me up and threw me in her car. About 10 mins later I approached this freakishly looking really old Victorian styled house and then the old lady whose named I later found was Sasha came out and picked me up and brong me in her house.

She strapped me on a metal table and she had a friend there that was even crazier than her. Her name was Sue and she looked at me aimlessly and said: "Don’t be scared after all you can go back to a time of happiness and you’ll still remember all this that won’t be so bad right?" At this I became mind boggled and didn’t know what was going to happen. I then asked Sue and Sasha: "Why am I here and what are you trying to do with me all I want to do is go home is that so hard to ask". At that they both laughed like wild hyenas and Sasha said "Oh don’t worry you will go home and you will get to be young again and not have to ride your bike on the dirt roads until your older and know how to behave this time you’ll have more time to think about your actions." I then yelled: "get me out of this nut box" and I tried to break loose of the straps holding me down on the table after that I went on to spit on Sue.

Sue then put this weird alien looking thing on my head and then placed an old clock on the table in front of me. Sue told me: "The ageometer on your head is connected to this time clock so you will go back in the past and your age will go with whatever the date is". I became so confused and said:"So you are making me younger and however young I am Is how far back in time I go!!! Sasha said: "Yes no need to be afraid your whole family will remember you as you are depending on the date that doesn’t sound so bad right. I then realized that she was trying to convince me that this was all going to be fine and that there was nothing to be worried about but all of me was saying that I needed to get out of here before I end up forgetting how to walk".

Sue and Sasha began discussing between one another of what to do to me as I sat there frantically scared out of my mind. Then Sue started messing with the thing on my head she was softly talking to me in a quite hypnotic way saying: "ok so you were born on the 23rd of December 1999 how about you age travel back to this day January 23rd but in the year 2003." I thought to myself "I was barely 3 years old then I really hope I wouldn’t have to go back to that time I was afraid of things like my bedroom door and what ever was under my bed I began begging: "please don’t regress me back to that time please! She said: "Oh you’ll love it then and at that age you can do anything and you can go back to wetting the bed and it wont matter and your mind will still be intact so you wont lose that."

Sue and Sasha then set the date on the time clock January 23rd 2003 and said: "see ya in the past little guy". I then saw myself traveling in this giant tunnel watching the years go buy as my age went down. 2015 15 2014 14 Here I felt my face smooth out again and I began to loose all my hair on my body 2013 13 2012 12 here I lost my Adams apple 2011 11 2010 10 saw things like vine, Netflix, hulu, twitch, tablets, and smartphones fading away as my age did. finally I hit January 23rd 2003 and I woke up In a crib In my room from many years ago I looked around and got hit with a nostalgic storm of what life was like at that time in my life. I saw few toys that I still had like matchbox cars and my stuffed dinosaur. I then saw my mom walk in who looked so young and pick me up. She put me on a changing table and changed my diaper that I had on.

The whole time I was looking away in neglect of what was going on she then began rubbing my back in a soothing manner when she was done changing me I began to cry even though that was the last thing I wanted to do at that very moment In time. I very much so wanted to go back to my time that my mental age is lined up with not this time where I am now and this time was one that almost passed completely out of my memory and now I have to relive it.

My Mom put me in a play pen with a bunch of toys I remembered the giant Lego blocks and my giant wooden horse that I rode on. I sat there depressingly slunched over rocking my wooden horse back in forth back in forth until I just dozed off. I woke up in my crib at around 11pm at night I tried to escape out of my crib but the bars were too high and it was almost impossible to get over them. I then was happy I had my mental capability and thought of using my shirt to use it as a grappling hook to climb over the crib walls. My shirt was a one see and when I took my shirt off I felt so Insecure how I was just In a diaper and nothing else my chubby baby body with my long black curly hair didn’t really help either.

I figured out how to pull myself up and over the crib and started quietly walking away from my crib. I then saw my living room with my giant bulky black Toshiba television and my VCR player under it. I was filled with more nostalgic memories of how I used to watch VHS tapes all day. I put in the first movie I saw which was spy kids one of my favorite movies from that time and I watched the whole movie. I then fell asleep watching the blues clues on VHS on my couch.

I woke up to my mom looking at me in a confusing way like she was watching an episode of Jerry Springier or something. She said in a discouraged way: "Oh my little melvy how did you get out of your crib". I looked at her and said: I jwust twook opfh my swirt and use it as gwrapwing hook". I sounded so babyish and cringed at the way I sounded. My mom was frantic and shocked at what she heard she didn’t know or think of what to say at what I did so she bent me over on her leg and spanked me 3 times I screamed and yelled for her to stop but she wouldn’t.

After that she told me to never again escape from my crib or there would be far worse consequences. She then picked me up and realized that my diaper was dry ever since last night and thought that was odd too. She carried me over to our dinosaur cyan colored Macintosh computer from like 1998 and looked up what to do with me. As she typed away on the computer I saw Yahoo as the search engine but it had all red colors. I remembered how old fashioned and simplistic all the websites were back then as well as how boring it was too.

My mom picked me up and put me on her lap and forced my head in her direction and said: I am giving you one more chance Melvy to not show any strange behavior or I will bring you to the psychologist and they can make you all better". I looked at her and tried to talk the best I could but I must have thought too hard because I took a Lincoln log in the pants and that caused me a great deal of humiliation. I then tripped over a matchbox car and fell on my bum and the log splurged all in my pants I began to cry as I became so embarrassed of how much of a baby I have come to be.

Later my mom came up to me and picked me up and brought me up to the changing table she cooed my crying by putting her hands through my hair and saying:"accidents happen it’s alright." She changed me and put a fresh diaper on me and said: "How about I take for some hot chocolate at the local cafe". I then showed a little bit of empathy and she took my hand and we were out of the door.

I know you may not believe me but it was almost like the air out side was a lot more fresh than in 2016. There was also a lot of snow on the ground. My mom picked me up and buckled me into my car seat. The whole day was really quite the day I saw people that I have seen before who were a lot younger than when I previously saw them and another thing I saw was that noone in the streets were wearing head phones or earbuds.

When I got home I became really curious of how I got this way so I wanted to see what I was going through. I went to open internet explorer but it wouldn’t work I kept thrashing my computer in frustration because I couldn’t connect to the internet. I turned out that I totally forgot about dial-up internet connection. My mom called the internet company and a loud satanic noise played as I was being connected to the internet.

Eventually I did some searching on age regression and found a lot of made up stories about it actually happening to someone before so I closed out the computer in loss of hope and began to throw my matchbox cars at my computer in frustration. My mom saw this and picked me up and hugged me and started kissing my head and rubbing my head and she began to cry. She said to me: "I don’t know whats wrong with you but were gonna find out and its all gonna be alright"

I was brought to psychologist Dr. Branston O’donnal and he was a large 50’s year old man with black glasses he asked my mom: "what brings you two here today." My mom explained the whole story of how I got out of my crib to how I didn’t wet myself at night to when I threw my cars at the computer. The Psychologist asked me what I thought was going on and I said: "I woulwd twel you bwut I cant spewk wewl". Dr. Branston then asked me if I wanted to type my story and I typed every thing I could but it took me awhile and I had many spelling errors but I think I got the message crossed for the most part.

Dr.Branston looked at my story about how I was once 16 and was taking by Sasha and Sue and brought back to this time at this age and concluded that I was just a case of reincarnation of portraying my past life experiences and how I died and came back as a little kid again. I tried explaining to him that he was wrong but all I could say was gibberish and everything i said made literally no sense. I then bit Dr. Branston’s leg and took my mom’s car keys I remembered with the little time I have had my license how to drive and I realized I was too small.

I locked the door behind me so my mom couldn’t get out and I ran out of the office building. I picked up a stick that I found in the parking lot and I used that for when I got In the car for the gas pedal. It was hard to drive but I drove out of there and I tried looking for that Victorian styled house. after driving around for 20 mins I eventually came crossed the house. I tried to park the car but I was too small for the task so I crashed my car into the same red wind star that I remember and made a run for it inside the house.

Sue and Sasha now looking in their late thirties came to greet me at the door. They looked at me and said awww look at cute little melvy trying to get his revenge. I was confused how they remember me but I realised that they created the machine so they go with the machine. I protested to them: "I wanwt two go bawk" Sue looked at me and said: "you wan’t to go bawk huh how’s about maybe when people can understand you and grow up you will realize that you will go back It will just take time". she then said: "I know you are smart enough to comprehend that so beat it or ill regress you back even younger than you already are". I then bolted inside for the ageometer and put it on my head I began messing with the time clock but Sue took the clock out of my hand and said: "ah ah ah not so fast little guy now I see you didn’t like 2003 how about 1993 before you were even a thought they hit the clock and I was shot in the time and age tunnel.

I became really young then I became a newborn all I could do was cry but as I regressed through the tunnel I became an old man about mid 70’s until I stopped at about age 68. I then realized that reincarnation was real but not in the way Dr. Branston described. I found that my name was Harold G Warren and that I was born in 1925. I had all these memories about WW2 and being a general in the Vietnam war flush my mind with knowledge but I knew that I needed to go and find Sasha and Sue. I found I was lining In Cleveland, Ohio and my town was about a 4 hour drive away. I drove there In my 1960’s Cadillac and thought the whole time about this crazy experience.

I came up the house to find Sasha and Sue in their late 20’s they looked at me and said: "oh Melvin or should I say Harold you have changed soo much." I looked at both of them and said ya and I have "gained some experiance too" I shot them both with an AR-15 assault rifle and went straight to the ageometer and the time clock. I set the date to January 23, 2016 and I was teleported to my bike on the dirt road and right after that I rode home and tried to dispose the ageometer and the time clock.

I lit the two on fire and thought how much of an interesting time I had with the two crazy ladies to going back to 2003 to 1993 and being 3 again and then 68 It was such a weird but interesting feeling to be an agetravler.



End Chapter 1


by: agetravler | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 24, 2016


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