Teach Them While They're Young

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated May 6, 2005

An old story I had written that was recently resurrected thanks to Tainted Sins and his own personal archives. It was a quickie for the old message board. Growing up is hard to do. ... and it is not helped when you take 1 step forward and 3 year back! -Louder

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Brandi was 24 and unmarried. She had gotten pregnant when she was 18 and the father soon left town. He didn’t want the responsibility of a daughter or a marriage. But Brandi was a strong type and she quickly made up her mind that she could raise her daughter without him. Little Elizabeth was born and was a perfect angel. Brandi was proud that she was able to start a successful home business that allowed her to stay home with her daughter. She dated a few men after her daughter was born but her concerns about being a proper mother and authority figure for her daughter limited her romantic life considerably. She wanted to portray a wholesome and stable environment for Lizzi. Sometimes Brandi joked that she had grown up more than Lizzi. In fact she had matured very quickly in order to be what she hoped was a proper parent. Dr. Laura on the radio became a constant afternoon companion.

Today was Saturday and like every summer Saturday Brandi and Lizzi walked to a nearby ice cream shoppe. They rarely drove since it was a short distance and Brandi felt the exercise was good for the both of them. Today there was a line. There were some teen girls at the counter. Some of them Brandi had seen before but one in particular looked unfamiliar. This girl had dark black hair and lipstick. Her skin was pale and she looked like the poster child for the ’goth’ lifestyle. She was obviously the leader of this bunch. The others laughed at her jokes and remarks as she taunted the man trying to run the counter.

"Girls, maybe I can take these two young ladies orders while you decide?" he asked politely referring to Brandi and Lizzi.

"Oh, like we don’t matter? We were here first. First come first served...that’s what your sign says!" the girl replied.

"It’s just that you don’t seem ready to...." he tried saying but was interupted.

"WELL EXCUUUUUUUUSE US but we’re looking and now you made me forget what ~we~ want... hmmmm let’s see" the girl said as she put her finger to her chin.

Brandi had seen teens like this before. They didn’t intimidate her. She tapped the leader on the shoulder.

"May I help you?" the girl replied in a mocking tone as the others burst out laughing.

"Miss... ~You~ need to grow up! We come here every week and Mr Johnson is the perfect gentleman. He doesn’t work here so much for the money but rather enjoys meeting the customers. It’s attitudes like yours that keep more Mr Johnson’s from working behind counters and instead we get people who don’t care about their job OR customers! So give the attitude bit a rest and just GROW UP!" Brandi’s voice grew louder with each syllable.

"Welllll ~I~ need to grow up?" the girl asked sarcastically. She winked at her friends and then said "We’ll see who needs to grow up. The others laughed as the girl mumbled something under her breath about "3 years". She turned to the others and told them "We don’t need this place anyway. C’mon ’ladies’" and with that the girls marched toward the door.

As the goth girl passed Brandi she touched her and Brandi felt a tingle like static electricity.

"Hey! Watch it!" Brandi exclaimed figuring the girl touched her on purpose as there was plenty of room in the shoppe.

"~Ooooooh a ’touch me not’..... ~Sorry~" the girl replied in a voice thick with sarcasm as she walked out the door.

"Sorry about that Mr Johnson but those girls really need to do some maturing" Brandi told the man as he took their order.

"Yes, they were a bit much. In my day kids didn’t act like that. It does make me think about quitting and selling the place. It’s not like the old days." Mr Johnson said as he handed them their ice cream. "Not like the old days a’tall’"

They walked home and Brandi began explaining why some people are rude and how much they can hurt other’s feelings by being that way.

"I don’t ever wann be rude, mommy!" Lizzi replied.

"That’s good dear!" Brandi answered "I’m sure you won’t on purpose. Just always watch what you say. OK?"

"Yes, mommy" Lizzi answered.

The rest of Saturday passed by as normal. No date for Brandi again this weekend. As usual she stayed in to read to Lizzi and spend time with her.

Sunday came and Brandi got up ready to meet the day. Lately, she had been getting dressed conservatively and taking Lizzi to church but she didn’t feel like it today. It was such a gorgeous day and she felt more like lounging around in her sweats.

"Aren’t we going to church, mommy?" Lizzi asked.

"Gee, I don’t think so. We’ll go next week. I’ll make us a big breakfast and we’ll just hang out at home today." she told her.

The big breakfast consisted of toast and cereal. Even after breakfast Brandi still didn’t bother getting dressed just yet. By lunch time she still was wearing her sweats.

"Hows come you’re still wearing your pajamas?" Lizzi asked her mother.

"I dunno.... There’s not a lot to wear that’s as comfortable as these in my closet. I guess I’m ’slobbin’ today!"

"I wanna ’slob’ too!" Lizzi said as she ran to her room to put her pajamas back on. Brandi smiled thinking it was cute how Lizzi liked mimicing her. It made her feel good to know that she was such a solid role model for her daughter.

The rest of Sunday was pretty much normal. Nothing else out of the ordinary happened. That evening, Brandi put Lizzi to bed and then a couple of hours later was ready for bed herself.

When Brandi awoke Monday she grumbled as the alarm went off. Usually she’s awake before it ever goes off but today she was sleeping extra soundly when it went off. Again, she wore her sweats and didn’t look to get dressed. She peered at the answering machine remembering that this was a business day. Normally, she would set the answering machine to only one ring after hours and then set it much longer during her business hours. But she didn’t want to mess with business today! There was so much more stuff she could do that wasn’t nearly as boring. The house had a pool and she had hardly swam in it since buying the place! Besides that she had gotten so pale! It was time for a little sun. She put on her skimpiest bathing suit and went to invite Lizzi to join her.

Lizzi awoke to the sight of her mother ready for a day poolside. "C’mon sleepyhead, time to rise and shine and have some fun with our pool. After all I paid extra for that thing!" Brandi chirped gleefully.

Lizzi quickly got out of bed and got her suit on. Before following Brandi she paused and appeared to be looking for something.

"What’s taking so long?" Brandi asked.

"I can’t find my sunscreen" Lizzi told her.

"Oh....hmmmmmmmmm I didn’t even think about that. You’ll be OK...just stay in the shady corner some. C’mon" Brandi suggested.

Lizzi wasn’t sure. Her mom had always said to wear sunscreen at the pool or beach and now she didn’t care? But she’d said it was OK so Lizzi followed.

Outside, Brandi quickly found a rock station on the radio. She turned it up a little louder than normal and then relaxed in the deck chair.

"Mommy? I thought you said playing the radio loud could hurt my ears?"

"Jeesh, you’re a crybaby today! It’s like a cool station, OK? Hold your ears or something if it’s too loud!"

Brandi drifted off into sleep after rolling over a couple of times.


"~What~?" she replied as she slowly awoke.

"We’ve been out here a long time. You look kinda red" Lizzi said.

Brandi rolled her eyes and sighed "Geez, like you’re my mom or something! OK, we’ll go in!"

Once inside Brandi turned on the TV and was quickly drawn into a soap opera she hadn’t seen in years. She couldn’t believe how many of the same actors were still there or had returned to the show. As she watched she soon found out that the storyline concerned one of her favorites on the show having cancer. She was hooked again! The show wouldn’t be the same without that character. He was still very handsome. The best looking Dr. she’d ever seen! Lizzi wasn’t interested and found playing with her dolls more fun. Brandi finished the afternoon in front of the television catching up on old soaps and then onto Jerry Springer and finally MTV.

No Dr. Laura on the radio for Brandi today!

Monday had been very confusing for Lizzi. Her mother had certainly acted strangely. She was glad to get to bed and hoped Tuesday would be more normal. She had a hard time getting to sleep because Brandi insisted on keeping the stereo on.

Tuesday found Brandi in the kitchen wearing a pair of freshly made cut-offs, no shoes, and a short top. She didn’t even bother to wake Lizzi up. She didn’t really want to be bothered with her until she had to!

"What’s for breakfast, Mommy? a sleepy Lizzi asked while rubbing her eyes.

"I dunno, squirt.... How about cereal?" Brandi asked.

"Ummmmm no toast?" Lizzi wondered. They always had toast.

"Naw, the toaster is like put up and stuff and too much trouble" Brandi replied as she padded over to the counter and grabbed the cereal. "I know this stuff is kinda yucky but maybe we can like get some Frosted Flakes or something next time?"

Lizzi liked that idea. When she stayed at gramma’s house she always got Frosted Flakes. Brandi didn’t usually buy sugary foods though.

Brandi spent the rest of morning painting her nails and doing her hair. Lizzi had never saw her mother spend that much time on her appearence. That afternoon the two of them went to the mall. Brandi wanted to go shopping. Once there, besides shopping, she also liked looking at the boys. She saw a few guys her age but they seemed so old and boring to her. The teenage boys were more interesting. She knew she shouldn’t really be checking out teenage boys but figured it couldn’t hurt. In one store the clerk was a young man of maybe 20. Probably a college student working his way through school she decided. Brandi thought he was awfully cute. She felt a little shy and awkward around him but when he struck up a conversation she slowly relaxed. He seemed really mature for his age. In the course of their talking he asked her out. She thought about it but didn’t have a babysitter for Lizzi. Her parents (Lizzi’s grandparents) were out of town and she’d never really used anyone else. But this boy was so cute she thought! If she turned him down now she wondered if he’d ever ask her out again? Lizzi would be OK for a couple of hours she figured. She agreed on the date with the stipualtion that she couldn’t stay out late. She even bought a short dress and matching high heels for the occassion. Before heading home she stopped at the Grocery store and bought some Frosted Flakes. On the way home she explained to Lizzi that she’d ’have to be a big girl for a few hours’ while she was gone.

Lizzi had never been left alone at night before but if her mommy said it was OK she figured she’d be alright.

Brandi wore her new dress and high heels that evening. The dress showed off her ample cleavage and long legs. At 24 she was in very good shape. Her exposed skin was still a bit red from the sun the previous day. Her date was obviously impressed! Brandi quickly forgot the last of her reservations about leaving Lizzi at home when she saw what a hunk she was going out with!

The two of them went to a quaint little restaurant known for good prices. It had been a while since Brandi had been on a date.... so long she’d forgotten how to act! She let her date do all the talking and let him make all the decisions. He ordered wine. Although Brandi had nothing against drinking, it had been a while since she had actually drank an adult beverage. She felt a little naughty for even drinking it but it did taste good! She began to get a case of the giggles as the night, and drinking, went on. She was worried that her date would think she was an airhead but he didn’t seem to mind her behavior and kept her wine glass full.

Brandi returned home a bit later than she had planned. Everything looked OK and Lizzi had put herself to bed. Brandi sat down on the couch and kicked off her high heels. She shook her head when she thought how forward her date had been! What a horndog she thought! "But he was a good kisser" she mumbled to herself and giggled. She stumbled a little, still tipsy from the wine at dinner. She fell asleep on her bed still wearing her dress!

Wednesday morning came and Brandi woke up and looked at the clock. 10AM! "Jeepers, I really slept in today!"

She noticed what she was wearing and remembered the night before. She felt kind of embarassed thinking she wore something so skimpy around a boy! But he did kiss her and she liked that even if he did try and go too far!

"Mommy, are you up yet?" Lizzi asked hearing the rumblings from the bedroom "I’m hungry!"

"OH fudge!....I’ll be right there. Sorry, squirt!" Brandi yelled back as she brushed her hair with her hand.

She took another look at herself in the mirror. She knew her mother would never approve of a dress like that! She then tried to find something to wear instead of the dress. Most of the things in the closet were way too ~old~ looking to her for some reason. She thought about how much her outlook had changed recently and wondered why. Her tastes in clothes seemed so strange to her right now as she stared in the closet. The only thing that she kind of liked was the dress she still was wearing! She giggled as she thought about how naughty she almost was in it the night before. She finally settled on wearing the same shorts she’d made the day before but with a bigger, longer T-shirt. She hurried toward the kitchen to to fix breakfast.

She fixed them each a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Brandi woofed her’s down quickly in a rather unlady like fashion. Normally, Wednesday was ’cleaning day’ and Brandi and Lizzi would clean the house, but today Brandi didn’t want to think about cleaning. Lizzi always had fun helping her mother clean. Lizzi wanted to clean the house but Brandi had other plans for today. She grabbed a pair of old tennis shoes and went to the garage and got down her bicycle. She hadn’t rode in ages but for some reason she wanted to today. She rode her bike around the neighborhood and then down to the corner store to buy some candy. She even rode to the ice cream shoppe but didn’t go in when she saw the goth girls hanging out in front. The main goth girl pointed her out to the others and they all laughed. Brandi immediately changed directions deciding that she could come back to the shoppe later! Besides, she told herself, she didn’t want to stay away from home too long or else she’d miss her soaps! When she did get home she saw that Lizzi had been doing her best to clean without any help.

"What a little geekzoid! That stuff’ll wait!" she told Lizzi as she plopped down to watch her soaps. She sat on the couch, her legs folded unde her, munching on her candy. Brandi was glued to the set and hung on every line of dialogue. She actually began to worry about the Dr’s prognosis almost forgetting that it was all make believe! After the soaps she went straight to MTV. She just knew that any minute they would be playing a song by that bunch of cute guys that she had seen the day before. She didn’t like it at first but it had grown on her and today she couldn’t hardly wait. Fact is she got to see it 3 times that afternoon. Each time she liked it a little better. It almost took her mind off of Robert, the boy she had went on a date with, not calling her. She slid the phone close to the couch and waited. She even picked it up a few times just to make sure it was still working. He never called and by the time she went to bed she was crushed. She cried herself to sleep.

Thursday, Brandi awoke bright and early. She didn’t bother getting dressed and again wore the sweats that she had slept in. She turned on the TV and quickly settled on cartoons. That is what she hoped for! Cartoon Network the announcer said. She thought it was cool to have a channel that played nothing but cartoons. Lizzi came in the room and saw her mother setting cross-legged watching Scooby Doo. Lizzi quickly joined her. Lizzi wasn’t allowed to watch cartoons a lot. In fact TV is off limits except for certain times but since it was cartoons on and Brandi was watching she figured it was OK. She even ignored her growling stomach for awhile. Finally, Brandi padded into the kitchen to make Lizzi something to eat.

"Are we gonna have Frosted Flakes again?" Lizzi asked hopefully.

"Ummmmmmm ...I ummmmmmmm sorta ate ’em all. I’ll just fix ya a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. OK?"

Lizzi couldn’t believe her mother had finished off the nearly new box of Frosted Flakes! Brandi couldn’t either. She tried to only eat healthy cereal but the Frosted Flakes were so good!

She plopped back onto the floor in front of the TV and quietly wondered why the cartoons interested her so much? After Scooby Doo she got back on her bicycle and went to the corner store to buy more candy. She found a bunch of change in her purse back at home and so she bought the big bags today. She was still wearing her sweats. She didn’t even consider changing into something else or bother tying her shoes! She got back home with her bounty of candy. This day she wasn’t so interested in the soaps. MTV all afternoon would be fine.

The phone rang. Lizzi and Brandi each ran to get it but Lizzi was closest.

"Hello....Yeah, she’s here.... hold on. It’s for you. It’s that guy from the store" Lizzi said to her.

"Oh! I can’t talk...I’m not here! " Brandi stammered as she backed away.

Lizzi politely told him Brandi ’couldn’t talk right now’ and asked him to call back.

"Why’d ya ask him to call back for anyway? huh?" Brandi asked.

"I dunno.... I thought you wanted to talk to him yesterday?"

"Ummmm yeah but he’s a ~boy~ Don’t answer it anymore... OK?" Brandi ordered meekly.

The rest of the day was spent eating and sharing candy. They even had candy for dinner. Lizzi didn’t get much candy so this was an unexpected treat for her!

Friday morning came and Brandi again got up early and made a beeline for the TV. Cartoon Network was her destination. Wanting to be ’pretty’ today she did her hair up in ’pigtails’ . Satisfied, she then opened another bag of her candy and chomped away. When Lizzy joined her, Brandi offered her some chocolates. "Here, breakfast..." she said.

Lizzi quizzically took a few pieces from Brandi’s chocolate stained hands. Brandi wiped her hands on her sweats. Soon her sweats were stained with chocolate.

"I didn’t know you liked chocolate, mommy?" Lizzi said.

"Ummm yeah... it’s ummmmm is my favorite....." Brandi told her. Again she realized her actions were different than normal. Here she was sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons, eating candy for breakfast, wearing a chocolate stained top, and it all seemed OK and was something she wanted to do. .

It was Lizzi who suggested that Brandi change out of her stained clothing.

"~OK~" Brandi whimpered and then skipped down the hall to her room. She was bubbling with energy this morning!

’Wow’ she thought ’everything is so ~old~ style. "I bet my mom wouldn’t even wear this stuff!" she grumbled. There wasn’t anything ’fun’ to wear. It was all boring! But then she remembered that she ~used~ to like this stuff. She pulled off the stained sweats and stood naked in front of the mirror to examined herself. She really felt different but she couldn’t tell why. She grabbed a large T-shirt to wear and nothing else. She looked at her reflection again. Finally, she decided that she wasn’t wearing any makeup. That’s what was wrong with the way she looked!..... Grownups wear makeup she decided!

She sat down and went to work. She sloppily painted her fingernails and toenails in different colors. Then she applied lipstick. At first a little and then a lot more. She wanted to be REAL pretty. She applied powder....lots of powder. She looked at her ’work’ as she went along and finally decided that she was finished.

Lizzi laughed when she saw her mother appear showing off her work. When Brandi heard her laughing she quickly turned and ran crying back into her room. She scrubbed the makeup off. Lizzi tried to apologize for hurting her feelings but Brandi wouldn’t listen.

"I,I, didn’t mean to be rude" Lizzi said. "I’m sorry, mommy!"

Brandi refused to talk with Lizzi the rest of the day. Both went to bed early after a peanut butter and jelly sandwich dinner.

Saturday arrived. Saturday was Lizzi’s favorite day because it was ice cream day! Brandi woke up also realizing it was ice cream day. She found another big T-shirt to wear in place of the lipstick stained one that she had worn to sleep in. It was a large one that she sometimes wore to sleep in. It had a large picture of Winnie the Pooh on it.

"Mommy? Are you up yet? Can we go get ice cream? Pleassssssssssssssse" Lizzi begged "It’s Saturday!"

"Uh huh, I’m ’bout ready" Brandi replied. She wanted to say it in a different way but had trouble finding the proper words.

"Aren’t you gonna get dressed?" Lizzi asked seeing what her mother was wearing.

"I’m dressed good! I got it all by myself!" she shot back. "Look... Pooh bear!" she said happily pointing to the picture on the front.

"Oh....OK...." Lizzi replied "We’re ready then? I wanna get strawberry today!"

"’K! Uh huh. Goody! Let’s go" Brandi replied.

"What about your shoes?" Lizzi asked as she looked down at her mother’s bare feet.

"Awwww Do I hafta? I don’t like stupid ol’ shoes!" Brandi replied and waited for an answer.

"Oh.... If you don’t wanna wear ’em that’s ok." Lizzi answered wondering why her mother was seemingly asking for her permission!

"Goody!" Brandi replied and then they headed for the shoppe.

Lizzi had trouble keeping up. Brandi wanted to skip but Lizzi’s short legs didn’t allow her to keep up with Brandi’s pace.

Brandi suddenly slowed. The ’goth girls’ were back! They were in the shoppe.

"The bad girls are here. Let’s leave. ’K?" Brandi said meekly.

"Why? I thought you weren’t scared of them?"

"I’m not ’fraid!"

"Well..... Why don’t we go in?"Lizzi asked.

"Ummmmmmmm cuz" Brandi replied.

It was too late, the girls had spotted her! They stepped outside and the leader took in the site of Brandi and her daughter. She compared it to the memory of her that she had from the previous week. Brandi went from a confident prim and proper young woman to standing there barefoot in only a T-shirt meekly trying to hide behind her daughter. Her pigtails bounced as her head darted left, right, up, and down all the while trying to avoid eye contact with any of the girls. Her confidence was gone.

"Hmmmmmm seems someone isn’t so tough now" the head goth girl said as the others laughed. "Who’s the littlest girl here? Hmmmmmm I wonder......." More laughs came from the teens. Brandi twirled her hair around her finger.

"Pwease......ummmmm Please don’t hurt me. I’m sorry....’K?" Brandi said softly.

"Have you noticed anything different in your life?" the girl asked Brandi. "Anything different?"

Brandi thought for a moment. "I dunno...maybe?"

"Last week you told me to grow up..... but who needs to grow up now?" the goth girl smirked.

Brandi put her finger in the corner of her mouth and thought hard about the past week. "Ummmm me?"

"I’d say so" The girl replied "You act like a big baby now!"

Brandi started sniffling. "Am not!" Her regressed mind started putting the pieces together as best it could. "Uhhhhh did you make me think funny?"

"I dunno" the girl answered mockingly "maybe!"

"Hey! That’s not fair. I’m thinkin’ like a little girl ain’t I? You did it! It’s your fault you poopie head!" Brandi said trying to think of a bad word to call the girl. "I’m a big girl! See, I got boobies!" Brandi said lifting her top for all to see. "Fix me back! ’K?"

The girls all burst out laughing at Brandi and her unashamed revealing of her breasts. She didn’t understand what was so funny. "Maybe next week I’ll like fix you!" the lead girl said as they took off running since Brandi was now drawing stares and unwanted attention.

"See you later ~Baby~" the girl yelled teasingly as they all ran away laughing.

Brandi and Lizzi went inside the shoppe.

Mr Johnson stared at Brandi speechlessly as he handed her the cones. Brandi dumped a pile of change on the counter and he had to count out the proper amount.

"Thanks, mister!" Lizzi said since Brandi’s face was already IN the ice cream.

Lizzi didn’t quite understand the exchange back at the store. Brandi tried to explain how she was "thinkin’ funny" but Lizzi didn’t understand why. Brandi was afraid of the goth girls. She knew they could help her if they wanted to but she didn’t want to see them again.!

"I think that one girl is a meanie head and she’s bad! She made me think all funny like but I’ll be OK ’cuz I know and I’ll just be careful’ See? I’m talkin’ like a gwownup now weal good." Brandi explained. "I just gotta con.... ummmm concen......ummmmm think what I’m sayin’ and stuff’"

Lizzi still didn’t understand. "Why not make them change you back?"

"Cuz!" Brandi explained.

"Cause why?" Lizzi asked.

"Just CUZ! K? I don’t wanna talk ’bout it. Cartoons are on! K?" Brandi replied changing the subject.

Lizzi didn’t ask again. They both watched cartoons the rest of the day and then played some board games like Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. Brandi had lots of trouble and Lizzi started letting her win.

Sunday morning came and Lizzi got up. Brandi stayed in bed. Lizzi put the TV on the Cartoon Network and waited for Brandi to get up. She checked in on her a few times. While she waited she heard a knock at the door. She slowly opened it with the safety chain still in place. It was Mr Johnson and another lady along with a teenage girl.

"Hello, Mr Johnson" Lizzi told him.

"Hello, Lizzi. Is your mother in"

"Yeah, but she’s still in bed."

"Can you get her up?"

"Huh uh. She just lays there and stuff. She was crying this morning but she wouldn’t tell me why."

"OH MY STARS!" The lady replied as she grabbed the teenage girl by the shoulder. "Where’s she at?"

Lizzi led them to Brandi’s room. Brandi was lying on her back with her arms and legs seeming moving at random. A line of drool ran from her mouth.

"I never would have believed it if you hadn’t told me, Steven" the woman said to Mr Johnson. "We always think our children are such angels! But when you called, I looked and sure enough the amulet was missing!"

Lizzi suddenly recognized the teenage girl. It was the goth girl only her hair was now blonde, her nose ring was gone, her clothing was bright and conservative rather than black, and her makeup was nearly non-existent and not black on her pale skin.

"I’m just glad I saw what was happening. I knew it had to be the amulet! I hope it’s not too late!" Mr Johnson told her. "I’m just gald I could track you down!"

"No she should be fine in a few days. But if she would have regressed ~past~ infancy things could have been bad!. I just need to do a simple reversal spell. But unfortuneately a reversal spell will take just as long as this one did. Obviosly she’ll need a sitter for a few days.... and I think I have just the one." she said motioning to the teen.

"MOM! No way!" the girl whined.

"Yes way, deary!" her mother said as she removed the amulet from he purse "and just to make it interesting for you and easier for poor Brandi here....." She lightly said a few words and the amulet glowed. Then she said a few more and the amulet glowed again.

24 year old Brandi looked different. Her face looked fresher and she looked skinnier. First she reverted to a teenager. Then even younger and then shorter. Shorter still. Her T-shirt began to swallow her. Her hair lightened. She passed through her teen years and back into childhood. With her getting smaller by the moment the T-shirt threatened to engulf her. Soon, it did! Mr Johnson had to reach into the T-shirt to pull the tiny baby from it.

"What did you do?!!!!?" Lizzi demanded to know.

"Missy, put a spell on your mother that caused her personality to regress, or maybe you’d call it get younger, by about 3 years a day. That’s why she probably started acting strange. But she didn’t stop it so your mother regressed all the way to infancy. I reversed the spell but it will take just as long to reverse or else there could be traumatic side effects. So for my daughter’s punishment and your mother’s benefit I regressed your mother’s body to match her mind. We don’t want anymore scenes like your mother exposing herself in public and 3 year olds do that kind of thing! So my daughter is going to babysit and you’ll tell me how she does. If she is not the best, most caring, perfect babysitter in the world then I might just use this amulet on her!"

And so Missy got to babysit. Everyday Brandi grew by 3 years. The first couple of days were the hardest for Missy. 6 year old Brandi and 6 year old Lizzi had a great day but when Brandi turned 9 the next day the age gap created friction for Missy to deal with. 15 year old Brandi was a little difficult as she reapproached adulthood but by the time she turned 18 she began to straighten out. By the time she reached 21 most of her memories and understanding of what was happening began to return. At 24 she was back to normal with a new appreciation of the world around her and how people aren’t always what they seem.... such as Mr Johnson who was obviously a bit more ’worldly’ than anyone ever imagined!

The end



End Chapter 1

Teach Them While They're Young

by: Louder | Complete Story | Last updated May 6, 2005


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