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How far do you have to look for acceptance

Chapter 1

Earning acceptance can be a challenge for the main character Jeremy. Who is almost 30 years old, has brown hair, hazel eyes and almost everyday depressed. When he was in school 10 years ago, he was bullied a lot. He tried to be up going, but every time he tried to be happy he was cutdown again. But anyways lets

fast forward to preasant day. Jeremy is still depressed most days and wishes that he can go back in time to the simplest times in his life. Everyday Jeremy would read Age regression stories and pretend to be a baby. On an occasion he would even wear a diaper and suck on a pacifier. But one day we’ll in his room he was putting on a diaper, his mom came in!.

Jeremy’s mom name was Michelle, she was tallish, has brown long hair, she was skinny and also has hazel eyes. Anyways when Jeremy’s mom entered his room and saw him putting on a diaper she had a shock look on her face, but she shook it off the best way she could and finally spoke and told Jeremy "I need to go out for a bit, we will chat when I get home." Jeremy being embarrassed gave a quite "ok." With that Jeremy’s mom left and Jeremy still put the diaper on and tried to relax a bit. After a while Jeremy’s mom got home and chatted with her son about what she saw.

Michelle: so Jeremy what’s with diapers? Why were you putting one on? And why are you so weird?.

Jeremy: Don’t call me a freak!:(

Michelle: I didn’t call you a freak! I said why are you weird.

Jeremy: Well don’t call me weird. The reason for the diapers, I want to wear them.

Michelle: why?

Jeremy: Because they make me feel better.

Michelle: What do you mean?

Jeremy: My life is messed up from school and just being teased by other people.

Michelle: Jeremy! I think what’s best is if I take you to a Shrink.

Jeremy: sighs

So Jeremy’s mom makes the appointment and they head off to chat with the shrink. Well there Jeremy opens up about everything and Jeremy’s mom was shocked to here, her almost 30 year old son wanted to actually be a baby. But upsetting to hear that he was really depressed. So hearing enough the shrink tells Jeremy to leave the room, so she can talk to his mom. Jeremy gets up and leaves well the shrink talks with his mom.

The shrink: After hearing all that, it sounds like he is really having a hard time coping with life and wanting acceptance, What do you think Michelle?

Michelle: Well I’m a little upset that my son was bullied a lot and just kept it inside all this time and a bit more shocked that he chose the alternative solution of wanting to wear diapers and be an actual baby.

The shrink: That is a little weird that he wants to regress to a baby. But what he has gone through, So it’s common that he is thinking about baby stuff. Cause a baby can always get the love and acceptance by there mommy’s.

Michelle: So what are you saying, I should treat my almost 30 year old son like a baby, so he can have acceptance?. Can I just give him my love? Instead of putting diapers on him and changing him and bottle feeding him?.

The shrink: well in my opinion, I think it goes further then Jeremy just wanting to be treated like baby and being the size of a baby.

Michelle: What do you mean?

The Shrink: well I think the reason why Jeremy wants to actually be a baby, is because he wants to forget everything that has happen to him. Cause all he wants is to be happy but a baby.

Michelle: so Jeremy needs to baby again so he can be happy, loved and get the acceptance he has been wanting?

The shrink: Yes

Michelle: Sigh, So what do I have to do? To give I guess my little baby what he wants?

The Shrink: It’s already been taken care of.

Michelle: What!?

As the door opens a tall blond female walks in caring a baby, who looks to be 1 in a half-2 year old. Right away Michelle knows who this baby is and says "oh my gosh, that’s Jeremy. How did this happen".

The Shrink: We have the technology!

Michelle: oh wow! He is a baby again. He is really cute sucking on that pacifier and he smells like he needs a change?

They all smile at that

Michelle is givin her son and the tall blond woman gives her a fresh diaper to change her son into.

Michelle: Well Jeremy I guess you got what you wanted, let’s change that diaper.

Well Jeremy’s mom wipes his bum and gets him into a fresh diaper Jeremy looks up and coos and giggles.

Michelle: you are to cute, I’m glad you are a baby again.

The Shrink: Well you are going to love this, This is permanent.

Michelle: WHAT!?

Jeremy looks up at his mom and smiles and in a cute voice "luv you mama."

Jeremy’s mom looks down and says " love you to baby, I will give you the acceptance you so desperately want and we have Forever I guess, I can give it to you and protect you from those yucky mean people, who treated you badly.

Jeremy: tank you mama.

The end



End Chapter 1


by: iceman | Complete Story | Last updated May 4, 2016


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