Reversed World 2

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated May 3, 2016

Timmy hated that his parents always boss him around, maybe it's better that he is the adult and they are the babies

Chapter 1
Luke and Katy go back to diapers

Chapter Description: Timmy finds out that his parents are just babies in adult bodies

’Come on Timmy, eat your breakfast’ yell Timmy’s mother Katherine

Timmy groan as he pick up the spoon, it’s the first day of school and his mummy is always in his ear, go wash your face, dress nice, the poor ten year old started eating his cereal as his mummy feed his baby sister Anna. Timmy is dressed in a t-shirt and pants, his brown hair messy as he prefers it that way.

His mother is only 34, she feed her little baby sister who is only two years old as she giggles and babble, wearing nothing but her diaper. ’Here comes the Choo Choo train’ coo Katherine as she put a spoonful of baby mush in her mouth, Anna open wide as the food enter her small mouth, chewing and giggling.

’Yummy!’ she cheered, Katherine beamed as she fed her another spoon, Timmy almost finish his breakfast as Daddy walked in, dressed in his suit as he rub his hair. ’Hey sport, don’t want to be late for school now’ he chuckle as Mummy got up from her chair, with a happy Anna playing in the high chair.

’Hey hon, made some eggs for you’ she smile as she lean in to give him a kiss, which they both kiss passionately, Timmy made a gagging noise as he got up from the table. Katherine grab his shirt, ’hold on, I thought I told you to comb your hair?’

Timmy shook his head, ’I like it like this’ he complained

Katherine sigh as Luke sat down to eat his eggs, ’come on honey, let him rub out his hair, might even trying to impress a girl’ he winked at Timmy as he blushed red.

Katherine sigh, ’fine, go get your bag, we’re leaving in five minutes’ she grab Anna as she carry her to get her dressed, Timmy turn and walk to his room. He doesn’t understand why mummy keep dressing Anna up, what’s the point if she is just going to let her run around in just a diaper later? Timmy once ask her why do babies stay in just a diaper, she just said ’Because otherwise they get their clothes dirty’

Timmy grab his stuff and walk to the car, as Katherine were buckling Anna in her car seat. Timmy got in the front as Katherine start the car and drove off to school. She waves at their neighbour as they drove past, the smiling twenty something woman smile back as she waters her plants. Timmy put on the music as they drove down the street, on his way to school.

They pull over in front as Timmy got out.

’OK I’ll be here after school ok sweetie?’ she call out as she gave him a peck on the head.

’Mum! not here’ he replied embarrassed, Katherine rub his hair as he left the car. Soon he waves as mummy drove off. His mummy has a big job working at a company that makes baby toys, she’s the head developer so she can always bring Anna along to test out the new toys. Timmy hike up his bag as he went to class.

He sat at his desk, bored out of his mind as his teacher Miss Anderson teach them about stupid maths. She wrote on the board different formulas, random numbers so the students could get them. Timmy sigh as he put his head down, close his eyes as he nods off.

’Timmy!’ boom out the teacher’s voice as he shook straight up, with Miss Anderson standing over him with a stern look and all the students looking at him. ’Had a rough night huh?’ Timmy look up at her face, black hair tied in a bun as she looks down at him. ’Perhaps you could solve this equation then’ she point to the board which have a really complicated formula on it.

’Ummmmmm’ his drawing a blank, ’5?’ he answered half-heartedly.

Miss Anderson sigh, ’Wrong, maybe you like to stay at lunch writing the formula down over and over again’ she said as she walks off, adjusting her skirt as she went back to writing on the board. Timmy slam his head as some students laugh. This is going to be a long day.

The school day went by so slow, Timmy wrote down the formula that it burn into his mind, he sat by the school grounds as Mummy drove up, with Anna back wearing nothing but a diaper as he sat and buckle himself in.

’So how’s school?’ ask Katherine as they drove


’You’ll get over it’ she smile, feeling the tension ’Hey about we get some ice cream?’

’Ice cream!’ yell Anna happily

Timmy shook his head as Katherine frown, they drove straight home.

Timmy sat on the couch watching tv, his favourite show is on but Katherine decide it’s time for some homework as she walk in and turn the tv off.

’Mum!’ he yelled

’You know you have homework to do’ said Katherine as she stood with her hands on her hips

’But I already did it’ he smile

Katherine gave him a glare as he drop his head and walk to his room. Timmy sat at his desk and open up his books, great more maths, he grabs a pencil and did some answers. His daddy came home as he could hear the car pulling into the driveway. Timmy smile as he ran from his room and gave him a hug as he walk in.

’Woah sport, school was that bad huh?’ he chuckle, Timmy loves his father, he’s easy-going and let him do some fun things, while his mother just boss him around, speaking of which Katherine walk and gave daddy a kiss.

’hey honey, dinners almost ready’ Luke smile as he gave her a pat on her bum, Timmy was going to the couch again when Katherine grab his shirt, ’did you do your homework?’ she ask

’Yes’ lied Timmy as Katherine bought that for now and let him watch the tv. Anna was in her playpen playing with stuff animals, Timmy try to ignore her as he turn the volume up.

In the kitchen Katherine cook up some spaghetti, with Luke putting the moves on her. ’Honey stop’ she giggle ’the kids are in the next room’

’Fine’ he chuckle as he peck her neck, ’maybe I can get lucky tonight’ he smile as he walk out. Katherine smile at that thought, it would be nice to do it tonight, after all she haven’t had sex since Anna was born. She smile as she grew a little honey, but she focus on the dinner.

Soon the family all sat at the table, Timmy started to eat his spaghetti as Katherine fed Anna a little bit size pieces. She gave Luke a look as she gestured him to talk to Timmy.

Luke gulp, dreading this. ’So sport, how was school?’

’Its fine’ said Timmy

’Well any troubles, like with your schoolwork or......’ he mumbles a bit until Katherine spoke up

’Timmy we got a call from your teacher’

Timmy nearly choke, this isn’t good

’You been sleeping in class and got behind in your schoolwork, have you been playing that stupid game all night?’ she said eyes crossed

Timmy hesitated, ’Well my friends needed help in this dungeon’ he explained

’Well until you pick up your school work, there will be no games or tv for a month’ she said sternly

’That’s not fair!’ yell Timmy

’It is fair! tell him Luke!’ yell Katherine, putting poor Luke into the middle of this.

Luke hesitated as he turn to Anna, ’So Anna, how was the toys at Mummy’s work?’ Anna giggle as she smack his chin, Katherine thinking of punching it instead as Timmy stood up

’This isn’t fair! its only stupid maths!’ he yell

Katherine raise her voice, ’It’s part of your education, but if you’re going to act like a spoiled brat then you can go up to your room without dinner!!" she yell

’Its easy for you since your an adult! You get to do whatever you want!’ yell Timmy angrily, ’I bet you don’t even remember what its like being a kid!’

Katherine stood up as she yell, ’That’s it! Your grounded for the week!’

’Fine!!" screamed Timmy as he stormed from the table towards his room. Katherine sigh as she turn to Luke.

’Thanks for your help’ she growled

Luke smile weakly as he continue eating, Katherine frown as she gave more spaghetti to Anna, who squeal in glee. She smile as she watch Anna play with her food, look at her, having the easy life just sitting around being taken care of, she sigh as she took a bite of her food, maybe I should talk to him.

Katherine stood up as reality began to shift around the family, Katherine first feel the tingles as she look at her husband, ’Luke do you feel that?’ she ask clutching her stomach. Luke look up at her

’Yeah, It feels kinda of tingly’ His shirt were unbutton as his chair grew higher, Katherine stare wide eyed as her husband now sat in a adult high chair.

’Honey what are you sitting in?’ she asked

Luke look down as he turn back to her, smiling a big smile, ’It’s my high chair Honey, so I can get mushy food’

Katherine felt a sharp pain as she bend down moaning in pain, it feels as if she really needs the toilet but then it got kind of tingly, like her husband said, ’Oh! I feel.... giddy’ she giggle a bit, Anna was giggling too as she point to her, more specifically to her bum.

’Diapee!’ she giggle

Katherine look down at her bum, sure enough her pants have disappeared, replace by a big thick white diaper hugging her waist. ’Dia....ppeeeee...’ she drools as the saliva dribble down her chin. Smiling a big goofy smile.

Timmy threw his books as he sat on his bed, ’stupid school! stupid Mum!’ he fell face first as he yell in his pillow, Why can’t he just skip being a child and go straight to adult? His parents don’t know what it’s like to be a kid since they were too busy being bossy and thinking they are so smart. Timmy tummy growled as he never got to finish his dinner, sitting up, he figure if he apologize, maybe they can let him finish his meal, but he shook his head, he rather stave then give Mummy the satisfaction.

Reality in the kitchen were changing rapidly, Katherine grab onto the table as the diaper were making hard for her to stand, bending over as she grunted, her bum feels like its going to explode as she look over to her husband sitting in an oversized high chair eating his spaghetti like a baby would, his shirt open and tie loose as a diaper replaced his pants, she knows this is wrong, but she just dribble on her shirt as her belly rumble even harder. She shook her head as she try to speak to her baby daughter, who just stare at them wide eyed as mummy were babbling.

’Diapee baby......’ she grinned as she started pushing the nasty feeling in her tummy, ’me........go..........pooooo......’ she bend her knees as she began pushing the poop into her diaper, right in front of Anna, her mind scream as she try to think straight, NO!........Poopy wrong........Me mummy.......baybee.....

Anna watch as Mummy push the poop into her diaper, grunting and face going red as Daddy now wore only a tie with his diaper. Anna felt funny too as she feels her chair going lower, table going away as she were getting dressed in clothes.

Timmy got off the bed as he got a plan to sneak to the kitchen, but then his door open suddenly, Timmy froze, expecting Mum to come yell at him again when it was his baby sister Anna standing there, but fully clothed as she was dressed in a toddler version of Mum’s clothes.

’What are you doing in here!’ she yell tapping her tiny foot, Timmy was too confused to answer, ’It’s your turn to change the adult!’ Timmy tilt his head, change the adult? what does she mean by that? He got his answer as a figure appear behind Anna.

Katherine waddle into his room, She was completely naked! Timmy was too shock by this sight to cover his eyes as Mummy waddle in, boobies jiggling about as the only piece of clothing she has on was a big thick diaper wrap around her waist, which was a bit discoloured in the back. Katherine giggle as she stood, legs spread apart, in front of her shocked and confused son.

’Timmy! Me go Poopy in my diapee!’



End Chapter 1

Reversed World 2

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated May 3, 2016


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