Robot Nanny

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When Belle bought a Robot Nanny to look after her son, she never thought she would be taken care of as well

Chapter 1
Take care of the babies

Chapter Description: The Robot Nanny looks after Baby Belle as she goes poopy in her big diaper

Belle sigh as she held her phone to ear, ’but hunny! I need you to help me take care of our child’ she pouted as she held her infant son Drake in her arms. Drake just babble as he play with his toy

’sorry baby, but I have to work, I’ll only be in nNew York for a week tops’ replied her husband Cody, Belle sigh as she put her son in A playpen.

she rub her blonde hair, ’OK, but don’t be surprise when you find me in a mental breakdown’

’I’m sure you’ll be fine, gtg now, bye love you’ he hung up as Belle sat on the couch, her and Cody have just a baby boy, their first child and she has no idea what to do, The 31 year old woman groan as she turn on the tv.

Drake play happily with his toys as Belle watch her shows, then as she about to change the channel, a ad have caught her attention.

on it was a mother with ten children, ’tired of always looking after your kids?’ The woman nodded, ’well you need to get a robot nanny!’ It cut to a robot nanny looking after the kids while the woman and her husband enjoy a dinner together, ’the robot nanny is design to look after your children while you and your partner can go out and enjoy yourselfs! So order now!’

Belle smile, that is not a bad idea, the robot can take care of her baby while she can relax and enjoy her free time. She grab the phone and dial the number.

The next day, the robot arrived in a giant package. Belle held her baby as the nice men push the package and open it up. The robot is a humanoid figure, but has bright yellow eyes and a weird smile. The men left as Belle examine it.

’Look Drake, this will be your new nanny’ she coo as Drake poke the metal face. Belle reach around the back of its neck and flip the on switch. Instantly the eyes glowed.

’Hello Belle, I am Nanny, shall I take care of the baby?’ It respond it a sweet motherly voice.

Belle squeal, ’yep, take care of my little baby boy Drake’ she held him out as the nanny hold Drake. It started scanning him and adding him to his data banks, viewing a picture of Drake playing with his toys

Drake, age 1, adding to the baby catalog, objective, take care

The robot started rocking him as it roll to the living room, where it pull out a bottle of milk and held it to his mouth so he can drink. Belle cheered as she walk towards them, ’Wow, it really works’ she smile as the robot started scanning her, viewing a picture of Belle cooking dinner.

Belle, age 31, adding to the mother catalog, objective, listen and obey

Satisfied with it Belle walk off to the bathroom, going to enjoy a nice long bath without worrying about her baby.

The nanny continue to feed Drake, but he doesn’t want any more, ’drake must drink, so he can become big and strong’ Drake babble angrily as he kick the bottle away, spilling the milk onto the nanny.

The nanny shook and Bzzzt! As the milk fried some circuits, messing with her data banks.

Error, reboot,

It views a picture of Drake playing with his baby toys

Drake, age 1, baby catalog, take care of

It views a picture of Belle, wearing nothing but a big thick diaper as she plays with her baby toys

Belle, ageBZZZZT 1, baby catalog, objective, take care of

The Nanny rock Drake as it put him in the playpen, which he start to crawl and play with his toys. Then the Nanny scan around for Belle, searching for the missing baby. ’Baby Belle missing, scanning house’ it scan the house, spotting the baby in the master bedroom, striping off her clothes as she walk bare naked to the bathroom.

Belle strip off the last of her cloths as she wore her bathrobe, as she walk towards the bathroom she sees the Nanny standing in her doorway.

’Um Nanny what are you doing? Where’s Drake’ she said as she look into its eyes, feeling a little uneasy.

The Nanny then grab her arm, ’Baby Belle mustin go off on her own’ it said in that motherly voice, Belle blinked as she was drag towards the nursery.

’Baby Belle? what?’ she soon found herself being force into the nursery, ’Nanny Stop! I am the mother!’ she yell as it grab her bathrobe and rip it off. Belle scream as she cover up her expose breasts, ’Nanny! I am not a baby! I bought you so you do as I say!’ she scream at the machine.

The Nanny search through its data banks, coming up on a image of Belle, Cody and Drake in a family photo, Belle wore a dress, Cody wore a suit and Drake wore his little sailor outfit. It scan the photo till BZZZZTTT! Now it just showed Belle Cody and Drake wearing just big diapers while giggling like babies.

’Baby Belle is a baby and must be taken care of until parent units arrive’ Belle shook her head

’NO! you stupid tin can! I am not a -’ she squeal as it pick her up and sat her on the small change table. Belle whimpered as her big butt couldn’t fit on her son’s table, the nanny realise this as it pick her up. Belle jaw drop as a beam was shot from its eyes, enlarging the table till its adult size. Belle still shock by this as she was lay onto the table, fitting like a baby. She sniff as she look up at the Nanny, who held her legs up high as it powder her bottom, Oh gawd, what is it doing? she then remember doing the same thing to her son.

’NO!’ she scream as she roll off and ran, She nearly ran out of the door but the Nanny extand its arms, wrapping around her as she was pull into the air. ’Please! Don’t put me in a diaper!’ she beg as she was laid softly back on the table, ’I don’t wanna be a baby!’ the Nanny sush her as it put a paci in her mouth. Belle suckle furiously as she witness the Nanny sliding a diaper under her. She whimpered and sob as it pull the front over her waist, taping each side snugly as the big diaper was wrap around her. Belle sat up as her paci fell from her mouth, touching the front of the babyish plastic, unable to believe this.

The Nanny coo as it pick her up, holding her by the armpits as Belle hang there, ’Now lets get you back to your brother’ Belle eyes widen as she was being carried out of the nursery.

Drake shook his keys, enjoying the noise till he spots the Nanny rolling back in. He look over as he spots it carrying another baby, he smile and clapp, happy to have another playmate but as it got closer he notice the baby is bigger, the baby kinda look likes mummy. His mouth drop open, it is mummy! But why is she naked? The Nanny gently sat her down into the playpen, her big padded butt barely fits so it use it beam to make the bars higher and wider, soon Belle was trap in a giant adult playpen. Drake watch as mummy shook the bars, boobies jiggling as she whine and yell.

Drake poke her big bum, giggling at the plastic noise, Belle notice her son as she sat down, ’listen sweetie, mummy just trying to fix the robot’ she said as she got on her feet, trying to stand but this diaper spread her legs, she waddle to the gate and try to reach the handle, ’come on’ she groan as she reach up, standing on her toes, but she fell right on her ass, it would’ve been worse if it wasn’t for her diaper.

Belle bang her hands, ’it isn’t fair! It not suppose to take care of me!’ Drake dribble as it pick up his car, he hand it to Belle so she could play with him. Belle shook her head, ’No Drake, I’m still your mummy’ but she look at her diaper and sigh, glad that her son won’t remember this.

As Drake play alone, Belle try reaching for the hatch again, ’come on’ she mumble, just as she could touch it, The Dam Robot open it up and pull her out. ’Let me go you stupid stupid stupid poopy head!’ She yell as she stop to realise what she said. The Nanny coo as it put its cold hand in the back of her diaper.

Belle squeal as it touch her butt, ’diaper clean’ it announce, Belle fumed, there is no way she is going to use her diaper, but her bowels rumble. Belle try to ignore it as she was carry towards the kitchen. The Robot sat her in a new giant high chair, strap her in as Belle kick and yell, then it tie a bib around her as it began making baby into a bowl.

’Nanny please!’ She begged, ’I am not a baby, I’m a mother’

’Open wide’ it coo as it grab a spoon of baby food, Belle close her mouth tight but the Nanny shove it in her mouth. Belle chew the mushiness and swallowed, followed by another spoon in her mouth. Belle cried as it continue feeding her, soon her lips are covered in food as it finish up.

The Nanny remove her bib and wipe her mouth, Belle sniff as she was taken from her chair and back in the playpen. The Nanny then took Drake towards the kitchen, leaving Belle alone with the toys around her.

Belle crawl over to see the nanny, she stood as she peek it feeding her son the same baby food, listening to the cooing and laughter. She pouted, why does he get the special attention? She shook her head, what was she thinking, is she really jealous of her son? She watch as it finish feeding him, as it took him out, she could tell that Drake mess his diaper.

’Diaper change time’ said the nanny as it roll off with him, Belle doesn’t want to leave it alone with him.

’Nanny!’ She call but the nanny roll away, ’Dammit!’ She bang the bars, soon she got a cramp in her belly, ’oh gawd! ’ she grunted, ’no.....!’ She whimpered but soon she grunted, bending down as she slowly spilled up her diaper with her smelly waste. Once she’s done she fell to her knees.

She poke her bottom as it squishes, ’I just shit my diaper’ she sob ’like a real baby!’ She cried, wailing at the top of her lungs. The Nanny roll in as it pick her up, her diaper drooping off her butt.

’Time for a diaper change’ it said as it drape her over its shoulder, Belle sob as she was taken back into the nursery.

Drake was in his baby bouncer, hitting the toys above as he spots the nanny coming back in.

The Nanny carry the crying Belle and lay her down, giving Belle her first diaper change since she was a actual baby. Drake watch as the nice nanny change his mummy stinky diapee, Belle sob as the diaper was open, exposing her big mess. The nanny wipe up her bum as it threw the adult diaper in the baby diaper pail, Belle shivered as her ass got wipe, then it slid a new diaper under her as she got powdered and soon tape up snugly in a new adult diaper.

Belle calm down a bit, upset that she’s still in a diaper but happy that it’s a clean one. The Nanny lift her up and put her in a adult pink bouncer. Belle was strap in as she look at her son giggling at the toys. Seeing no choice she hit her toys, laughing a bit as she hit some more, feeling really good as she play.

The Nanny smile as it left the nursery, leaving the babies to play for a while.



End Chapter 1

Robot Nanny

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 27, 2016


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