The Hassles of Babysitting

by: TaintedSins | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 26, 2015

When a witch's mom forces her to babysit she gets bored and chaos ensues. Special thanks to Wolfman81 for keeping this story safe all these years.

Chapter 1
The Hassles of Babysitting

Chapter Description: Susan arrives just as the boys have acquired an AR ray gun...

The Hassles of Babysitting

by Tainted Sins

’I can’t believe my parents got me a babysitter! I mean, I’m fifteen years old!’ Michelle confided bitterly to her friend Amy. The two both sitting on her bed in her room upstairs.

’That is so lame,’ Amy agreed sympathetically. ’But we could always just bail and hang out at my house.’

Michelle shook her head. ’Can’t risk getting grounded. I have a big date with Todd tomorrow. I still can’t believe he asked me out!’

Amy opened her mouth to begin gabbing about the Todd affair for about the tenth time that night, but the slight sound of voices downstairs stopped her. ’Wait a minute... Don’t I know that voice?’

Michelle took notice as well. Both teenage faces scrunched in thought, and then Michelle’s dropped further in sudden horror. ’Oh my Gawd! That’s Susan! How could they get Susan to babysit for me?! They know I hate her! What could be more humiliating?!’

Amy shook her head sadly. ’I can’t believe your parents got Susan to sit for you. That is so lame.’

* * *

’Dude! I can’t believe your parents got Susan Smith to sit for you! That is so cool!’

Thirteen year old Mike Picket nodded his head in eager agreement to his friend Bill. Both were sitting on the floor, up against his bed, in the room next to Michelle. ’I know.’ He grinned.

’She’s a senior you know. In high school! She’s even on the cheerleading squad! This is a total score!’

Again Mike nodded, this time in silence.

’So when are you going to make a move?’

Mike frowned at this. ’Are you crazy?! She’s babysitting for me! There’s no way I’d ever score with her!’

’Sure you can. Didn’t you ever see that old movie, Adventures in Babysitting? High school babysitters are turbo charged for sex! There’s no way you can lose!’

’The kid she was watching didn’t bone her in that movie!’ Mike protested. ’She went off and boned that older college guy and just waved to the stupid kid in the window.’

Bill nodded. ’Right. Chicks like mature guys. But they are still hot for it. They can’t help themselves, it’s like their hormones or something. And I didn’t hear about anyone inviting any college guy over right? So all you’ve got to do is go down there and act mature and she’ll be doing you in no time!’

Mike thought this over. ’Wait a minute. If this is so easy, why don’t you go down and get some for yourself?’

’Hey man, it’s your house. I’m not the kind of guy to move in on a friend’s action. Besides, I’m here for backup.’

’And just exactly what kind of backup are you going to give me?’

’Well,’ Bill looked around the room, then lifted up a small gadget he had brought over. ’If she turns you down, I’ll use this ray gun I invented to reduce her to an age where she will be more reasonable.’ He grinned. ’You wanted to know what it did? Well, one zap of this and she will definitely find you to be a lot more mature.’

Mike rolled his eyes. ’Ya right.’ And with that he got up and walked out the door. After all, it was better than hanging around here and listening to his friend go on and on about his stupid inventions that never worked.

* * *

Susan was downstairs on the couch watching TV. Their parents had already left, and without so much as goodbye. Good enough, Mike thought. He didn’t need to be covered in kisses and bedtimes in front of the girl he was trying to nail.

He could see the back of her head in the living room as he got about halfway down. Air seemed to force itself into his lungs faster and faster with each step he took. Just be cool, he thought. Act mature, just like Bill had said, and soon she would be begging for it. The thought of her groveling at his feet caused a slight tent effect in his pants. If only Bill’s device really did work the way he claimed, he’d have every woman groveling at his feet. But such is the fantasy of thirteen year old boys.

’Umm...Susan can I uh talk to you for a minute....’ He fumbled from behind her, then thought better of it. Be mature. ’Er...I uh mean...may I speak with you a moment?’

Susan turned her head and flashed perfect pearls at him. ’Sure Mike. What’s up?’

He gulped, then took a seat on the couch. Only one cushion between him and her. Blonde hair and big boobs. Just how he liked them. She was wearing a skirt, he could see her long perfect high school legs. Her top was low cut, he could see even more of what high school had to offer. His heart was pounding against his chest. ’Well I uh...was just thinking about you uh...mature we both are...and uh you know, what uh...mature people do with each other...’ He blushed at this. Stupid!

Susan only smiled. But it was a wicked smile, and she turned to look at him. ’Why Mike Picket, are you trying to hit on me?’

Mike almost bailed out right there. A quick apology and then a run up to the safety of his room. But then he realized that she didn’t look angry, or even disgusted. She just looked...mischievous. They like mature guys, mature guys are forward, they don’t show their fear. Soon she would be begging him, just like he imagined. He gulped again and pushed courage into his limbs. Sliding over, no longer did a couch cushion separate the two. ’Well uh...I am a little too old for a babysitter.’ He grinned.

’You know,’ She answered him in a low sexy voice. ’You’re right.’

Yes! Score!

Then her face grew thoughtful. ’But what if you weren’t?’


’I mean, your parents did hire me to be your babysitter. So what if you were still just a scared little boy who still wet his bed and slept with a teddy bear and really did need a babysitter to tuck him in at night? Yes, I think that is exactly what you are. Don’t you think so Mikey?’

Mike was six years old. He didn’t know how it had happened. He knew a few seconds ago he had been thirteen and about to score. But then she had started talking and he had listened to her words he was just a little boy again wearing a pair of Cookie Monster jammies with little blue feet on the bottom.

’Now where were we?’ Susan questioned with a smile on her face.

’But...but...’ Mike piped up in his childlike voice.

’Oh yes, right. Butts. You were hitting on me weren’t you little Mikey? You thought you were going to score with me. Well, I usually don’t go out with such young guys, but since you have been acting so mature, I guess I could give it a shot. Why don’t you take your clothes off big stud?’

’No!’ Mike cried, horrified. He couldn’t let her see him like this! It would be humiliating. Even more so than the Sesame Street jammies. Looking down at his small weak frame, he could only imagine what he looked like underneath.

’But Mikey,’ She drew his name out in a whine. ’You wanted to score with me didn’t you? Of course you did. Well now’s your chance. You just have to take your clothes off.’

Her words again. They just made so much sense. Or perhaps it was better to say he couldn’t resist them. He didn’t want to stand up, stand in front ofher, in front of seeing grinning eyes, but he did. Certainly he didn’t want to reach his short limbs around and unzip the zipper in back, but he did that too. Then he was dropping his clothes to the floor and kicking them away. And there he stood. In front of this woman, this sex goddess, wearing only a pair of Superman Under-Roos.

She glanced down at the region that had moments ago produced a noticeable bulge. She smirked. ’I bet you don’t feel much like Superman now do you little Mikey?’

He blushed as he stared down at the juvenile underwear pressed close again his skin, and what little it was obviously covering.

’Alright Mikey, now lose the underpants.’

’No!’ He shouted again, as if it might work the second time. As embarrassed, confused, and frustrated as he was, he still only sounded like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

’Now Mike, don’t be like that. I mean, what would your parents say if they found out I let you run around all night in wet underpants?’

’But they’re not-’ He was wetting himself. He hadn’t even realized he had started doing it and now he couldn’t stop for the world. He tried to, but it was as if his brain had lost contact with the man downstairs. It was completely out of control and all he could do was stand there helplessly peeing in his underpants. A large dark stain slowly spreading across the Superman emblem, yellow liquid running down his small hairless legs and to the floor. The soft, humiliating sound of flowing water.

’Now Mike, what were you saying? Or were you just going to take those wet undies off like I told you?’

’Susan, please...’ He moaned.

’I can make it worse Mike,’ She grinned, eyeing his wet pants. ’I can make it much worse.’

A chill ran through him as he noticed the delighted look in her eye. She was hoping he would disobey, he realized. ’Okay! Okay! Sorry!’ He blurted out quickly. And then, closing his eyes, his young fingers gripped the flimsy elastics around his waste and yanked down.

All he was aware of was her giggling. It wasn’t just out of cruelty either, he realized. She was actually trying to stop herself. But these were fits of pure amusement that wouldn’t be contained. He felt the cool air on his wet bottom, on his undersized genitals. He was standing there, in front of this gorgeous high school senior, his wet underpants lying limply around his ankles, his small underdeveloped pee pee hanging even limper in the open room, and all she could do was laugh.

Mike knew she had stood up. But he still wouldn’t open his eyes. He was too embarrassed. He heard her giggles from the front, from the side, from behind. Every angle of his pathetic body examined and laughed at in turn. And by the end, Susan could testify that both pairs of cheeks were certainly blushing.

’Well Mikey, you have been a very brave little boy.’ A familiar pause came in her speech. ’Except maybe you haven’t been. Did you ever think of that? What if no one ever taught you how to be a big strong male? My goodness! I don’t think they did Mike! I think your parents have always encouraged you to express your feelings, haven’t they Mike? I’m afraid you’ve just never learned to be very masculine.’

It was true. Mike could feel it in his bones. He felt so embarrassed, and so cold, and so exposed. Emotion welled up in him, and so did the tears. They ran freely, helplessly, down his cheeks. But not only that. He was sobbing. Wailing. He was crying just like a little girl might in this situation, he realized. He sounded just like a little puffy eyed girl.

’Why Mikey, you really did have us all fooled didn’t you?’

Mike sniffled and opened his eyes, confused. ’What?’

’Well, what do you think all your friends would call you if they found out you wet your pants and then cried about it? Yes, they would call you a crybaby wouldn’t they? And I guess they wouldn’t be wrong. You had me fooled for a little while, but now that I’ve spent some time with you I’ve discovered that that’s all you are. A little crying baby.’ Her grin, her smirk, the amusement in her eyes. It chilled the blood.

Mike tried to scream out ’No!’ To call for help. To plead with her not to do it. But he was no longer six years old, he was now only six months. That’s how fast it happened. Her words, her voice, and then it was true.

He was lying on the carpet, on top of his wet underwear, and a huge world towered over him. He was scared. He didn’t want to be a baby. But he couldn’t stop crying. His mind was leaving him, he realized. He really was going to be just a baby again. All the things he would have to learn again, all the diapers his Mom and his sister would have to change. No! He didn’t want that! He wouldn’t allow that! He didn’t want to be back in diapers! But a few moments passed and all that was left was the realization of what had happened to him. His mind was a blank. He knew what he used to be, and he felt the humiliation for what he now was, but that was all. Mike Picket was now nothing but a six month old cry baby.

He felt himself be lifted up. He saw a face wide and grinning at him. He felt disposable diapers wrapped around his tiny bottom. Then he was placed in a crib that hadn’t been there a second ago, and he stopped crying. He was worn out, so he fell into blissful infantile sleep.

* * *

Michelle Picket had a shorter build. Around 5’1’, while her friend Amy stood over her at close to 5’5’. Both were skinny, but Amy would be called thin while Michelle would be named simply average. Michelle’s hair was a sandy blonde that hung to her shoulder. Amy’s was definitely brown, and hung a quarter of the way down her back. Both teens wore shorts, tank-tops, and scowls. Both would be considered very attractive, but neither could be placed in the drop dead sexy category as Susan could.

’What in the hell did you do to my brother?!’ Michelle demanded, halfway down the stairs. They had just caught the last of Susan’s little show in awe.

Susan calmly turned her head towards the irate voice and again flashed her perfect white pearls. ’What’s the matter Michelle? Thought all witches wore black and had big noses? I’m afraid not. And unfortunately for you, it was my eighteenth birthday last week, and my powers have just kicked in.’

Both girls were now at the bottom of the stairs, neither could think of anything to say as Susan stepped towards them like a lurking spider.

’You know Michelle, I really have enjoyed watching you grow up. Why, it seems like only yesterday you and your friends were making fun of me for developing breasts so early in life. And now look at you both! Bras of your own, how precious. What is it? B cups all around? My, my. You must drive all the boys crazy. You must be very proud.’

Michelle opened her mouth to speak, but Susan wasn’t finished.

’Except, a bra in itself isn’t something to be proud of is it? You have to have something to back it up. I mean, you could put a flat girl in a B cup and it would still be a flat girl in a B cup. Wouldn’t that just be soooo humiliating? Fifteen years old and not even able to fill a B. But I guess that is you two isn’t it? Trying on bras while dreaming about the day you will actually need one. Or maybe just one of you. Yes that sounds right. The next one who exhales a breath will find that her breasts have gone with it...and into enhancing their friend’s bust.’

The two girls suddenly held their breath, a panicked look in both their eyes. No, this couldn’t be happening to her, Michelle decided. Not in front ofSusan, she couldn’t go flat. She remembered all the jokes Susan had hurled over the fence when she had still been wearing a training bra. She couldn’t go back to that! Not here, not now, not with her date with Todd lined up tomorrow! Her breasts! They had taken her so long to develop, she wouldn’t give them up now. She would hold her breath forever if she had to. But she wouldn’t give up her precious breasts.

Susan smirked as the two began to look worried. She grinned when they started to turn red. She giggled when it looked like their eyes might pop from their sockets. And she burst into open laughter when one of them finally let loose a lung full of burning air.

Michelle wailed as she felt her shirt collapse. She clutched desperately at her chest but found only a loose bra flapping back and forth at her efforts. ’No!’ She moaned miserably. ’Please no! I can’t be flat! I just can’t be! I need my boobs! I just need them!’ But she wasn’t speaking to Susan. She would never sink so low as to beg her for mercy. It was just mindless mutterings to the air or to the gods. But mutterings from a flat chested girl nonetheless.

Her eyes finally peeled from the space just below her neck, she looked at Amy who was now taking deep gulps of air herself, and whose attractive bosom heaved with each intake. Not only that, it started to get bigger. A gasp, and each time it came out again her bra was tighter, her cleavage first forming against the straining bra, then turning into a literal cavern of glorious white female flesh. A cup size added brought painful moans from the girl and she quickly undid the clasp behind her back, sending lacy pink to flutter to the floor. Still she breathed and still they grew, spilling out the sides of her tank-top, finally stopping at D which looked far too large on the young teen’s thin frame. Two full cup sizes. Michelle’s cup sizes.

Michelle’s eyes burned at Susan. ’You bitch! You stupid dumb bitch!’

Susan shook her head. ’My, my, my. Such manners! Well, if you are going to insist on acting like a little baby about it, then you can both just go up to your room and put on some diapers. How do you like that?’ Another smirk. ’Now march! And stay there until I call you down.’

Michelle and Amy. The two fifteen year olds moved obediently but against their will. Legs marching out before them, taking them up stairs to a place their faces now looked upon with dread. But again, there was just nothing they could do about it.

When they vanished from sight, up the stairs and down the hall, Susan clapped her hands together with delight. She loved this. She just loved it! The power she had! The spells she could cast! Throughout her life everyone had called her a spoiled brat, the popular little rich girl. Well now they all would learn the truth. That the world was hers for the taking. A toy for her to play with. She smiled, she laughed. She wanted to do more. Oh, Susan had plans for the night, big plans. But it wasn’t enough. She couldn’t wait. She wanted to have fun right now. So she booted up the Picket’s family computer and signed online.

* * *

Ms. Pope, a Math teacher from the local high school was just settling in from a long day. Wine was poured, the two top buttons of her white silk blouse undone, and the computer screen gave off a glow that made up for the lack of candles. She smiled. This was the favorite part of her day. After dealing with eight hours of screaming teenagers, it was nice to have a little ’adult time.’ Being thirty-five, she did need that.

’Hot ’N Bothered.’ She grinned at her online nickname with satisfaction. Yes, she thought kicking her high heels off her nylon covered legs as the modem hissed with life, we all need a little adult time.

The chat room was boring of course. But that didn’t matter. She just had to sit there, didn’t have to say a word, and her member profile would do the rest. It only took a few seconds.

An Instant Message appeared on the screen from a man named ’BigJohn42.’ The text read simply, ’hi.’

A grin spread from cheek to cheek. She loved this part. ’Hello there.’ She typed, quietly uttering each syllable in a soft sexy voice as her fingers moved across the keyboard.

A second Instant Message window popped up. This was pretty common. Besides, it gave her all the more options. Except this one was strange, the user listed as ’CheerleaderGirl.’ Probably some lesbian, or a guy pretending to be one. She would send them packing soon enough.

’Yes?’ She typed rudely to the CheerleaderGirl’s ’Hello.’

’you lookin for some fun???’ Questioned BigJohn42

’Ohhhh yes!!! Always!’ Replied Ms. Pope with a giggle.

CheerleaderGirl had typed something else. Annoyed, she rolled her eyes and read it.

’Ms. Pope? This is Susan Smith, from your 4th period class.’

Her heart stopped. How did she find out?! Ms. Pope quickly checked her member profile. Had she given something away? No. It was all lies. But how did one of her students find her? What should she do? Should she deny it? Lie.

’Ms. Pope?’ The screen flashed. ’Do you remember two weeks ago when you yelled at me in front of the whole class for not getting that stupid math problem right on the board?’

Was that what this was all about? Some sort of revenge? The little tramp had found out her little online secret and now she planned to taunt or blackmail her? Well she wouldn’t have it! Ms. Pope didn’t take crap in the classroom, and she didn’t take crap online either.

Furiously her fingers typed. ’Susan, this is not an appropriate time or place to discuss this. I don’t know how you discovered my PERSONAL nickname but if this is continued I will see to it that you are EXPELLED. Do you understand me?’

And with a click of the mouse she sent it along. She felt good, satisfied. She turned back to BigJohn42. ’What do you look like?’ Asked the screen.

Now this was more like it! This is what she had come on here to do. She considered her response. What should she say? It was exciting. Maybe she would be a blonde tonight. She found nothing wrong with her own long brown hair, but after all, blondes did have more fun. She giggled at this. How big should she make her breasts? Her C cups already were impressive, they certainly kept the high school boys drooling all through her class, but mightn’t a D or even a DD be more impressive? She was about to start into her description when she glanced at what CheerleaderGirl had said.

’Why don’t you try telling him what you really look like.’

Ms. Pope stared blankly at the screen for what seemed like a long while. What was going on here? When she looked back to BigJohn42 he had already grown impatient and asked ’r u there?????’

Without thinking she began to type. ’I’ve got short brown hair. I keep trying to grow it out but it is being stupid. My eyes are brown and I guess my face is kind of plain. I don’t know how to put makeup on very well yet so I haven’t been able to do a very good job of covering my acne. I have braces right now, but those should come off in another year. My cup size is 34A, and my small pink nipples are upturned and so hard for you right now.’

She clicked send, and everything was true. Everything she had typed became true about herself. She looked over at her bedroom mirror in horror. The pimples she thought she had left far behind in her teen years were now back with a vengeance. Behind lips now painted with a pink lipstick that did not match her complexion in the least, were large silver braces filling her adult mouth. Her blouse hung flat against her chest, and one bra strap fell loosely over her shoulder. Even her long beautiful hair had been hacked off into a short teenybopper cut.

Ms. Pope. The terror of 12th grade math, now looked like nothing more than an overgrown teenager.

’how old?!?!?!?’ BigJohn42 questioned with less than subtle surprise.

Ms. Pope tried to stop herself. Tried to get up from the chair, to leave, to run. But instead she only watched as her traitorous fingers slowly typed out the words. ’I am twelve years old. I’ll be starting Jr. High next year.’

’Nooooo!’ She screamed as her hand reached for the mouse. She knew what would happen if she sent that.


Laurie Pope was twelve years old again. Her white silk blouse hung on her scrawny shoulders like a tent. Her pantyhose were wrinkled and hung off her smaller feet. She knew if she were to stand up suddenly her skirt and probably even her panties would hit the floor.

BigJohn42 never responded. But CheerleaderGirl did.

’Having fun little Laurie?’

The words blinked across the screen.

’What have you done to me!’ Laurie typed as she sobbed. She was so humiliated. Just look at her! Younger and even more pathetic than her students!

’Isn’t it obvious?’ The words appeared. Then more. ’No, I guess not all of it. You see I’ve dropped your general knowledge down to the level of a ten year old. It was nice of me, I know, I could have done a lot worse. And just for kicks I gave you the mathematical understanding of a two year old. I guess now you are going to be the one who has trouble solving problems up on the blackboard aren’t you? For a very long time.’

’You can’t do this to me!’ Laurie typed in a desperate but much slower response than before. Reading and writing just wasn’t as easy as it used to be.

Then the words came again. ’Oh no? I’m getting a little tired of your attitude little girl. Take off all of your clothes. Each oversized piece. Every stitch. I want you down to your bare butt.’

Again her hands worked against her. They stripped her down. Peeled stockings off skinny legs, tore blouse and bra off boyish chest. She felt like she was being molested, manhandled, but she had only herself to blame. Her skirt and her panties made a nice pile in the corner. Then she was naked and cold. Her young body shivered and covered itself in gooseflesh. Down below, she noticed tearfully, her pubic hair was only beginning to come in.

’All set? Can we see your whole body now? Your body that is just about to go through puberty all over again? Your body that is going to have to sit through Jr. High class after Jr. High class, then onto high school, but maybe not so fast if you fail a grade or two because of how far behind you are? Can we see it? Can we?’

’Yes.’ She typed solemnly.

’Good. Now I want you to get up, go outside, and lock yourself out of the house. Have a nice life Ms. Pope. ’

Now it was her legs’ turn to betray her. Those toothpick legs she wobbled awkwardly on. ’No please!’ She begged of the walls, the carpet, the whole house as she walked past it. She fumbled with the door. ’No not this! Spare me this at least!’ She locked it, she stepped outside. Small bare feet on cold cement porch. ’Nooo!’ She shut it with a click. Her keys, her purse, her entire life locked away inside. And her now just a scared little girl who no one would believe, who would be sent to a foster home to start life over again. She could feel the eyes of the entire world on her naked little backside. None of her students ever thought they would see it, but that’s when Ms. Pope really started to cry.

And a few miles away Susan turned as she heard the doorbell ring. With a smile, she clicked the computer off, and didn’t give it another thought.

* * *

Michelle and her friend Amy had made it to her room. They stepped inside and the door remained opened, regardless of their personal preference for privacy during this awkward time. Amy kept her eyes on the floor, feeling somehow guilty for winning the contest. Michelle kept her eyes on the wall, too ashamed of her new shape to stare anybody in the face at the moment.

But there was no time for rest or remorse.

The room looked the same, just like they had left it. But already Michelle was moving to a drawer, Amy to the closet. There was a moment ofhesitation. Whether it was a moment of self control, or just the spell’s sense of the dramatic, both girls’ hands waited silently for a few shaking seconds. They didn’t want to look inside, then they looked inside. The drawer pulled open, the closet door flung aside.

Diapers. Rows and rows of disposable diapers. Tucked in the drawer, hanging in the closet. That was all that was left of Michelle’s wardrobe. Plain white pampers sized just right for teenage girls.

The two stared, mouths opened. A minute passed.

’No! No, we have to fight!’ Cried Michelle suddenly. Rebellious blood beating through her veins.

’You’re right!’ Amy answered fiercely. ’We can’t let that stuck up bitch Michelle do this to us!’

They both felt power. The power of anger, rage. They just wouldn’t allow this to happen, it was as simple as that. They both selected a pair of diapers and walked to the center of the room.

’All we have to do is stand up for ourselves,’ Said Michelle as she kicked off her shoes and pulled down her shorts. Her legs felt cold. Her panties were white cotton and flower patterns. Her friend had never seen her so exposed, or stood so close, it felt weird. She took them off too, and now between her legs was only a soft mound of hair.

’I don’t believe in witchcraft. She can’t do this to us, it’s impossible, and we’ll tell her so.’ Answered Amy, getting even more riled up as she squirmed out of her less than adequate tank-top and sent her large bare breasts flopping right in her shorter friend’s face.

They heard the doorbell ring downstairs but ignored it.

Michelle was buried up to her ears in Amy’s cleavage. Her breasts were so big, so full, so round, so plump. Michelle took a step back and blushed as she removed her own tank-top. Pulled it easily over her head and tossed it to the floor. Her bra still hung uselessly on her shoulders. She took that off too, clutched it in her fists, looked at the flower patterns and the bows that covered it, and wondered when she would ever have use for one again. Then that too found its way to the floor.

’She can’t take on both of us,’ Michelle continued, undaunted by her current embarrassment. ’That was our problem before. That is how she beat us.’ She was nude, her friend’s large tits an inch from her face, but she spoke only as a general about to go off into battle.

’Yes!’ Amy sounded. ’Together we stand, divided we fall!’ She pealed off her shorts, kicked off her shoes. Her panties, like a second skin, also gave way. She was naked too.

The two fifteen year old nudists looked at each other with sudden concern.

’But I think we should get dressed first,’ Michelle stated thoughtfully.

Amy nodded in agreement. ’We wouldn’t want to embarrass ourselves.’

Then they retrieved the diapers they had selected that had been waiting for them on the bed. Michelle pressed hers up between her legs, saw she had them on the wrong way, turned them around, and studied them. The crinkly plastic felt odd pushed up against her vagina, between her soft feminine legs. They felt small, juvenile, but there she held them nonetheless with one free hand. The other worked to press the hanging part up against her butt. It didn’t stay, so she had to sit on the bed to fasten it properly. The diapers crinkled and groaned loudly as she sat, even more so as she squirmed to attach them just right. Then she finally got them secure.

Amy was having similar troubles, and she too had sat down on the bedspread to try and get them under control. Her oversized bosom was getting in the way and jiggled madly as she turned to the right, struggled to the left, then somehow managed to get it just right.

Now they were both properly dressed. Michelle looking more natural in her pampers with her little girl chest, Amy looking much more ridiculous with her boobs of a porn star bouncing up and down just above her diapers as she moved. Neither of them were happy with either impression. But at least now they could go give Susan a piece of their minds.

Amy stood up, then Michelle. The two girls with intent stairs and bright crisp diapers marched towards the door. The carpet was covered, the doorway reached, and then they stopped right before exiting. They stopped and turned to look each other. Eyes going over hair, makeup, breasts or flat chest, stomach, diapers, legs, bare feet. There was something strange about what they saw. Something weird was going on. What was it?

Then, at the same time, they both jumped on each other and started kissing. Michelle pressing sweet lips against sweet lips. Tasting flavors she had never even considered before. Amy slipping her tongue into the other girl’s mouth. Hands clutching naked backs, moans of pleasure erupting from deep lungs, pampers against pampers creating a symphony of sounds as they rubbed against each other, soft at first, then so hard and longing.

Then the two girls were on the floor together. Diaper on diaper. Michelle on top, Amy smiling wickedly from underneath. Michelle grabbed Amy’s breasts. Her big beautiful breasts, overflowing in each delicate hand. Amy groaned wildly. Michelle’s own chest was nothing but pink swollen nipples. Amy smiled, a secret shared, as she leaned up and softly kissed each in turn. Now Michelle groaned. Hips ground against each other. They wanted to touch themselves, touch the other down there so much, but they could not even think to take the diapers off. Hands grabbed round padded asses, rubbed against hot but covered pussies. It was no use. They wouldn’t be able to get each other off. But there was still other things they could do.

’Mmmm, I just love your big breasts,’ Michelle moaned as she began to fondle, to kiss, to lick, to suck. ’I wish I had tits this big,’ She confided naughtily. ’I would play with them’

Amy grinned wickedly in return. ’And I just love your little school girl nipples. Like a pair of Hershey Kisses. I want to put them in my mouth and see if they melt.’

It felt so weird, so awkward to be saying these things to each other, to be touching, tasting. They had been friends for so long. They were both blushing madly, but they couldn’t stop. It just felt so good.

And that is how it now was. Susan had said not to leave the room until she called, and she had cast a spell to make sure she would be obeyed. So the two girls could only roll around on the carpet together, whining with miserable pleasure, as they grew closer and closer to an orgasm they could never reach because of the thick hot diapers that hugged their wastes. And that’s all they could do for almost a full hour. Never hearing how many times the doorbell rang or the door was knocked upon. Both only worried about worshipping the other’s breasts, or lack thereof.

* * *

’Alright girls, you can come down now.’ Susan hollered pleasantly up the stairs. She was grinning ear to ear. She could only imagine what that room had looked like during the past hour.

It took a minute, then a minute longer. Then too meek faces appeared at the top of the stairs. It was delightful! Their faces both so red, they couldn’t even stand to look at each other for fear the world might end in an explosion of horrible embarrassment. Wonderful! Wonderful!

When the two got their wits gathered they looked surprised. Probably because there was a party going on downstairs. Both their peers from Jr. High and their betters from high school mingled, laughed, and danced a few steps below them.

Their faces were grim. Michelle covering her chest with both arms as she slowly, helplessly, walked down the stairs. Amy trying to cover hers as she did the same. One by one, nearly every pair of eyes in the room turned to look at them. Whispers and light chuckles filled the ear.

’Well, well. I hope you both enjoyed my little attitude adjustment. Still blushing I see. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes.’ Susan was so smug, so pleased with herself.

Maybe that’s what did it. Maybe it was to save face in front of companions from school. Or maybe it was just rage. Plain and simple. ’I’m going to kill you, you stupid witch!’

There was a slight gasp from the crowd. Not just due to the words, but because it looked like Michelle actually might go through with it.

Susan only smiled. ’Oh I do love the taste of impotent anger on my lips,’ She grinned, she breathed the air around her. ’But I guess you wouldn’t know about that would you Michelle? Your lips still have a much different taste on them.’ Now, of course, a smirk.

’That’s it! Those are the last words you are ever going to utter!’ Michelle took a step forward, bringing her fists up into a fighting position. Ignoring the giggles her sudden lack of coverage brought from the crowd, mostly from girls she knew.

’Uh, uh, uh. I’d be careful what you say to me Michelle dear. You wouldn’t want to end up like your poor friend Amy would you now?’

Michelle turned to look at Amy in a panic, Amy looked at herself in a panic. Then she looked up at the finger pointing at her in confusion. That’s when her stare froze. It had been a trap.

Susan spoke quickly. ’As I count back, your mind goes too! Fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, and twelve!’

’Wait!’ Michelle gasped as she saw her friend’s eyes lose focus.

’Eleven, ten, nine, and eight!’

Amy looked scared. It was the fear of a young child, Michelle saw. The look of a kid who feared a monster under her bed, or a witch casting spells.

’I’ll do anything you want! Just stop! Please!’ Michelle screamed

Susan’s attention was drawn only for a moment. A fly to be waved away. ’You’ll do anything I want anyway,’ She answered happily, then turned back to Amy. ’Six, five, four, three, and we’ll stop at two.’

Amy looked confused, scared. Her legs wobbled unsteadily. This body now seemed way too big for her. She was peeing in her diaper. She tried to walk, to move, but her large breasts threw her balance right off and instead she ended up tumbling backwards and landing hard on her behind. She was still peeing in her diaper, and now she began to cry. She knew what had been done to her, she knew who she was, or for that matter who she used to be, and she knew that she was now flushing the last of her dignity down the toilet. But her mind was young, and so were her emotions. So she only sat there crying in wet pampers.

Michelle turned viciously to Susan, but all her steam was lost as the senior pointed back to her sobbing friend. Her face said simply, go ahead, that could be you too. And Michelle knew she meant it, so she only stood there.

’Anything else you want to say to me?’ Susan asked, pressing her point.

’No,’ Michelle muttered, her eyes back on the ground.

’Good,’ Now Susan was curt, cruel. ’Enjoy the party. I’ll deal with you later.’ And with that she turned to several popular 9th graders from Michelle’s school. ’Girls, would you like to come and see who I’ve decided to have as my date for the party?’

The four girls seemed delighted at this. They would have sucked up to someone like Susan anyway, but now that she apparently had all this power they were even more eager. So, with only an amused glance at Michelle, they all followed Susan upstairs and vanished down the hall.

* * *

Susan opened the door without so much as a knock and the girls followed.

Thirteen year old Bill looked up in surprise. Headphones were blaring in his ears, they had been all night. He quickly removed them, threw them on the bed, and stood up. His mouth opened but he didn’t speak. No spell affected him, just five beautiful girls, four of which he hadn’t even known were here.

’Well, what do you think?’ Susan asked of her newly formed panel.

’I don’t know Susan. I mean, he’s cute and all I guess, but isn’t he...kind of young?’ It was April who spoke. A redhead from school who had given Bill the occasional boner when passing him in the hall. Of course she had always been two years older than him which meant out of his league, but not out of his fantasies.

’Do you really think so?’ Susan asked, sounding doubtful. ’I don’t know. Bill take off all your clothes so we can get a better look at you.’

’What?!’ Bill exclaimed.

’You want to be my boyfriend don’t you?’

He looked shocked. He had no idea what was going on here. Where in the hell was Mike anyway? ’Uhh, ya, of course but...’

’Well then you are going to have to start doing what I ask. Last chance, take off your clothes.’

Susan didn’t need any magic to manipulate a horny thirteen year old boy. He was putty in her hands. He stood in front of everyone, all the older girls grinning at him, and he took off his T-shirt. His chest was puny. Not much muscle, no hair, he was obviously still a boy trying to become a man. His shoes and socks went, then his pants. His legs were skinny, boyish, and mostly bald. He looked down at his white briefs. The girls still just stood there with expectant grins. He looked at Susan, then at her boobs. Something stirred in those briefs, so he pulled them down.

Bill covered up his hairless boner of about four inches with his hands when the girls started laughing at him. Older girls from school, mostly developed. Older girl from high school, fully developed. They all had a good giggle at his expense. He wanted to pull his underwear up, but he was too embarrassed to move.

’Oh, I’m afraid you are right April. He is way too young for me. I mean, did you see his penis? It could hardly stand up on its own!’

More giggles. Bill looked flushed and upset.

Susan stopped the noise with a hand gesture. ’Hmm, what should we do? I still need a date for the party.’ Her eyes jumped about the room thoughtfully, then they stopped. ’Oh! What’s this Bill?’

’Oh uh,’s nothing,’ He muttered stupidly as Susan walked up beside him, bent over, and picked it up anyway.

It was his gadget. A pale metal remote control with various colored wires popping in and out of it. ’Bill, did you make this?’ Susan asked, sounding impressed.

’Uh..well...ya,’ He answered dumbly.

’What’s it do?’

’Oh uh...nothing.’

She turned it over and looked where he had written only just recently. ’Age Manipulator. Why Bill! This is great! This will solve all our problems! Lets see if it works shall we?’

’But it doesn’t,’ Again Bill was ignored.

’Now of course you can’t get something from nothing,’ Susan continued, ’So April, would you mind donating a few years to Bill over there?’

’What?! No!’ The teenager screamed, but it was too late.

Susan had already pointed the small device at her and clicked a button. To Bill’s amazement a faint red beam leapt from the machine and engulfed the girl with a soft glow. Then she started to shrink. Or I guess, get younger would be a better term.

Her face quickly took on an innocent tone, her clothes became looser. Soon she was leaning over trying to hold her skirt up. Despite her best efforts, a pair of black thong panties she had been wearing fell down around her ankles as the oversized skirt only got bigger. ’No stop!’ She cried, her teen years now long gone. She was seven years old, then she was a toddler. Quickly, quickly. Her once sexy clothes now dwarfed her. She was a little girl then she was a baby. Then in a blink, she was gone, and the crying stopped.

Everyone stared on in shock. Silence.

Then a confused look formed on the face of one of the girls. Her name was Emily. With panicked eyes she looked left then right. She bent her knees, and hunched over slightly like she had to go to the bathroom. Her breathing increased and she bit her lip.

She was starting to have an orgasm, Bill realized with a mixture of horror and arousal. He had never seen a girl have an orgasm before.

Her legs were shaking. ’Ungh, ungh, unggghhhh!’ Soft embarrassed moans. Then the explosion hit. ’Oh oh oooooh!’ She fell to her knees, her whole body was in a fit of lustful spasms. ’OhGodOhGodOhGod Ohhhhhhhhh God!’ Then it was over, and she was just on the floor taking in deep gulps ofair.

’What happened?!’ Her friend questioned in amazement.

Emily couldn’t believe what a slut she had just made out of herself. She didn’t want to answer, but she knew she had to. ’I...I just had an orgasm. I think...I think that’s where April went.’

’What?!’ The two girls, both at the same time.

’I think I’m pregnant with April!’

’Wow! That was so much fun!’ All eyes turned to Susan. ’Let’s do it again!’

She was so fast, so unpredictable, all the two fifteen year olds could do was scream as they were both zapped by the red light. They too shrunk, and shrunk. They grew younger, they were babies, and then they were gone. And Emily was left moaning and shuttering on the floor like a common whore as the biggest orgasm she would ever have in her entire life washed over her.

’Well, if you are quite finished,’ Susan began as the noise quieted down. ’I still have a boyfriend to make. Now lets see, we should have plenty of years stored, so now we just need to give some to Bill. Ah, here we are.’

This time it was a green light that leapt out of the machine and caused the naked thirteen year old to glow. His expression was worried and then very quickly he began to grow. His penis he noticed first. He felt it grow bigger against his hand, amazingly enough he had maintained an erection the entire time. The miracle of being thirteen. But he wasn’t thirteen anymore. Pubic hair sprouted, he got bigger, more manly. He was eighteen, as old as Susan, then twenty, now even older. He was certainly an adult now. His penis of seven inches was hard and raging and ready to go. His body not what he would call buff, but in shape, and strong and tall. Looking down at himself he felt so weird, but he also thought this might not be such a bad thing.

Then he got older.

He was still going. Twenty-five and then into thirty. He didn’t like it. Hair was everywhere now. Under his arms, covering his legs, some on fingers and toes, down his back, and even on his ass. He felt like an ape! And, Susan noted happily, not quite in as good of shape as he had been at twenty.

By thirty-five a potbelly had shown up and so had a bald spot. Then he went on to forty and both got larger. He was standing there now naked and middle-aged, with the look of a frightened boy in his eyes. Forty-five and Susan thought he no longer looked the least bit attractive. He was old and fat and someone she wouldn’t have been caught dead dating, let alone having sex with. This was just so much fun!

’Wow Bill, it looks like you are getting a pair of boobs of your own,’ Susan commented with a smirk as he reached fifty.

It was true. He was overweight and starting to sag. Even his hairy butt cheeks now hanged pathetically as he went on to fifty-five. By fifty-eight, where he finally stopped, what was left of his hair on the sides of his head had become gray and his dick had become horribly limp.

His body felt so alien to him. So big and hairy. He even had hair coming out of his ears and nose now. And he felt so exposed. Standing there naked in front of Susan’s amused smirk. It was worse than being thirteen and laughed at for being underdeveloped. At least that had been him.

’Gee Bill, I really think you are just a little too old for me to go out with. I mean what would people say if they saw me dating a dirty old man like you?’

This time it was Susan’s turn to be surprised. It happened so suddenly even she was caught off guard. The old naked man had jumped her. Leaped up and yanked the device from her hand. She stared at him stunned as he pointed it at her, his flaccid willy dangling pathetically in the air.

’Get ready to taste some of your own medicine you bitch!’ He shouted heroically and then clicked the red button.


Susan started laughing. ’Oh Bill! You are hilarious! That stupid machine of yours doesn’t really work. Poor dear, didn’t you know? I’m a witch.’

Bill’s heart sank.

’Oh don’t look so distraught! Alright, you want a girlfriend? Fine. Emily is now your girlfriend. Happy?’

’What?! No!’ Emily cried from the floor. But she already knew it was true. It was in her mind, her skin. She was Bill’s girlfriend. She didn’t want to be. He was old and gross, and never very popular even when he had been young. But she was his girlfriend now and she had to act like it.

’Really Emily, you should be thanking me. I mean, you are lucky to have a mature adult around to take care of the triplets when they are born in nine months.’

When Susan finally left, Emily had stripped down to her bra and panties and was distastefully giving Bill a hand job, trying to get him erect. Susan knew they were going to be at it a long time if they wanted to overcome Bill’s newfound impotency, so she was nice enough to give them some privacy.

* * *

Meanwhile at the party there was the presence of chaos. Little spells, little curses, little traps Susan had set all on a whim. Party favors she thought ofthem, to make things more interesting for her guests. As it turns out, interesting was a very good word to describe that night.

There was only one bathroom downstairs, so of course there was a line. Boys and girls, thirteen through eighteen, all standing in annoyance as they awaited their turn. It would normally be a real downer. Something to take away from the joy of the party. That’s why the line had been cursed.

Sixteen year old Tiffany discovered the nature of the curse all too well. She was about halfway through the line, her face was bored, her top was revealing. Not one cute guy had approached her tonight. Only a bunch of losers. This place was so lame. One bathroom for all these people? It just showed how tacky the hostess was.

That’s when three more guys walked up and stood in the back. The line had now reached its limit, the curse had kicked in.

Tiffany’s frown grew longer. She looked up ahead with quickly growing impatience. She really had to go! Why was it suddenly so bad? She crossed her legs together and started dancing back and forth. She started letting out small grunts and whines. What was wrong with her?

Then she noticed the entire line was in a similar state. An entire row of teenagers holding their crotches, jumping up and down, some were even crying. It was desperate times, and none of them realized that because of a spell cast early that night, they would all forever be stuck with the self control of four year olds.

Some people made it, most didn’t. Tiffany watched the older girl in front of her start to cry as a large dark stain formed down her jeans. She left soon after that.

She didn’t know what was happening, but she knew she had to find a place to go and fast! Tiffany glanced back at the line. Boys and girls, all with frowns on their faces and wet pants. It was worse for Tiffany, she didn’t just have to pee.

’Hello there,’ It was Scott. Tiffany had been hoping all night he would come up and talk to her.

’Uhhhhh!’ Was her only reply as she started crapping in her pants. Her knees bent, she started to grunt with frustration. She squeezed as hard as she could, and for a moment got control, but not for long. She started going again, she felt the growing load in her undies and once again tried to squeeze. It didn’t work. She helplessly emptied out all she had in her, making some very rude noises in the process, then just stood there blushing in frustration.

She had poopy pants. That is what her Mom had always called it. She had made damn sure to never have any more accidents long ago just so she would never have to hear that term again. But there it was. She was standing there in front of Scott, the boy she wanted to date, and she had poopy pants.

Scott obviously smelled it, obviously knew what she had just done. ’Uh, I think I am going to go get some punch.’

* * *

Then there was the alcohol. The Picket family didn’t have much, but for those who actually went to the trouble to find it, for those who just couldn’t go a night without it, soon found that they had a new addiction to feed.

Beth and Stephanie wore black. That was it. Black lipstick, hair dyed black, black clothes, black shoes. What else was there? Oh yes, there were a few silver piercings here and there. But black was definitely the favored color for the two seventeen year olds.

’Man this party blows ass,’ Beth complained. ’No drugs, no booze, not even decent music.’

’Whoa! Check it out!’ Stephanie had stood on a chair and found it in the highest cupboard. Gin.

’Finally!’ Beth gasped. ’Hand it over!’

’Sorry. Finders keepers loser! Ha!’ And with that Stephanie grabbed the bottle. She unscrewed the cap. She brought it to her lips. And then she realized she didn’t want it anymore. She wanted something else. She wanted something else really bad.

Absently she placed the bottle on the counter next to her. She then stuck her thumb firmly in her mouth and began to suck. Her eyes rolled back with pleasure. She moaned.

’Hey check out the little baby! What’s the matter little baby, too young for Gin?’ Beth laughed.

’I don’t know what’s wrong! I...I just need my thumb in my mouth so much.’ Stephanie mumbled around her appendage.

Beth didn’t catch much of it. ’Ya, whatever. You just suck your thumb baby. I’m going to have a grown up drink.’

With that she grabbed the bottle, brought it to her mouth, and suddenly, Beth didn’t want it anymore either. Beth wanted something else too. But not the same thing Stephanie wanted.

Her eyes were wide with horror as she sat on the floor and pulled her shoe off, then her sock. She didn’t want to do it, she knew what an idiot she must look like, but she couldn’t stop herself. She needed it so bad. So she bent as best she could and stuck her foot in her mouth. Sucking, her eyes too rolled back. As they would for many years to come.

* * *

Of course there was more. The party was going to be a success, Susan had decided.

A girl of seventeen had tracked mud into the house. Her mind was on perfect makeup, on the short skirt she dared not let ride up too high, on the boys who would want to go out with her, on the boys that she wanted to make want to go out with her. She grinned as she entered. Yes, her mind was busy, certainly no time to think of her feet, the doormat, or what damage she might do to other people’s carpet. And so she found she could no longer use her feet.

It came to her in a clenched stomach. A funny feeling of lost balance. She was crouching over uneasily, then she was on her hands and knees in confusion.

’What’s happening to me?!’ She cried out as she began to realize something was terribly wrong.

She didn’t know how to get back up. Her rear was exposed. In this position, in her fall, her tiny skirt and ridden far too high, and there were her black lacy panties with Victoria Secret shaped hearts. But she couldn’t adjust, she couldn’t even figure out how to get standing up again. She would try and her legs would wobble, her heart would beat with sudden terror and she would quickly find herself clutching the safe ground again.

Her arm wouldn’t reach back. She would shriek if she tried, fearful of losing her balance and falling over. Still she made an attempt. She felt eyes on her backside. Boys’ eyes. So she squirmed and she struggled, and all she managed to do was cause the right half of her undies to ride up her crack, exposing one perky cheek.

And that’s how she was stuck. Crawling around the party on all fours. Feeling pathetic and weak and completely humiliated. A large following of Jr. High boys took to staring from a not so distant perch, but no one volunteered to help her with her little panty problem. Everyone thought it was either too attractive or just too damn funny to change.

Still, others had it worse.

Linda was wearing body glitter and a halter-top. She was sixteen and blonde and just loved to dance. She didn’t understand anyone who didn’t share her passion. She loved to go wild, to shake her thang! She would hoot and holler and fling her hair about in crude but hypnotic gestures.

Then sometimes she would spot a solitary figure. Thin, or pale, or geeky. Usually all of the above. And Linda would seek them out, would shout at them over the music. ’How come you’re not dancing?!’

She would wait for their excuse, pretending to listen. Most lied, said they were waiting for someone. Few ever admitted to being alone and too frightened to seek someone out. Regardless of the answer Linda would offer her standard criticism. ’Well you need to get out there! I love dancing! It’s so much fun!’ Then she was off again. Never offering to help the lost soul, but somehow feeling satisfied anyway.

Then the doorbell rang and at the time Linda happened to be closest. She didn’t mind. She liked to see, to greet new people. She liked to shout ’Party!’ as often as possible. So she reached for the doorknob.

On the other side was an angry neighbor. Someone who knew the Picket parents were out, someone who might call the cops. So the spell kicked in. After all, the good of the party was at stake.

Linda turned the gold knob, pulled on squeaky hinges, and when she finally go the door open she was forty-five years old.

’Oh, I’m sorry.’ The lady standing on the porch raised her eyebrow as she looked over the sight in front of her distastefully. ’I uh...didn’t realize there were any adults here.’

Linda could only gasp. She had felt the change immediately. Glitter still sparkled on much older flesh. Her black skirt was stretched to its limits by thick thighs that had no business being in it. Her top too seemed much smaller, exposing her bellybutton, and showing off every sag her older breasts could now claim.

She looked absolutely ridiculous, and for the first time since Linda could remember she felt herself turn bright red with embarrassment.

’Well as long as you have everything under control...’ The woman added, sensing Linda’s discomfort. ’Just try and keep the music down, alright?’ Another critical gaze at Linda’s apparel and then she was gone.

Linda closed her eyes then shut the door. That is how it had happened, she thought. I opened the door and I became old and gross, so now I shut the door and I am young and beautiful again.

Biting her lip she opened her eyes and looked down.

She was still old and gross. She even noticed she now had a bit of a tummy. Everything curved in the wrong place, everything shook in the wrong way, nothing was firm or young. Linda was middle-aged.

’Hey lady, why aren’t you dancing?’

The voice was directed at her. It was a young girl, Linda saw. Maybe a year younger than she had been. She knew what was coming and she wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. After all, she was still the same person right? She could still dance damn it!

’Maybe I will!’ She answered curtly.

A new song beat its rhythm into the room. Linda tapped her feet. Her shoes were now tight and painful, but still she tapped. She shook her hips. It felt like her skirt would rip at any moment, but still she shook. She waved her arms in the air. They felt like they might fall off at any moment, but still she waved. She was dancing again! She didn’t know what had happened to her or how she was going to fix it, but it didn’t matter! If she could dance she could do anything damn it!

That’s when all the surrounding girls burst into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

’Hey look everybody! Someone’s Mom is trying to dance!’

Then more people were laughing at her. It had all been a trap. That girl had tried to goad her into making a fool out of herself, and she had walked right into it. She must look so stupid! That wave of unfamiliar embarrassment washed over and without thinking Linda bent over to try and cover herself. That’s when her skirt really did rip.

* * *

Amy didn’t like this. She didn’t like any of it. She didn’t like how her legs wobbled beneath her, how she had to keep a hold of Michelle’s hand so she didn’t get lost or in trouble. She didn’t like how the other kids pointed and laughed at her. Most of all she didn’t like how strange her own body felt to her.

It was just that she was so big! And her flesh bounced around so much! She would stop moving, and it would take the rest of her body a few seconds to get the idea. It just felt so weird.

So she cried a lot. She couldn’t help herself. Always a pouting face. Especially when Michelle had changed her wet diaper in front of everyone. It hadn’t been her fault really. Every room downstairs was filled with kids from the party, and Michelle just didn’t dare go upstairs and possibly interrupt whatever it was Susan was doing.

In the end Amy felt completely helpless. Lying on the kitchen table, her bare legs spread and sticking up in the air as her best friend wiped and powdered her. Several boys from school were watching. Michelle, in her ludicrous costume, wasn’t able to look mean enough to frighten them off. Amy’s mind was too young to muster up the feeling of sexual humiliation. She just felt stupid. Luckily though, the house now seemed full of diapers and baby products, so Amy didn’t have to feel that way very long.

Soon she was back in her safe, dry, comforting pampers.

Mike wasn’t feeling so lucky. With his older sister’s attention currently taken by her best friend’s predicament, and her own for that matter, he had been left alone to fend for himself. In his crib.

That’s where a couple of girls from school found him. For some reason his infantile mind churned enough to spark a memory. A memory of the bitter rivalry he and his friends had had with these girls. Names had been called, a skirt or two had been flipped up in public, even some hair had been pulled.

Now they were all giggling over him, somehow realizing who he was.

’Ohhh, has Mike made a stinky in his pampers?’


’I think we should give him a bath!’ Suggested one girl.

’I think we should dress him up like a cute little princess!’ Added another.

’I think we had better change his stinky bum bum before we do anything else.’ Concluded the rational one.

By the time Susan reappeared at the top of the stairs, they had done it all.

The blonde was practically glowing as she slowly made her way back down to the party. Her eyes lit like two candles. Not true that a witch grows more weary with every spell cast. Instead, Susan could feel all the powers of the universe coursing through her. It showed.

She stopped at the bottom, in the living room. For some reason everyone seemed to be gathering around, pressing in, drawing close. They all wanted a good view. Though most had no idea what to expect. Only a small minority had already been touched by magic that night.

While there was still faint muttering, and whispers of sound, Susan smiled to herself. ’I feel like being mean tonight,’ She thought aloud. ’Ooo, I am just so naughty.’ Then she let out a loud glorious laugh, one that seemed to carry all the weight of her heart and send chills and bitter silence through the room.

’But you can’t help but love me, can you?’ She questioned loudly of the room. High off the sound of her own voice.

’God, she is such a bitch,’ It was Diane, another senior whispering to her group of friends.

Susan looked right at her. She couldn’t have possibly heard, could she? Not over the music, not with them standing so far back. But still she responded.

’You have no idea, Diane,’ Her voice was ice. Her lips frozen cold as a smile formed. ’But before the night is through, you will.’

There was no response. No time for one. Susan was already off again, addressing the crowd, playing the part of the pleasant hostess. ’Ladies and gentlemen!’ She boomed, her voice echoing as if she were speaking into a microphone. ’Boys and girls of all ages! Welcome to my party! The CDs have been played, friends have been greeted, and now I think it’s time for a bit of entertainment. Namely, the most fantastic spectacle any of you have ever witnessed in your young lives. Let the show begin!’

The lights dimmed all around. Illumination knew only the area surrounding Susan which seemed to now serve as some sort of stage. She was grinning, she was twirling around to music that no longer played. She was in her own world, and for a long uncomfortable moment, everyone simply watched her amuse herself. Wondering if this was the promised entertainment.

’I’m afraid this party came at the last minute and I am a little unprepared,’ She said finally as her feet stopped and planted her firmly in front of her audience. ’But we are lucky enough to have several cheerleaders present tonight from Lincoln Jr. High School, and I think if we all give them a big hand they might just come up and help us out!’

The applause was moderate. Mainly from young boys who knew of the girls Susan was speaking of.

The girls smiled lamely as they made their way through the crowd. There were five of them, ages ranging from thirteen to fifteen. All were sexy, or at least attractive, and all were dressed for the party rather than a pep rally. Their faces looked grim. They hadn’t been expecting this, and they didn’t understand what moved their legs now.

’My, my! Such a fine young crop of girls. It is good to know that once I move onto college and leave my famed position as cheerleader behind there are so many qualified women waiting to take my place.’

Marsha rolled her eyes at this. She was fifteen, blonde, and well endowed. Almost a younger version of Susan. Except unlike Susan, she was actually in the position of head cheerleader, at least at her school. ’It’s not like we are talking about brain surgery. It’s just jumping around and screaming, anyone could do it.’

This got a chuckle from the crowd. Marsha had just won a point over Susan.

Susan frowned. ’You know Marsha, I hear that kind of thing all the time. Mostly from girls with bad attitudes because they didn’t make the squad. I guess ’couldn’t cut it’ would be a better way to phrase it. People always put down things they aren’t good at in order to feel better about themselves. So maybe you aren’t as qualified as I thought. Yes, I think all of you are probably very uncoordinated, clumsy, and horribly shy.’

’Ya, whatever,’ Marsha replied. But this time she didn’t sound so confident. Her voice gave out on the last syllable. It was low and weak. Almost as if she were...scared.

’Oh, am I wrong?’ Asked Susan with mock curiosity. ’Well then, I’m sure you won’t mind proving it will you? You seem to enjoy showing me up, so here’s your chance.’

Dance music began to play from somewhere. Trendy tunes that the girls should have known every beat to, every step, but instead it sounded completely unfamiliar. Marsha looked out into the crowd. So many eyes upon her. So many people to laugh at her if she messed up. She had never felt stage fright before, but now her stomach was in knots. She thought she might throw up.

Her fellow cheerleaders were in a similar state. All ghost white, all quivering with fear. The crowd was beginning to murmur. Marsha had to do something! They all expected her to do something.

Come on, her voice in her head scolded. Don’t be stupid, you’ve done this before. A hundred times in fact. Just lift your foot, that’s it.

She lifted it, yes, but her legs felt like wood. Stiff and awkward. She waved her hands lamely, slowly, in the air. She didn’t know what to do with the long wormy things. They flopped about. She picked up both her left feet and set them down again. Then she did it faster. Yes, this was it! She was getting it!

’Come on, let’s pump up the volume!’ She squeaked out pathetically. Then she tripped, and fell on her face.

Every one laughed.

Marsha burned with embarrassment. They were all laughing at her! She must look so stupid! And the other girls, her team, they weren’t having much luck either. Two of them kept running into each other. One had tripped also, but had fallen back on her ass rather than on her face. The other just stood there crying, too frightened to move.

’Hmm. Marsha, this is terrible! Haven’t you been practicing? I would say not! But in all fairness you don’t have your uniforms do you? And that is a really big part of it...’

’Please stop,’ Marsha begged as she stumbled to her feet.

’Stop? Why I’m only trying to help you dear. Is that the thanks I get? And with such pretty uniforms I’ve given you?’

Marsha looked down. They all looked down. They were back in their cheerleader uniforms. School colored tops, flowing ruffled skirts, white socks and sneakers, and something else white underneath to protect their modesty. It was exactly as they remembered them. Except their school name was missing. Now, printed across their ample chests, were the simple words ’Susan’s Girls.’

’Well come on girls, don’t look so glum. Get filled with the spirit!’ Susan coaxed.

And then they did. As shy, as stupid as they felt, their limbs suddenly pumped with energy. Their chests heaved. They wanted to sink back into the crowd, but their bodies just had too much energy to burn off.

They started jumping around again. Looking even worse than before, since they were now trying much too hard. Bumps and bruising came from trips and bashing into other clumsy cheerleaders. Still they hopped, hopelessly missing the beat. They cheered, out of unison they called.

’Who’s the best of them all Susan! Susan!’ They clapped twice with that, though not with the music, and certainly not with each other. ’Give me an S! Give me an U!’ One girl was just starting on the first S while the rest for the most part had already moved into the second. ’What does that spell?’

’Susan! Susan! Susan! Susan!’ Four different girls calling at four different times. Then the last girl, mumbling after all the rest had finished, ’Susan.’

Most everyone was in stitches. Sides hurt from aching laughter. Tears rolled down cheeks. It was one of the funniest things most of them had ever seen. The crowd was happy.

Susan seemed less so. She scowled at the girls. ’That was pathetic.’

They looked upset, so very very frustrated. Why couldn’t they do this? Why did they all feel so terribly shy and embarrassed? What had Susan done to them?! Now two of the girls were crying.

’Well now,’ Susan continued, her voice in lecture tones. ’I suppose if you girls keep having accidents, I am just going to have to put you in diapers.’

Marsha felt a chill. Not from any magic, but from Susan’s tone, her dark expression. No, the magic was elsewhere. Marsha could feel that too. A thickening in her legs, pressing against her most private flesh. Her thighs were forced to spread slightly apart. Beneath her cheerleader skirt there was the great sound of crunching plastic as her panties inflated into something oversized and crude. She too, as well as the other four, were now wearing disposable diapers.

This did not help their shyness. They were like five pretty roses all in a row, blushing red with shame. Some of the girls tried to tug down on their skirts that now seemed shorter than usual. Hoping to conceal. Hoping to keep the crowd ignorant of their new humiliation.

As it turned out, it was a useless gesture. Their skirts not riding high just because of the thickness of their new undergarments. They were in fact shrinking. Growing shorter, more trembling cold girlish legs exposed. The skirts rode up and up while the girls whined and tugged down and down. It stopped with only a glimpse of white showing in a standing position, but threatening even more exposure with any kind of movement.

’Are they wearing diapers?’ A voice from the crowd.

Whispers followed, even some laughter. Most of the audience was simply shocked. What was going on here?

’Come on girls. Chop, chop!’ Susan clapped her hands, bringing their attention back to her. ’No time to sit around with all the practice you obviously need. Lets get going. Let that spirit fill you once again.’ Then quietly she muttered. ’This should be interesting, seeing as none of you have ever been toilet trained.’

Marsha discovered it was true. She was bouncing around again, wincing at the laughter whenever she tripped (which was often) or whenever her diaper showed (which was even more often.) At first she started to pee without even thinking about it. She had to go, so she went. It was as simple as that. Then she realized something. She was wetting in her diaper. Only babies did that. But what did grown-ups do then? She didn’t know. What else could you do? She was jumping up and down and it was just coming out. She just hoped no one else found out about it.

They did. Her diaper was sagging, drooping menacingly with heavy dampness. She had to hold it up with one hand, fearful of it falling down around her ankles. Many noticed, many pointed, laughed. Some of the other cheerleaders had had similar accidents, others were lucky and didn’t have anything to empty out at that particular moment.

’Well,’ Susan began again with a sigh as she watched the girls struggle with their pampers. ’I guess I always knew you were just a bunch of little girls playing dress up.’

Then they were. Thirteen, ten, eight, seven. It happened in a blink. Marsha was seven years old. Practically drowning in her oversized cheerleader costume. Not even her diapers fit her anymore. But she couldn’t stop cheering, stop leaping clumsily around the room. She was still filled with the spirit.

Other girls had it worse. Other girls had been thirteen and now they were five. All of them jumping and cheering in high childlike voices, desperately trying to hold onto their clothing. A skirt would fall and bind up ankles, a sneaker and its adjoining sock would fling into the crowd, a diaper would hit the floor with a splat. Even a top was somehow lost by one of the girls. Still they could only jump and cheer and cry with shame.

’That’s it girls. Keep practicing. Keep the spirit. Who knows? Maybe one day when you get older you might actually get to be real cheerleaders like me!’

Then Susan laughed, then she turned to the crowd with a showman’s gusto. ’Ladies and gentlemen, did I not promise you entertainment of the grandest sort?’

The crowd was now all pale and frightened. Something wasn’t right here. They all could see it very clearly.

’Of course, of course!’ Susan gushed, unconcerned. ’There will be some fear. The amazing must always charge that price. But worry not, you will not miss the show, not any of it. For you will notice kind sirs and madams that none of you have thought to leave. Regardless of strangeness at the party or on my living room stage, here you still stand. Even now, as I suggest it, you can’t even consider. My little gift to you, so you wouldn’t miss a thing.’

Still they stared in shocked silence.

’But it isn’t enough you say?’ She answered them. ’You want more than these half naked dancing future bimbos? Well, well! Let us continue then! Let us have a fashion show and volunteers from the audience!’

Tiffany, once only a face in the large crowd, let out a loud ’Eep!’ as her legs moved against her will. She was sixteen, her hair was short and red. Others followed behind her she saw, boys and girls, Jr. High and High School. A line like a snake made its way through the crowd, left the crowd behind, and began walking across the stage.

Tiffany was first to step foot into the light. She gulped as Susan began talking.

’Very good, very nice, very sexy. But not really a fashion show is it dear? Of course not. It can’t be a show if everyone has already seen what you are wearing. And you have been wearing that dress all night haven’t you? So why don’t you take it off. Yes, that’s it. All of you. Down to your undies.’

Tiffany grunted, straining against her own hands. Her hands won out. They pulled her dress up over head and tossed it aside. That was all they needed to remove. Underneath was her B cup bra of black lace, her garter-belt and stockings attached. High heels were also allowed to be kept. And as for underwear? A thong. Black and lacy too, it vanished where her butt crack began and didn’t appear again for a long way down.

She felt like such a slut. Tiffany had never worn a thong before. It had been a dare made by a friend who was now looking on with sympathy. But her friend’s concern did nothing to help the situation. Tiffany soon found herself parading across the stage. It wasn’t until she had made it halfway across that she realized her underwear felt loose.

She looked down at small breasts that could only fill cups half way. At legs and wrinkled stockings. Loose waistbands that threatened to admit defeat to gravity at any moment and fall towards her clomping heels. Then she shrunk some more.

She walked and she grew younger. She was ten, then eight. Walking, turning, posing, just like a professional model. All the while trying to hold up sexy garments that no longer belonged on her underaged body.

She blushed as she pressed a large bra against a flat chest. She gulped as she hiked her thong back up a crack that was now much too small for it. She nearly tripped on her shoes that dwarfed tiny feet drowning in a sea of wrinkled stockings. She couldn’t look like this, Tiffany thought. Not in front ofall these people! She must look like a total fool! Like a child playing dress up.

Behind her it was much the same. Other girls struggling with ever growing panties. A whole handful of now pointless bras. And the boys too. Flexing muscles they no longer had, in briefs, in boxers, that covered very little things. They went in circles, they strutted, they posed some more. Some getting down as young as two, others staying as old as ten. All blushing cheeks, all exposed. The underwear was a wonderful contrast showing what they could no longer be.

Then the show was over and they returned to the crowd. Still clutching only to briefs and bras, and still only a group of young children.

’Oh what fun! What fun!’ Susan clapped her hands together. She was ecstatic, thrilled, delighted. ’But we mustn’t stop. No! Still more show to see. Still much more.’ She flashed her smile at a familiar face. At a girl who had called her a bitch only a few minutes ago and who now looked ghostly white. ’Diane, if you would be so good as to join us on the stage. Yes, and your boyfriend Steve as well I think.’

Diane’s straight elegant hair did not look so pretty at that moment. Her gripping tight skirt went unnoticed. The makeup she had applied did not serve to bring out her eyes, her cheeks, her full lips. Her face was too frightened. Sunken with the images she had just scene prancing around before her. This couldn’t be real. Could it?

She stood next to Susan. She had no choice. Her boyfriend soon joined her, from somewhere else in the crowd where he had been standing with his friends. He too looked disturbed. He had good reason to be.

’Steve, Steve, Steve,’ Susan uttered sweetly. ’Is this really the girl you left me for?’

Both teens felt their hearts sink in their chests. They knew they were in deep shit. They might have been eighteen years old, but they felt about six inches tall.

Worse yet was the look in Susan’s eyes. Others had noticed before on this night, but now it was different. No longer just joyous amusement but demented insanity, Diane noted. Susan had crossed a fine line with the powers she had wielded tonight. She felt like she was walking on storm clouds. Her bones crackled like pure energy. Her blood boiled in her veins and she loved every minute of it. She wanted more, had to have more, and her eyes burned with the whole story.

’Answer me you pig!’ She suddenly shrieked.

’Y-yes...uh ya I guess so,’ Steve stumbled, frightened.

’Well then, I guess we are just going to have to found out what it is that Diane does that makes you so happy, aren’t we?’

’Susan, please...’ Diane begged lamely for mercy.

Susan only smiled at her. ’I told you Diane. I told you that before the night was over you would find out what a bitch I really was. Now then precious, why don’t you tell us all, are you a virgin?’

Don’t answer that! Her mind screamed. ’Yes.’ Her mouth spit out.

’Oh really?’ Susan feigned surprise. ’Saving yourself for marriage is that it?’

Again her mouth betrayed her mind. ’Yes.’

Susan chuckled. ’No really dear, that is...sweet. But tell me, if you aren’t having sex, how do you keep a strapping young man like Steve here interested?’

God, don’t tell her that! Not in front of all these people! ’I give him blow jobs.’

Despite the dark mood of the crowd some laughter managed to fight its way up the ranks. But it was a darker, meaner laugh than before. It was a laugh saying ’Look what’s happening to this bitch who wouldn’t go out with me. And look what’s not happening to me.’

’Now Steve,’ She was looking at him again. ’Why would you ever leave a girl like me for this little cocksucker?’

What he said was not due to any spell. He said it out of a mixture of anger and frustration that momentarily overshadowed his fear. ’Because you are a spoiled little girl who talks so much but is actually only uttering one simple phrase over and over. It’s mine! Give me!’

No one else might have noticed it, but how she glared at him for one instant, with such pure rage, he thought at that time that he was about to be wiped out of existence. Instead, she suddenly laughed.

’Wow! That must have been some blow job!’

Now some more people were laughing in the audience.

’Why don’t you show us Diane? Why don’t you show us how a little virgin like you sucks dick.’

She felt her knees bent. They gave out on her as if they had never had any strength at all. Then she was down in front of him. Her face an inch from his crotch and a hundred eyes watching. She was Susan’s puppet, Diane knew this. But that was all she would be, she decided. A limp mindless puppet. She would give them no show.

But no. Susan would not even allow that small victory. Memories of a playful night together began to well up. Already her lips were grinning in that strange sexy way Steve had thus far only seen in private. All the while her thoughts were raging. No! Not like this! Don’t let them see what I did that night! That was personal! That was only for us!

Then she put her hands behind her back and clasped her fingers. Her grin turned wicked. She leaned forward, and with a giggle, fumbled the zipper on his pants between her teeth. Already his cock was stirring underneath. His pants were swelling. She had to hurry. It took three tries, then she got a hold of it. She bit down, careful not to lose her grip, and then slowly drew her head down.

All the males in the audience were completely silent. Their eyes slowly followed her motion with a stalker’s patience. Many of the girls whispered things like ’slut’ and ’tramp’ and ’I never knew Diane was such a little whore!’ They said these things and they shot irritated glances at their entranced boyfriends.


Then his white briefs sprang free, his hardening penis straining against it. She smiled at it. She kissed the cotton covered tip. When she did, Steve’s eyes rolled back. All the boys in the room gasped. They thought he was going to lose it right there. He didn’t, and the show continued.

She worked his pants down first, also with her teeth. That was the biggest trouble. She had to squirm back and forth, her pink panties peeking out from beneath her short skirt from time to time. Then her task was complete, Steve’s pants resting pleasantly around his ankles.

His cock was now nearly fully erect. His underwear was pulled thin, and the color of flesh could be faintly seen beneath it. She eyed it, then eyed the elastic band. She moved closer, as if to continue undressing him.

No! Don’t do it! Her mind screamed.

Then, as if changing her mind, she stopped and pressed her face up against his throbbing member. She rubbed up and down. Against her cheeks, her closed lips, her shut eyes. She rubbed slowly, almost painfully, and he groaned in turn. Steve was now fully erect.

Then it was back to the task. Her teeth bit cotton. It was a struggle, his hard-on making things quite difficult. But she tugged and twisted and eventually got the waistband over the long poll. Then she slowly inched the white underwear down his hairy legs, where they eventually joined his pants.

She smiled playfully up at him. He offered a weak lustful smile in return. A soft laugh escaped her. Her lips parted and she gently began to suck on the attentive head.

He groaned again. She moved further up. Inch by inch, ever so slowly, ever so teasingly. Then to the tip of her throat, then down further, and she was sucking faster and faster. Her head bobbing up and down, her mouth purposely producing loud slurping noises for affect.

Inside she burned with shame. All her friends, worse yet, all her enemies, were now watching her perform one of the most embarrassing acts of her lifetime. It was totally degrading. Something she would never admit to. But then, she wouldn’t have to admit to it now would she?

Susan noticed something else too. Despite the act, she could sense Diane’s wonderfully delightful discomfort. But she saw something different in Steve’s eyes. Pleasure. More so than the original blow job had brought about. As scared as he was at the moment, the thought of his girlfriend performing such a humiliating act in front of so many people pleased him to no end.

Well, Susan thought, we will see how happy he is in the next couple of minutes.

She passed around the busy couple. Back and forth, eyeing them up and down. ’Well, well Diane, you certainly do like to keep that mouth of yours busy don’t you? My, my. I never knew you were such a little slut. But different strokes for different folks, right Diane? Yes, that’s my motto. I personal have no problems with you being the school bimbo. Except you know, I think we have a small problem. Yes, and maybe not so small at that. You see not everyone watching the show you are putting on is of a legal age. No, no. So many young eyes looking on, ready to be corrupted. So many older eyes looking on, ready to be offended by what you are doing to the younger eyes. I’m really not sure you should be doing this in front of so many people, do you?’

Diane tried to respond, but she had a fat dick in her mouth, so it only came out as mumbled vowels.

’Now, now. Don’t get upset dear. I’m sure we can find something else that you can still enjoy sucking on.’

Another angry muttering of sounds you can only produce when you mouth is full of a guy’s cock.

’Oh don’t sound so doubtful! There have been other things in the past you have enjoyed sucking on haven’t there? Of course you have. Just think back. Why, I doubt it wasn’t too many years ago that were happily sucking on your pacifier. And really Diane, don’t you think a pacifier is much more audience friendly?’ Her lips of perfect red lifted into a triumphant smirk.

Steve felt a sudden pressure. A squeezing, a sinking, a sucking, all at once. At first he thought he was starting into orgasm. But no, it felt so weird, like nothing he had felt before.

The load filling Diane’s mouth suddenly became much less. At first like her boyfriend was going soft on her, then smaller still. The texture changed. Was he wearing a condom? Then a soft rubbery taste.

Somehow Diane managed to pull her head away long enough to gasp. That’s when everyone saw. That’s when Steve saw.

He no longer had a penis. There was something there, lifting out of his pubic hair, but it certainly wasn’t something he wanted to see. His balls had shaped and shifted into a curved pink oval piece of plastic that now surrounded a small hollow piece of rubber about an inch long. Susan, his exgirlfriend, had just turned his dick into a baby’s pacifier.

’No!’ He cried. ’No! Please! Turn it back!’ He clutched at it, and found it to be quite secure.

Susan didn’t turn it back. She only laughed at him. ’What’s the matter Steve? Not feeling like quite a big stud anymore?’

’Why are you doing this?’ Diane moaned.

Susan glared at her. ’Were you talking? I don’t think so. In fact, I don’t think you can talk. Not when you always need something in your mouth. Something very specific, or else you burst into tears.’

Diane felt a sudden emptiness. Overwhelmingly cold. She needed something to fill her. She needed it now! She looked at the pathetic representation ofher boyfriends penis. No! No! Spare yourself at least that final humiliation. She held back, she kept her limbs stiff and unmoving, then she started to cry. She just wanted it so much!

’My goodness!’ Susan taunted. ’And they said I was a spoiled brat! But look at you. Crying just because you don’t get what you want. Well, go on. Show everyone in this room who the real brat is.’

Sobbing just like a little girl Diane leaned forward. She had to press her face in far between her boyfriend’s legs to get proper access. His pubic hair tickled her nose, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was her lips wrapping around that sweet, sweet pacifier. What mattered was the pleasure she felt as she began to suck. She was whole again.

Steve looked down in surprise. He let out a small grunt, then turned confused to look at Susan’s smiling face.

’That’s right Steve, that little thing of yours still has all the sensations of a real cock. All that pleasure is still yours to have. Except, I don’t know. I don’t think you’ve really got the equipment anymore to ever achieve orgasm. A shame. That will be frustrating for you won’t it?’

Steve opened his mouth to beg, to plead, to promise to do anything, but his voice only died away. What good would it do? That’s what she wanted. An excuse to do something else to him. It could only get worse, he realized, so he stayed miserably silent, except for the occasional loud moan as he thought he was going to cum, then didn’t.

’Smart move,’ Susan said, commenting on his decision before turning back to Diane. ’Now Diane, isn’t this more appropriate? Nothing offensive to be seen here. No sir. Well, except for maybe your outfit. Really Diane, I don’t know why you dress like such a slut. Don’t you know that there are decent people living in this town? Oh well. No worries. Such things are so easily fixed.’

Diane’s pink silk panties shifted into a pale boring white cotton. Much like her boyfriends briefs that lay beneath her. That was the best of it. Her tight skirt and equally tight top merged into one. Bows and lace began to spring up. Frills, oh so many little girl frills ballooning out, becoming an oversized version of something you might find forced on a pouting three year old. Pretty like a princess, Susan thought, and still there was more. Diane’s bra and jewelry vanished. No more earrings, no more bracelets. But a large pink bonnet formed over hair that became insanely long and curly. Her heels faded away into black buckled shoes, and her stockings were now nothing more than long white socks.

Susan looked on. At the girl who now seemed like some giant freakish toddler. At what she was kneeling in front of. At what she was slurping happily away upon. No obscene piece of male anatomy, but instead the most innocent of children’s toys. And while the boy was panting, was shaking with desire, it could not be called dirty or lustful. It was childish amusement pure and simple. For there would be no sinful release, no mess to clean up. Everything was pure. She took the scene all in with a deep breath. ’There, now no one will be offended.’ She concluded happily.

It was done. Susan’s revenge completed, with these two at least. She noticed the frowns on both their faces. That impotent desperation that she loved so much. She smiled. ’Oh Steve, if you think it’s bad now, wait until later tonight, when she gets you alone in the bedroom...and wants you to fill up a different hole.’

The look on his face was so satisfying that Susan almost decided not to suddenly transport the two to a very public place when the hinted act finally did occur. Almost.

The show must go on, and so it did. Diane and Steve were sent back into the crowd where they continued to perform the act they would be obsessed with for a very long time. Then Susan danced some more, she twirled, her feet were feathers, she was a bird. More, more! There would be more!

’And now friends lets move onto our next showing that will excite and amaze. The ever popular game show, Who Wants to be a Five Year Old? Now, lets meet our two contestants...’

No one in the room breathed. Like one great collective brain their thoughts pounded, ’Please don’t let it be me. Please don’t let it be me.’

Then Susan spoke. ’The Haley Twins!’

Lisa and Jody Haley shot each other worried glances from across the room. Like panicking in front of a mirror, the faces were both the same. Brown shoulder length hair and sparkling eyes that matched. Noses, still slightly upturned. Breasts that belonged to the second letter of the alphabet. The fifteen year old girls would be described as ’cute.’

’Yes, yes. Hurry, hurry. Lots to do.’ Susan urged as four legs, all looking to belong to the same girl, reluctantly brought the two on stage.

’My, you two do look like copies of an original. Do you ever argue who the real one is, and who is just the clone?’

The two girls frowned.

’No,’ Jody answered. ’We are the best of friends. Most twins are. So we don’t argue over stupid stuff.’

’That’s right,’ Lisa agreed. ’Although, I did come out first, if you want to talk about copies...’

Jody scowled at her. Why did her sister always have to try and one up her like that?

Susan nodded knowingly. ’Of course. It was just the way that you are dressed... The high heels, the low cut dresses, the heavy makeup. And Lisa, is that a wonder-bra you are wearing? I noticed your breasts looking a bit larger and more...perky than your sister’s. It’s just that the clothes, the outfit, the look doesn’t seem to suit you. It is almost like you are competing with one another. Did you tell your sister you were going to wear that bra tonight Lisa?’

’No! She didn’t!’ Jody fumed. ’She snuck it in her purse and then slipped it on in the bathroom once she got here!’

’I see,’ Susan looked concerned. Like she actually cared about these two bubblegum teens. ’I always wondered about that. As you said, twins tend to be quite close, but at what cost? Surely the struggle for individuality must be great. Almost like you are constantly fighting against yourself. It must seem like torture sometimes.’

The two girls couldn’t help but nod in agreement to this empathic woman. Her voice was so soft, so caring. They felt real empathy. Which was why it was such a shock when Susan turned back to the crowd and started booming in her stage voice once again.

’And that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, these two young ladies are here! A competition to make your head spin. The winner will move on in life, the loser will have to live it all over again. But make no doubt, when all this is over, there will be no doubt as to which twin is superior!’

The girls might have argued, might have protested or begged for the game to be stopped. But Susan was too fast. She was already explaining the rules.

’In my hand I hold what looks like a common green tennis ball. A fine symbol of competition. Now girls, pay attention. Keeping a firm hold of this ball will cause you to age year by year, while your empty handed sister, whoever that might be, will go back year by year. There are no rules. The struggle for the ball will continue until one of you is five years old, at which case the winner will be declared.’

Susan lowered her arm and tensed her muscles, about ready to toss it into the air. ’Oh, and by the way, if you grab the ball while wearing any sort ofclothing whatsoever, the magic works in reverse.’ Then with a grin, she threw it straight up.

The two girls watched it sail upwards, almost bumping the ceiling. They watched as it landed on the carpet with a slight thud. Then they watched each other. Their eyes locked for one dreadfully tense moment. A couple of old west gunslingers. Is she really going to draw?

Then Lisa’s confused, scared expression turned into a wicked smile that no longer matched her twin’s. She was first to move. She always was.

But it was only a second’s advantage. Quickly, frantically, both the young girls were tearing off their clothes. A dress pulled over head and tossed to the crowd. Shoes kicked off, clumping against the wall. Panties scrunched out of, bras nearly ripped to shreds when there is problems with the clasp. Two twins, stripping down to their bare butts in public. Something they never would have even considered doing before tonight.

There was no time to be bashful, however. Lisa was first to start running towards the tennis ball located at center stage. Her thin legs darting one after the other, kicking off the pair of purple panties that had secured itself around one of her ankles.

Then she was there. She had to slow to a stop, she bent to pick up the ball.

Then Jody was there too. She grabbed Lisa’s hair on the back of her head and pulled her painfully back up, the ball just out of reach.

’Ow! Ow, you bitch!’ Lisa shrieked and the two quickly grappled.

Hands on each other shoulders, small breasts bouncing up and down as the girls struggled for dominance. Both pushing back and forth, both trying to get a better grip. They pushed and they shoved, then Jody slipped her nimble young leg behind Lisa’s and pushed.

The teen lost her balance, but was smart enough to grab her sister on the way down. Both fell to the floor. Jody on top of Lisa.

The battle, up until now had been based on pure instinct. There had been too much going on too fast to allow for anything else. Which soon caused Jody some problems. She had grasped Lisa’s arms, trying to hold them down. But all too soon, as Lisa was slowly pushing them up and out of her grip, Jody remembered that her twin had always been a little bit stronger than her. Another reason to envy her, she thought.

But envy would do her no good now. Another moment and Lisa would break free, and if the fight was allowed to continue the way it was, Jody knew her sister would eventually win. She had to think, and fast! Her sister’s arms were slowly but surely struggling from her grip, struggling for a grip of their own.

Then, for some reason, Jody glanced up. There it was. The tennis ball, laying past their two heads as they squirmed on top of each other. It was a gamble, but a chance Jody knew she had to take.

She released her sisters arms and quickly changed positions. It only took a few seconds and she had pulled the rest of her body forward and into a sitting position, and plopped her skinny naked rear firmly down on Lisa’s struggling face.

Jody’s first thought: I have her trapped!

Her second: But not for very long!

Then she reached down and grabbed the tennis ball firmly in both hands.

Lisa was squealing and trying to shake her face free from her sister’s bottom. She lifted up her hands and pushed against Jody’s back. She started to squirm slowly free, then stopped suddenly as a strange tingle filled both their bodies.

Jody was getting older. More mature. Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. It happened fast. Her face went from cute to very sexy, her breasts filled out into a C cup, and of course her hips widened. Her thighs took on an attractive curve, her butt cheeks becoming two round pillows.

Lisa experienced the changes her sister was going through underneath. She felt the extra fat push against her face. Witnessed it all from her dark vantage point as her sister ballooned out to a perfect centerfold figure.

No longer so much strong bone or tight cheeks to hold her down. A few more seconds and Lisa had managed to slip out from under her sister’s ass. She quickly got to her feet, and Jody got to hers.

Lisa now had to look up at Jody. That mirror image no longer so familiar. Her sister’s lips were full, her eyes gleaming. She was twenty years old now. No longer a girl, but a woman. It showed.

Lisa was ten. She looked down at herself. At her now flat chest, her small girlish pussy with not a single hair to claim as its own. She was skinny now. Even more so than before. Not even a proper hint of blooming womanhood left. She was just a little girl again. A little girl, who suddenly felt everyone staring at her.

’No!’ She shrieked suddenly in a shrill prepubescent voice.

She leaped at her sister. She leaped at Jody. She couldn’t let her do this to her! She couldn’t be stuck as a little girl while her sister went out on dates not just with boys, but with grown men. Oh how her sister would gloat, she knew! She wouldn’t allow! Lisa was supposed to win! Lisa always won!

But Jody simply pushed her hand out and easily kept the still dwindling girl at bay. Her arms were long and strong now, and Lisa was small and weak. Still the girl fought. Struggling to get past her sister’s right arm and over to the left that still held the tennis ball tightly.

Lisa fought and fought. The seconds ticked by. She didn’t notice. She was in a rage. Then Jody dropped the arm she had been fighting with. Yes, victory! But as Lisa got in closer, towards the hand she desired to reach, she saw that Jody was simply holding the ball up high, now much further than she could ever hope to reach.

It was a sight to see. The twenty-three year old smirking as the seven year old jumped up and down, always just missing the prize. The two looking eerily alike, but certainly no one would think them twins now. Perhaps mother and daughter?

’Give it to me! Give it to me now!’ Lisa sobbed as she jumped and panted with exhaustion. She got younger. A small little brown haired girl. The once desired Lisa Haley, was now only five years old.

Her twin sister Jody, was twenty-five and never looked better.

The ball vanished.

Lisa started to cry, sounding much like the little girl she now was. It wasn’t just her looks she had lost, she realized. All her knowledge, all her emotional maturity she had gathered over the years had gone into Jody. She still had her memories, but they were now useless to her. Her sister, the one she had competed with all her life, now held everything over her.

The two stood there staring at each other. No longer eye to eye, but eye to crotch. Lisa peering at the womanly tuft with blinding envy, and Jody smirking down at her.

Then Jody’s expression changed. She frowned. ’What in the hell are you doing running around this party naked little girl?’

’W-what?!’ Lisa squeaked.

’You’ll think what when you are sitting on a sore bottom!’ Jody scolded, accepting a chair Susan had pulled over for her.

Lisa couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe when her sister, the weak one, pulled her by the arm like a rag doll. She couldn’t believe it when she forced her down over her lap, her small naked bottom sticking out for everyone in the crowd to see. And she certainly couldn’t believe it when she began to spank her.

Slap, slap, slap! On tender young flesh.

Lisa could only squirm helplessly and cry. It was the only thing she would be able to do for a very long time.

’Well friends, I think we all know who the winner is. Of course maturity can come at a price, and I’m afraid Jody’s personality has been changed slightly to believe in strict discipline. But then, older sisters always were a pain in the ass, weren’t they?’

Susan was happy. She watched as the sobbing youngster was pulled off stage and into the crowd. One hand held firmly by Jody, the other hand busy rubbing a little red bottom. Both girls conveniently forgetting their clothes, thanks to Susan.

’Bye, bye Lisa!’ Susan waved. ’Enjoy going back to kindergarten.’

* * *

Sarah stood huddled amongst teenagers. They had all gathered here like so many herded sheep to watch this strange and disturbing show. Like some Bewitched episode gone horribly wrong. Now her eyes searched the crowd for her two missing friends. Stephanie and Beth. They should be easy to spot. As far as Sarah knew they were the only two girls at the party wearing all black.

But maybe they had ditched her again. Her being only sixteen, a year younger than them caused that to happen on occasion. Besides that she had a difficult time fitting in with their small group because of her bitch Mom.

’I’ll be damned if I allow my daughter to go out in public wearing a Halloween costume!’ She would say.

So Sarah was mostly stuck with jeans and a T-shirt, which was what she was wearing now.

’Sarah Perkins!’

What?! She hadn’t been paying attention, but she thought she had just heard her name called...from the direction of the stage.

That’s when she started to walk up there. Pushing through the crowd, giving annoyed looks to those who didn’t get out of her way. She didn’t know why she was walking up there. She just was.

’Well, hello Sarah!’ Susan beamed as the girl approached her.

’Um, hi.’ She didn’t sound scared. Just bored, and maybe a little annoyed. Her indifference sometimes surprised even her.

’Oh how I love teenagers!’ Susan gushed, saying the word as if she wasn’t included by it. ’Trying so hard to act grown up...and feeling so embarrassed when they fail at it.’

’Uh huh,’ Sarah muttered.

’You know Sarah, I was speaking to your mother just the other day and she told me she was having a terrible time keeping you under control.’

What was with these secretive whispers? As if the whole damn room full of people couldn’t hear every word. Sarah just sighed and rolled her eyes.

’Yes, well,’ Susan continued undaunted. ’I can see why she might complain about you having a bit of an attitude problem, so I thought I’d help her out. Besides, what’s a variety show without a hypnotist act, right?’

This time Sarah decided to break her two syllable rule when conversing with people she didn’t like. ’Look Susan, you may have this whole witch thing going and whatever. And hey, you could probably turn me into a toad or fly around on a broom or whatever you want. But just cut the hypnosis crap, okay? It doesn’t work on me, I’ve tried it before, and my mind is just too strong. So baring the intervention of the supernatural neither you or my mother is ever going to control me again. Got it?’

Susan only started to giggle.

’What in the hell is so funny?’

’Oh Sarah, I’m sorry,’ She laughed again. ’Oh Sarah,’ Laugh. ’Sarah, Sarah! Don’t you remember?’

’Remember what?!’

’I already hypnotized. Right after you got to the party.’

’Bullshit!’ But this time her voice carried the faint odor of worry. What had she been doing when she had first arrived?

’Tell me something Sarah, does the term baby-rattle mean anything to you?’ Then of course, she smirked.

Sarah’s face went blank. She stood there pale and stiff. Then she dropped down to her hands and knees and started crawling around the room. ’Ga ga goo goo!’ She uttered lamely, sounding more like a bad actress rather than a legitimate infant.

It wasn’t that her mind had regressed, or even turned off for that matter. It was just that she knew she had to act like a baby. She was completely aware of everything she was doing, and felt like the biggest dope on the planet for doing it, but she couldn’t stop herself. Everything she thought a baby might do, she had to try and imitate.

She thought a baby might drool, so she let spit form up in her mouth and then forced it to run down her chin. She thought a baby might roll on its back and stick its legs in the air, so soon she was doing that too.

’Ga ga goo goo!’ She repeated, sounded even more phony the second time as everyone stared at her jean covered ass.

Many people had started to laugh. They had dealt with her bitchy personality before, and to see her reduced to acting like a child was priceless.

Sarah felt their amusement, and hated it. But all she could think about was ’How else does a baby act? What else might a baby do?’ Then the answer came to her.

It wasn’t that she lost control. Her muscles were working perfectly and she was still quite aware of how to use the bathroom. But babies often wet themselves, so she had to wet herself. She actually was forced to push to get it flowing. She pushed, and then she felt a slight release and warm wetness starting to spread through her panties.

She couldn’t believe she was wetting her pants in front of all these people! No one could claim to have witnessed it before, but now Sarah, the tough girl at school, was blushing furiously with shame.

Still she pushed harder. A large dark spot forming on her jeans.

’Ga ga goo goo!’ She mumbled again before sticking her thumb in her mouth and sucking wildly, comically.

’Driver’s License,’ Susan’s voice came from above.

Then Sarah was back to normal. She was back to normal wearing a very wet pair of pants and sucking her thumb in front of everyone. She pulled the thumb out with an audible ’pop.’

Now almost everybody in the room was laughing. It was just the expression on her face that didn’t. That mortified expression of pure humiliation.

’Well Sarah, I’ve already called your Mom and let her know your new keywords. So I doubt she will have anymore problems with you. Oh, and I would suggest you start being a little nicer to your peers. Seeing as everyone at this party now knows your shameful little secret. You wouldn’t want them taking advantage of you, right?’

So it was that Sarah walked back into the crowd, cold bottomed and sunken faced.

* * *

Everyone knew there was going to be trouble when Susan started transforming her small stage area into a bathroom. The carpet around her became white tiles. Both a bathtub and a toilet sprouted up out of the ground. Both appeared to be fully functional.

’You, you, you, and you.’ Susan said flatly, pointing to each person in turn.

Randy was the first one she had indicated, and meekly he made his way up to the newly decorated stage. In his own setting he was a fairly popular guy. But tonight, with all the strange things going on, standing up in front of everyone, he didn’t feel very confident at all. Especially when he looked around at the other three people chosen. All eighteen year old buxom girls. They were all seniors in high school, and they were all taller than him. After all, he was only thirteen.

’Now Randy, I am going to ask you a few questions and I want you to answer honestly, alright?’

’Alright,’ Randy agreed and, feeling a tingling in his head, wondered if he even had a choice.

’Why don’t you tell everyone a little about yourself.’

He looked at Susan. She was smiling. Based on what he had seen already tonight, he doubted it was a good sign. ’Well, uh, okay. I’m a forward on my school’s basketball team and I--’

’Star forward,’ Susan corrected. ’Isn’t that right Randy?’

’Well ya, I guess you could say that.’

’In fact, I hear you are going to take your team all the way to the championship.’

’That’s what some people say,’ Randy agreed.

’The youngest and the shortest kid ever to play on the team. Regardless of your literal height, I bet you feel like a pretty big man.’

’Ya, I guess.’

Susan’s smiled faded into cold indifference. ’Do you ever beat up or pick on other kids at your school Randy?’

Randy tugged at the collar of his team jersey as if it had suddenly become too tight. ’Well, ya. Everybody does.’

’Everybody except the kids who get picked on,’ She clarified.

’Ya, I guess so.’

’Well Randy, I just happened to invite some of the kids you have delighted in tormenting during the last year to this party. Boys, could you move up to the front please?’

Some shuffling in the crowd, and then four scrawny boys, one by one popped up out of the crowd to get a close up view. Randy recognized all ofthem. In all cases he had at least tripped them, if not offering a good punch in the stomach. And humiliating all of them had become a daily ritual for both him and his friends. Now they were all staring at him, with little weasel grins beneath glasses or pimples.

’You know Randy, I think these boys would really enjoy seeing you put into a position where you didn’t feel so tough anymore.’

Randy could only frown and look worried.

’You men, you always like to act so big and macho. You always strut around women, try and act cool. Buy big guns, drive fast carries, read dirty magazines. It’s as if you don’t remember that it was a woman who used to wash that little wee wee of yours. So Randy, I think I am going to remind you. I’m going to let these three beautiful girls here give you a bath.’

Randy looked like he might be sick as he heard the three seniors giggle.

’Oh goodie!’ Said the blonde, clapping her hands together.

’Did our little man get himself all dirty, and now needs a bunch of girls to clean him up?’ Questioned the red head.

’Lift up your arms,’ Demanded the brunette.

He was nervous, he wanted to run. He doubted anyone would be able to catch up to him. But somehow all he could do was follow orders. He raised his hands high in the air.

’Ooo! Stinky armpits!’ Giggled the blonde as the brunette lifted his jersey up over his head.

’Oh, how cute. Our little man is just starting to get hair under there.’ Mocked the redhead as she reached under his arms and gave the few strands ofdark hair a playful tug.

’I wonder if his little pee pee has got any yet,’ The blonde pondered. Apparently, they intended to find out.

Two girls worked fast at getting his shoes and socks off. He had no shirt, and now he was standing there barefoot. It could only go downhill from there.

’Let’s take his pants off now!’ The blonde clapped gleefully.

’No!’ Randy finally shouted.

The three girls laughed.

’Oh, he’s shy. How adorable!’ Gushed the redhead as her long fingers and polished nails grasped the sides of his pants and yanked them down.

Lift this leg up honey, now that one cutey, that’s right. And then they were off and gone, thrown to some other giggling girl in the crowd. He had only his underwear left.

The brunette started the water running in the tub.

The brand name printed across the band of Randy’s white briefs was ’Big Man.’

Once again, the girls started laughing.

’Okay Big Man,’ Said the blonde mockingly. ’Lets get you out of those undies and into the tub.’

From behind, the redhead pants him. Randy just stood there with a stupid expression on his face. He was completely exposed. He felt cool air on his naked privates, on his bare backside. He also felt so many eyes. He wanted to just crawl into a hole and die.

One leg up, now the other. And then they had his underwear in hand.

’Ewww! Skidmarks!’ Cried the blonde.

Randy blushed painfully.

’Which one of you girls from Randy’s school wants Randy’s skidmark undies?’ Sang the redhead, waving them like a flag in the air.

Several girls raised their hands with still more giggles. Tammy, a girl he had stood up a week ago, jumped up and down and soon the white flag was tossed to her. She caught it beautifully, then brought it down for her and her friends to titter and whisper over.

Randy felt about two feet tall.

’Alright Big Man, into the tub.’

He eyed the brunette, his face pleading for some kind of mercy. He found none, and soon found himself climbing into the tub of hot water. It would have been pleasant enough if he weren’t in a room full of people. If he weren’t with these laughing, poking girls. He sat there uncomfortably, and almost instantly their hands were all over him.

All three of them, kneeling beside the tub like feeding vultures. Hands were everywhere. Long painted nails attached to long feminine fingers, soft girlish skin. Touching him, grabbing the soap, washing his feet, his legs, his penis.

’Oh, look at his cute little erection! I think the little boy likes playing with the big girls.’

Certainly, at thirteen, it was nothing to brag about.

’And look! He does have some pubic hair!... Just not very much.’

They giggled, they talked some more. Breasts were jutting in his face practically the entire time as they leaned over to reach even more private parts. They scrubbed him down like professionals, and he could only sit there while three sexy women gave him a bath just like he was a little kid again.

At some point he turned his head and saw the four boys he had picked on grinning madly up at him.

Susan noticed this. ’I bet you don’t feel like such a Big Man now, do you Randy? Maybe next time you’ll think twice before picking on the weak and less fortunate.’

Randy opened his mouth to speak, but found he couldn’t. He was silenced by shame. So somebody answered for him.

’Hey Susan, if you have such strong feelings about justice, why have you been torturing these innocent kids all night?’

The room was total silence.

Susan glared at the voice from the crowd. Her name was Monica Hunt. A senior at Susan’s high school, she was often found writing for the school newspaper or running for student council. The two girls had had run ins before, mostly because Monica just couldn’t keep her mouth shut when she saw something she thought was stupid. What she didn’t realize was that that was exactly what Susan had been counting on.

’So we have our first heckler I see,’ Susan answered her. ’But really Monica, don’t you have better things to do? I see Martin standing over there. Isn’t there something you have been dying to ask him all night?’

It was true. Martin worked on the paper with her as an editor, and Monica had been trying to work up the courage to ask him out on a date. Not just tonight, but for months now. She was great in the public spotlight, but terrible at managing a private life. But how did that bitch Susan know?

It didn’t matter. It appeared that tonight was the night. Monica’s legs were filled with purpose. She was going to walk right up to him and ask him out. She moved through the crowd, crossed the distance, and saw his face both surprised and expectant as she approached.

’Martin,’ She stated clearly.

’Yes?’ A hint of a smile formed on his lips. The chemistry was right.

’There’s something I’ve wanted to ask you for a long time,’ This was it!


’Will you help me go to the bathroom?’

Both teen faces turned into shocked and confused frowns.


She was red in the face now, but still she continued. ’I have to go real bad, and I need help. I can’t go by myself.’ As if to emphasize her point she put her hands over her crotch, crossed her legs, and swayed back and forth impatiently.

Martin looked left, then right. ’Well uh...ya...okay...I guess so.’

Then, as so many teens before them, they were on their way up to the stage.

Randy was still in the bathtub, being washed and tormented by the older girls. Still, he was glad to have some of the attention taken away from him. Both the toilet and Susan loomed before them.

’Having some troubles Monica dear?’

Monica couldn’t even look her in the eye now. It pleased Susan a great deal.

Martin just stood there looking helpless as he glanced from Monica to the toilet, from the toilet to Monica.

’Please hurry Martin!’ Monica whined. ’I have to go so, so bad and I don’t remember how to do it anymore!’ Her feet her dancing up and down on the tiled floor.

’Well...uh...okay, if you’re sure,’ He said, flustered. Then, fumbling with her skirt with hands that seemed ten times bigger than usual, he clumsily yanked down, bringing her underwear with it.

She stood there, waist down naked in front of everyone.

More laughter. Some of it belonging to those who found Martin’s nervousness amusing, others who didn’t particularly like Monica and thought her current situation to be quite funny.

’Er...I mean, give me a minute.’ He fumbled with the top of the toilet and finally got it up.

She quickly plopped down on the seat. It felt cold and hard against her backside, making her even more uncomfortable. She was sitting on the toilet, skirt around her ankles, in front of countless people. It was so embarrassing.

Then there was a long...shrill...whine. A cheek burning bodily noise that slowly built up and strength and then released as a loud explosive fart as she relieved herself.

Now the laughter was immense.

She would have preferred to just keep it all in there. But she couldn’t help herself, and so she kept going. It was a day Monica Hunt would never forget. The day she sat there farting, over and over, in front of everyone. Farting and grunting and squirming to get it out, over and over, in front of Martin, her high school crush.

The worst of it ended like it had begun, as a low whine with a few additional plops for good measure. Then she just sat there red faced with the faint sound of trickling water beneath her as she finished.

Martin was waving his hand to clear the air. Monica thought she might cry.

He noticed this, and stopped. ’Er..uh...okay. All done?’

He started to walk away.

’Mike?’ She stopped him.

He turned.

She couldn’t look at him. ’I need help wiping.’


’Oh...uh...well...okay,’ He made the long walk of five steps back over to her.

Roll, roll, roll. The sound of bunching toilet paper.

’Isn’t that a little much?’ Susan commented. ’You wouldn’t want to clog the toilet would you? Now that would be embarrassing.’

’Oh...uh...ya,’ He tore off a few squares.

Monica only stared at him in ignorance.

’Oh uh okay....uh...lift up your um...cheek.’

More laughter.

She did so. He reached beneath her, wiped once, twice, three times, then four. It felt so strange to have someone else wiping her butt! She thought she would die of shame. After the fifth wipe, he proclaimed that she was done.

’Mike, don’t forget to dry her off,’ Susan again.

’What?’ Then he noticed her private region. The area he had tried to avoid staring at. ’Oh uh...’ Then quickly he padded her with some more tissue.

That’s when he noticed she wasn’t eighteen anymore. She had been when he had started, but when he looked back up, she was four years old. What she was still wearing of her clothes no longer all. They hung on her, drowned her. There just wasn’t much left to cover. She looked so young and (glancing back downwards) innocent. She also appeared quite scared. She obviously knew what had happened to her, but not how to react. So she started to cry.

Judging from the fits of laughter coming from the direction of the bathtub, Martin assumed the same thing had happened to Randy as well.

* * *

When Michelle heard her and Amy called up to the stage she knew that Susan’s little she must be drawing to a conclusion. Of course, that didn’t stop her from worrying. Not by a long shot.

She led Amy by the hand through the crowd. The girl still wobbled on unfamiliar legs and currently had her free thumb placed firmly in her mouth. It was ironic, Michelle thought, that the girl with the mind of a two year old should end up with such big breasts, while to call Michelle flat as a board would be kind.

They stood in front of Susan. The bathroom was gone, the living room returned to its original state. The eighteen year old looking them over with amusement. Michelle too noticed the madness in the teen’s eyes. What to say to a girl like that? How do you reason with her?

’Don’t worry yourself so much Michelle, I’m not such a mean person.’

Everyone in the room doubted that statement very much.

’It’s just that I have been thinking about the two of you all night. Something just isn’t right. Like an unfinished masterpiece.’

Michelle felt a sudden sinking in her stomach. A dizziness, a fit of confusion.

’And then I realized what it was.’

Her world was a sudden blur. Twisting, flailing, spinning. And all the while growing much, much larger. Michelle felt her limbs shrinking, saw the room grow huge around her. She was pudgy, weak. Then with a jerk it all stopped.

And she was two years old. Her right arm in the air, her hand grasping the hand of her now much larger friend. Amy towered over her. They both stared at each other.

’Behold my genius!’ Susan screamed. ’Such art! Such beauty! Two girls. Two yes, two is very important. For one is the mind of a two year old trapped in a sixteen year old body. The other? The mind of a sixteen year old trapped in the body of a two year old! What a perfect match they make. And both of them having a great need for diapers.’

Michelle realized the truth of that last statement as she lost control and started wetting herself. It wasn’t that she didn’t know how to hold it, it was that her muscles were too weak, too foreign to control at the moment. So she just stood there peeing in her diaper. Her date with Todd was definitely out of the question. She noticed him watching from the audience. She had managed to steer clear of him for most of the not, after she had realized he was here, but now there wasn’t much she could do about it.

Susan was standing over her. Of course she was smiling. ’Well Michelle, I’ve waited all night to change your diaper, and now that you’ve had a little accident, I suppose now is the time.’

Michelle thought she might try to run. Run? She could hardly walk on her tiny legs. Susan reached for her. Then everyone stopped, quieted, and looked at the door.

And the sound of a key turning in the lock...

* * *

Mr. Picket fumbled with the lock drunkenly while holding his wife up with his free hand, who was in a much worse condition than he. He could already tell that something was not right. Cars parked up and down their street, and for the most part, not the expensive kind. All the lights were on, and he could see the heads of teenagers through some of the windows. Just then, music began to pump out a hip beat from inside. Yes, he knew something wasn’t right. But he had no idea the extent of it...

He got inside. Most of the kids were dancing, most were ignoring him. His wife waved her hand in the air unsteadily and gave out a loud ’Wooooo!’ before slumping back in his arms. She obviously didn’t even realize they had left the party they had just been at.

Susan appeared suddenly out of the crowd. Almost like magic, he thought.

’I’m sooo sorry Mr. Picket! I just invited a few friends over and then they invited some people over and then they invited even more people over and it just got so out of hand,’ She looked frightened, like she might cry. ’You’re not mad at me are you Mr. Picket? I just don’t know what I would do with myself if I ever thought you were mad at me!’

Her large breasts were practically pressed up against his face. He stared down open mouthed at them, the liquor he had ingested earlier buzzing pleasantly in his head. ’Uh, no, no Susan. No, of course I’m not mad at you. But uh, I do think we need to have a little talk.’

’Alright,’ She answered sadly, lowering her head.

Mr. Picket found a couch amidst the partying teenagers and laid his wife down on it. She won’t wake up until morning, he thought as he led Susan upstairs. As he led her to his bedroom.

They walked in. He flipped on the light and shut the door behind him. Susan looked nervous as he stumbled over and sat on the bed. His hand patted the spot next to him. ’Have a seat,’ He offered pleasantly.

’Well, alright.’ She sat. He moved in closer. ’Mr. Picket, I’m so sorry! I never thought that-’

’Call me Jim,’ He smiled at her.

’Well, alright...Jim.’

She was so sweet, so innocent, he thought to himself. Just look at her! She’s quivering! Probably never had a dirty thought in her entire life. His pants stirred. And so, so easy to take. Her feeling so vulnerable at the moment. Her knowing he could get her into major trouble.

’You know Susan, you have been a very bad girl,’ He placed his hand on her thigh.

She jerked away.

He scowled. ’One would think that a bad girl such as yourself would want to make lots of friends. Friends that could keep her out of trouble.’

She frowned, and scooted back towards him. Her eyes staring down in shame. His hand returned to its position on her thigh. Then he leaned forward and kissed her. The smell of alcohol strong on his lips.

She pulled away again. ’Mr. Picket, I don’t think we should be doing this.’

’Just relax,’ He urged, placing his hand on her breast and softly squeezing. ’And call me Jim.’

She didn’t have a chance to. He was already leaning in and kissing her again. She felt his tongue in her mouth. Then she seemed to reluctantly give in, and started kissing him back.

He moved fast after that. Pulled off his clothes before she could change her mind. Pulled down her skirt and panties before he could sober up and change his mind.

Her pussy was a sight to be seen! Her young naked legs spread out waiting for him. Her body still shaking nervously. And he completely nude. His middle-aged body not looking its best in the light, but it didn’t matter, she was putty in his hands!

He pulled her all the way up onto the bed. He squeezed both her breasts through her top, harder this time. He laid down on top of her, squeezed her breasts some more, then began to thrust his hips forward.

Something was wrong. He didn’t feel anything. It didn’t even feel like he was entering her. Was it the alcohol? He pumped harder, faster, still nothing.

Susan began to giggle. ’It tickles!’ She complained.

Mr. Picket pulled back, looked down. Everything appeared normal, except in the most important region. Between hairy legs there was no hair. All his pubic hair was gone. Bald as the day he was born. What was worse was his penis. It wasn’t there either. Or rather, something was there. Something that might have been a half an inch long. A little baby’s penis, he thought. Hanging off the forty-six year old man, and dangling pathetically in the light ofthe room.

Susan giggled again. ’Are they all so small?’ She questioned.

’No!’ Mr. Picket shouted. He was suddenly feeling quite sober. ’No! This isn’t mine!’

’Can I play with it?’ Susan grinned as she reached out, held it between finger and thumb (that’s all it needed), and wiggled it.

’Stop it!’

’But it’s sooo cute! You look just like a little baby down there. I thought they were supposed to get bigger after puberty...’

’They are! Now leave me alone!’ He was up, off the bed. Standing there in front of her, nude, only made his tiny prick look even more pathetic.

’What? You don’t want to fuck me anymore? You aren’t feeling like such a big man now with such a small, small thing? No, I guess you wouldn’t. How can anyone feel like a man with a penis that small? I bet you are starting to feel like a little baby aren’t you Mr. Picket, Jim, Jimmy?’

He did! He did just feel like a little baby standing in front of her. He didn’t like it. Not one bit. ’Stop it! Please!’

’Oh, now you are asking for mercy? You didn’t seem so inclined to give it when I was the one asking you to stop. So, no. I think you still feel like just a little baby, an infant. Your mind is going back isn’t it Jimmy? Back to when you were just a little baby.’

He couldn’t stand up anymore. He got down on his hands and knees, then even that was too much. He fell over, curled into a fetal position. His hairy ass facing her, he looked ridiculous. He heard her laughing. What was happening to him? He began to wet all over himself, all over the carpet. He started to cry. He stuck his thumb in his mouth. He continued to cry. He just felt like such a baby, he was such a big baby, and he knew that was all he was ever going to be. A big, big baby, with a little tiny pee pee.

Susan was rolling around on the bed, struck by fits of laughter. Not just for Mr. Picket over there, but for the entire night. She remembered everything she had done. She saw so many blushing faces, faces of humiliation. They were glorious! So she laughed, she banged her fists on the mattress, she howled with delight.

Then the bedroom door flung open. ’Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?!’

Susan looked suddenly up to the figure standing in the doorway. Her mouth fell open with sudden shock, and she was only able to utter one simple, but ever so important word.


* * *

’May I have your attention please?’

The party downstairs wasn’t exactly how it appeared to be to Mr. Picket. Thanks to a simple illusion he had never noticed the bizarre scene that was the bottom floor of his home. Many had been affected by Susan’s powers. The embarrassment didn’t end with the show. They were stuck how she had left them. Wandering, or crawling around the party. Their friends trying to console them, their enemies trying to humiliate them further. It truly did look like a circus. And now all the freaks, the performers, the stars of Susan’s little show looked up, towards the voice.

Mrs. Clarice Smith stood on the stairs. Her daughter Susan, stood frowning behind her.

No one moved. No one commented, gasped, cheered, or cried. No one really knew what the appropriate response was...yet.

Mrs. Smith glided down the stairs and into the living room. Susan followed. All eyes were on the pair.

’Tonight,’ Mrs. Smith began, in a loud firm voice. ’Many of you have suffered terribly at the hands of my daughter’s powers. Many of you are still suffering because of them. I wish that I could tell you I could take it back, I could make you the way you were before. But my daughter was careless. She threw the powers of the universe around like an unwanted toy. She abused the magical centers of this room, and of all of you, beyond recognition. And, like so many knots, it can’t be undone, it could only be cut. So I can’t offer you your old lives back. I can’t even offer you peace ofmind. An evil act is never so simple. But I will offer you an age old justice. An eye for an eye. I will offer you vengeance!’

’Mother no!’ Susan screamed.

Despite her plea, Mrs. Smith could feel Susan throwing up every form of magical defense she knew of. It surrounded her, it protected her. It was this that Mrs. Smith answered, rather than her daughter’s words.

’Oh Susan, do you really think I need to use magic in order to humiliate you in front of all your friends?’

’W-what do you mean?’ Susan actually raised her hands, in anticipation of a physical attack. She was all nerves.

’Isn’t it obvious? I don’t need to change anything about you, because there is already something you should be deeply ashamed of. A secret I am now going to expose.’

’What secret?!’ Susan fumed. She was angry. She didn’t like these games. She didn’t like not being in control.

’Well, just look around you. Look at your choice of spells for the evening. Not much variety, is there Susan? I think it is apparent to everyone what your little secret is.’

In the back of her mind, in the darkest, most private of places, Susan felt the slightest of tingles. She had put up every magic defense she knew, yes. But as it turned out, Susan didn’t know them all. Her Mom had gotten in somehow. She had just changed something in her mind! But what?! Susan felt panic gnaw at her. What had she done to her?!

’I think it is time you came out of the closet to all your friends Susan. I think it’s about time you admitted your perversion.’

’I don’t know what you’re talking about!’ Susan insisted. And she didn’t. What had her Mom done to her? Obviously something. But she didn’t feel different at all. Where was the change?

’Well Susan, if you are going to be so stubborn about it I think I may just have to put you over my knee and give you a good spanking. Just like I used to when you were a little girl.’

Then Susan felt different. A sudden rush, an intake of thick breath, undeniable sexual excitement at just the thought of it. Her Mother spanking her, in front of all these people, just like a little girl. It was all she could do not to touch herself, play with herself, just thinking about it.

That was it, she realized. That is what her Mother had done. Gone in and changed her libido at the most basic levels. In other words, her Mom had just turned her into a total pervert.

’The silent treatment huh? Well young lady, we will see how uncooperative you are when you are rubbing a sore bottom!’ She took a chair, she sat. ’Down over my lap. Now!’

Hearing those words Susan felt so horny she almost wasn’t able to stand up. She wanted to not just walk over to her Mother, but run! But she could feel the eyes of her audience upon her. All her little clowns. She turned slowly and looked at them. Their faces were wide. They wanted to see what she was going to do. How quickly, she knew, could those faces turn into amusement. Her toys, the things she had had so much power over. She couldn’t do this in front of them! It would be pure and total humiliation. But some how, that turned her on even more.

She took one shaky step forward. There was a gasp from the crowd. Still she continued. Slowly she walked, her head lowered with shame. There was no spell making her feet move, everyone knew that Susan was doing this all on her own. Walking over to her Mother to be spanked, all on her own.

Then she was there. She looked down at her Mother for help...and saw only cold cruel eyes. Eyes that many kids in the room had already seen that night, on another face.

’It’s your choice Susan,’ Her Mom stated curtly. ’Do you want me to spank you?’

Susan’s only answer was to lean forward over her Mother’s lap.

Her skirt was lifted, her legs trembled. She felt the first slap against her panties. The second blow that shook her ass. The third, the forth, the fifth. Her Mother’s hand spanking her. Spanking her like a naughty little girl. Over and over. Her ass was on fire. It wasn’t the only thing. Susan began to moan. She just couldn’t help herself. It felt so good.

’I think she is getting off on it!’ She heard a boy’s voice.

Her Mom decided to answer him. She stopped momentarily and stuck her hand down Susan’s panties. Susan could feel those long fingers on her ass, then traveling further down. ’Well, my daughter is wet,’ Mrs. Smith announced. ’But I don’t think it’s urine.’

Now there was laughter. That horrible mean laughter that Susan had once delighted in so much. Now it burned her skin, made her stomach wrench. She turned her head to the side, hoping that a glance from her might scare them back into silence. What she saw seemed familiar. Then she realized what it was.

A smirk. Her smirk. Hundreds of her smirks from tonight all gathered up and now reflected back at her by a hundred teenage faces.

’No more...please!’ She croaked, her voiced teary with lust.

’Yes, this is getting a little tedious isn’t it? Maybe I should try spanking your bare bottom. Think about it. Your panties around your ankles, on the floor. Your naughty little backside exposed for all to see as I spank it over...and over...and over.’

Susan shuttered.

’Yes, you’d like that wouldn’t you Susan?’

No answer.

’Ask me to Susan. Ask me to spank your little bare bottom. Ask me, or I want do it.’

’Please,’ Susan whispered.

’Please what?’

’Please...spank my little bare bottom.’ Another whisper.

’Louder please.’

’PLEASE SPANK MY LITTLE BARE BOTTOM!’ Susan screamed in terrible lustful frustration.

Laughter. Sizzling, hideous laughter.

’Well, no need to shout,’ Her Mother replied, sounding irritated. Then she grabbed Susan’s panties and slowly, ever so slowly, pulled them down her legs.

Susan felt as first just a crack was exposed, then, like a curtain pulling to the side, her entire ass. She felt so many eyes upon it. She was blushing, and breathing very heavily.

Then her Mother started to spank her again. Began to spank her on her perfectly round naked rear. Jiggling. Her soft mature flesh was jiggling with each whack. Slap, slap, slap. Her cheeks already red, but growing even redder. Slap, slap, slap.

’Why Susan, you’re moaning like a common whore. Does getting spanked like a little girl really turn you on this much?’

’Mother...please...’ Susan gasped. She loved this. She loved it and hated herself for loving it. Didn’t want anyone to know that it turned her on so much. Didn’t want anyone to ever know.

’Call me Mommy Susan. Call me Mommy just like you used to when you were a little girl.’

’No!’ The shout was weak, and died in her throat.

’You know you want to Susan,’ Slap, slap, slap. ’Call me Mommy, just like a little girl. Call me Mommy or I’ll stop.’ Her arm stopped in mid spank.

It was almost painful not to receive that expected slap. She wanted it so much. Her ass wiggled absently back and forth, longing for more. ’Alright Mommy! I’m sorry Mommy!’ She said in her best little girl voice. And that turned her on even more.

’Very good,’ Slap, slap, slap. ’Now tell me you are a naughty little girl. Tell me you are deserve to have your naughty little bottom spanked,’ Slap, slap, slap.

This time there was no hesitation. Susan was screaming it. She shouted, she yelled it out to all the laughing faces. ’Mommy I’m such a naughty little girl! Please spank my naughty little bottom! I deserve it. I deserve to have my naughty little bottom spanked so much!’

It was then that Susan Smith experienced the greatest orgasm of her life, while laying half naked over her Mother’s lap. She was grunting and shaking and screaming things that were only half understood. Her body was in spasms. Her hips thrusting obscenely forward. All the while, all she felt was shame. She couldn’t believe her Mom was watching her have an orgasm! That the entire room of teenagers was sharing in such a personal experience. Or worse, that they had witnessed what had brought her to it.

Then signs of orgasm started to fade. Her body came back under control. But something was wrong, Susan realized with a start. The satisfaction, the usual calm, it wasn’t there. She was still hot, still very, very horny.

’No!’ Susan screamed. ’No! You can’t do this to me!’

’Susan honey, I’m only trying to help you come to grips with your sexual desires.’

’No! No! That’s not it! You gave them to me! You turned me into a total pervert!’

’Oh don’t be ridiculous!’ Mrs. Smith rolled her eyes. ’Honestly, kids today! Always trying to blame their parents for their problems. Now why don’t you get to your feet? My lap has gone practically numb. And for God’s sake, pull up your panties! There is still such a thing as female modesty you know.’

Watching Mrs. Smith work many in the crowd could see where Susan had picked up her special skills. She was certainly a master at work.

’There now, doesn’t it feel good to have a nice clean pair of panties back on?’ Her Mom asked after Susan had hiked her underwear back up and was straightening her skirt. ’I remember when you used to come home from kindergarten in wet panties almost every day because you were too ashamed to ask your teacher for help with your little problem. Do you remember that dear?’

Judging by the look of lust on her face, it was almost certain that she did.

’Why, you wet your panties so much as a kid I thought you almost enjoyed it! But that’s just plain silly. Who on Earth would enjoy peeing themselves?’

Susan let out a slight desperate moan. She didn’t want to do it. Not in front of all these people. But the thought turned her on so much. She was crying in frustration when she started to push, started to pee in her panties. She felt that first warm gush of humiliation, spreading, soaking her bottom, then leaking out, running down her legs. Everyone was laughing at her again. She kept pushing.

’My goodness!’ Exclaimed her mother after Susan had squeezed out the last drop. ’I guess I was right all along. You really do enjoy wetting yourself! Well, I am glad I could help you accept this dear, but if you think I am going back to doing wash everyday, you’ve got another think coming! I think it might be best if you just went back to wearing diapers.’

At that, Susan released one single solitary moan that was a mixture of blissful sexual pleasure and pure misery. Her body saying ’You feel this.’ Her mind answering ’I hate you for feeling this.’ The conflict was maddening.

But there were diapers. There were diapers laying all over this damn house now. And Susan walked over to the closest pair. She looked down at them, conveniently lying on the carpet for whichever guest might need them. She never thought it would be her. But she did need them. Her body told her so in lustful fits. She needed them more than anything else in her life. So she looked at them, she looked at her grinning peers. Then, shamefully, she began to undress.

Everything had to go. Her shoes, her socks. Yes. Her skirt she slipped out of, her top she pulled off. She yanked, she tore, she removed. Then her underwear. First her bra, undo, her large white breasts springing into view. She saved her panties for last. Those already cold wet panties. They felt sooo good. She didn’t want to take them off. Then she looked at the diaper on the floor, and she did. She peeled them off, tossed them aside, then slapped her hands on her bottom which was also very cold and wet. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. So wet...just like a little girl.

Then she picked up the diapers, the pampers. She had made them all pampers, she just loved the name. Now they were for her, and she didn’t like it so much. So embarrassing. Her body longed for it.

All eyes were upon her. She stepped into them, pulled them tight, held them firm. She fastened them. A snug fit. Susan Smith standing there in disposable diapers and they were a nice snug fit. She squirmed around in them, listened to the crumpling noise, felt their thickness against her skin. Her toes curled with pleasure.

’Oh! And they look so cute on you too!’ Her Mom gushed. ’Now why don’t you parade around the room. Show off your new diapers to everyone?’

The suggestion was more than she could take. She started walked like a model. Turning this way, then that. Pushing out her ass for better viewing. Walking, strutting, her naked tits flopping wildly in the air.

’Yes, good. Now why don’t you put your thumb in your mouth. Just like a baby. You’d like that wouldn’t you Susan?’

Susan did like that. She started sucking as she walked, making a pouty face as people laughed, pointed. The thrill was unbelievable, as was the embarrassment. When she finished her rounds and got back to her Mother, she found that she couldn’t take her thumb out of her mouth. It just felt too good.

’It’s a shame,’ Mrs. Smith started in again. ’That you already relieved yourself in your panties, don’t you think Susan? Wouldn’t it be such a three if you could pee in your diaper? I bet you can hardly wait before you have to go again. It must be utter torture.’

Her Mom was right. She did want to pee in her diaper. The thought excited her to no end. How would she ever be able to wait until she had to go again? Then she realized...she didn’t have to. She was a witch! She didn’t have to. She could have anything she wanted. And right now she wanted a full bladder, a bladder pleading for release, a bladder that would never empty!

In her overzealous lust she cast a spell, and got what she wished for. She cried out in pain she had to go so bad, so suddenly. Instantly full, like it might explode. Then it did explode. She relaxed her muscle and began helplessly spraying streams of hot steaming urine into her diaper. She peed and peed, but there was never any relief. She just kept going, she had to keep going. Her diaper was soaked, and then it started to overflow, running down her legs. She was still sucking her thumb, but her free hand soon dived into the wet plastic and began rubbing frantically at her pussy.

She flushed at the laughter. The gut twisting laughter that now had kids rolling around on the floor with justified glee. She hated it. She hated as everyone watched her orgasm, then start to pee again, orgasm, then start to pee again. Over and over, soaking the carpet below her. It never seemed to end. She only got hornier and hornier. No release, no satisfaction.

She wanted more! Still more pleasure! She couldn’t stand it. She could do anything. Then the thought struck her. A very naughty thought. She had another orgasm. She was shrieking like a banshee in heat. Still, it could be better, she knew. She could have the real thing. No more pretend. Her mind was blinded by pure lust, and she cast the spell.

Susan heard herself start to cry. She had turned herself into a baby, an infant, only six months old. Lying on the wet floor, so small, and so very fragile. It was then that she realized her two big mistakes.

First, she was now too young to feel any sexual pleasure at all. And without that, she most certainly didn’t want to be a baby. Not at all!

Second, she was now six months old. Not eighteen. She no longer had access to her powers. She wouldn’t have access for another seventeen and a half years. She was trapped!

At least the urine spell had seemed to have faded. And with the wave of her Mom’s hand she was now in dry diapers. But...she was in dry diapers! She didn’t want to be in any diapers! She didn’t want to be a baby! She was so helpless! So scared again with everyone watching her, laughing at her most vulnerable state.

Her Mom picked her up. ’Susan, Susan. How easy it was. Of course our kinds won’t allow us to cast spells on other witches that prevent them from using their powers. But...if they do it to themselves.’ She threw her head back and laughed a light easy laugh.

Susan only cried harder.

* * *

’I can’t believe your carelessness!’ Her Mom scolded her as she lay silently in a crib in her room. ’Do you realize the work that goes into creating a new identity these days? Our whole family almost had to pack up and move because of your little stunt tonight! Luckily you kept a theme to your mayhem and the papers are calling it some scientific experiment involving age manipulation that went terribly wrong. Can you imagine? What some people will go through not to believe in magic... They’re blaming it all on poor Mr. Picket. Not that he is in any condition to be prosecuted now. Which, I guess, makes him the perfect ’scape goat.’

Susan was staring up at her Mom. Her eyes pleading.

Mrs. Smith shook her head. ’Oh no! You’ve proven to me that you’re not ready for the responsibility of magic. Or even the responsibility of being a teenager for that matter. No, I think a few years in diapers will do you some good.’

And with that Mrs. Smith clicked off the light and left the room.

Susan stared up at the ceiling. There wasn’t much else to do. Her diapers felt hot against her young tender skin. Time passed slowly. Minutes, hours. Then a small pudgy hand reached down into the white plastic and began to fish around.

Her short fingers probed private holes. Is it there, is it still there? Her tiny heart beat nervously in her chest. It was! She got hold of it, pulled it out with slight discomfort. Her Mom and the transformation had missed it.

And in the darkness she held it up and let it reflect in her eyes. An item, quite literally tucked away for emergencies. She stared at the perfect golden ring glittering in her fist, though there was no light source present. She looked at it and thought that perhaps this night just might see a little more magic. She thought this, and in that dim and lonely room, her childlike lips formed into a wicked smile.



End Chapter 1

The Hassles of Babysitting

by: TaintedSins | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 26, 2015


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