Fall of a kindom.

by: Sappyolhusky | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 5, 2016

An old idea gets a new execution. Longer and hopefully better edited than my other stories.

Chapter 1
The fall

Chapter Description: Whole... bloody, thing

You’d be surprised what can hide in places where minds go to shut down and bodies go to move. In KP city downtown there’s something no one can find unless it’s found them. An aristocracy of sorts at the best of times, and at worsts a violent gang war zone.

Of course it’d be hard to hide if anyone died; fortunately, no one involved is alive to begin with…

In the very center of downtown KP is a museum, built by wealthy investors over a century ago and for some reason, heavily guarded. The reason is it’s a stronghold for the rebels-some three. Johnny, the brains, Sebastian, the heavyweight, and Crimson, the looks.

The three, apparently holding better morals than those of the other vampires teamed up to defend one artifact from medieval times, the gauntlet of Zontuum.

The artifact is said to be able to undo the only constant in the vampire world, that is, you can never be a vampire twice, and you’ll always be loyal to your master. Vampires from natural hierarchies, with those who turned the victim being above the victim. Thus leaders form from vampires who no longer have a master.

Some vampires accept this fact and lead their minions, others, hung up on their master’s power and influence try to resurrect them. It’s well know that in the vampire world, it’s like master like minion, with very few exceptions and even then, fairly similar.


Johnny looked out to the thunderous clouds above the city, “Love a spot of rain” he said slinging his shotgun over his shoulder and walking towards two of Crimson’s minions.

“You two, look sharp! We’ve intercepted some comms from the other clans; someone is making a play tonight, so I don’t want anyone coming in! Especially a vampire.”

“Yeah yeah, we got it...” said one of the guards lamely.

“You may be Crimson’s bitches but you also take orders from me, understand?” Johnny said in aggravation.

The trio always had a bit of a rough time when it came to different leaders. Sebastian’s wouldn’t listen to Crimson, crimson’s wouldn’t listen to Johnny and Johnny’s were always up to date before either of the other two could tell them.

Johnny left to get out of the rain, putting his shotgun into his hands as if on a hunt. Once inside a petite figure walked towards the museum. She wore a bright yellow raincoat and some rubber boots and splashed in the water a bit before going to the stairs up.

The two guards saw her and calmly walked down towards her, “Oi, the museum is closed please leave this private property!” the second one said.

The woman turned to face them, a pacifier thumping softly in her mouth. She was one of the ‘Babypires’ that infested the same region of the city. Sure they had similar numbers, but no clan took them as a threat.

“Awww how cute, what are you doing here sweety?” the first guard asked.

Crimson was infamous in the three for being too lenient on the Babypires and therefore so were her minions, who made a sizable portion of the guards.

The woman pointed to the museum and made motions with her hands like she was painting, the two guards smiled at how cute she looked, “Alright sweetie you can go in and paint some things, be sure to come back and show us when it’s not so wet!”

With that the two guards opened on the doors in front and allowed the girl to walk in. The woman skipped over to the coat and shoe rack and deposited her raincoat and boots. Once done she grabbed her bag, filled with many things such as her diapers and her indoor shoes.

Most importantly inside was her faithful companion, a stuffed bat toy, she hugged it tightly to her chest; it filled her with memories of how she was turned and filled her with determination.


A newly widowed woman sat inside her house one night. She’d lost her husband to the war and now cared for other’s children while they were busy with other things.

A knock came to the door, at the time she had just finished knitting a stuffed animal, a bat to be specific, she’d been told that the new child, Rick liked bats for some reason. Rick’s parents only worked during the night as they said it was better for hunting.

The knock must have been the newlyweds and their new child the woman smiled preparing to gift the child his new friend. She opened the door and smiled at the two parents as they stood in the doorway.

“Hello hello, come in, I’ve got a gift for your little bundle of joy.” she said in a warm and inviting tone.

The two smiled to one another as they walked in, the child was in the woman’s arms, wide awake and holding on tightly. The woman tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention, and gave him his gift.

It was about the size of his torso and it’s wings spread out far and flopped around, “How wonderful, he loves it I’m sure!” The woman said with an infectious smile as she handed the child over to the caretaker.

“You can count on me!” The woman said taking him into her arms and holding him to her chest.

Just then, a sharp pain emanated from her neck, she tried to turn to see what had happened but couldn’t see that far down, “Oh look, he’s hungry, aww bless him.” the mother said.

The woman felt blood run down her neck and felt the child lick her neck, it was lapping up her blood, to the great happiness of the parents. The woman started to turn pale and the mother grabbed the child from her hands.

The woman fell to her bottom on the floor, as pieces of linen formed around her crotch. She looked up to the laughing parents confused and scared. Her clothes started to ebb and shred until she was just in the linen, she looked like the child only a fully grown woman, she felt her emotions scramble and started to cry.

The mother replaced the child onto the woman’s neck and let it lap up more blood and suddenly, a bit of a black cloth formed. The parents looked at it curiously as it puffed up and formed itself into a duplicate of the toy given to the child, only much bigger.

The woman hugged it like a child as she cried, only causing the two parents to laugh more and more.

The woman was taken into their manor that night and kept as a toy for the growing vampire, there she stayed until the manor was taken by templar’s, who confused her for a bewitched villager and left her alone.


There was no time to dwell on the past she had a job to do, she waddled through the halls at a slow speed. The gauntlet would be the most guarded so those places without a high amount of guards would be further away.

With this in mind she waddled, making sure not to get noticed. She came up to a crossroads, she didn’t see any guards down either path, she’d learned of the layout of the building but didn’t know where the gauntlet was hidden, it could be anywhere.

“Oi you there!” Came a voice.

The woman jumped and turned to see who’d spotted her. With great luck, it was Crimson herself, strutting through the hall with great ferocity. Just at the last moment as Crimson drew her gun the woman turned around, showing her pacifier.

Crimson holstered her gun and walked to the girl, “Sweetie we’re on high alert you can’t be here” She said patting the girl’s head.

The girl held up some drawing supplies, Crimson’s heart melted a bit at how cute the girl was and did something she’d regret, “Okay sweetie, but we’re in high alert right now, so turn left down that hall and go see the dinosaur’s mmkay?”

The girl nodded as Crimson started to walk the other direction. The woman waited a bit then ducked to the right, as expected there were many vampires of the three rebels guarding the area.

She circled around a bit, careful not to let anyone see her, they formed a circle around what they were guarding, clearly that’s what this was, she got down on all fours and rummaged through her diaper bag.

Johnny just gave the word to Sebastian to do the unexpected shift that was part of their guarding strategy when they knew a play was going down. He walked near the case, holding the legendary gauntlet.

Right as he moved his favored shotgun over his arm, a small orb came rolling up to his foot, “Huh?”

The orb exploded with a burst of some off smelling smoke, “What the-” he sniffed, and felt his nose flare up in sheer pain, “Garlic grenade!” he said in realization.

He slung his shotgun over and into his hands, “Open fire!” he shouted as all the troops turned outward and let out a hailstorm of bullets.

The woman had no problem with crawling under all the gunfire, had it been any other vampire they’d be dead due to the weakening from the garlic smoke bomb. The troops moved around and tried their best to find the assailants.

The woman crawled around, making sure not to be caught in their legs. She kept crawling as panic spread through the vampire horde protecting the case. She soon got to said case and grabbed a glass breaker from her diaper bag.

The slight sound didn’t seem to faze the guards and the woman wrapped the gauntlet in a diaper before depositing it back into her bag and crawling off. There was a flurry of gunshots and radio calls as the gas cloud surrounded the entire area they were guarding.

The woman slipped away and started to waddle away. Not long after Crimson ran alongside her, “Sweetie! I told you not to go over here!” she said looking the girl over for any grazes or bullet wounds.

The woman kept her pacifier in and looked at the woman with wide curious eyes as Crimson looked down to the diaper bag, she opened it up, sure enough just diapers, “Get out quickly darling, there’s trouble here!” she said as she ran to the area.

The woman returned to her coat put it on and walked outside. Meanwhile back at the area, the smoke cleared and the three rebels were face to face with a massive problem.

“They did it...”

“The gauntlet, they stole it…”

“Alert the clans” Johnny said as he walked away from the scene.

“Hold up!” Crimson said as she followed after him.

“We hate the clans!” she said, wondering why Johnny was acting this way.

“We told them we’d keep chaos out of their hands, and we’ve failed, go tell them that the gauntlet of Zontuum has been taken, they have the right to know they need to defend themselves...”

Johnny walked off as Crimson was just left to look at Sebastian and the speckling of minions.


In a bar in deep downtown two beings sat down at a bar, they got the bartenders to serve them the highest alcohol content drinks on the menu and clinked their glasses. One was a rather business formal looking woman, while the other was a man who could only have his dress described as abstract art.

“Alright he’s the deal, you and I have together, about a quarter of the vampires in the city yeah?”

“Quite, why do you bring it up?”

“I’m thinking that that’s a lot of heat for a play!”

The woman scoffed as she waved over some other woman, this woman, also pale like the rest of them wore quite the interesting garb, it was something like a teenager would wear, showing lots of skin, but was also plated with bronze plates along with some bronze gauntlets.

She was Kendra, who was known as the second in line what for the woman currently in front of the man owned. She had a modified halberd with her also forged in bronze and put it close to the man’s neck.

“Now now hear me out darling, this isn’t just a con or just any play for some turf, it’s for THE gauntlet.”

“You’re joking right?” Kendra said, backing off a bit.

The man turned to her, “I beg your pardon lass, I know you’re big but shouldn’t you not be questioning a-”

“The gauntlet has been taken, I had thought you had it and were going to offer it to me or attack me to form that alliance you’ve been trying at so long.”

Galvin took off his Technicolor glasses and looked the two women in the eyes. He pulled out his phone, sure enough, a text from Crimson herself with the subject line of, ‘Warning’

“Shit!” he said with a morbid expression.

The two women got up to leave as the man looked baffled, even more than his clothes would baffle anyone with sense, luckily at a bar in the middle of the night not many of people with it were there.

The two girls made their way into a limo and went back to their manner, “So the rat doesn’t have it, that marks him off the list, but who realistically could have done that?” Kendra asked.

“I don’t know, but what I do know is that I want some spa treatment, so get the guards rallied up and take point.”

Once at their manor the woman walked into her home as Kendra did as she was told. The woman walked towards her spa room and informed her servants that she wanted a treatment. The usual showed up and she decided to go with her old favorite, a young woman that had good dexterity.

She walked into the bathroom and disrobed, and found the bath filled with bubbles, “Who dares use my facilities?” the woman shouted, expecting one of the rare rebellious minions.

As she did so she heard something, a crinkling sound from her servant, her servant smiled and looked away as she turned still. The woman turned around and walked up to her servant and pushed her backwards a bit, there was another crinkling.

The woman looked confused, unsure where the sound was coming from, knowing nothing about diapers and other things. As she looked at her servant’s face a figure rose from the bubbles, a gauntlet and diaper being the only things on it.


Kendra looked to the timepiece held aloft by the center of the manor, two hours before sunrise; any vampire that didn’t go inside at this time was a fool. She hollered to her minions and those of other first bites under her master to get inside.

Kendra stepped into the corridor to her own quarters when she saw her mistress ran towards her within her bathrobe, “Kendra! Come quickly!” she hollered.

Kendra charged to her mistress’s side and followed her into her quarters. Inside was almost unnaturally dark even for a vampire’s quarters. She stepped cautiously behind her mistress as her mistress turned to face her.

“Kendra I’m so glad I found you...” She said as she undid her robe’s ropes.

“What is going on mistress, what do you need?” Kendra asked, with legitimate concern.

Kendra’s mistress opened her robe revealing a disposable diaper, “I needa tangie!” her mistress said flopping down onto her bed.

Kendra’s eyes went wide as she gazed upon her master, the woman of such respect and dignity now lay before her almost naked, wearing a soiled infant’s garment. It sickened her as she heard some giggling from behind her. A figure she’d seen before walked out from the darkness, there on her arm was the gauntlet resting on her diaper.

“Who’s the real vampire now?”

Kendra jolted up and grabbed her halberd, “Ut-ut-ut! She needs a change, go change her.” The woman said.

Kendra felt the same compulsion to follow the order as she would have if told by her mistress. She turned to her mistress and kneeled down to get a better angle. She ripped off the tapes as the woman offered her some wipes, she felt disgusted and more than anything thing else, she was furious.

With the last tape done up she reached for her halberd once more, “I swear to you I’ll-”

“Feed me.”

“I beg your-”

“That’s an order, neck, here now!” The woman said pointing to her mouth.

Kendra had no way to resist the call of a higher vampire, even if that vampire was illegitimately there. She surrendered her neck to the girl.


Galvin threw open the doors to his gathering area, and moved his shades up, “Bad news, my plan to get blondy and blonde in bed has taken a bit of a setback...”

Many of the vampires doing many different entertainment activities sighed as a few of his first bites, which were all women swung or walked over, “That’s totally sucks G-dog! Now how’ll you do it?”

“Never fear my dears; I think I can think myself out of this!” He said as he walked up to some of the second bite men that were having some fun.

“The gauntlet was taken, and no one knows by whom, details are...” He said before starting to read the text.

“Garlic grenade… risky move, hail storm of bullets, my favorite sex position… and that’s it!”

“A garlic grenade? That’s gnarly, who would have done that?” one of the guys asked trying to be cool.

“And master we all know that they couldn’t of come from the ventilation due to the Jamal incident!” said Galvin’s second hand gal.

“That guy is still shaped like a tube...” said a fifth bite in the corner.

“Right, so who do we know who’d have the balls to face that kind of gunfire?” the head asked.

There was a bit of silence, no one could really think of anything.

“How about the Babypires?” asked a random guy way in back.

“The Babypires? They aren’t even real vampires how would they-”

“Shush! No no that’s good that’s good! Who do we know who can stand up to that gunfire?” The head interrupted.

“Bloody no one!” the same guy who raised the objection said.

“Exactly!” Galvin said as he pointed, “And we, don’t know, the Babypires!”

He started to pace back and forth with his right hand girl, “It even makes since, no vampire would dare crawl, it’d ruin clothes, reputation! But they crawl all the time! Under gunfire!”

“But what about the shot guns?” a girl asked excitedly.

“There are only two shotguns there, little johnnies, and Sebastian’s, neither of which would fire not knowing where they were shooting!” Galvin was going crazy now, as if he’d just taken some form of speed.

“That must be it! All the taking out the improbable stuff like Sherlock! Oh we got to go tell Blondy!”

Galvin rushed out with his right hand and got into his very expensive and almost excessively customized car and shredded rubber to get to the estate of Kendra and her mistress. It was almost day break so he drove fast and loose until he was at the estate’s overhang. There he was a least safe.

The two got out and walked up towards the door and knocked. A door answering vampire answered, Galvin was pleased, no need to explain to Kendra why she shouldn’t throw him into the sunlight.

“Hello beautiful, I’m here to strike a deal with your mistress, May I come in?” He asked.

The woman saw no problem with someone coming in now; her mistress wanted nothing more than for the heads of clans to present themselves. The two got in and walked around.

“Right let’s go find her bedroom, maybe she’ll do it once before and forever after!” Galvin whispered.

The girl was giddy with excitement as she walked ahead of him towards the bedrooms. Galvin was a vampire born of sin and forever devoted to sin, owner of many of the casinos and brothels of the area, and often he ended up broke due to his bad habits. This meant that his missions in life were often to piss off or simply have sex with heads of other clans.

The two arrived at Kendra’s quarters as the sun fully rose in the sky, both a bit tired they opened the door. Inside was Kendra and her former mistress sleeping soundly in a spooning fashion, both had some sleepers and thick diaper bulges, but Kendra had pigtails.

“Oh shit… ” The girl said in a bummed out tone.

“Their here… we were right, and they are here...” Galvin said backing away as though afraid.

The girl turned to her master fearful to see what to do, “This is… Excellent!” Her master said.

He walked up and put his hands on her shoulders, “Taking candy from a baby! It’s literally the expression!” He said grabbing her and walking towards the quarters that used to belong to the former mistress of the house.

The two tip toed inside, there was no one on the bed, Galvin started to scratch his head as the girl walked a bit further in. She pointed behind the bed. There the sleeping form of the leader of the Babypires lay, her gauntlet on her arm. Galvin smiled and kneeled towards her.

A little force slipped the gauntlet right off and he put it onto his own arm, “Oh yes, this is perfect!” He said as he lifted the girl up so he may feed.

He sunk his teeth into her neck and started to lap up the blood, the thrill of a good bite had so long ago eluded him, he chuckled a bit feeling the good times come again. His right hand smiled, waiting to see what this girl would look like when her master made her nice and sexy.

The girl Shifted around, unphased by the sudden bite, she moved her hand into her diaper bag and turned to get a good shot at his neck. The girl gasped as the one being bit suddenly bit her attacker, this was definitely not something someone getting turned into the minion of another would do.

Galvin slowly let go with his teeth and looked to where the woman’s hand was. The actual gauntlet was there inside a diaper, now on her hand. His clothes slowly collapsed inwards, forming into much more sensible and comfortable structures. His usually in charge and not caring face gave way to a sad looking boy’s.

The second hand started to run, but the door locked behind them as they entered. She had to bash her way out as her master was let go to cry into his little toy.

“Guards!” The woman cried out as the girl broke the door open. Several medieval clad women ran towards and grabbed her.

“Hold her still” The girl said walking towards the girl.

The girl’s master was crawling behind the woman as she smiled towards the girl, “Don’t move.” she said, now having power over her.

The woman walked up pet the girl’s head slightly and moved in with her fangs. The girl made a few scared noises as the fangs went into her neck; Vampires don’t have pulses, so to actually get some blood they have to suck on a vampire. The woman started to suck some blood from the girl and her transformation started.

Two ribbons sprouted in her hair and wrapped around, making two pigtails out the side of her head as her clothing, that was about one quarter as crazy as her master’s was started to form into a bit of a gothic dress; Her panties, which were always thin if not non-existent thickened up to form a thick diaper.

As the woman started to get tired of sucking a pacifier on a purple ribbon snaked it’s way through the air and into the girl’s mouth. Finally her very own toy started to grow in her arms. The girl hugged it as the woman stepped back to see her work.

She squealed when she saw the girl, “Awww look how cute you are!” She said hugging the girl close.

“Okay you can come sleep with me tonight… guards go put him with the other two in their crib!”

The guards did as they were told, and quickly added a third spoon into the crib, who eagerly accepted his role and fell asleep with his former targets. As for the girl she respectfully followed her new mistress. The woman sat back down on her blanket and moved her dress.

“You must be hungry, drink as much as you want!” She said leading the girl to her breast.

The girl bared her fangs and bit the woman, the woman though didn’t get mad, it was as though she expected this. The rest of it was that of a regular breast feeding. The woman pet the girl’s head and held her close; The girl pulled in close and suckled contently while holding her stuffie.

The girl drowsily unlatched and hugged her stuffie to her chest. The woman grabbed her own, and the two fell asleep together.


Sat around a lovely and well crafted tea table were three high status vampires. Mekala, Dameira, and last but certainly not least was Jane. The three were knows as a power trio in the vampire aristocracy, with their armies combined they managed to suppress activities of others over a log range of the city.

They essentially created the fashion industry in the city as well and the land they covered is even referred to by the suburban folk as the posh place of the city. On this particular night they were having a bit of a chat around their tea table.

“They didn’t even see it coming darling!” Jane said going off on one of her recruitment stories.

“I asked them if they’d want to come to my private chambers for the autograph.”

“Oh Jane were always such the tease.” Mekala said with a giggle.

Just before she could continue with her story a maid of the manor approached its master, “Miss Dameria, there is something that requires your attention.”

Dameria tended to have a close grip on who was serving her, but some vampires couldn’t help but feed. She got up and excused herself from her two equals and walked with the maid to see what she needed to fix.

This new bite seemed far too cheery to be hers Dameria suspected that she may be a rebel, but that really didn’t matter with how far down the chain she’d be. The girl led her to an empty bedroom it was well cleaned and didn’t have the slightest indication of a problem.

“Servant, why have you brought me here?”

“There is a problem you need to fix.”

“I see no problem with this room!”

The maid reached under her skirt and grabbed something as she walked towards the taller vampire.

“The problem isn’t with the room.” she said as she jumped in and sunk her fangs into the woman.

“It’s that you’re not a Babypire… yet!”

Dameria could hardly manage a gasp as the maid, or rather the Babypire that had the gauntlet of Zontumm suckled away. Her clothes changed rather quickly, her designer thong expanded to cover her bum fully and crinkled out into a soft diaper with some adorable designs. Her Designer clothes that she’d made popular were receding and chose one colour to become an onesie.

Dameria’s legs grew shaky and the two slowly lowered to the ground. From there she felt something growing from her chest, a large bat shaped plush formed and she hugged it like a long lost friend. Finally a pink pacifier formed in the newly made Babypirer’s mouth and she suckled it happily.

The woman smiled as she checked her new minions diaper, “Now for the-”

“Oh shit!” A minion from elsewhere said as they started to move away.

The woman whipped to see what was going on, it was clearly not one of Dameria’s minions, she had to give chase before someone got word. The two were barreling down the hallway that was meant to just be out of earshot of the tea area so the woman didn’t have much time.

Luckily for her the girl tripped on some loose rugs and fell to her face. The woman quickly covered the vampire’s mouth and dragged her away as she bit down. Only the saving grace that the two guest chairs faced away from this hallway saved her as the new girl squirmed in her new diapers.

The woman got back to the room and set the new girl down, “I’m a first bite now?” she asked feeling her new clothes.

“Yes...” The woman said sighing.

The girl seemed ecstatic at this news, it was very rare that someone so far down would become even a level above, let alone ten or whatever the girl was down to.

“Now if you wouldn’t mind changing and then playing with your equal, I need to go get the others...”

The girl looked to Dameria; she was adorable now, even with the clearly messy diaper. The girl revealed in the fact that she was now on the same footing as one of the big three that’d been in charge of her after life. This made for a gleeful diaper changing session.

The woman stored the gauntlet back in the back side of her dress and walked back to the trio’s tea table. The two seemed to be waiting for their friend to return before they returned to their stories.

“Mistress Makala, Mistress Dameria wishes to speak with you privately.” She said with a bow.

The woman got up and walked over to the woman and tapped her foot impatiently as if to indicate she wouldn’t go through the trouble of finding the area her friend was at. The woman smiled as she led Makala off to where her friend was currently playing makes believe with Makala’s former minion

Makala eyed the woman with a bit of curiosity; she was sure this girl made more sense as Jane’s minion than Dameria’s.

“So, are you afraid that you might be bumped one or more spots if your master was hit by the bastard who stole the gauntlet?”

“I live to serve my mistress or master, it doesn’t matter.” The woman said without skipping a beat.

The answer seemed to appease the higher vampire as she got to the door. She opened it, not wanting to wait for the minion to open it. Makala walked in, not seeing much, but two head tops behind the bed in the room.

She walked forward to get a better look but not before two sharp fangs made their way into her neck. Makala was a fighter though and thrashed around trying to get the fangs out of her. The woman was nearly thrown off but as she lapped up the blood she managed to suck out Makala was already starting to turn.

Makala fell to the floor in a heap as her clothes started to shift and move along her frame. She felt as though a pad was being inserted from all sides into her panties and from there it just grew bigger. She didn’t notice her stuffed bat as she focused on her clothes which were turning into an overly infantile sundress.

The woman took her fangs out and surveyed the new minion she’d sired. Her diaper was almost too thick to walk in, something that always made the woman smile, and her hair was now done up in pigtails. It was clear she was a stark contrast from the fighter that was there before.

Now just one left in the trio. The woman holstered her gauntlet once more after giving Makala a pat on the diaper to get her to crawl to the other two.

The woman walked in peacefully into the tea area, but Jean was not sitting down, “Mistress Dameria and Mistress Ma-”

“Do you think I’m stupid?”

“I, beg your pardon mistress Jane?”

“There is no way she just invited Makala and now me without something different than the norm. Some like the gauntlet!”

The woman blinked, unsure of what to do or even how to act.

“That is not what mistress is-”

“If she wants this to happen it’s on my terms! She comes here!”

“Very well Mistress Jean, your wish is my command.”

The woman did a sharp heel turn and walked back to the room. Now the three girls were suckling their pacifiers together in a cuddle heap. The woman swooned; she’d always loved cute things like this.

“Dameria and Makala, I need you to come with me.”

The two nodded and stood up, moving to grab one of the woman’s hands each. She lead them waddling down the hall until Jean could see them.

“W-what in the...”

The two waddled independently towards the woman and used her for balance.

“You! Explain!” Jean said pointing to the woman.

The woman walked up to the three, “Mistress Dameria and Makala have been like this forever, all those time with tear was a rouse and facade, they were always Babypires...” The woman said convincingly.

“That’s impossible; I would have noticed their minions having diapers!” Jean said in anger, knowing something must have been awry.

The woman simply lifted her skirt showing the happy smiling scene that was displayed on her diaper, albeit faded from an accident. Jean went wide eyed at how well that diaper had been hidden and at how the girl she’d called friends suckled like children on their pacifiers.

“They thought with the looming possibility that you may be turned with the gauntlet, that now was the time to ask, if you’d be their mommy figure.”

The woman was stunned, she’d expected a fight, maybe even some underhanded tactics to get her, but not a confession and a loving request like that. The two women were on her arms holding them tight and staring up at her face, with wide innocent eyes.

“This is insane! This can’t be happening!” Jean said trying to move.

The woman walked up after equipping her gauntlet, “They really do need you Mistress Jean” She said joining in the pleading faces.

Jean looked down to the two again as the woman got close enough. With a combined effort Jean was bitten with no chance of escape or freedom. It took until her diaper was puffing up for her to realize what was going on, and by then it was too late.

The three new minions dropped down in a heap and held their stuffies. The woman smiled and laid down for a change before she left.


As the days grew on more and more clans fell, and those that remained were left in the dark as to who was behind this, who stole the gauntlet and who could sneak into all these places.

One of the last clans was run by Reginald. A man who fancied himself to be a great leader and strategist. When he was not dealing with mortals, or at least not the ones that liked late night knight fighting, he wore some fashioned plate armor around without a helm to look important.

Once again he poured over his maps and such to try and figure out who had stolen the gauntlet and more importantly how to seize victory from their very hands. He had told his minions that no one would be allowed in his personal chambers unless it was necessary.

The woman had on her rain gear and her diaper bag as she waddled up to the entrance. A maid dressed minion was at the door. She scoffed at the Babypire, especially with how she skipped around and splashed in the puddles.

“Hi-s me come in?”

“No you filth, the master has important business so he can figure out who holds the gauntlet!” She said as she went back to sweeping the day and covered area of the manor.

The woman tilted her head as if confused, “Me know, me spy, me spy!” She said moving up and down in an excited manner.

The maid went wide eyed at this, “You’re a spy… who know who had the gauntlet?” she asked as if it was too good to be true.

The maid opened the door and led the Babypire inside. Everyone inside, which included some around first and second bites and other maid type minions saw her and gave her a bit of a look. The maid smiled, knowing the master would reward her for bringing a spy with information to her master.

She walked into the planning room in a whole heap, as though seizing her own great victory.

“Who dares disturb me?” Reginald yelled seeing the two girls.

“Me spy, me know gaw-ent!” The woman said, laying on her baby talk voice.

The maid just smiled as she led the girl to the master’s map. She left once the master got the idea of what she’d done.

“Of course, with one suspecting you Babypires you could spy on anyone couldn’t you.... my god I would have hired the entire clan had I known this before!” Reginald said in disbelief.

The woman walked up and pointed to where Kendra and her master lived, “So yuu know how dey went missing as da cwasy man did?” She said.

Reginald leaned in close nodding. The woman smiled and slipped her hand into the gauntlet hidden in a diaper in her diaper bag, “I has it!” she said biting his neck.

He screamed as the woman tried to hold onto him. His transformation started quickly, he could feel the finely crafted plates of his armor transforming into a much softer ware. This didn’t stop him from trying to get the woman off of him. He failed around pushing her and shoving her, trying to snap her fangs before it was too late but each time his strength was sapped just a little more than he required.

“N-no!” he said as the armor turned into its newest form, a soft hooded onesie and some sweatpants.

He could feel himself changing, becoming more of a recluse boy than the strong man he was. The woman smiled as she ruffled his hair. She always loved the boys of her clan, so shy, so reserved and client. They needed love in her eyes, and she was there to give them some.

The man grabbed at her but it was too late, a diaper started to expand in his already thickly layered crotch. A stuffed animal was behind him on the floor, loved but not focused on right now. The woman lifted his chin; an innocent look was all that was left of the proud warrior. It was enough to make someone giggle.

The woman picked him up, making sure to grab his toy and walked out. The maid was outside, bragging about how she’d gotten a spy to spill her knowledge to the master for no price other than a diaper change. Everyone turned to the two as they left; the woman was smiling at them all as she rubbed their former master’s back.

“The relic, brings it to my manor, and make sure no one is caught in the sunlight, I need you all...” She said walking back outside.


The woman walked back into her manner, an out of place area that looked even weirder once inside. On the floor was a quilt like blanket, layered with toys and Babypires playing around. Each had their signature bat plush the woman had made for her master so long ago. All the clan members were in the front hallway, many on their bellies reaching for friends or toys.

The woman placed down the newest playmate and sat down. Kendra crawled up and checked her mistress’s diaper immediately. She’d been chosen to do this because of how much her master liked her when he was not destroyed.

Kendra obediently gave her mistress a change as a group of vampires brought another piece of an artifact that the woman had been wanting. Something more powerful than the gauntlet, was the disk of the disgraced Valkyrie. With enough sacrificed blood a single being could be resurrected, along with some other things.

The woman smiled, slotting in the second to last piece into it, there was just a plate missing until it was completed. The woman sighed happily as she lay on her back and reached for a rattle, holding her plush to her chest.

It was like a paradise, everyone had a thick diaper, with charging stations every five feet, with soft wipes diapers and even some cloth diapers for those wanting a bit more comfort with some effort thrown in. There were many play areas like this all around but this was the mistress’s and the first bites.

It would be a day until the very last of the vampire clans brought their minions and their relic piece, then the woman would sacrifice them all. She decided she could finally rest, thought she kept her bag close just in case the big three tried to knock.

The former leaders were all playing away with rattles and their stuffies, happily checking and playing with each other. Some even offered their breast to be bitten, and slurped from. Many of the women who’d been turned walked around with bite marks on their breasts, but since no heart was moving, no blood came out without effort.

The day came and went, right at dusk the last clan grabbed their relic and started to traverse to the manor of the Babypires, of which they now owed their servitude. Within the hour, they arrived and all the vampires that were inside the manor lined up for the activation of the relic.

“Set it up, and make sure the secondary effect can’t be stopped!” The woman said as Kendra helped her into her footed sleeper. Once the relic was slotted in, and it glowed brightly, a little gauge that could fill with blood was on the side split into three different parts. Surrounded with some light blue coverage.

The first vampires near walked onto the disk, and disappeared, with a bit of blood filling into the disk. The first bites stayed far away, watching it like it was poor children programming. It soon became three running lines of servants, all told to do this, compelled by the word of their master. Soon the blood in the gauge was nearly full, as the last few vampires sacrificed themselves.

The disk then lit up, shining a glorious light, as a body started to take shape. It was that of a man, that had a dignified red suit of an older style. He flashed to life all at once and looked out at all the vampires around him, all diapered and on their knees.

Then the secondary effects kicked in, “W-what, stop this!” He yelled, but the woman knew he’d do so, and as such made sure it couldn’t be stopped.

He started to shrink, his clothes becoming more like the Babypires all around him, only this time it was an accurate size. He fell down slowly as the magic drained and the relic shattered once more. The woman crawled up excitedly.

“Master! I brought you back! Now you’re a baby forever though! We could play all day and I got you that girl you really like!” She said as she hugged the toddler and snuggled into his face.

Many vampires that lose their master and are not strong of will only look for a way to revive them. It is their duty even in death to serve their masters, but rebels are not subject to this. Though the woman was rebel enough to perform something against the will of her master, Babypires were always the most loyal vampires.

The woman knew there were rebels in her clan, but a bit of a breast bite meant they didn’t want to leave, just do things a bit differently. The same was true with her master and her.



End Chapter 1

Fall of a kindom.

by: Sappyolhusky | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 5, 2016


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