The Diaper Truck

by: Sappyolhusky | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 25, 2015

Two young women sell diapers by a truck, their customers are always satisfied!

Chapter 1
Whole thing

One bright and sunny summer morning in a small town just outside a major city a van drove up and parked right outside the local school. It was white for the most part but had a detailed logo of a of a stork carrying a bundle of linen. The driver was a woman, who was smiling ear to ear, and in the passenger’s seat there sat another woman, she wasn’t as tall and wasn’t as smiling but still seemed to be happy just like the driver.

They both undid their seatbelts and got out of the truck. The shorter one had on a white dress that went down to about midthigh, her hair shoulder blade length and untied. She seemed to be quite tired from the trip as she was taking very short strides. Meanwhile the taller one was taking long brisk strides giddy and excited. She was wearing a much longer dress, that’s skirt went out a little bit, quite like a sundress. Both dresses had the same logo on them as well as a name tag for each, “Abigail” read the one of the shorter girl, “Elizabeth” read the other.

They met at the back of the truck, the tall one grabbing hold of the release and the smaller girl at the same time. The taller girl seemed to be explaining her sense of excitement to the smaller girl, “Oh this is such a great place! Can you think of a better place to display our products?” she said to the girl. The girl shifted slightly, “Yeah no it seems like it’ll work great.” she said blushing a bit.

The taller woman seemed to like the answer and threw open the door of the truck. Inside there were piles and piles of soft and stuffed packages each with a different diaper taped to the side. The tall woman grabbed a table out from the middle as the smaller girl tried to stop the packages from falling down. With skill and finesse the taller woman quickly set up the table and was reaching for some packages to set up on it. The shorter woman was also setting up some promotional and pricing material.

As they set up the table fully a pair of girls came walking down the road towards their truck. The pair was much like the pair that owned the truck except they were wearing t-shirts and jeans, they walked up and the smaller one asked, “hey what’s this?” as she looked down to see a package. Elizabeth leaned in towards them, “Why hello ladies, welcome to stork care’s promotional diaper truck!” she said. Abigail piped in as she picked up a package, “we’re promoting our business which as a long line diaper and baby products!” she said shoving the package near the smaller jeaned girl’s face. The girl looked at the diaper adorned by a single red heart in the center, “okay...” she said.

Elizabeth continued the spheal, “we’ve got all kinds of diapers! Adult diapers, baby diapers, adult baby diapers, baby adult diapers, thick diapers, thin diapers, maid diapers, cat diapers, diaper diapers you name it we’ve got a diaper for it!” she said getting a little fast towards the end. The two jeaned girls were suitable horrified, “Okay...” said the larger of the jeaned girls, “How about you two get out of this neighborhood before i call the cops?” she said getting angry.

Abigail looked a little frightened at the mention but Elizabeth just smiled, “yeah sure call them oh and by the way i do think calling in a fake crime is a crime so you might want to run while doing so.” she said. The girl furrowed her brow, “you must be breaking some sort of law! You can’t just go around in a truck and sell… this!” she said picking up a package of frilly diapers. Elizabeth walked around the side of the table, “nope we have a permit to sell here and our products are of the highest quality! Why don’t we give you two a demonstration?” she said as she tore off the frilly diaper from it’s package.

The larger jeaned girl watched in horror as Elizabeth brought it near her crotch, “I’m not getting naked here!” she shouted, “you don’t need to.” was the response. As if by magic the diaper unfolded itself and shot towards the girls backside, it phazed thought her jeans as though it were incorporeal, “what the hell?” the girl screamed as her pants started to shift and pulse.

The diaper peaked through her jeans as it wrapped itself around her groin and taped itself into place, her jeans then puffed out as it started to behave like a corporeal garment. The pulsating of her pants didn’t stop though as they started to get thinner and white, the movement shifted to her shirt as she wobbled losing balance. Her shirt flared out like a dress, barely covering anything and clearly showing off the bulge caused by the garment. The hem of the shirt now lined with frills and lace started to grow pink and the colour trailed up from there.

The girl’s jeans now white pantyhose were reaching into her shoes turning them into soft booties. Her t-shirt now dress continued to turn pink and spark frills and lace all around. As it reached her upper chest a metal clip appeared and a ribbon, defying the laws of gravity followed it up towards her mouth where it became a bright pink pacifier. Her hair grew longer, till it was down to her waist and was magically folded up and drawn into curly pigtails.

The girl sucked on her pacifier as she lowered herself onto the floor and onto her diapered bum. The smaller jeaned girl looked horrified, “wha-what did you do to her?” she muttered. Elizabeth smiled, “you like it? I told you our products are of the highest quality, that’s why we have a sample on every pack!” she said. The girl was about to scream and run as she turned around, but with a swift motion and some crinkles Abigail was right in front of here a heart adorned diaper near the other girl’s crotch at the ready.

It was in fact the same pack that had been thrust into her face when they arrived, she screamed in silent horror as it passed through her jeans. She felt it warp thought and tape itself to her than, nothing, she didn’t feel scared at all she simply looked to the girl infront of her and blinked. As she stood confused she felt a tugging on her shirt, the girl now in the frilly dress blushed as she started to tear up, “oh i know that look on my baby’s face!” she said as she picked her up. Sthe turned towards the diaper selling duo that was now behind the table, “i guess it’s time to stock up again, good thing you two are here” she said placing the pack of frilly diapers and the pack of heart diapers in the middle of the table.

Elizabeth smiled, “thanks and if you like our products our website is on the side of every package!” she said content. Abigail packed them into a bag and gave it to her as Elizabeth put the money into a little box. Elizabeth looked to Abigail, “Nice job there!” she said Abigail just blushed, “well i just thought they’d fit together nicely!” she said.

About an hour later as Elizabeth was making some minor tweaks to the arrangement of the table a man and a woman came near the truck. The woman was talking to the man as though she was some sort of assistant, “And you’ll be happy to know that the meeting for thursday has been moved up to wednesday.” she said almost in a shy manner. Abigail walked up to them, “greetings! Would you two like to peruse our wares?” she said smiling.

The man seemed a little annoyed but they both went over. Elizabeth turned around and took one good look at them both, “Oh i know the perfect products to show you two...” she said retreating into the truck. The man fumed impatiently while the woman started to look at the set up on the table. She recoiled a bit as she realized what they were selling, “diapers?” she mumbled to herself.

Elizabeth popped out of the truck carrying two packages, one had a adult style but baby sized diaper, the other what seemed to be training pants for a woman. Elizabeth walked up to them, “Our company has a policy of quality, that’s why we include a sample for every pack, so you can see it for yourselves!” she said untapping the two. The woman started to panic, “Ah actually we should really be going- AH!” she said as she felt the trainer slip through her pants.

The man started to shrink, and what was left of his hair started to recede as he regressed while the woman’s pants became a skirt and a pacifier affixed itself to her shirt. The man’s impressive suit shrunk with him and became a softer material but he kept his usual posture, “Margaret!” he shouted, much higher pitched than normal, “Y-y-yes boss?” said the much more shy assistant. The boy looked to her and tapped his wrist, now devoid of an actually watch, “i’ve got a meeting in an hour! Buy these diapers change me and let’s get a move on!” he said, “yes sir right away!” she responded.

The boy waddled off the assistent not far behind, carrying two packs. Abigail sighed, “well that was a long wait fo-” she started to say as Elizabeth put her finger to Abigail’s mouth. There was a screech as as the assistant stopped in her tracks. The woman fell to her knees crying, Elizabeth walked over, “it’s okay sweetie accidents happen.” she said in a smooth voice. The boy impatiently looked at his assistant, “Would you mind changing her?” he said looking to his wrist again, “not at all” Elizabeth said as she smiled.

As the two walked by holding hands, both freshly changed a couple walked by, “Oh look darrien some sort of shop!” the girl said dragging along the guy. She got up to the truck and started to look at the price list, “Oh look at all these options...” she said looking specifically at the price list. The boy sighed, “do you even know what it is they’re selling?” he asked, clearly knowing the answer already. Abigail walked up to the girl, “Why hello! Do you need any help in finding something?” she asked. The girl looked at Abigail, “yeah what’s the prettiest most expensive thing you sell?” she asked straight faced. The boy just moaned, clearly been thought this before. Abigail gave Elizabeth a look then picked something out of the truck, “Here it is, would you like to try the sample?” the girl shook her head but Abigail was untaping it from the package already, “oh i insist don’t want anyone with buyer’s remorse do we?” she asked.

The girl clearly wasn’t going to have much remorse regardless but it was already too late. The guy was shocked to see the sample diaper with kitten prints on it move of its own will. The girl’s pants seemed to be ripped to shreds, with the scraps fading out of existence. Her shirt started to flush out in a toddler dress fashion. The boy looked on paralyzed as ontop of her head grew two large cat ears. Her hands and feet grew a short coat of fur and became paw like. Finally as she smiled the boy saw that her canines started to elongate.

The boy blinked a few time as he looked at his girlfriend. The girl waddled up to him, “hey darrien, how do i look meow?” she asked. The boy blinked a few more times, “W-what?” he asked as though stunned more by that than the transformation. She moved in closer and hugged him, “do i look pretty?” she asked him looking up to him with wide innocent eyes. The boy slowly put an arm around her and one on her head, petting her hair, “Y-y-yes...” he said, “Mew!” the girl responded and then started to purr.

The boy looked to Abigail and Elizabeth, “I-i’ll take ten...” he said as the girl jumped a bit and wrapped her leg around him. Elizabeth giggled, “well we only had two on hand… but if you go to our website you’ll be able to buy that.” The boy nodded and handed them the money enough for the two packs.

Abigail sat down and sighed, “well that was cute!” she said knowing that it might be awhile before someone else comes. Elizabeth put a hand on Abigail’s shoulder, “you’re such a softy!” she said. Abigail blushed, “w-well what would you have done?” she asked beat red. Elizabeth brought out a package with a dog on the front, “It’s all about the dramatic irony darling!” she said with a devilish smile.

It was two hours later when the two decided they’d start closing up shop soon, “only a few new customers not a great day...” said Abigail a little disappointed as she started to load some of the packs into the truck, “don’t worry abby there’s always tomorrow” said Elizabeth in a motherly tone.

As Abigail put the last pack in she heard a squeak behind her, “Um… e-excuse me?” it said. Abigail looked around, there was a small girl blushing a bit and a boy wearing sunglasses and his hat on backwards was walking towards her. She knelt down, “Yes how may i help you?” Abigail said softly. The boy came up annoyed for some reason, “Come on my parent’s aren’t going to be gone forever!” he said impatiently. Abigail thought he was being quite rude.

The girl blushed, “Um.. um...” she said looking back and forth between the boy and Abagail. The boy grabbed her, “come on I said let’s go!” he said again, the girl squealed again, “W-w-wait!” she said panicked. The boy looked at her angrily as abigail grabbed one last package from the van. The boy almost growled at her, “What is it there sell that’s so dam-” he said as Abigail rushed behind him.

The package she held was actually two connected, both packs containing diapers with two hearts on them, one right beside the other. The girl watched as the boy’s grip on her loosened and his clothes started to thicken. His pants and shirt molded into one and became flezzy, the top moving over his head and becoming like a toddler’s dragon costume. A pacifier popped into existence in his mouth as he shackley grabbed onto the girl, “sara can we cuddle?” he asked.

The girl’s eyes went wide in amazement, she turned to Abigail who smiled handing another diaper to her form the conjoining pack. She was smiling from ear to ear as she grabbed it and put it on. The two nuzzled each other as the girl’s clothes thickened up and became a pin version of the dragon sleeper. Abigail lead them to the floor as they cuddled, sucking their pacifiers, she leaned in, “don’t worry it’s on the house!” she said.

Elizabeth finished packing away the packs and table into the truck, “Dawww is sappy baby abby ready for her diaper change?” Abigail smiled and nodded, getting into the truck on a matt. Elizabeth grabbed some wipes and powder from a small storage area in the side and got to work. Abigail always loved this part, a kind mature woman cleaning her diaper area and changing her into a fresh new one was arousing before she was cursed, now it was the cherry on top.

She sighed as she felt herself being placed onto another diaper, “So abby you first day how was it?” Elizabeth asked. Abigail was in a haze of pleasure, “It was quite nice i got to see many new- Ruff!” she said suddenly panting. Abigail got up, “Liz! You said you wouldn’t do that!” she said looking over her new paws and ears while wagging her new tail. Elizabeth put a pacifier in her mouth, “Well you got me wanting it when you didn’t do it to that boy! Besides i’m messy too so you can just pick what ever diaper you want for me.” she said trading places with the dog girl.

Abigail got to work changing her co-worker, this is something she never thought would be so arousing but grew to love in her time with Elizabeth. She hummed and hawed as she thought of what diaper would be the best revenge, “Oh hurry up! If you take to long I’ll be drowsy for our playdate tomorrow with the dolson women.” she said impatiently. Abigail sighed as she reached over and grabbed her favorite diaper to use.

Elizabeth sat up, “there’s my baby doggy!” she said pulling Abagail in close. Elizabeth moved part of her dress and lead Abigail’s head to her exposed nipple, “Drink up!” she said stroking Abigail’s hair. Abigail took one last look at her handy work, the bright red heart on the front warming hers.

The two eventually made it home, but their adventures had only just begun.



End Chapter 1

The Diaper Truck

by: Sappyolhusky | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 25, 2015


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