Drink your Milk

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Imogen and Amber are hanging out when a random Nanny appeared at their door, soon they find themselves sucking on her tit in big thick diapers

Chapter 1
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Chapter Description: Imogen doesn't like the nanny, nor does she like the diaper she is wearing

It is a bright sunny day, In a nice quiet house Amber and Imogen were getting ready for their dates with two handsome boys.

Imogen put on her dark blue jeans as she comb her dark hair and put on her shirt. Amber wore her sundress with her long blond hair in a ponytail as she twill in front of the mirror.

’We look so cute! The boys will be falling at our feet’ said Amber

’Yeah, but lets tease them a bit for a while’ replied Imogen as they giggled, then their doorbell rang. Imogen tilt her head, They shouldn’t be here yet she went to the door and open it up.

Standing there was a lady, hair in a bun and wore a nanny outfit with the white apron on front. Did she walk here dressed like that? chuckled Imogen, ’Uh can I help you?’ she asked politely.

The lady smiled, ’Hi there sweetie! I’m the new housekeeper, your landlord sent me to keep an eye on you two’ she wagged her finger at her and Amber behind her.

’There might be a mistake, we don’t need a housekeeper’ said Amber but the lady just walked in. Imogen and Amber followed her to the kitchen as she continue to talk.

’well, you obliviously need a housekeeper in your kitchen is in this state!’ she gestured towards the unwash dishes and the full garbage bin, ’I’m Helen but you can call me Nanny’ she smiled at them as she put her things down, ’Now how about you girls have some of my milk?’ Imogen thought of An image where she and Amber started sucking on her breasts, but Helen pulled out a bottle and pour milk in two cups. ’Its my special brand, help young kids like you relax and have fun’

Amber and Imogen looked at each other, ’well I guess we could have a little’ they both sat at the table as they took their cups. Imogen looked at hers as she looked over to Amber drinking her cup till its empty. Well why not she thought as she gulp her milk down. Once they finish Helen took their cups as they started getting up.

’And where do you think your going?’ Helen asked in a stern voice.

Imogen rasie her eyebrow, ’Um we’re going out’ she said

Helen folded her arms ’no your not, you need to wash these dishes, take out the garbage and vacuum the house’ she demanded ’then I’ll see if you can "Go Out"’

’Are you kidding?’ Said Imogen ’You are just a housekeeper, besides we don’t even wanted on in the first place!’

Amber sigh as she pat her shoulder, ’Come on Imogen, we might as well do it now’ then she went towards the dishes, Imogen sighed, Guess I’ll do the bins She grab their bin and carried out towards the big bins outside. Helen smiled as she started to vacuum the house.

After and hour and the house is clean, Imogen and Amber sat on their couch tired. ’Maybe we should post pone the date’ asked Amber

’No way! We still got a hour’ said Imogen ’come on lets get out of here before she makes us wash the car’ but too late as Helen walked into the room carrying two cups of freshly made milk.

’Here you two work birds’ she cooed ’fresh milk for hungry children’ Imogen groaned as she took her cup, Amber was already drinking hers so Imogen drank a little bit.

’Ok can we go now?’ said Imogen after a couple more sips, ’We practically cleaned the entire house!’

Helen wag her finger, ’Uh ah, you can’t go out dressed like that’ she pointed to their clothes, Imogen raised her eyebrows as she and Amber looked at their clothes. ’But this is our going out clothes’

’No, that is "I’m a slut" clothes, come follow me’ she grabb their hands as she led them to the bedrooms, She made Imogen wait in her room as she took Amber in her room. Imogen skulked as she went through her closet to look for other clothes when her jaw dropped.

’What the hell?’ she sep back as her closet is filled with childish clothing, she pulled out a puffy child dress and threw it away, ’What did that bitch do with my clothes?’ she fumed as she storm out of her room into Amber’s. ’Hey Helen where’s my.....’ she stop as she took in the scene before her.

Amber was getting her new pink kiddie shoelace tied by Helen as she sat on her bed, wearing a white tee shirt and a pink overall dress. She looked up at Imogen, ’Hey Imogen!’ she squealed as she stood up ’Don’t I look cute!’

Imogen gapped, ’You look like an oversized kid, infact you look like a retard’ Helen got up as she grab her hand.

’Don’t worry’ she said ’You’ll be just as cute as her, all the boys will lay at her feet’ she led her back into her room as Amber twilled around, almost exposing her panties. Yeah the boys will be laying at my feet alright

Helen started going through her closet and pulled out a ridiculous outfit. A ballerina outfit. ’I am not wearing that!’ she yelled

’Yes you are’ said Helen as she grab her hand, Imogen struggled but Helen threw her on the bed and started taking her shoes off. As she got to the buttons on her jeans, Imogen try to fight her off.

’I can dress myself!’ she yelled ’Get off me you sick hag!’ she kicked but Helen is stronger then she looks as she pulled her jeans off and threw them to the ground. Imogen started to sob as her shirt was pulled off her, leaving her in her underwear as Helen grab the outfit. ’NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!’ she screamed

Amber waited on the couch as she sees Imogen walking in wearing a cute ballerina outfit. ’You look so cute!’ beamed Amber, Imogen sobbed, I look rediculous! Then the doorbell rang.

’Oh no!’ gasped Imogen

Helen open the door as two men stood in the doorway, and they drop their jaws as Amber started bouncing up and down being a giddy child. Imogen sulked as she ran to her bedroom and cried in her bed. This is so humiliating! she cried

Amber walked in and sat next to her, ’Hey Imogen you ok?’ she asked

Imogen sniffed, ’What happen?’

’Well the boys called us freaks and decide to walk away, Helen yelled after them as they drove away’ Imogen sobbed ’Hey they werne’t that hot anyway’ confort Amber.

’It’s that stupid housekeeper! We have to tell her to hit the road’

’Thats not very nice’ said Helen as she walked in carrying a warm cup of milk, She pulled Amber off the bed, ’Amber your cup is on the table, go have some sweetheart’

’OK helen’ said Amber as she walked out, Helen sat on the bed as she pulled Imogen towards her.

’Here sweetie, drink up’ Imogen was goiing to protest but he cup went to her lips and she found herself drinking the milk. ’Don’t worry about those mean boys, nanny’s here to make it all better’ Imogen eyelids are getting heavy as she finish the milk and lay back down. Helen tucked her in as she left her to go into dreamland.

Imogen woke up at around 7pm, she yawned as she sat up and rub her eyes, wow I was really tired but she felt wetness under her as she pulled away the covers and screamed. There was a wet spot on her bed, but that wasn’t the weirdest part. instead of the ballerina outfit she is wearing a pink tank top and disney princess pull ups, which are soggy. ’What did she do?’ she gasp as Helen walked in.

’Oh did someone had an accident?’ she cooed

’What the hell am I wearing?’ Scolded Imogen but Helen just pulled her up and smack her wet butt. ’Yow! did you just smack me?’

’Yes I did, now watch the potty and change your pullup, or your gonna find yourself over my knee young lady’ scolded Helen as she started changing the sheets. Imogen grunted, Yeah right, I’m gonna put on panties like a BIG GIRL! she went to her underwear draw but found nothing but more pullups.

’Oh come on!’ she whimpered, but seeing no choice she pull off the wet icky one she was wearing and slid on a new clean one. Helen went to the laundry as Imogen walked out. She spotted Amber at the couch watching a baby show on tv. ’Amber!’ she called out but as she got a good look at her her jaw dropped open. Amber was wearing a long sleeve Barney the dinosaur shirt as she was drinking her sippy cup, her pullup peeking from under the rim of the shirt.

’Imogen!’ gapped Amber dripping milk on her shirt ’How was your nap? did you go pee pee?’ she giggled, Imogen stared at her friend as Helen walked into the room.

’Here you go, a nice warm milk while you watch Dora with Amber’ she said as she put a sippy cup in her hands and sat her next to Amber. She then went to the kitchen as Amber watch the baby show.

Imogen threw her cup away as she tugged on Amber’s shirt, ’Amber listen!’ Amber look at her ’We need t get out of here! She’s a crazy bitch!’

Amber gasped, ’You called Nanny a bad word! I’m telling’

’What?! Wait!’ but too late as Amber screamed out


Helen came into the room as Imogen felt very small at that moment. ’Did she now?’ she said in a stern voice as she grab Imogen and sat on a chair, thrwing her over her lap as Imogen felt her pullup ripping off.Oh no! Is she gonna....WHAP! Imogen cried out as Helen slap her hand on her ass, more followed as Imogen started to cry.

’Please.....please....stop....’WHAP!’WAAAAA please I’ll be good!’ WHAP! that last one made Imogen burst into tears as she wailed, Helen keep smacking her butt as it started to turn beetroot red. Afterwords Imogen was stood up and led to a corner, her bright red ass on full display.

’Now you stay there until dinner young lady’ demanded Helen as she left her there. Imogen sobbed quietly, her ass stinging from the pain. She stood for an hour until Helen came back with a fresh pull up. Imogen let her pull the childish thing up her legs as she was led to the kitchen as Amber was already there. Imogen sat next to her as she looked at her plate. Her meal is cut up meat and vegetables. Imogen gagged but knowing her she will get another spanking if she doesn’t eat. So she grab her fork and ate her dinner.

After she and Amber drank their milk, Helen led them to their rooms. After she left Amber she went to Imogen carrying a footie onesie. Great another embarresing thing for me to wear Helen open it up and Imogen lay down. Maybe this is all a dream, and when I wake up she’s gone and everything is back to normal she yawned as she was encased in the footie pyjama. Helen cooed to her as she tuck her in, but first giving her a baby bottle filled with more milk. Imogen started sucking on it as she drifted off to sleep.

The bright sun shone through her window. Imogen woke up as she notice her empty bottle next to her, still dripping with a bit of milk. She sighed as she turn and sat up in shock. Amber was sleeping next to her, but she was completely naked!

’Oh my gosh!’ she gasped as she looked at her now naked body, then she notice her pubic hair is gone too, leaving her smooth. She look around and found out that they are in a huge crib. Imogen started to get scared as Helen walked into the room. ’Oh my little baby is awake!’ she cooed as she came over to the crib.

’What did you do? what have you done to us?!’ but she was lifted out and held in her arms, ’Let me go! I’ll call the police’ she struggled but Helen held her tight as she was laid on a big change table.

’Looks like somebody wants a new diaper’ cooed Helen as she pulled out a big thick adult diaper. Imogen screamed as she try to move but found herself powerless. Her still stinging butt was lifted up and lay back down on the soft plastic surface. Imogen cried as Helen powdered her butt and vagina, then have the diaper tape over her waist and secured tightly.

’P-please!’ Begged Imogen ’I, I don’t wanna be a B-b-baby!’ she sobbed as Helen held her in her arm. Imogen hears a baby’s cry as she looked over to Amber throwing a tantrum in the crib.

’Looks like she wants a diaper too’ said Helen as she put Imogen down. Imogen watch as she lift Amber in the air, ’Good Morning! Does someone want a diapee?’ Amber giggled as she was carried towards the table. Imogen tried to stand but everytime she stood, her legs feel like jelly and shes back on her padded bottom. Seeing no choice she crawled out of the new nursery.

Imogen spotted the phone on the counter as she got on her knees, reaching for the phone. She manage to tip her fingers over it and drop it to the floor. Imogen beamed as she grab it and started dialling. She dial 911 and held it to her ear.

’Hello 911?

’Help me!’ yelled Imogen ’A crazy Lady is making me and friend into mindless retards!’

HI there! did you went to your mummy’s phone?

Imogen shook her head ’NO! Please send the police!’

Listen baby, you can’t just dial 911, its not a toy number’

Imogen shook the phone in frustration, She thinks I’m a baby! ’What are you doing?’

Imogen look up as Helen grab the phone, holding a pacified Diapered Amber in her arms as she hung up, ’You shouldn’t play with the phone you silly bugger’ she lift up and held Imogen in her other arms, Imogen looked over to Amber, who suckled on her paci peacfully. Helen carried them to a playpen infront of the tv, sitting them inside. ’Now Nanny has to do some washing, so she’ll be right back’ she left them as Amber spat out her paci and started playing with a teddy bear. Imogen stared at the paci, drooling as she pick it up. What am I doing? she look at the wet rubber nip, unable to resist any longer she put it in her mouth and started to suckle.

Instantly she felt a wave of pleasure, she relaxed her shoulders as she lay her back against the bars, legs spread about as she suckle. She stared at her toes and she wiggled them. Have my toes always been this wiggly? She drop her paci as she grab her foot. She tried to put the toes in her mouth as she grunted, she fell on her back as she reach for the big toe, manageing to get her lips around the toe. YES! she cheered in her head as she suck on her toe. Amber notice what she was doing and try to do it her self. She gaped as she struggle, but she got it in her mouth like Imogen.

Imogen took her toes out as she felt a weird feeling, she sat up as it is coming from her belly then she realize its coming from her bowels. OH crap! She needs the bathroom but she couldn’t stop it as she started spilling the poop into the back of her diaper. ’NO!’ she screamed as she continued, but strangly she feels good, relieved infact as her diaper expanded. Amber got on her hands and knees as she took a peek in her diaper.

’Hehehehe! You just went poopy!’ she teased, Imogen grinned, feeling proud of herself as Helen walked in, exposing herself to the horrible smell from Imogen.

’Oh my Imogen! You couldn’t keep your diaper clean could you?’ she held her into the air as she squish the diaper, Imogen likes it when its squishing against her bum as she was laid on the floor for her first diaper change since she was actually a baby. Helen sang her a lullaby as she remove the dirty diaper, wipe her bum then she slid a new diaper under her and powdered her. Once Imogen was back in a new clean diaper, she was carried towards the kitchen and into a adult high chair.

After Amber were place in the other high chair, Helen tied a bib around their necks. Then she gave Imogen toy keys and Amber a toy doll. ’Here comes the airplane’ she cooed as she took a spoonful of baby food and playfully put it in Amber’s mouth. Amber giggle as she ate the food, then Helen turn to Imogen. ’Here’s the choo choo train’ Imogen turn her head away, Helen pressured the spoon so Imogen close her eyes and ate it. She chewed and shallow when before she knew it, another spoon went in her mouth. Imogen sobbed as she was being fed.

After they finish three jars each, Helen took their bibs off and wipe their faces. ’I think I know what you babies want’ she said as she unbutton her shirt. Imogen cover her eyes, Please no! Not this! Helen pulled her her breasts as she took Amber down and sat her on her lap. Amber drooled as she started sucking on her tit, drinking the warm sweet milk. Imogen struggle to get out but Helen pulled her down onto her lap. ’It’s ok’ she said ’Wanna know a secret?’ Imogen gulp as she started at the boob, ’The milk I gave you have a little regression kick to it, seeing I only got it from the source’ she gestured to her boob, Imogen heart began pumping, ’Once you have a taste, you will be perfect little babies, only this time you’ll never grow up’

Imogen lick her lips, NO! I can’t! She put her face close to the nipple, I don’t want diapers! I want big girl panties! But she couldn’t fight it any more as she put her lips around the nipple, she suck down the jucy milk as Helen pat their bare backs, Imogen thoughts swimming away from her as she drank and drank and drank. Helen smiled as she notice thier diapers expanding, ’That would be their adulthoods’ she chuckled ’drink up babies, you desearve it’

Helen carried the two girls to the crib as they were sleeping peacefully. She grab her things and left them as they drooled, bellies filled with her regression milk as she walked out. She made a call so their mothers could pick them up, after all she’s just a housekeeper. She took a bus as she went across the town to a suburban home.

She walk up the porch as she could peek inside, at the mother talking to her kids, telling them to do their homework and such. Helen chuckled, wondering how long it would take for the mother to join her kids. Helen knocked on the door.

The mother open it up, ’Hello!’ she beamed ’You must be the new housekeeper?’

’Thats right’ said Helen as she walked in

’Well good luck cleaning, these kids just make a mess out of everything’

Helen chuckled as she spot the kids watching tv, She went with the mother to the kitchen when she pulled out a bottle. ’What’s that?’ asked the mother

’Oh just some homemade milk, would you like to try some?’

The mother sighed ’Yeah sure, how bad could it be?’

The End



End Chapter 1

Drink your Milk

by: Themaster234 | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 5, 2015


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