The Tape

by: Anostus | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 29, 2015

I did not write this. It was posted anonymously to the site about 8 years ago, and seems to have disappeared. Female mental AR.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Female mental AR. A house wife tries to quit smoking using some hypnotic tapes. Her family has other plans.

A mental AR tale with a nod to an ending suggested in a long forgotten story idea thread.



Polly tossed her unopened pack of cigarettes in the wastebasket.

"This time I’m quitting for good!" she said as she eyed a package the mailman had just delivered.

"Whatcha got, mom?" 16 year old Tess asked her mother.

"I’m tired of setting a bad example for you and your sister and so I am going to quit smoking for good this time. This tape is guaranteed to work. With a little willpower and this tape I won’t be wasting any more money on those things!" Polly explained.

"I see... like a self-hypnosis tape or something?" Tess asked.

"This is supposed to be different. Better. It appears to work the same way but it uses some type of tones that are supposed to make you more susceptible to the programming. The ad said that it works on a different level than hypnosis."

"Uh huh.... like brainwashing?" Tess replied half-jokingly.

"Well, if it works then I don’t care how it works. Like I said, with a little willpower and this tape, cigarettes and me are done. No more cigarettes for me! I’ll use this every time I sleep. Just like it says."

"Kinda cheap that they didn’t, like, burn it on a CD or something. Does our tape player even still work?" Tess asked as she grabbed the thin manual and began reading about the product.

Chloe, Tess’ 8 year old sister, watched the exchange curiously. It sounded like something she’d seen on an old Nik at Nite TV show.

Tess continued hanging around the kitchen. Her mother noticed that she seemed to have something else on her mind. "OK, out with it... What is it you’re wanting to say?"

"Oh...ummmm.... like.... I was wondering if....uhhhhh.... like.... it’d be OK if I went out with ummmm Michael from the mall?" Tess asked nervoulsy.

"Michael?!!! He’s 19 years old!!!! NO! I’ve told you that you are not to date boys that are college age! There are plenty of eligible boys your own age. You know you are not allowed to date boys that old. Besides, especially someone like THAT!" Polly ordered.

"But mom...."

"No ’BUTS!’ The conversation is over!" Polly declared.

"Ahhhhh.... it’s only like 3 years difference..... Besides, what’s wrong with Michael?" Tess whined.

"Not that I need to explain myself while you are under this roof but I will tell you that when you get to be my age you see things differently. That’s plenty info for you right there! Now, end of conversation" And with that Polly turned to finish washing dishes.

Tess glanced back at the tape sitting on the table. She pondered what her mother had said ’...when you get to be my age you see things differently’. It just wasn’t fair. Why did her mom have to be like that? Then she looked at the tape again and thought about what the manual had said: "Let this tape reprogram you to be a person who hates cigarettes. You’ll be like a new person". She got an idea. As soon as her mother left the room to take a load of clothes outside to hang on the clothesline, Tess grabbed the tape and ran to the den. Chloe watched and wondered what her sister was up to this time.

Tess plopped the tape into the stereo and started fast forwarding it. She’d give it a quick listen and the continue on. She heard a soft voice talking about relaxation. Then she heard a series of tones. She kept forwarding. Then she hear a voice begin talking about cigarettes and how bad they are. She rewound the tape a bit a pushed record. She grabbed a mic and began to speak:

"You need to stop seeing things like a 34 year old woman and see things like a 16 year old girl." Tess could barely keep from laughing. This is silly she thought to herself but she didn’t see what it could hurt. It was worth a try. "Tess knows what is good for her. She’s 16 years old... just like you. You’re both 16 years old. You are equals. You are both teenagers. That’s the way things are and that’s how they are supposed to be....."

Tess continued to add to the tape hoping this could really work. She stopped the deck and rewound the tape and hurried to get it back on the table before her mother finished outside. She barely made it. Tess nearly tripped over Chloe who was standing in the hall.

She slid the tape onto the table and turned to leave the room.

"Are you still here?" Polly asked.

"I’m just leaving..." Tess replied, glad that her mother hadn’t noticed the tape just getting back on the table.

"Well, I’m going to take a nap. If it starts to rain make sure and gather those clothes from outside."

"Whatever... OK... It’s not gonna, like, rain anyway. Not a cloud in the sky" Tess answered with a shrug. She saw her mother grab the tape and an old walkman from a drawer.

Tess hoped her mother fell asleep before she heard Tess’ voice on the tape. She knew that wouldn’t be good at all!


Polly sat on the bed and kicked off her shoes. She put the headphones on and laid back onto her pillow. Soon, a soothing voice flowed thru the headphones talking about relaxation. Polly smiled and closed her eyes. She quickly drifted off.

The tape continued. From the soothing voice to a strange series of tones and other noises. Polly’s expression changed as the sounds continued. Her smile faded and she became completely motionless. Then Tess’ voice emitted from the headphones. Polly’s expression changed again. The smile returned. As soon as the tape clicked off Polly’s eyes opened. She couldn’t believe she was taking a nap in the middle of the day. How lame she thought! She bounced up and looked outside. How could she let this sunshine go to waste? She undid her hair and let it fall loose around her shoulders. Then she went looking for something different to wear. She found a short denim skirt that she hadn’t worn in years. It still fit. She then found a blouse that wasn’t too boring. It helped when she tied it exposing her midriff. She grabbed a pair of sandals and completed her look.

Tess and Chloe looked up to see their mother bouncing down the hallway. "What’s up, squirt" she said to Chloe as she grabbed a piece of bubblegum from the candy jar and put it in her mouth.

"Mom?" Tess asked wondering if her plan was working. Her mother was dressed more like a teenager than she’d ever seen... except in old photos. Being that she was a youthful 34 years of age she pulled it off well tho.

"Like, I was thinking we’d go to the mall or something. It’s so BORING here" Polly said between clicks of her bubblegum.

"Uh... sure.... but uhhh... what about Chloe?" Tess asked.

"I dunno... can’t she stay by herself or somethin’?" Polly replied.

"I’ll take her over to the neighbors..." Tess answered.

"Can’t I go to the mall tooooooo?" Chloe whined.

"NOoooooooooo" Tess and Polly both chorused and then laughed.


"I better drive" Tess offered after she’d left Chloe with the neighbors.

"How come?" Polly asked.

"Uhhhh because it is my turn." Tess replied and Polly didn’t argue. Tess wasn’t sure what would happen if her mother was pulled over ’in this condition’. She knew now that the tape had worked. Any lingering doubts were erased when they ran into Michael at the mall and Polly was practically drooling over him herself. "You’re right... he IS cute!" Polly said "No wonder you wanna, like, go out with him and stuff!"

Tess couldn’t believe how juvenile her mother was acting. She was giggling and flirting with boys.... mostly high school boys. Tess then had to talk her out of getting her belly button pierced. She wasn’t sure how well that would go over if this should wear off. She instead talked her into some toe rings and bracelets. "We’ll get our belly buttons pierced some other time" Tess explained.

They ended up at McDonalds sitting with a couple of high school boys. The boys invited them to a party and Polly was all for going but Tess wasn’t ready for that. That was too weird... partying with her mother in the same building... even if she did have a teenage persona now!

It was getting late by the time they returned home. Tess figured the neighbor was probably getting a little tired of babysitting Chloe by this point anyway. Polly didn’t care though. She wanted to stay out later and go to the party.

Tess figured she would have to do some tweaking on the tape before her dad returned home from a business trip. She thought maybe she’d went over the top a bit on brainwashing her mother. Fortunatey, she had a week before he’d be home.


The girls finally all went to bed that night. After a while Chloe slipped silently out of her room and into her mother’s room. Her mother was listening to the tape in her sleep. Chloe stopped the tape and removed it from the walkman. She then tiptoed downstairs and started up the stereo. She fast forwarded the tape until she found Tess’ voice. She then pushed ’record’ on the deck and starting speaking into the microphone:

"Mommy... you spend too much time with Tess. She’s bossy. You need to spend more time with me and be my best friend. You can be an 8 years old like me. That way we’re both the same age and stuff. We can for sure be best friends then! We can play and talk and stuff. Just like 8 year olds are ’sposed to! ....."

After she finished she quietly took the tape back to her mother’s room and put it in the walkman and restarted it from the beginning. She watched as her mother’s expression changed. Blank and still. Then Chloe’s voice started. Her mother smiled and began to shuffle. She even tossed and turned and rubbed her leg as if it hurt.

Chloe hoped it was working. She’d overheard what Tess had done. That’s why Tess had almost tripped over her in the hall. She’d been snooping at the door!

Polly woke up much earlier than usual. It was Saturday morning and cartoons were on. She hopped out of bed and wiped her nose on the sleeve of her T-shirt. She’d worn only a T-shirt to bed and she saw no need to wear anything else now. She padded downstairs to find Chloe already watching TV.

"Whatcha watchin’?" Polly asked.

"Sponge Bob!" Chloe replied.

Both girls giggled and Polly ran to sit by Chloe and watch TV.

After the show, Chloe went and got her dollhouse and Polly happily joined her as they played with dolls.

They soon moved to the swingset in the backyard and took turns pushing each other. They were having a great time playing in the yard.


Tess awoke and got dressed before making her way downstairs. She looked out back to see her mother, barefoot and wearing only an oversized grass stained T-shirt, playing happily with Chloe.

She shrugged "Mom, I’m going to Stacy’s to stay the weekend. I’ll be home Monday."

" ’kay!" Polly answered as she and Chloe started a game of tag.

"Ummmm you don’t still want to go with me?" Tess asked, actually a bit relieved.

"Nuh huh! See ya..... monkey breath!" Polly squealed.

Polly and Chloe burst out laughing and tumbled onto the grass.

"-Whatever!-" Tess replied and left for Stacy’s.


Polly and Chloe played all day long only stopping briefly for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Things went great until a car pulled up and honked. "Uh oh! I gotta go!" Chloe said "I forgot... Pammy’s mom is picking me up to stay with Pammy!"

"Can I go to?" Polly asked dejectedly as she twisted her big toe in the grass.

"Nope... it’s just for me and Pammy. Maybe next time...." Chloe said. She knew she had to hurry before Pammy’s mom got out of the car and saw Polly. Chloe grabbed her bag of clothes that she’d already packed and ran to the car just as Pammy’s mom was getting out.

"Is your mommy home?" she asked.

"Ummmm She’s home but she’s not feeling...ummmm like normal." Chloe answered.

"C’mon mom, let’s go!" Pammy said.

Her mother got back into the car and drove off just as a tearful Polly rounded the corner of the house to wave ’bye’.


Bob arrived home that night several days early. He never called, deciding to surprise his family. He opened the door and tried not to wake anyone. He glanced around and saw the house wasn’t well kept. He then saw the package on the table and began reading the manual for the tape. He’d heard of this before. He’d also heard stories about it and some of the other tapes they offer. Looking around the house he saw that Tess and Chloe weren’t home. It wasn’t unusual for them to stay with friends on the weekend. He slipped into the master bedroom and saw his wife asleep on the bed, curled into a ball. She was listening to the tape. He stopped it and smiled wickedly. "The kids are gone" he said to himself "why not?"

He took the tape downstairs and put it in the player. He fast forwarded it through the beginning and through the tones. He stopped it and pressed record.

"Your name is Candy... a 29...errr 25 year old stripper who lives with me. You used to be a model but took up being a stripper when you were 19....."

Satisfied, Bob took the tape back upstairs and put it in his wife’s walkman. He then got ready for bed himself. He wondered if the stories were true about this tape. He drifted off to sleep just as the tape was finishing up. He awoke to the smell of perfume. Heavy perfume.

"What’s the matter Bob? Don’t you wanna fuck? Candy’s missed my Bobkins!"

Bob saw his wife standing over the bed, drenched in perfume, wearing a sexy neglige and the highest heels she owned.

The two had sex. Wild sex. Nothing like Bob had ever experienced before... not with his wife anyway. It was rough and exciting. It was hard and passionate. But this wasn’t Polly, this was Candy and she was nothing like his wife. In fact she was a little too wild. He couldn’t imagine actually living with this person. She was trashy and loud. It was a great fantasy to live for a short while but Bob knew as soon as Candy was asleep he’d be changing that personality.

Bob finally pretended to fall asleep. He couldn’t go any longer anyway. Candy finally fell asleep although it took a while. She had wanted more. Bob seized the moment grabbing the tape and taking it back downstairs.

"You are no longer Candy. You are Polly... a 21 year old.... errrrr 19... errrr 18 year old girl who has a crush on Bob. You are fresh out of high school and not very experienced.. You are supposed to go to college but would rather stay with me... Bob...."

Bob took the tape back upstairs and put it in the walkman. He didn’t want another ’Candy’. Again he drifted off to sleep just as the tape finished. He awoke to something he hadn’t experienced in a long while. A blow job! But not just any blow job... a slow... nervous... inexperienced blow job. His wife was doing the best she could to give her ’first’ blow job.

"Am I doing this right?" she asked nervously as she stopped momentarily "I...I’ve never really done this before...."

Bob saw an innocence in his wife’s eyes that he’d never seen. This new personality got Bob excited again. The two made love though Polly was no longer the experienced sex partner that he’d been married to for all these years. This was more like the experiences of a time long ago when making out... and making love... was reserved for the backseat of his car and between a couple of nervous teenagers.

When morning arrived Bob opened his eyes to see Polly wearing a pair of cut-offs and a T-shirt flitting around the room. She was obviously in a giddy mood and waiting on Bob to awaken.

"Morning" she cooed and gave him a kiss on the lips when she saw him stirring "It’s like, so cool we finally got together!"

Bob smiled. His fantasy could continue. He did feel a little remorse for doing this but he didn’t see what it could hurt. He knew his wife would be mad if she ever knew what he’d done to her but figured it was only temporary anyway. He’d change her back... when he was ready.

Polly ordered a pizza for lunch. She wasn’t sure about her cooking prowess and would rather not bother anyway. The house was now a mess. Pizza bozes and uneaten pizza on the floor. Clothes everywhere. Bob suggested he get them some alcohol and they have a private party. Polly wasn’t sure about drinking alcohol but Bob assured her it was OK. He left to buy some alcohol and also some surprise sexy clothing for his ’young’ wife.

Polly, exhausted from the night before, plopped down in the recliner with her legs hanging over the chair arm. She grabbed her tape player and was soon asleep.


Polly’s mother, Martha, made an unexpected afternoon visit. She shook her head as she entered uninvited and saw Polly sleeping in the chair. The house was an absolute mess. "They’re living like a couple of college kids" she grumbled under her breath. She then eyed Polly more closely. She was dressed like a teenaged floozy as far as Martha was concerned. She was none too impressed to see the headphones on her as well. "Fell asleep listening to music instead of cleaning this filth!" she muttered "Didn’t I raise you any better than that?"

Martha looked around the room and noticed the package on the table. She picked up the manual that had accompanied the tape and started reading. She turned to look at Polly who was still asleep with the headphones on her head. "I wonder......" Martha said as she got an idea.

She stopped the tape and removed it from the walkman. Sure enough, it was ’Stop Smoking’ tape. She took it to the den and put it in the tape machine. She searched through the tape and found the tones that were mentioned in the manual. As soon as the tones stopped she pressed ’record’.

"Polly, you are closer to being 40 than 14! It’s time you quit acting like a kid and start acting like an adult! You need to quit trying to dress and act like a kid and and start dressing and acting like a responsible adult. Prim and proper like me! You should be ashamed dressing in cut-off shorts like that at your age....and especially on a Sunday! And this house... such a mess. You were raised to be a better housekeeper than that!...."

Martha continued until she was satisfied that she’d made her point. She then returned the tape to the walkman and pressed ’play’. She watched as Polly straightened in the chair. Her expression changed. She didn’t look to be sleeping as peacefully anymore. She seemed worried. Her smile was replaced by a frown and wrinkles on her brow.

When the tape ended Martha shook Polly’s shoulder. "Polly... wake up... wake up"

"Mother!" Polly exclaimed opening her eyes and seeing her mother in the house. Her eyes darted around the house. How had she let it get to be such a mess? And now her mother was here to see it! She felt awful. "Mother, I am so sorry. I need to clean this place"

That is when Polly noticed how she was dressed. She felt ashamed that someone had seen her like this. Her shorts were much to short. No shoes. A juvenile T-shirt. ...And on a Sunday! How terrible she thought. "Mother, I simply MUST get changed out of these rags and then tidy this place before we can visit properly! Please accept my apologies. I don’t know whatever possessed me to let things get like this"

"That is fine, dear. You change and I will help you get this place in order" Martha replied with a satisified smile.

Polly went to the master bedroom and stared in the mirror "My makeup looks like a kid did it! ...And my hair...ewwwwww...."

She restyled her hair and made sure it was up, not hanging loose. She then scrubbed her face and redid her makeup. Next she found a conservative dress and shoes to wear.

"That is better, dear!" Martha said upon seeing the ’new’ Polly.

The two started picking up the mess and sorting things out. That is when Bob returned.

"Martha!?" Bob said "I didn’t know you were stopping by?"

"I was in the neighborhood" she lied "and decided to stop in and see how everything was. What’s in the bags?"

"Yes, What IS in the bags, Bob?" Polly asked as well.

"Oh...uhh... some things" he stammered.

"Things? Such as?" Polly inquired.

"Uh Well... I got you some... you know... things... and I umm got some other ummmm stuff....."

"Oh now, let me see what you have!" Polly said as she grabbed a bag before Bob could pull it away. She pulled out a thong bikini. "Uhhhhh?? Certainly you didn’t buy this for ME?"

"Uhhhhh... yeah... I thought ummm after last night... errrrr damn.... That didn’t sound right. I thought you’d like it... now... You know?"

Martha sneered. Bob knew he wasn’t scoring points. Polly grabbed a shoebox from the sack. In it was a pair of stiletto heels.

"Not very practical" Martha said.

Polly wasn’t sure what to say. How could her husband think that she’d wear things like this? "And what is in that bag?" she asked as she motioned to the other bag that Bob was holding.

"Oh... just some... drinks.... and uhhhhh stuff..."

Polly grabbed it as well. A bottle of cheap wine. A six pack of beer. "What’s this?" she asked as she grabbed a paper sack folded up inside the larger bag.

"Ummm nothing.. just put it back in there" Bob said motioning toward Martha.

Polly unfolded it and opened it anyway. She removed a plastic bag and looked at it curiously.

"Is that.... marijuana!?" Martha asked.

"Uhhh no... errrrr yeah.. errr maybe... I uhhhhhh found it. Not sure what it is. Didn’t want some kids finding it! I didn’t know what to do so I grabbed it" Bob was proud of his quickly made up story. He thought it was plausible even if his delivery was a little ’off’.

"Did you find these too?" Polly asked holding up some rolling papers that were also in the bag.

So much for the story! "Hey, I live here too! What’s with all the questions. I already told you what the deal was. Let it go. Let’s not fight in front of your mother!"

The mood had certainly changed from the morning. Where had his naive ’teenage’ wife gone and what was going on with her now? It took a couple minutes of thought but he realized what must have happened. Especially judging by the grin on Martha’s face. She’d figured out about the tape and had transformed Polly into a younger version of herself. ’Great’ he thought sarcastically ’I’m married to my mother-in-law’.

The next few hours were spent with Bob under the scrutiny of the two women. He was worked to death following their orders. Particularly his wife who ordered him around like a child. He’d never seen the house cleaned so thoroughly nor did he actually want any part of cleaning it to this degree. It was too much like work! And the nagging... on and on it went! It ended, or at least slowed, when Martha finally went back to her own home.

"I am completely tuckered. I hope Mother was pleased" Polly said "I am going to take a nap but I want you to clean out the garage while it is still light outside"

Bob sighed.... more ’chores’! He felt like a 14 year old with all these ’orders’. Still, he didn’t want to rock the boat. He figured he’d let his wife nap peacefully so he could make some changes. After a short time of grumbling and cleaning the garage he figured it was time to make his move. Sure enough, his wife was asleep. He stopped the tape and took it to the den. It was time to make some changes. He was still angry about the way he’d been treated. That gave him an idea. Redemption. Revenge. Turning the tables. He pressed ’record’.

"Polly, you are 14 years old. You are a typical 14 year old girl. You have chores you must do when I tell you. You live under this roof and must follow my rules....."

Turnabout is fair play he figured. Treat him like a child and he would return the favor! He slipped the tape into the walkman and left the room. Polly awoke from her nap. The first thing she noticed was the dull and drab clothing she had on. She looked in the mirror "Ewwwwwwww I look like I am playing dress up!" She scrubbed the makeup off her face, let her hair down, and switched back to the cut-off shorts and T-shirt she had worn earlier. "Much better!" she squealed as she spun around. She padded down the stairs to find Bob watching TV.

"What’s on?" she asked.

"I don’t know. I just turned it on. I’ve been waiting for Sleeping Beauty to get out of bed so that she can wash my car".

"Dad!!!!" Polly whined.

Dad? Bob didn’t expect that but he could play along. "No whining... daughter.... you’ve not washed my car in quite some time. You know you have chores...."

"Ohhhhhh...... allll right I guess...."

Bob watched as Polly rounded up the things she needed and washed his car. She acted like any 14 year old girl washing her dad’s car. Half playing with the soap and water and half actually doing the job. The only difference was that she was 34 years old.

Now soaking wet, Polly finished the job and returned inside. "Dad, your car is done. I hope you’re happy" she giggled as soap suds ran down her bare legs and onto the carpet.

"Well, I’d be more happy if you’d make us dinner now"

"Can’t we just order pizza???"

Pizza...again? Bob wasn’t sure he could handle pizza again today. " not pizza".

"OK.... Lipton rice it is" Polly said knowing that was simple.

"Rice? Oh well.... Ok.... that’ll be fine" Bob replied.

Bob was pretty proud of himself. He’d put an end to being married to a ’clone’ of his mother-in-law and even turned the tables and was getting a measure of payback for Martha and Polly giving him chores like a child. One thing he hadn’t done was calculate on the children returning and finding their mother acting like a 14 year old kid. Chloe was due home any time. Bob heard her coming up the steps.

"Polly... uummmmm we are going to play a little game. You have to pretend to be Chloe’s mother. It’s for... ummm her school!" Bob was glad he could think on his feet "Now don’t be slipping up or that means she hasn’t played her part convincingly enough and will not get a good grade"

"That’s, like, just really dumb" Polly replied "But... whatever...."

"Hi mommy.. hi daddy..." Chloe said as she entered the dining room.

"Hi hon" Bob said "Do you want dinner? Your mom fixed ...rice...."

"Nah, we already stopped at McDonalds" Chloe said.

Chloe wondered if her mom was still her best friend. She was acting differently but not like when they had played together before Chloe had left. Chloe chalked it up to her dad being around. Bob was glad things were working out although he didn’t think Tess would be so easily convinced. He’d need to return his wife to normal before Tess’ return in the morning.

Polly went to sleep that night in Tess’ bedroom. He took the tape and hurried to the den.

He wished there was more time. He wanted to turn his wife back into the 18 year old that he had created before only this time he wanted to make her a cheerleader. He had other fantasies as well. A naughty teacher. An airheaded secretary. The list was endless as long as there was the tape. But no more fantasies tonight... He pressed ’record’.

"Polly, you are no longer a teenager. You are a..... a 34 year old woman. That same woman you were one week ago....."

Bob finished and took the tape upstairs and placed it in the walkman. He was disappointed not to be able to creating another new personality but he knew that would have to wait. And at the same time he was glad to be getting his wife back to normal... for now.... There would be plenty of chances to create new personalities later when the kids were away.


The next morning Bob awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking. He went downstairs to see things looking as normal as ever. And then, to his surpise he saw his wife light up a cigarette.

"I thought you were quitting?" Bob asked.

"Yeah... I thought you bought that tape so that you could quit?" Tess asked

"Yeah, Mommy... what about your tape?" Chloe added.

"That stupid thing? It was a scam! It didn’t work at all!" Polly replied "That tape went into the trash this morning!"

"The trash???" Bob and his daughters exclaimed in unison. With their mouths agape, they looked out the window to see the garbage truck just pulling away from their house.

The end.



End Chapter 1

The Tape

by: Anostus | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 29, 2015


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